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WelcomeUsing RSA SecurIDFor a State-issued iPhone/iPad or Hardware TokenThis Quick Start guide provides a brief overview of what RSASecurID is, how to set up an RSA SecurID Software Token, how torequest a Hardware Token, and how to use that Token to log intoyour Outlook Web Application and other State web applicationsand tools.ContentsWhat is RSA SecurID?3When do I use it?4What is a Token?5Request a Token6Setup the RSA Software Token14Setup the RSA Hardware Token18Log in Using RSA SecurID Token 19Emergency Token AccessITS RSA SecurID Token Request User Guide (Separate .PDF Document)For Other Devices:If you do not have a State-issuediPhone please see the full guideprovided by ITS in order to set upthe Token for your mobile device.Additional detailed guides areavailable for Android, Windows,and Blackberry via the ITSwebsite.Having Trouble?Contact [email protected] Mobile Devices Page 16 - Android, WindowsPage 19 - Enterprise Blackberry 10 Series (Classic, Z10, Q10)Page 25 - Enterprise Blackberry Series (Models 8830, 9310, 9370, 9650, 9900, 9930)Troubleshoot SecurID Token Page 29 - Forgot your PIN?Page 31 - Replace Lost or Damaged te Menu2BackNext

What is RSA SecurID?What is RSA SecurID?RSA SecurID is a type of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)RSA SecurID is another layer of security for your account. It helps to protect NYS criticalinformation and is an industry standard tool. The RSA SecurID Token Passcode changesevery 60 seconds.What does that mean for me?It means that you will need more than just a username and password to access youraccount on a non-State network.How it works on a State-network: (2 Steps and RSA SecurID is not needed) UsernamePassword12Success!You are now logged in andhave access to email, calendar,and web applications.How works off a State-network with RSA SecurID: (3 Steps with RSA)1UsernamePasswordHaving Trouble?Contact ITSEmail v2Enter your RSASecurID TokenPasscodePhone844-891-1786 ensYou are now loggedin and have access toemail, calendar, andweb applications.Main Menu3BackNext

When do I use RSA SecurID?RSA SecurID is used when you are logging into your Office 365 account froma personal device or on a non-State network. You must have your iPhone orHardware Token with you to get an RSA SecurID Token passcode.Examples:Where am I using Office 365?Do I need to use RSA SecurID?From my State-issued iPhone using defaultmail applicationxxxFrom my State desktop computerFrom my State-issued Laptop on aState network connectionFrom my personal cellphoneFrom my personal computerFrom my State-issued laptop on anon-State network connection (i.e. public or home wifi)From a public computer or tablet (i.e. Hotel courtesybusiness center computer)Having Trouble?Contact vPhone844-891-1786 No.No.No.Yes. You must use RSA to log in.Yes. You must use RSA to log in.Maybe. RSA or single sign-on might beneeded to log in the first time, but mayperiodically work without re-authenticating.Yes. You must use RSA to log n Menu4BackNext

What is RSA SecurID?RSA SecurID only needs to be set up on one deviceITS provides two options to set up your RSA SecurID Token: Software Token (recommended) Hardware TokenWhat is a Token?A Token is what you use to get a Passcode.A Hardware Token is a physical devicethat generates Passcodes. They are onlyneeded if you do not have a State-issuedphone.A Software Token is an applicationon your mobile device that generatesPasscodes.! If you have a State-issued Phone or Tablet you should use a Software Token.Having Trouble?Contact curid-tokensMain Menu5BackNext

How do I get a RSA SecurID Token?Steps for requesting a Token!Before you start, make sure you: Have access to your State-issued iPhone/iPad (if applicable) Have access to a computer with an internet connection Have at least 15 minutes to complete the RSA set up processThis section is completed on a computer.1On any computer go to:https://mytoken.ny.govThis will take you directly to theSelf-Service Console where youwill be able to log in and requestyour Software Token.22Enter your User IDYour User ID is your full workemail address:firstname.lastname@ogs.ny.govHaving Trouble?Contact curid-tokensMain Menu6BackNext

