DiscoverCareUpdate software for navigation systemsDiscoverCareUpdate software for navigation systemsVersion dated: 1 Jun 2015German: 1 Jun 2015

Table of contentsTable of contents . 2About these instructions . 3Update for systems without a VolkswagenSD card . 8System requirements . 4Downloading the maps . 10Navigation system . 4Copying the maps to the navigation system 11Computer. 4Copying data to systems with a VolkswagenSD card (Discover Media) . 11Memory card . 4Installing the software . 5Updates in the vehicle for systems withouta Volkswagen SD card (Discover Pro) . 11Windows . 5Changing the settings . 11OS X . 5Checking for new map updates . 12Starting the software for the first time . 6Carrying out another update, and deletingold files . 12Selecting the navigation system and the mapmaterial . 7Update for systems with a Volkswagen SDcard . 7DiscoverCarePage 2

About these instructionsAll information provided in these instructionscorresponds to the level of informationavailable at the time of going to press, andis only valid for devices installed in the factory. Due to the ongoing development of thesoftware and potential updates, differencesDiscoverCarebetween displays and functions on yourcomputer and the information provided inthese instructions are possible. No claimscan therefore be derived from the differences in details, illustrations and descriptions.Page 3

System requirementsNavigation systemThe following Volkswagen navigation systems are supported: Discover Media Generation 1Discover Media Generation 2Discover Pro Generation 1Discover Pro Generation 2ComputerComputers with the following features aresupported:a) Operating system: Microsoft Windows, version 7 or higher, or AppleOS X, version 10.7 or higherb) Hard drive:o Recommended: 64 GB freememory capacity, support forfiles more than 4 GB in sizeo Minimum: 32 GB freememory capacity (thememory capacity requireddepends on the map material selected, and the Infotainment system)DiscoverCareMemory cardThe following requirements apply for thememory card, and depend on whether yournavigation system was delivered to you witha VW SD card:a) In the case of Discover Media, yournavigation system was delivered toyou with a VW SD card. The VW SDcard satisfies all requirements.Should the card be defective, youwill require a new VW SD card,which you can obtain from your authorised VW workshop.b) In the case of Discover Pro, yournavigation system was delivered toyou without an SD card. You can usenon-manufacturer-dependent SDcards with a memory capacity of32 GB.Page 4

Installing the softwareWindowsYou have 2 optionsA. Installation using the installer (EXE file)1. Download the EXE file.2. Run the EXE file, and follow the instructions that appear on the screenabout installing the software.Note: If the application does not start because the certificate is not known to yourcomputer, then you can confirm the certificate and start the program. In this case, youwill require administrator rights.B. Using the ZIP file without installation1. Download the ZIP file.2. Unpack the ZIP file onto your harddrive in a file folder of your choice.Create a new folder for this, for example: C:\DiscoverCare.3. Start the file found in it: DiscoverCareStart.exe.OS X1. Download the DMG file from thewebsite the DMG file.Note: If the application does notstart because the certificate is notknown to your computer, then youcan start the application using the“Open” item in the context menu. Inthis case, you will require administrator rights.DiscoverCare2. Drag the application into the program folder.3. Start the application. You will findthe application in the “Applications”folder using the “Finder”.Page 5

Starting the software for the first timeWhen you start the software for the first time, the licence conditions will be shown to you. Youmust agree to these in order to proceed. You can then define the user-specific settings.1123Fig. 1: Language and marketSelect your language Fig. 1 ①. Then select your region ② and continue ③.2Fig. 2: Background services and locationThe software will run a weekly check whether new map updates are available. If you donot wish for this function to run, then deactivate it using the switch Fig. 2 ①. If necessary, change the location of the map datadownloaded to the computer ②. Then confirm the settings at the end ③.The next time the software is started, the settings will not be queried. You can change the settingsany time using the “Settings” item in the “File” menu.DiscoverCarePage 6

Selecting the navigation system and the map materialIn the first step, select whether you have a navigation system with an original VW SD card.Update for systems with a Volkswagen SD card11121112Fig. 3: Type of systemFig. 5: Suitable VW SD card insertedAfter starting, select the first option Fig. 3① and confirm your selection ②.Your SD card will be checked, and you areshown the results of the check Fig. 5 ①.Continue ②.11Fig. 4: Inserting the SD cardInsert your VW SD card into a card readerand select your VW SD card from the list Fig. 4 ①.1112Fig. 6: View of the updates availableThe update currently available for your system appears Fig. 6 ①. If necessary,change the region for which you would likean update ②.Note: The navigation system will only function with data for the region in which it wasdelivered.DiscoverCarePage 7

