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FHWS i-Campus Brochure “Studying at FHWS”Welcome to FHWSPage 04-09What characterises FHWS?Page 10-11What can I study at FHWS?Page 12-15My way to FHWSPage 16-17Where is FHWS?speaking students together so they can practice their interculturalPage 18-19What about student life at FHWS?skills in an atmosphere of cultural diversity; this guarantees the bestAmong a broad and practice-oriented range of studies offered by tenfaculties, our university also offers English bachelor’s programmesthat are part of the unique FHWS i-Campus concept.FHWS i-Campus brings many international, German and Germanpossible integration and prospects in Germany and worldwide.By offering English bachelor's programmes, FHWS reacts to demandsfrom regional and international companies to train employees for asustainable, international labour market and to counter the lack ofLegal noticeskilled labour in Germany by attracting international students.published byUniversity of Applied SciencesWürzburg-SchweinfurtMünzstr. 12, 97070 WürzburgPhone: 49 931 3511-6500photos:FHWS, Stefan Bauseweineditor:Dr. Daniel Wimmerprint:WIRmachenDRUCKeditorial team:Dr. Daniel WimmerAnna-Lena Karstenprint media:Brochure “Studying at FHWS” (as of 09/2019)layout:Wagler Marketing ( we spark your interest? I would like to invite you to browse thesepages to get information about FHWS and the FHWS i-Campus!PresidentProfessor Dr. Robert Grebner

04 05What characterises FHWS?FHWS – University of Applied SciencesWürzburg-SchweinfurtAt FHWS, we guarantee an excellent academic education recognizedPractical relevancethroughout the world. Our university offers a broad, practice- andAbout 200 professors with sound professional experience from industryfuture-oriented range of studies with over 40 degree programmesand business provide an academic education with a special focus onat ten different faculties. 9,100 students are spread across the twoapplication and practice. As a university of applied sciences we arelocations Würzburg and Schweinfurt.cooperating closely with the corporate world. As a student, you willInternationalityprofit from this by internships integrated into studies and the possibilityFHWS is part of a worldwide network with more than 170 partneruniversities where students can do studies abroad. There is also theto write your final thesis in a company. Thus you can make usefulcontacts for your future career at an early stage.possibility for internships abroad, which FHWS encourages. Within theFHWS i-Campus concept, English bachelor's programme add to thewide range of German programmes. Due to this concept, students frommore than 80 nations are now studying at FHWS.Good professor-student ratioAt our university, teaching takes place in small study groups with anexcellent student-teacher ratio. While frequent seminar papers teachstudents to work independently, project work helps to develop students’team skills.Top Reasons to Study on the FHWS i-Campus All classes taught in English No tuition fees Multicultural teams Support by the FHWS Team International Excellent career prospects Prestigious German degree

06 07What characterises FHWS?TWIN-CertificateCultural SupportAt FHWS, there are so called TWIN-Programmes that are degreeTwice a year, namely before the start of the winter and summerprogrammes taught in German, but also completely in English. Thissemester, the FHWS Team International organises an orientationmeans that within the TWIN-Programme you have the opportunity toprogramme for international students and moreover also manyattend seminars in German as well as in English. If you additionally investcultural events throughout the semester. In addition, there are variousyour time in a language course and provide evidence of interculturalityintercultural trainings to safeguard the best possible integration intoby attending specific modules during your studies, you get a TWIN-German life in general and into life as a student in particular, but theyCertificate at the end. It testifies that you studied the respectivealso want to help you feeling at home both at FHWS and in Germany.programme in both languages and therefore are optimally trained for asuccessful career in the German and international labour market.Language CoursesCareer ProspectsDue to demographic change in Germany, there are more and moreemployees and workers retiring while less and less are availableOur university offers the opportunity to learn German or improveto fill the gap. The demand for skilled labour is higher than everalready existing German language skills. There are special courses– especially when it comes to jobs in the field of technology andthat cover language levels A1-C1 of the Common European Frameworknatural sciences. In European comparison, Germany has the lowestof Reference for Languages. Groups are just the right size so teachersrate of youth unemployment which means that almost all graduatescan respond to individual differences in learning. For more informationfind a job. Additionally, the FHWS location Schweinfurt is rated theabout registration and costs please visit our website: with the highest density of jobs in Germany. Big companies likeBosch, Schaeffler or SKF are based there and offer, for example, theopportunity of a practical semester.

