WELCOMECongratulations on your new Skybuds.This user manual will help youlearn the basics.

CONTENTSSkybuds Basics5Skydock Basics6Skydock Battery Indicator7Getting Started8Wearing & Pairing10The App14Button Control Summary20Advanced Button Control21Troubleshooting & FAQs22Help & Resources24

LISTENto all audio withpremium soundTALKusing a digitalmicrophone for callsGOwith 24 hours additionalplay time per charge

SKYBUDS BASICSMicrophoneButtonPress and hold button for3 seconds to power on and offSee pages 20-21 for buttoncommandsLED StatusLightInterchangeableFit TipsChargingContactPoints5

SKYDOCK BASICSLED Status LightButtonPress button on top of Skydockto see Skybuds and Skydockbattery statusSliding CoverMicro USB Port6

SKYDOCK BATTERY INDICATORSkybuds Battery IndicatorSolid blue:fully chargedPulsing blue:chargingSkybud 1Skybud 2ButtonPress button toilluminate batterylife LEDs lightsSkydock Battery IndicatorPulsing blue:charging1 Solid blue LED:0-33% charged2 Solid blue LEDs:34-66% charged3 Solid blue LEDs:67-100% chargedIf Skydock shows 3 red LED lights, this indicates the battery is low and needs to be recharged. Ifno LED lights turn on after plugging in the Skydock, Please contact us at [email protected]

GETTING STARTEDSTEP 1Push up on the bottom of the Skydockto open it and insert the Skybuds intothe Skydock as illustrated above.8

GETTING STARTEDSTEP 2STEP 3Close sliding cover.Charge Skybudsand Skydock.9


WEARINGSTEP 1Remove Skybuds from the package and place inyour ears as shown below. Try all the enclosed fittips. We recommend wearing the largest fit tipspossible for the best fit and highest audio quality.Button faces outTip faces downTwist downward andlock in place11

PAIRING: INITIAL SETUPSTEP 2STEP 3A. Press and hold the button on each Skybudfor 3 seconds. You will hear both Skybudspower up.A. Go to the settings menu on your phone ordevice and turn on Bluetooth.B. Listen to the entire audio setup instructionsto get started.B. Once you’ve accessed Bluetooth Settings,you’ll see one Skybud ready to pair. Pleasepair this Skybud to your device.C. Once the audio setup instructions finishrapidly press the right bud 3x to putSkybuds into pairing mode.C. You’ll hear “you’re now online” in the voiceprompts. Now you’re ready to listen tomusic and make phone calls.D. To set up advanced features, pleasedownload the Skybuds app on yourphone.3 Sec.3 Sec.12

PAIRING: EVERYDAY USAGESTEP 3A. Press the button on either Skybud 3x.Press 3XB. Your Skybuds are now in pairing modeand you will hear a sound in both earbudsconfirming this step.C. You will hear an audio confirmation onceyour Skybuds have successfully been pairedand are ready to use.13

CONNECTING THE SKYBUDS APPTo your Skybuds and SkydockThe Skybuds app lets you take furthercontrol of your Skybuds with even morefeatures.STEP 1Download the app from the AppleApp Store or Google Play Store.STEP 2Open the Skybuds app and followthe on screen instruction tocomplete the setup process andpair Skybuds to the app.To stream music, make phone calls andmore, make sure you pair your Skybudswith your device via the Bluetoothsettings.14

AWARENESSAwareness gives you controlover the world around you.Choose between two settings:Active and Adaptive.All Awareness features will turnoff when you put your Skybudsin the Skydock.If a call comes in, Awarenesswill turn off while you’re talkingon the phone and turn back onwhen your call ends.SliderThe slider gives you the control toadjust how much or how little of theoutside world you let in while usingActive or Adaptive Awareness.AdaptiveActiveAdaptive Awareness gives you the bestof both worlds, letting you tune out theworld while listening to audio and tuneit back in when you press pause on yourSkybuds or device.Active Awareness will let you hearthe outside world around you whilestreaming audio including music,podcasts and more.15

FIND MY SKYBUDS - PROXIMITYCalibrationProximityProximity finder can help you trackdown nearby misplaced Skybudsand Skydock by using a close, near,far and very far range. Prior to usingproximity, you need to calibrate yourSkybuds by following the on screeninstructions.For accuracy, you’ll need tocalibrate your device andSkybuds/Skydock before initiallyusing the Proximity finder. Followthe instructions on screen tocalibrate Skybuds and Skydock.RadarUse the radar range settings:close, near, far, and very far tolocate nearby missing Skybudsand/or Skydock. The radarsettings are based off theproximity of the missing Skybud/Skydock in relation to your device.DevicesUse the buttons to select which partof your Skybuds you’re trying tolocate. Choose between Left Skybud,Right Skybud, and Skydock.*To use Find My Skybuds features, you must have the Skybudsapp open in the foreground or background of your device.*Device location is approximate and may not always be accurate.16