How do I get a RSA SecurID Token?34Select Password forAuthentication Method andclick Log On.3Enter your regular email loginpassword and click Log On.45You must set up your securityquestions for emergencyauthentication.Click Set Up next to SecurityQuestions.Having Trouble?Contact ecurid-tokensMain Menu7BackNext

How do I get a RSA SecurID Token?6Choose 5 security questionsand input your answers.Answers are not case sensitive.When complete, click SubmitYour Request.67Once the security questions areset up, Click Request a NewToken.Having Trouble?Contact ecurid-tokensMain Menu8BackNext

How do I get a RSA SecurID Token?!Choose your token type to continue: Software Token (recommended) Hardware Token (can take up to two weeks to receive)Software TokenInstructions Page 10Hardware TokenInstructions Page 12A Hardware Token is a physical device that generatesPasscodes. They are only needed if you do not have aState-issued phone.A Software Token is an application on your mobiledevice that generates Passcodes.Having Trouble?Contact curid-tokensMain Menu9BackNext

How do I get a RSA SecurID Token?Software Token Instructions11Choose Software from the listand click Submit.For Hardware Tokens, selectHardware and skip to page 12.2Click the circle button next toEnterprise iOS - CTKIP.This is the correct selection for aState-issued iPhone/iPad.Do not use the "Support Use Only iPhone". This will not work.X 2Having Trouble?Contact ecurid-tokensMain Menu10BackNext

How do I get a RSA SecurID Token?Once the device has beenselected, you must create aToken Nickname, PIN, andReason for Token Request.33A3B3C33AThe Token Nickname is only adisplay name for your token. Agood convention is to use firstinitial last name. Ex. JSmithNote: Your pin can only contain numbersand cannot start with 0.3BThe PIN is how you will log intoyour RSA SecurID App. Thisnumber must be between 4 - 8numbers long and cannot startwith the number 0.Remember this PIN to log intoyour RSA Application.3CFor Reason for Token Request,type Initial Request for a token.Click Submit when complete.44Once you click Submit, youwill receive a confirmationpage with a confirmationnumber.Continue to Setup SoftwareToken on page 14.Having Trouble?Contact curid-tokensMain Menu11BackNext

How do I get a RSA SecurID Token?Hardware Token Instructions1Choose Hardware from the listand click Submit.2There is only one option forHardware Tokens, KEYFOB.Having Trouble?Contact securid-tokensMain Menu12BackNext

How do I get a RSA SecurID Token?Hardware Token Instructions3Enter a Reason for TokenRequest.113For example, "Required to workout of office or off businesshours, due to COVID-19."4Enter your Shipping Address.4Use an address where you canreliably receive mail withoutbeing at your office. Ex. Homeor P.O. Box.5Once you click Submit, you willreceive a confirmation pagewith a confirmation number andan email with more informationabout when you will receiveyour Hardware Token.Continue to Setup HardwareToken on page 18.Having Trouble?Contact curid-tokensMain Menu13BackNext

Install/Setup RSA Application for Software Token!This section requires yourState-issued iPhone/iPadand a computer.1Steps 1 & 2 are done on theiPhone; Steps 3-5 are done on acomputer.1Click on the App Store iconand search for RSA SecurIDSoftware Token. You may alsodownload this from the NYSApp Store on your iPhone.GETApp StoreClick Get to install theApplication on your iPhone.The App Store may ask foryour Apple ID and Passwordto download the App.2Once the RSA SecurID App isinstalled and you see the iconon your phone, proceed tostep 3.Having Trouble?Contact ecurid-tokensMain Menu14BackNext

Install/Setup RSA Application for Software Token3In order to use the RSASecurID App, you must Importa Token.To do this you must log backinto the Self-Service Consolefrom your computer at:https://mytoken.ny.gov3Your login information is yourfull work email address andregular email password.454In the My Authenticatorssection, clickActivate Your Token.A window will appear with aQR code and instructions.Leave this window open onyour computer and proceed tostep 6.Having Trouble?Contact ecurid-tokensMain Menu15BackNext

Install/Setup RSA Application for Software Token67On your mobile device, openthe RSA SecurID Application.The RSA Application will askyou to read and agree to thelicense agreement.6Click Accept.87Tap the QR Code Symbol inthe lower left hand corner ofthe screen. This will open thecamera.When asked, say OK toallowing RSA SecurID accessto the Camera.If you do not allow it then youwill be unable to complete thisprocess and will have to startover.Having Trouble?Contact ecurid-tokensMain Menu16BackNext

