PIONEER CAMPING IN HARRIMAN STATE PARKLake TioratiPhone: (845) 429-8257Located near Lake Tiorati in Harriman State Park, Cedar Pond and Tiorati Plateau are pioneer camping areas operated by the PalisadesInterstate Park Commission. Bona-fide organizations including scouts, churches, youth associations, etc. may use the facilities duringthe season, by reservation only.The camping season is from the third Friday in April to Columbus Day.Cedar Pond has three sites located on the southwestern shore of Lake Tiorati. There are no flush toilets, on-site shower, or electricity.There is running water and two pit toilets. Parking for two vehicles per site is included with the permit. 37.50 per night per site maximum 30 people per site 10.00 additional vehicle fee (from Memorial Day through Labor Day)Tiorati Plateau consists of ten sites across the road from the north side of the lake. Two pit toilets and two deep sinks with runningwater are available. There is no electricity. Parking for two vehicles per site is included with the permit; one car may park next to thesite, the other may park in the overflow area. Any additional vehicles must be parked in the Tiorati parking lot. 15.00 per night per site maximum 12 people per site 10.00 additional vehicle fee (from Memorial Day through Labor Day)Showers are available to campers from both Cedar Pond and Tiorati Plateau during beach operating hours only.Tiorati Beach Hours:Open Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day (Weekends only from Memorial Day through the third Saturday in June and thethird Saturday in August to Labor Day)Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays:11 AM – 6:45 PMWeekdays (excluding holidays):10 AM – 5:45 PMReservation Information:Applications accepted via email only no earlier than 8:00 AM on January 2nd.Applications and proof of organization status (i.e. letterhead or business card) will be accepted via the Pioneer Camping email address:[email protected] will be accepted in chronological order. There are three options for paying for the sites; pay using the provided credit cardauthorization form, pay with a credit card over the phone (staff member will call after receiving application) or mail in a check. Forchecks, we will hold the site(s) for 1 week until we receive the payment. Checks, payable to NYSOPRHP, must be post marked withinthe allotted time to be accepted. Once we have received payment, we will process the application and send the confirmation letter viaemail.Reservations must be made for a minimum of two consecutive nights (minimum three consecutive nights on holiday weekends).Reservations may be made for no more than 7 consecutive nights.Check in time is 3:00 PM.Check out time is 11:00 AM.If you check in before 3:00pm you will be charged an extra day as a result.Refunds: (sorry, no refunds due to inclement weather)Requests for refunds must be submitted in writing. The request, along with your copy of the permit, must be received by TioratiOffice at least 7 days prior to your scheduled arrival date. Refunds are subject to a 9.00 cancellation fee.Mail written requests to:Tiorati Pioneer Campingc/o PIPCPO BOX 427Bear Mountain, NY 10911*Rates and information subject to change*

