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Contents1. Welcome to COPA-DATA help . 52. Runtime . 53. 32 and 64-bit version . 74. Putting Runtime into operation. 84.1Installation . 94.2System requirements and operating systems . requirements when using DirectX . 94.2.2File Structure . 104.2.3Free ports . 124.2.4Exceptions for anti-virus . 144.2.5firewall setup . 14Hardware requirements . 164.3.1Paths for setup and operation . 184.3.2Demo mode . 204.3.3Runtime under Windows Embedded Standard . 204.3.4Runtime for Windows CE. 215. Uninstalling Runtime . 226. Runtime for Windows CE . 226.1System files . 236.2Update of the Windows CE Runtime . 246.3Manual installation and Runtime-update . 327. Supported protocols . 338. Starting the Runtime . 388.1Set up Runtime autostart . 408.2Keyblock Runtime Start . 418.3Configure start delay . 419. Starting Runtime as a service . 423

9.1Configuration of zenon Logic Runtime . 449.2Configuration in the Startup Tool . 459.3Remote Transport . 469.4Procedure . 4710. Runtime as ActiveX control . 4811. Operating during Runtime . 4911.1Mouse . 4911.2Touch. 5311.2.111.3Navigation with Multi-Touch in the worldview . 53Keyboard operation . 5611.3.1Functions . 5611.4Block keyboard shortcuts . 5911.5Define sort order inside a frame . 6111.6Positioning and operation of frames . 6211.7Configurable lists . 6811.8Runtime messages . 7112. Runtime files . 7112.1Compatibility Runtime files . 7313. Runtime profiles . 7513.1Load and create profile in the Runtime . 7613.2Configuring functions . 7613.3Allocate and administrate profile . 7813.4Storage directories of the profiles . 8114. Filter profiles . 8214.1Export and import filter profiles . 8315. Handling of date and time. 8415.1Switch to daylight saving time . 864

Welcome to COPA-DATA help1. Welcome to COPA-DATA helpZENON VIDEO-TUTORIALSYou can find practical examples for project configuration with zenon in our YouTube channel( menu). The tutorials are grouped according to topics andgive an initial insight into working with different zenon modules. All tutorials are available inEnglish.GENERAL HELPIf you cannot find any information you require in this help chapter or can think of anything that youwould like added, please send an email to SUPPORTYou can receive support for any real project you may have from our Support Team, who you can contactvia email at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]).LICENSES AND MODULESIf you find that you need other modules or licenses, our staff will be happy to help you. [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]).2. RuntimeRuntime is software that supports graphic display possibilities for HMI/SCADA projects.5

RuntimeLicense informationThe zenon Runtime must be licensed. The license is calculated according to the used TAGsor IOs. For details about licensing see chapter Licensing.It offers: Process display, Archiving of data such as messages and process values, Integrated alarm message list, Recipes, Multi-Touch and much more.AttentionNote when configuring the project: For the optimal display of zenon in Runtime, the standard setting(corresponds to 100%) is recommended for the Windows display. Highervalues can lead to graphic elements, symbols, texts, etc. not being displayedcorrectly. Windows themes can overlay elements in Runtime. Ensure, when configuringa project, that there is an appropriate distance from the elements to thescreen edge.Runtime is available as a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version from zenon 7.10. Projects can run on bothversions. You can read details on compatibility with versions of zenon 7.10 in the Project conversionmanual, in the 64-bit version (on page 7) chapter. The Runtime is available as zenon Supervisor and aszenon Operator for Embedded operating systems. The versions differ in their functionalities. For detailssee Restrictions for zenon Operator.SEVERAL INSTANCES OF RUNTIMEOnly one instance of zenon Runtime can be started on a computer at any time. This applies regardless ofwhether Runtime is started as an EXE file, a zenon Web Client or as Runtime Control (OCX).On the terminal server or terminal client, one instance of Runtime per user can be startedas an EXE file, as a zenon Web Client or as Runtime Control (OCX). Only 1 instance can run at any timewithin a user context.6