Install/Setup RSA Application for Software Token9After pressing OK to allowcamera use, point the cameraat the QR Code displayed onthe screen.The RSA Application willautomatically take a photo andimport the token.10Once the Token issuccessfully imported you willreceive a message on yourmobile device and computerscreen.Having Trouble?Contact -securid-tokensMain Menu17BackNext

Setup Hardware Token!12This section requires your physical Hardware Token and a computer.You do not need to do this if you have a Software Token.Once you have your physical Hardware Token, open the email confirmationyou received from [email protected]. If you misplaced ordeleted this email contact ITS for assistance.Verify that the serial number in the email matches the serial number on the back of the HardwareToken you received. Your Hardware Token serial number is the 9-digit number on the back of yourRSA SecurID Hardware Token. It can also be found in the self-service console by clicking viewdetails next to the Token image.3Click on Token enablement link in the email. Enter your User ID (your full work email address), theenablement code identified in the email, and your Hardware Token serial number. Click OK.4You will receive a message stating "your Token is ready to use." Click OK.5Click Create PIN.6Create a PIN that is between 4 and 8 numbers. It cannot start with the number 0. Record andremember this PIN to troubleshoot your RSA Hardware Token. Click Save.Having Trouble?Contact curid-tokensMain Menu18BackNext

Log in to Office 365 Using RSA SecurID TokenThis section demonstrates logging into Office 365 from a non-State device on anon-State network.!Go to:1 to and selectOffice 365 Login.1Enter your work email address.You will be directed to theState of New York Single SignOn page.2Enter your work email addressand regular email password.Click Sign in.23Once you click sign in youwill be prompted for an RSASecurID passcode.3!You will need your State iPhonewith the RSA App or yourHardware RSA Token to get thiscode.Having Trouble?Contact curid-tokensMain Menu19BackNext

Log in to Office 365 Using RSA SecurID Token4Open the RSA SecurIDApplication on your iPhone.You will be asked to enter your PIN.This was the PIN you created whenrequesting a token.Software Token4After your PIN is entered an 8-digitPasscode will be displayed. Thiscode resets every 60 seconds.Hardware TokenOR use your RSA Hardware4AToken to get a passcode.54AEnter the Passcode whereprompted when logging intothe New York State EnterpriseSingle Sign On. Click Submit.This completes the RSA SecurIDsign on process.!5This will need to be done everytime you log in from a non-Statedevice on a non-State network.Having Trouble?Contact curid-tokensMain Menu20BackNext

Emergency Token Access!When do I need Emergency Token Access? I lost my SecurID Software or Hardware Token. I lost or do not have my State-issued iPhone with SecurID App or Hardware Token.Emergency Token Access is only for temporary use. If you are unable to use your SecurID softwaretoken you must contact ITS for troubleshooting.1Log into the Self-ServiceConsole from your computerat:https://mytoken.ny.govYour login information is yourfull work email address andregular email password.21Under the My Authenticatorssection click Troubleshoot.Having Trouble?Contact ecurid-tokensMain Menu21BackNext

Emergency Token Access34Choose the option "Token istemporarily unavailable ormisplaced."Click OK.An Emergency AccessTokencode will be generatedand is valid for 2 days only.3This Emergency AccessTokencode is only half of whatyou need to log into your emailwith Emergency Access.When prompted to enter yourSecurID Passcode duringlogon, you must enter yourPIN Emergency AccessTokencode.4Example:PIN 1234Emergency Code: 999999Your passcode will be: 1234999999Click Try to log On to test thisprocess and your code. Aftertesting click OK.Having Trouble?Contact v!PhoneIf you are still unable to log on, contact ITS for sa-securid-tokens22BackMain Menu

App Store on your iPhone. Click Get to install the Application on your iPhone. The App Store may ask for your Apple ID and Password to download the App. GET 2 Once the RSA SecurID App is installed and you see the icon on your phone, proceed to step 3. App Store 1 2 This section requires your State-issued iPhone/iPad and a computer.