PIONEER CAMPING RULES1. beverages are not permitted.Pets are not permitted in campsite areas.Firearms and weapons are not permitted.Campers must be supervised by a responsible person aged 21 or older in a minimum ratio of one supervisor for every ten children atall times.Swimming is permitted only at Tiorati Beach when Park lifeguards are on duty.One ground fire is allowed at each campsite’s designated area. Fires must be under the constant care of a group supervisor.Firewood may be cut only from already downed trees. Chainsaws are not permitted.Quiet hours are from 10 PM to 8 AM.Generators are not permitted.At Cedar Pond and Tiorati Plateau, the gates must be kept locked at all times. Missing or broken locks MUST be reported to theoffice immediately.Commercial vehicles and/or vehicles with trailers are not permitted on Park roads or in the camping areas. A permit can be obtainedfrom the Tiorati Office. Please inquire when making your reservation.Buses are not permitted. Only cars and passenger vans with seating for 15 people or less are allowed.Campers staying a Cedar Pond may launch their boats from the site. However, a PIPC boat permit for 30/boat must be purchasedahead of time in person or during check in.CAMPING PERMITS MAY BE REVOKED FOR VIOLATIONS OF PARK RULESSafety Hints Keep campfires contained; extinguish them before leaving your campsite.Do not burn charcoal inside any tent, camper or other structure. Burning charcoal emits toxic fumes.Swim in protected areas only.Notify park personnel of any safety hazards, i.e., dead tree limbs overhanging campsite.There may be bear activity in this area. Bear habitat guidelines must be followed at all timesDispose of garbage and waste-water in proper receptacles to eliminate health hazards and discourage unwanted guests such asrodents and other wildlife pests.Do not feed, attract, or harass raccoons or any wildlife.Stay on established trails. Use trail maps where available.Always use a flashlight when walking in camp at night.Be alert to the presence of ticks which can attach themselves to your skin. If you find that you have been bitten by a tick, youshould obtain treatment.As you enjoy your camping stay, please consider the “legacy” youwill leave for future state park visitors.These are the decomposition timesFor typical camping litter:Paper . 2 – 5 monthsOrange peel . 6 monthsMilk carton 5 yearsFilter-tip cigarette butt 10 – 12 yearsPlastic bag . 10 – 20 yearsLeather shoe . .25 – 40 yearsNylon Cloth . .30 – 40 yearsPlastic container . 50 – 80 yearsAluminum . 80 – 100 yearsPlastic foam .NEVERNYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic PreservationPalisades Interstate Park Commission An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Agency

(845) 429-8257

Have you stayed with us before?YesAPPLICATION FOR RESERVATIONPIONEER CAMPING IN HARRIMAN STATE PARKNoOrganization NameOrganization AddressCityStateZipStateZipPermit Mailing AddressCityName of Person in ChargeEmail AddressPerson in Charge Phone ()Fax()FIRST CHOICE (minimum of 2 consecutive nights; 3 on holiday weekends)CEDAR POND: (circle sites requested)ABCDates Requested: arriveFee:OR(maximum 30 people per site)3 p.m. departXX 37.50 (# of sites) (# of nights)(camping fee)TIORATI PLATEAU: number of sites needed(maximum 12 people per site)Dates Requested: arriveFee:11 a.m.(# of sites)X(# of nights)3 p.m. departX 15.00 11 a.m.(camping fee)SECOND CHOICE (minimum of 2 consecutive nights; 3 on holiday weekends)CEDAR POND: (circle sites requested)ABDates Requested: arriveFee:OR(# of sites)XC(maximum 30 people per site)3 p.m. departX 37.50 (# of nights)(camping fee)TIORATI PLATEAU: number of sites neededDates Requested: arriveFee:(# of sites)11 a.m.X(# of nights)(maximum 12 people per site)3 p.m. departX 15.00 11 a.m.(camping fee)Camping fee includes parking for two vehicles per site. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, additional vehicles mustpay a 10.00 parking fee, this must be paid at the Park office at the time of check-in. Please make checks payable toNYSOPRHP.Please email application and organization letterhead or business card to [email protected] may be with a credit card or check only. A staff member will call for payment over the phone if a CC authorizationform is not included with the application.Office Use OnlyReceived Ch/CC # Permit # Intl

Harriman State ParkPO Box 427Bear Mountain, NY 10911-0427Tel: 845-947-2444 (Lake Welch)Tel: 845-429-8257 (Lake Tiorati)Credit Card Payment FormPlease check one: Tiorati Pioneer CampingBus PermitMetal Detecting PermitName of Organization (if applicable):Cardholder’s Name (as it appears on card):-Must be the same as applicantBilling Address:Daytime Telephone Number: ( ) - ext.Choice of CardMaster Card- - -Visa- - -Discover- - -American Express- -Credit Card Expiration Date:CVC Code:Amount to be paid: Cardholder’s SignatureDatePlease return this completed form along with the application

Harriman State Park PO Box 427 Bear Mountain, NY 10911-0427 Tel: 845-947-2444 (Lake Welch)