32 and 64-bit version3. 32 and 64-bit versionzenon is now available for Editor and Runtime as a 32-bit and 64-bit version. A 32-bit and a 64-bit zenonEditor or a 32-bit and a 64-bit zenon Runtime are installed on 64-bit operating systems. The file namesof the executable files are identical for 32-bit and 64-bit.On 64-bit systems, all services present in 64-bit are registered and used in the 64-bit version. Editor andRuntime can be started alternately. Projects can be executed in both Editors and in both Runtimes.Components such as, for example, zenon Logic Runtime, zenon Logic Workbench, drivers, ProcessGateway and other tools are always only used in the 32-bit version.GENERAL LIMITATIONSThe basic limitation of only 64-bit DLLs being able to be loaded in 64-bit processes also means that thereare certain limitations when operating zenon. This mostly affects external components that are loadedin the Editor or Runtime. DLLs that are loaded using VBA/VSTA code and ActiveX controls are directlyaffected. These DLLs must be present as a 64-bit version for use in the 64-bit Editor or Runtime. ActiveXcontrols supplied by COPA-DATA are always available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.CONVERSION OF ZENON 5.50 PROJECTSNo zenon 5.50 projects can be converted with the 64-bit editor. These must be converted beforehandwith the 32-bit Editor.RGM LIMITATIONThe Access database is no longer supported in the RGM. In order to be able to use MS Access data fromprevious versions under 64-bit, the project must first be converted in the 32-bit Editor. The DataSourceproperty is no longer available from version 7.10. For details, see the Converting Recipegroup Managerdatabase chapter.VBAVBA was converted to VBA version 7.1. Therefore VBA is also available in zenon 64-bit. If, in the VBAcode, Windows API or other imported DLL functions are accessed, these calls must be adapted to 64-bit.In general, the following applies: A VBA file created for a 32-bit version cannot be used without changesin a 64--bit version.There are some defines/functions available in VBA in order to write 32-bit and 64-bit compatible code.For example:#if Win64 thenDeclare PtrSafe Function MyMathFunc Lib "User32" (ByVal N As LongLong) As LongLong7

Putting Runtime into operation#elseDeclare Function MyMathFunc Lib "User32" (ByVal N As Long) As Long#end if#if VBA7 thenDeclare PtrSafe Sub MessageBeep Lib "User32" (ByVal N AS Long)#elseDeclare Sub MessageBeep Lib "User32" (ByVal N AS Long)#end ifYou can also obtain some useful notes on the porting of VBA 32-bit code to VBA 64-bit from Microsoft: Microsoft Office 2010, notes on y/ee691831.aspx) 32-bit and 64-bit declares for API calls: s)pCOMPONENTS IN 32-BIT ONLYThe following components are also only available as 32-bit versions on 64-bit computers: Some programs, such as SIC.exe and DiagViewer.exe Licensing Process Gateway Startup Tool Windows CE Drivers zenon Logic Runtime and Workbench4. Putting Runtime into operationThe procedure for putting Runtime into operation for the first time depends on whether the device youare operating is a turn-key device with Runtime installed or a device on which Runtime must beinstalled. If Runtime is already installed on the device, only the desired project needs to be copied to theRuntime device.To do this: Save your project files on an external data medium. Use Drag&Drop or Copy&Paste to transfer these to your Runtime device.8

Putting Runtime into operationor Get the project from the server on the Runtime device. Create a Client using the network topology.This is also possible by means of remote transport.If Runtime is not yet installed on the device, it must first be installed. You can read how this works in thezenon standard installation chapter.A license is required after installation in order to put it into operation. The license information is on alicense form, which is enclosed with the device or the installation medium.The hard drive of the device you are operating may stop working after many years of use in aharsh industrial environment. To avoid loss of data, it may be a good idea to ensure that there is aredundant environment, such as working with both a Server and a Standby Server.4.1InstallationFor the installation of zenon Runtime, start the installation process from your zenon installationmedium.This process automatically starts when the zenon installation medium is connected and guides youthrough the whole installation. Alternatively, it is possible to start the installation by executingSTART.exe in the root directory of your zenon installation medium.InformationYou can find further information in the installation and updates manual in the zenonstandard installation chapter.4.2System requirements and operating systemsYou can get a detailed overview of supported operating systems and the required software andhardware in the installation and updates manual.4.2.1System requirements when using DirectXThe following minimum requirements must be met when using DirectX hardware or DirectXsoftware:9