111112Fig. 7: Selection of the regionFig. 8: View of the updates availableIf you wish to change the region, select itfrom the list Fig. 7 ①. Confirm yourselection ②.Confirm the selection Fig. 8 ①.Update for systems without a Volkswagen SD card1113241112Fig. 9: Type of SD cardFig. 10: View of the updates availableAfter starting, select the second option Fig. 9 ①. Select the navigation system usedin your vehicle ②. The designation can befound on the inside cover of the manual foryour navigation system. If you do not knowwhat it is, then you can start by enteringother information about your vehicle ③(model and year of construction). The dropdown list is then automatically limited to thegenerations of the system applicable foryou. Continue ④.The update currently available for your system appears Fig. 10 ①. If necessary,change the region for which you would likean update ②.Note: The navigation system will only function with data for the region in which thevehicle was delivered.Note: 1st generation systems may mentionthis supplementary information in the instructions.DiscoverCarePage 8

111112Fig. 11: Selection of the regionFig. 13: Selection of the SD cardYou can select the region in the dialoguewindow for changing the region Fig. 11①. Return to the previous window with“OK”. Confirm your selection ②.Insert your SD card into the card reader inyour computer. Then select your card Fig. 13 ①.111211Fig. 14: Suitable SD card insertedFig. 12: View of the updates availableConfirm the selection Fig. 12 ①.Note: For some systems, there are bothcomplete updates as well as smaller updatesavailable which are comprised of countrypackages.If you use these, only these countries will beupdated. The previous version is retained forthe remaining countries.DiscoverCareThe suitability of your card will be checked,and you are shown the results of the checkon the left side of the window Fig. 14 ①.Continue ②.Note: Even if your SD card does not correspond to Volkswagen’s recommendation,you can instruct the software to continue thetask. However, it may not be possible tocomplete the task.Page 9

Downloading the mapsOnce you have selected your navigation system and the map material in the previous steps, youcan continue with the download.1112141313111214Fig. 15: Settings and course of the installationFig. 16: Progress of the installationA backup of the data will be created automatically on your SD card by VolkswagenSD cards. You can deactivate this task ifpreferred Fig. 15 ①. You can change thelocation of the backup ② and the directoryfor saving the download files ③. Continue④.The progress made is shown. You can leavethe computer during this time. If necessary,you can cancel the process Fig. 16 ① orpause it ②. When the download starts, thetime remaining is shown ③. If necessary,you can lower the download speed to 50%④, in order to keep bandwidth free for other services (e.g. surfing the Internet).DiscoverCarePage 10

Copying the maps to the navigation systemYou copied the new map data to your SD card in the previous steps. Now carry out the followingsteps, depending on which navigation system you have.Copying data to systems with a Volkswagen SD card (Discover Media)1. Now insert the SD card into the SD card slot in the navigation system in your vehicle.2. As soon as the system detects the card, the new map data is available.Updates in the vehicle for systems without a Volkswagen SD card (Discover Pro)1. Insert the SD card in one of the two card slots in the Discover Pro.2. Go to “Menu” “Setup” “Version information” and select “Update software”. Thedata will now be copied to the internal hard drive in the navigation system.3. Follow the instructions on the display unit.Note:The ignition must be left on while the data is being copied. Due to the large quantity of dataand the SD card used, the process may take up to 4 hours. Please ensure that the batteryvoltage is high enough to carry out the update (when the vehicle is stationary, switch off allelectrical equipment that is not required, e.g. lighting, blowers, seat heating etc.). If necessary,connect a charging unit to the battery. If the process has been paused – for example, byparking the vehicle – the copying process continues automatically at the point at which it waspaused once the ignition is switched on.Changing the settingsYou can change the settings using the File menu.11121513141. Language ①2. Region or market ②3. Setting for whether the software automatically looks for updates ③4. File location for map data on thecomputer ④To finish, apply the new settings ⑤.Fig. 17: Software settingsChanging the settings Fig. 17:DiscoverCarePage 11

Checking for new map updatesTo check the new map updates, select:1. “File” - “About DiscoverCare”2. “Check for updates” button Fig. 18 ①.11Fig. 18: “About DiscoverCare” dialogue fieldCarrying out another update, and deleting old filesAs soon as you have carried out an update, an overview of the previous updates will appearwhen the software is started again Fig. 1. The Status column shows you whether your updatesare all the latest versions.11121413You have the following options: Copying an update onto an SD card①. Having the backups shown ② andthen selecting a backup to use for arestore. Editing the list of previous updatesand backups ③, e.g. deleting old updates and backups. Carrying out an update for a differentdevice ④.Fig. 19: Overview of the previous updatesDiscoverCarePage 12

OS X 1. Download the DMG file from the website Open the DMG file. Note: If the application does not start because the certificate is not known to your computer, then you can start the application using the “Open” item in the context menu. In this case, you will requir