08 09What characterises FHWS?FHWS InternationalFHWS cooperates with 170 partner universities worldwide. No matterwhether it is about Asia, Oceania, Europe, North or South America –SemesterGerman ProgrammeFHWS Team International provides advice and support on all questionsInternships /Project WorkEnglish Programmerelated to a semester or internship abroad.German EnglishIntern inCompaniesLanguageStudiesCulture- 6.SemesteFHWS i-Campus and TWIN-ProgrammesGermanLanguagThe English bachelor’s programmes at FHWS are designed to beTWIN-Programmes to already existing German study programmes andEnglishCulturegeared towards increasing the number of highly trained internationalspecialists in Germany. For this concept, our university was awardedthe Best Strategy MINTinternational-Award in 2014.Students with GermanUniversity Entrance QualificationStudents with non-GermanUniversity Entrance QualificationFHWS aims to develop a big international Campus (FHWS i-Campus)where German and international students can learn together and alsofrom each other.English TWIN-ProgrammesWithin the so called X-Model of the FHWS i-Campus, students can start Business and Engineering (B.Eng.)their studies in the English taught programme and change to the Ger- International Management (B.A.)man taught TWIN-Programme in later semesters and as soon as they Logistics (B.Eng)have sufficient knowledge of the German language. Mechatronics (B.Eng)The English taught programmes are accompanied by cultural and lan- Robotics (B.Eng.)guage training so students are able to integrate themselves in the bestpossible way.Studies start every year in October; more English programmes in planning.

10 11What can I study at FHWS?Bachelor's ProgrammesMaster's ProgrammesSCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS Business Information Systems (B.Sc.) Civil Engineering (B.Eng.) Computer Science (B.Eng.) E-Commerce (B.Sc.) Electrical Engineering (B.Eng.) Geovisualisation (B.Eng.) Industrial Mathematics (B.Sc.) Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng.) Plastics and Rubber Engineering (B.Eng.) Surveying and Geoinformatics (B.Eng.)SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS Applied Mathematics and Physics (M.Sc.) Business and Engineering (M.Eng.) Electrical Engineering (M.Eng.) Integrated Design and Construction (M.Eng.) Information Systems (M.Sc.) Product Development and Systems Design (M.Eng.)TWIN-Programmes Business and Engineering (B.Eng.) (in English) Business and Engineering (B.Eng.) Logistics (B.Eng.) (in English) Logistics (B.Eng.) Mechatronics (B.Eng.) (in English) Mechatronics (B.Eng.) Robotics (B.Eng.) (in English) Robotics (B.Eng.)DESIGN Architecture (B.Eng.) Communication Design (B.A.)SOCIAL SECTOR Nursing and Health Management (B.A.) Social Work (B.A.)LANGUAGE Specialized Translation (Business or Technical) (B.A.)ECONOMY Media Management (B.A.)TWIN-Programmes Business Administration (B.A.) International Management (B.A.) (in English)Within the TWIN-Programme you have the opportunity to attendseminars in German as well as in English.DESIGN Information Design (M.A.)LANGUAGE Specialized Translation with Media Translation (M.A.) Trade Journalism and Corporate Communications(Technology or Business) (M.A.)SOCIAL SECTOR Behavioral Counseling (M.A.) Developmental Music Therapy and Music Therapywith Dementia Patients (M.A.) Healthcare Management (MBA) International Social Work with Refugees and Migrants(M.A.) (in English) Social Work (M.A.)ECONOMY Brand and Media Management (M.A.) Business with Europe (MBA) (in English) Compliance and Data Privacy & Security (MBA) Innovation for Small and Medium Enterprises (M.A.) International Business with Regional Focus (MBA) (in English)