Putting Runtime into operationFor extensive projects or several projects loaded at the same time you will need accordinglyfaster/stronger hardware. The minimum requirements can increase as a result of this.ParameterMinimum requirementsRecommendedCPU:Single core with SSE2 support.Quad Core or more coresGraphics card:DirectX 11 mainstream graphics card.(DirectX hardware only)When an integrated graphicschip is used in particular, it is possible,depending on the driver used, thatthere are impairments to the displayquality.Dedicated DirectX 11 AMD or nVidiahigh-end graphics cardGraphics memory:1 GB VRAM(DirectX hardware only)Driver graphics card:2 GB VRAMThe size that is actuallyneeded depends on the number ofscreens called up and theelements displayed.The graphics card manufacturer's most recent driver.(DirectX hardware only)Operating system:DirectX hardware and DirectX software only works on operatingsystems that support DirectX11.1.If the system does not support DirectX 11.1, it automatically switches toWindows Enhanced.The current DirectX- Runtime must be installed. For zenon it is installedtogether with the setup. For the zenon Web Client it must be installed manually.You can check the DirectX hardware compatibility of the graphics card and the driver with the Windowsoperating system tool dxdiag.exe.Up to Windows 7: Check the DDI version value under Display. The value 11 for example meansDirectX 11.From Windows 8: All supported versions of DirectX are displayed in the Display tab under FeatureLevels. For example, DirectX 11 is displayed as StructureThe special file structure is created or extended during the installation.The zenon program files are copied to a folder which can be defined during the installation.Additionally the installation asks for a folder for the SQL databases of the projects. The storage mediumfor project archiving (SQL, screens etc.) must have enough free space, because all current and futureproject data is stored there.10

Putting Runtime into operationFolderPathProgram folder32-bit system:%Program Files%\COPA-DATA\zenon7xxx64-bit system:%Program Files%\COPA-DATA\zenon7xxx%Program Files (x86)%\COPA-DATA\zenon7xxxProgram data folder,e.g. global symbols, printtemplates, log files etc.%ProgramData%\COPA-DATA\zenon7xxxDatabase folder (SQL)%ProgramData%\COPA-DATA\SQLSystem folder%ProgramData%\COPA-DATA\SystemSettings Editor and enon\EditorSettings Diagnosis on\DiagViewDEFINITION RUNTIME FOLDER AND DATA FOLDERRUNTIME FOLDERThe Editor creates Runtime files in the Runtime folder, or they are transferred to this folder with thehelp of Remote Transport. When creating a project, you must define the Runtime folder. Later it can bechanged in the project properties. With Remote Transport, the Runtime folder is defined in RemoteTransport settings.DATA FOLDERThe Runtime saves all data files that were created at runtime like alarm files, archive files etc. in the datafolder. The data folder is created as a subfolder of the Runtime folder by default. The folder isautomatically assigned the name of the computer the Runtime is running on. You can change this savelocation in the project properties (General/Data folder).Never set the data folder to a removable device such as an USB stick or a network device. It isrecommended that the data is recorded locally and backed up externally.11

Putting Runtime into operationAttentionIf the defined path does not exist or is not available, no more data is written from theRuntime. This means a complete loss of data. The Runtime can still be operated butmust be restarted as soon as the path is available again. The availability of the foldercan be checked via system driver variable Runtime folder not available(SYSDRV.chm::/25965.htm) .4.2.3Free portszenon and zenon Logic need certain communication ports for the communication in the network. Ifthese ports are occupied by other programs like e.g. an already installed SQL server, the communicationof zenon can be disturbed. Many ports in zenon can be changed using the Startup Tool or properties inthe Editor.This is how you check the port assignments:1.Enter netstat -a -n -o in the command line.You can reach the command line in Windows: by pressing the Windows-key and R Enter cmd and confirm with OK. A DOS-window pops up enter the command netstat2.A list of all currently used TCP and UDP ports will pop up.3.Check the listening ports (status: ABHÖREN LISTEN) if the process-ID (PID) of the ports needed byzenon and zenon Logic corresponds with the processes of zenon and zenon Logic.These PIDs can be found in the window Processes of the Windows Task Manager; for thispurpose activate the column PID in the menu Select view/columns.4.If other software uses these ports, reconfigure this software.You can see the ports that zenon and zenon Logic use in the Port assignment by zenon andzenon Logic table. Here you can also see if these ports can be amended in these programs.12