FIND MY SKYBUDS - LOCATIONRefreshLocationLocation will help you identifythe last known location whereSkybuds and/or Skydock went outof Bluetooth range from your paireddevice.Refresh will recenter the map aftermoving it’s positioning around.Note: this will not change thelocation of the pin.PinThe pin will show you on a mapthe last known location of yourSkybuds when they went out ofBluetooth range.DevicesUse the buttons to select which partof your Skybuds you’re trying tolocate. Choose between Left Skybud,Right Skybud, and Skydock.*To use Find My Skybuds features, you must have the Skybudsapp open in the foreground or background of your device.*Device location is approximate and may not always be accurate.17

FIND MY SKYBUDS - NOTIFICATIONSWhen your Skybuds and/or Skydock go out ofBluetooth range from your paired device, you willreceive a push notification to alert you. In order to usethis feature, you must have the Skybuds app open andhave accepted push notifications on your device.*To use Find My Skybuds features, you must have the Skybudsapp open in the foreground or background of your device.*Device location is approximate and may not always be accurate.18

ACCOUNTWe’re always adding morefeatures and upgrades toSkybuds.Accounts are used tocustomize your experiencewith Skybuds. Plus you’ll bethe first to know when newfeatures are released.ProfileSetup your Skybuds account byfiling in all requested informationto receive a more personalizedSkybuds experience.Reset PasswordForgot your password? Noproblem. You can reset yourpassword simply by clicking theforgot password link.19

SKYBUDS BUTTON CONTROLSUMMARYPress Button 1x toplay / pausePress Button 2x toskip a track1Press Button 3x toskip to start or previoustrack (only during playback)Press button 1x toanswer call / end callPress Button 3x toenter pairing modeHold Button 3 power on / offHold 1 activate Siri/OK GoogleRIGHT bud onlyLEFT bud only2Hold 1 turn Awareness on /offSkybuds automatically turn onwhen removed from the Skydockand off when returned to theSkydock to charge.1Skybuds must have firmware version 1.3.0 or above2Skybuds must have firmware version 2.0.0 or above20

SKYBUDS BUTTON CONTROLADVANCEDACTIONSTATEPress1xRight BudHold1 SecondLeft BudHold1 Second 2OffHold3 Seconds*Press3xPower OnOn (Standby)Trigger Siri /OK GoogleAwarenessOn/OFF 2Power OffTrigger Siri /OK GoogleAwarenessOn/OFF 2Power OffSkip ForwardDecline CallStreaming AudioPlay / PauseIncoming CallPick Up CallPower OffActive CallHang Up CallPower OffCall on HoldTake Call OffHoldPower OffAns. Incoming,Hold ActivePower OffActive Call Incoming CallPress2xNote: All multiple presses are quick rapid fire presses.Enter PairingModeSkip backward /Skip to start oftrack 1IgnoreIncoming Call*This action must be performed on both Skybuds.1Skybuds must have firmware version 1.3.0 or above2Skybuds must have firmware version 2.0.0 or above21


TROUBLESHOOTING/FAQSQ: I can’t get my left bud to connect to bluetooth!A: Good! Only the right bud needs to connect to Bluetooth. The left bud functions byconnecting to the right bud.Q: I don’t see Skybuds R in my list of Bluetooth devices.A: Try refreshing your Bluetooth by turning it off, then turning it back on. You can also resetyour buds by holding each button for 15 seconds. Then put them in your ears and triplepress the right bud quickly. You should hear the sonar sound and Skybuds R shouldbecome visible in your devices list.Q: My Skybuds aren’t loud enough.A: Try going a size up in fit tips - bigger tips seal the sound in better. Download the Skybudsapp to unlock additional volumes.Q: My Skybuds feel loose when I work out.A: Give the larger fit tips a try, you may be pleaseantly surprised.Q: My Skydock/Skybuds aren’t charging.A: Make sure your Skydock is plugged into a power source and that your Skybuds arecorrectly inserted into the Skydock. When properly inserted, you will see a red light andthen it will fade to black. It only takes 1-2 hours for both the Skydock and Skybuds to fullycharge. If you download the Skybuds app, you ‘ll be able to see the exact percentage ofthe battery in each of the buds and the skydock.Alpha is dedicated to providing the best possible customer service.To reach our support team go to you still need help, [email protected]

HELP & RESOURCESCUSTOMERSUPPORTUPDATES FORSKYBUDSAlpha is dedicated to providingthe best possible customer service.To reach our support team go get the latest features for yourSkybuds, make sure you’re usingthe latest software. To check forupdates, download the SkybudsApp and go to the settings menuin the app.If you still need help, [email protected]



CONNECTING THE SKYBUDS APP STEP 1 Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. STEP 2 Open the Skybuds app and follow the on screen instruction to complete the setup process and pair Skybuds to the app. To your Skybuds and Skydock 14 The Skybuds app lets you take