12 13My way to FHWSAdmission RequirementsApplication ProcedureYou need a university entrance qualification or equivalent. For someApplicants with international university entrance qualification apply toprogrammes you need confirmation of previous study periods and additionaluni-assist e.V., the university application service for international students,qualification. For more information on the recognition of internationalfor preliminary review documentation (Vorprüfungsdokumentation,educational degrees please visit: or www.anabin.kmk.orgVPD) and afterwards for a degree programme at FHWS directly viaFor German degree programmes:the FHWS application portal. Details of the application procedure Attested German language skills:Certificate of DSH examination; minimum DSH 1, Certificate of TestDaF; minimum TestDaFat level 3 (TDN 3) in all examined parts, Certificate of the passed “Special UniversityAdmissions Procedures for Foreign Students” (Feststellungsprüfung), second level (DSD II)of the German language diploma of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Educationand Cultural Affairs of the Länder, German language certificate from the Goethe Institute,minimum level B2, Certificate of German language examination II (Deutsche Sprachprüfung;DSP II) at the Sprachen & Dolmetscher Institut München (SDI, Telc certificate at minimumlevel B2, UNIcert Certificate, minimum level II,(UniCert note: If your documents/certificates are written in any languageother than German or English, a translation into German or English by asworn translator will be necessary.For English degree programmes:Tuition Fees Attested English language skills:The German education system is state funded for German as well asTOEFL IBT test result of at least 83 points (internet-based), IELTS test with at least 6.0points, Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE) or Cambridge B2 First, minimumgrade C, Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) or Cambridge C1 Advanced,minimum level B2, UNIcert Certificate, minimum level II (UniCert II) Attested German language skills:Level A2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (GER)Please see the description of your respective degree programme for details about further requirements, forexample a pre-study internship, that must be met in addition to theadmission requirements detailed students, because free education is considered veryimportant. Students only have to pay an administrative fee of about 130per semester in Würzburg or about 90 per semester in Schweinfurt.At both locations, this fee includes a semester ticket for the publictransport system in the respective city. Please note that there are MBAprogrammes to which this does not apply.

My way to FHWS14 15VisaSupport ProgrammeThere is a number of countries whose citizens do not need visas to enterBefore the start of studies, there is a comprehensive supportGermany and can apply to the respective Registration Office for Foreignersprogramme. During the orientation programme, the FHWS Team(Ausländerbehörde) for their residence permits. In any case, pleaseInternational will offer help when dealing with authorities, answercontact the German embassy in your home country for more detailedquestions about organising your studies, and generally support you toinformation. Students from EU/EEA countries do not need visas to enterget accustomed to life in Germany.Germany; a valid passport or identity card will suffice.Additionally, there are several cultural events on offer during theFor a visa and information about the entry requirements for students, pleasesemester. We organise trips and company visits as well as interculturalcontact the German embassy or the German consulate in your home country.workshops to allow you to learn more about Germany, its culture, andPlease check the website of the respective authority to find out about theits people.process and which documents you have to bring. For more information visit visa applications can take several weeks or even months.Please submit your visa application as early as possible, as you will not beallowed to enter Germany without it.Some faculties even offer a so called Buddy Programme to help youbuilding a social network and socializing with German students.University SportsFHWS has various sports on offer like soccer, basketball, volleyball, orPlease apply for the right kind of visa. Tourist visas cannot be changed intokickboxing. For students, participation is free of charge. Additionally,“student visas.” If you have the wrong visa, you have to leave the countrythere are many fitness and sports clubs in and around Würzburg andimmediately.Schweinfurt.Make sure that your passport is valid for the whole period of your stayin Germany. If your passport expires during your stay, you will have toreturn to your home country or renew it at your home country’s embassyServices at FHWSin Germany. Free WiFi on FHWS groundsIf you apply for a visa or a residence permit, you will have to provide evidence Library with international literature and workplacesthat you are in a position to finance your living costs while in Germany. IT-Service Centre Career Service