Putting Runtime into operationPORT SETTINGS BY ZENON AND ZENON nrt[k].exezenon Logic Runtime pollingcommunication and zenonLogic Workbench. 1200-1210TCP 4500-4510TCPstratonrt[k].exestratonrt[k].exezenon Logic redundancy. 7000-7010TCPstratonrt[k].exezenon Logic Runtimespontaneouscommunication. 9000-9010TCPzennetsrv.exezenon network service. 1100-1100TCPzensyssrv.exezenon transport service. 1101TCPzendbsrv.exezenon database service. 1103TCPzenAdminsrv.exezenon administrationservice. 50777TCPzenLogSrv.exezenon logging service. 50780TCPzenvnc.exezenon Remote Desktopservice 5600 (fixed)TCPCodeMeter.exeCode Meter dongle service. 22350 (changeable butmust not be changed)TCPWkSvW32.exeWibuKey Network service 22347 (fixed)TCPZenrt32.exeMessage Control with 5060: SIPUDPVoice over IP. 5610 (fixed) 4000: RTP 4001: RTCP (fixed)SIP and RTP can be configuredusing the Editor. RTCP is13

Putting Runtime into operationautomatically set by the system.4.2.4Exceptions for anti-virusHowever zenon needs a range of services and operations that could categorize anti-virus programs aspotentially dangerous.Examples of this: Communication with CodeMeter -- USB dongle Loading VBA or VSTA code Embedding ActiveX elements in screens Frequent file access, for example for archiving, CEL, AML.There are compatibility problems with Ahnlabs V3 virus scanner. If zenon refuses to start withan error message, put V3 into Game-Mode or uninstall V3.4.2.5firewall setupzenon uses a number of ports. Any firewall that is present must allow communication via these ports.These must be enabled in the firewall if applicable.PORTS USEDFor communication within zenon, only TCP ports are used; no UDP ports are used. zenon requires thefollowing ports in a network:ServiceFileGoalTCP-portNetwork servicezenNetSrv.exeRuntime communication.1100Transport servicezenSysSrv.exeData transfer by means of RemoteTransport (Editor).1101zenon Web ServerzenWebSrv.exeOn-site logging machine between zenonWeb client and Runtime1102Port numbers can be amended individually by means of the Listening ports tab in the Startup Tool.Note in this case that all devices affected must be amended.Furthermore, zenon and zenon Analyzer services use a range of ports:14

Putting Runtime into operationApplicationStandard portzenonNetwork Service1100Transport Service1101WEB Service Classic1102DB Service1103SQL Browser Service,1434(for distributed engineering in the Editor)zenAdminSrv.exe50777Logging Service50780zenVNC.exe5600 - 5610SNMP Trap nLicenseCenter50689WEB Service Tunneling8080zenon LogicAssigned port for zenon Logic or stratondepends on the project and service.1200 - 1210E.g.: First zenon Logic project occupies 1200and 9000, second project 1201 and 9001 etc.7000 - 70104500 - 45109000 - 9010zenon AnalyzerAdministration Service50777Analyzer Connector Service50778Analyzer License Service50779ZAMS50781DriversDriver Simulation6000 - 6020Process Gateway OPC Server135Process Gateway SNMP161Process Gateway Modbus502Process Gateway IEC60870-5 104 slave2402Process Gateway DEC555515

Putting Runtime into operationProcess Gateway DNP3 Slave20000zenon drivers that communicate by means of Ethernet use TCP and thus need authorizations inthe firewall in this case, regardless of the port used.4.3Hardware requirementsOne of the requirements for putting Runtime into operation is that setup has been completedsuccessfully. It is also important to have a valid license.The minimum requirements are listed in the following table. These are based on a complete installation ofRuntime. For extensive projects or several projects loaded at the same time you will need accordinglyfaster/stronger hardware. The minimum requirements can increase as a result of this.16

Putting Runtime into operationHardwareMinimum requirementsRecommendedCPUSingle core with SSE2 support.Quad CoreRAM memoryWindows 7/8: from 512 MB.Windows 7/8: 4096 MBProjects with big amounts of data, Networkprojects, multiple projects simultaneously andprojects in redundance mode need more memory.Harddisk2 GB free space for the Runtime-installation plusadditional space for the projects.If you log historical data (e.g. Archivedata or Alarm-/CEL-Data), you need sufficientharddrive space or you have to make sure duringengineering that the historical data is evacuated ordeleted.Monitor resolutionVGA with 640 x 480 pixels.Graphics adapter64 MB dedicated memory. Cards with sharedmemory can lead to performance loss. Note theSystem requirements when using DirectX (onpage 9) chapter in relation to this.Input devicesKeyboard and/or mouse. Operation via touchscreenis also possible. Many individual, customizable softkeyboards for the touchscreen are available for you.USB interface For installation.Installation also possible via network or otherstorage media.(optional) For dongle. Network dongle also available.Network connection(optional)64 kBits/s for standard Client/Server projects.Remote connection(optional)Minimum requirements: Dial-up modem with 9600Bit/s.WAN connection(optional)Any desired connection via router, e.g. per ISDN orDSL Data transfer is slower in a WAN than in a localnetwork for technical reasons. Be sure to check thepossible data transfer rates of your WAN technologyalready at the time when you create the project.Message Control(optional):Please refer to chapter Message Control for therequirements.100 Mbit/s full duplex for redundant operation.100 Mbits/s full duplexfor standard Client/Serverprojects.1 Mbit/s full duplex.17

Putting Runtime into operationInterfaces (optional)4.3.1The necessary interfaces depend on therequirements of the PLC and/or the bus connection,for example serial RS232 or RS422/485 interfaces,ISA/PCI slots, etc.Paths for setup and operationPaths for zenon: Setup RuntimeInfoYou can display many default paths with the help of the set command: start the command line (enter cmd in the Windows start area) enter command set with click in button Enter standard folders for Windows and zenon are displayedAs absolute paths differ in different operating system, the paths are displayed as Windowsenvironment variable in this chapter. For example %ProgramData% instead of C:\ProgramData.SETUPDuring setup, paths are set for required software from third-party providers, as well as the zenonRuntime folder.The setup needs administrator rights. This is also true for changing the installtion paths.REQUIREMENTSThe installation paths of the required third-party software match the standard paths of the respectivemanufacturer and cannot be changed during setup.The additional software packages that need to be installed depend on the type of installation: zenon Editor zenon Runtime zenon Web Client18

Putting Runtime into operation zenon Logic RuntimeRequirementEditorRuntimeWebClientzenon LogicRuntimeMicrosoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 --Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 --Microsoft Visual C 2005Redistributables - Microsoft Visual C 2010Redistributables Microsoft Visual C 2012Redistributables Microsoft SQL-Server 2012 SP1 Express(from 7.10 on) ---VSTA --OPC-Core Components (up to 6.22 SP1) --Wibu key Dongle Software 6.0 x86/x64 --COPA-DATA Multiple Network ProtocolDriver x86/x64 - CodeMeter dongle software x86/x64 --Report Viewer 10.0 (from 7.00 on) -VBA 7.1 -ZENON RUNTIMEzenon Runtime uses the path that is set in zenon6.ini for projects. This path can be set using the StartupTool as well as using Remote Transport from a zenon editor.19

Putting Runtime into operationObjectPathProject[user-defined path]\[project]\RTExternal files[User-defined path]\[project]\RT\FILES\.Exported archives,Chronological EventList and AlarmMessage List[User-defined path]\[project]\ExportSystem filesWindows system folder.Is created at the first export.ZENON LOGICPaths for zenon Logic are created analogous to the zenon paths.4.3.2Demo modeIf the Runtime is not licensed, it can be used in demo mode for 30 days. Licensing (soft licensing ordongle licensing) is possible at anytime by entering a valid serial number and activation number.Licensing is only effective once zenon has been restarted.From the 41st start or the 31st day in demo mode, the zenon Runtime only runs for 10 minutes.This restriction does not exist under Windows CE. Runtime always runs for 30 minutes in demo modeunder Windows CE.4.3.3Runtime under Windows Embedded StandardThe minimum requirements relate to an installation of Runtime adapted to the Windows EmbeddedStandard 7 SP1 operating system with platform update. The hardware must be accordingly morepowerful for

code, Windows API or other imported DLL functions are accessed, these calls must be adapted to 64-bit. In general, the following applies: A VBA file created for a 32-bit version cannot be used without changes