16 17Where is FHWS?FranconiaBoth FHWS locations Würzburg and Schweinfurt are situated in one of the mosthome of the German Dallas Mavericks player Dirk Nowitzki, are high inbeautiful regions of Germany. Franconia, in the northern part of the federalthe national basketball league (BBL).state of Bavaria, offers excellent recreationalDenmarkFHWS Faculties of Applied Natural Sciences and Humanities, Applied Socialpossibilities for culture and dining; it is one of thesunniest spots in Germany, thus it is renowned forits wine-growing.Berlinand Europe. The nearest international airports inPolandScience and Business Information Systems, Plastics Engineering andSurveying, Economics and Business Administration.Due to their geographic situation, the two locationsoffer ideal starting points to explore GermanySciences, Architecture and Civil Engineering, Visual Design, ComputerHamburgNether h approximately 54,000 inhabitants, Schweinfurt is one of the fastest-Fr anceMunichFrankfurt and Munich are easy to reach – Frankfurtcan be reached in about one and a half hours andSchweinfurt: Connection of Art and IndustryAustriaSwitzerlandMunich in about three hours.Würzburg: Sports, Studying, and Leisuregrowing cities in Germany and an important business hub in the region.Countless regional and international companies, such as Schaeffler,Bosch Rexroth, SKF, and ZF, are based here. The city has the highestdensity of jobs in Germany, hence it also offers students the very bestcareer prospects. Schweinfurt is a city perfect for outdoor and culturalWith a population of almost 130,000, Würzburg is among the biggest cities inactivities like visiting one of the museums housing important collectionsBavaria. The city is characterised by its many students and a mild climate. Youand exhibitions.can enjoy life in one of city’s countless bars and cafés or at one of the culturalevents at theatres or museums. The Würzburg Residence is one of the mostsignificant palaces in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Würzburg isalso famous for top-class sport: Würzburger Kickers are playing in the secondBundesliga, Füchse Rimpar are top at handball and Würzburg S.Oliver Baskets,FHWS Faculties of Applied Natural Sciences and Humanities, ElectricalEngineering, Mechanical Engineering, Business and Engineering.

18 19What about student life at FHWS?Student ResidencesHealth InsuranceIn Würzburg and Schweinfurt, residences are managed by Studenten-In Germany, every student needs health insurance. Health insurancewerk Würzburg (student union Würzburg). They are only a short walkwith one of the German statutory health insurance companies is rec-away from FHWS sites and offer fully equipped single apartments orommended. For students, the monthly contribution for health insur-rooms in shared apartments. Students can apply online via the websiteance totals approx. 90. During the orientation programme, the FHWSof Studentenwerk Würzburg.Team International is happy to help with the arrangement of mlinsurance. Taking out health insurance for Germany is often also possible from abroad. For an overview of all statutory health insurancecompanies in Germany, please see anteens and cafeterias are very close to the university. They have avaried menu (including vegetarian dishes) at affordable prices. InWürzburg, the canteen also serves meals in the evenings.Earning MoneyWith a residence permit, students from non-EU countries can workup to 120 days (full time) or 240 days (part time) per year without aCost of Livingwork permit. When working in a company as temporary student em-Depending on the individual life style, cost of living can vary greatly. Stu-ployee (Werksstudent) or in the university as student assistant, thisdents can expect monthly costs totalling between 600 and 800. Thisperiod may even be longer. There is no limitation for students fromis a realistic example of possible costs:EUcountries. Job offers for students are available, for example, onhttp://jobboerse.fhws.deRent 350Insurance 90Food 150Leisure 110 700Scholarships and GrantsAs an international student at FHWS you can apply for a scholarship toget financial support. Talented students who have performed (or areexpected to perform) highly in their studies are eligible for funding. Formore information, please see the website: an overview of more scholarships and grants visit the (German only) Team InternationalPhone: 49 931 3511-6500E-Mail: internationalUniversityof Applied SciencesWürzburg-SchweinfurtMünzstr. 1297070 WürzburgGermany

Students only have to pay an administrative fee of about 130 per semester in Würzburg or about 90 per semester in Schweinfurt. At both locations, this fee includes a semester ticket for the public . ther