CONTENTS3About Virgin Media Business 3Broadband Connectivity 4Voice Solutions 5Broadband Bundles 6Home Office Bundles 7Business TV 8Channels Available 9Additional Services 10Frequently Asked Questions 11Reseller Contact Information 12Introducing Liberty GlobalOURSTRENGTHSA Message from our Senior Manager13F O R M A L LY U P C B U S I N E S S , W E H AV E O V E R 1 5 Y E A R S ’EXPERIENCE DELIVERING EXCEPTIONAL BUSINESSCLASS SERVICES IN THE SME, PUBLIC AND LARGEE N T E R P R I S E S E CTO R S, O F F E R I N G T H E FA S T E S TB U S I N E S S B R OA D B A N D S P E E D S A N D I N S TA L L T I M E SW I T H U N B E ATA B L E S E R V I C E L E V E L AG R E E M E N T S .W H AT M A K E S U S T H E B E S T ?VATdeductibleservicesFreestatic IPsavailableDedicatedtelephonesystemscompanyon handBest inIreland,same daySLAMultiplephone lineswith no linerentalIreland’sfastestinstall timesMulti-linehuntingavailable

INTRODUCINGLIBERTY GLOBALLiberty Global plc (“Liberty Global”, “Liberty”) is thelargest international cable company with operations in14 countries. Connecting people to the digital world andenabling them to discover and experience its endlesspossibilities. Their market-leading triple-play services areprovided through next-generation networks and innovativetechnology platforms that connect 27 million customerssubscribing to 56 million television, broadband internetand telephony services at December 31, 2014.LibertyGlobal’s consumer brands include Virgin Media, UPC,Ziggo, Unitymedia, Kabel BW, Telenet, VTR and LibertyPuerto Rico. Their operations also include Liberty GlobalBusiness Services, a commercial division and Liberty GlobalVentures, their investment fund. Liberty Global’s businessstrategy emphasizes superior organic growth, opportunisticM&A activity and a commitment to superior equity returnsthrough a combination of appropriate leverage andconsistent equity repurchases. They are internationallyfocused and well-positioned to capitalize on the growingdemand for their services.ABOUTVIRGIN MEDIABUSINESSAt Virgin Media Business we offer innovative, costcompetitive bundles and bespoke solutions to largeblue chip corporations, public sector organisations,small offices/home offices (SoHo), small and mediumsized businesses (SME’s) and carriers. Our competitiveadvantage lies in both our high capacity optical fibrenetwork (exclusively owned within Ireland with extensivereach) and the breadth of our product portfolio, whichspans the complete spectrum of business communications.As one of the largest telecoms providers in Ireland, we havea very strong presence in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick,Mullingar, Sligo, Athlone, Carlow, Kilkenny and Waterford.We are committed to investing in our network, systems andpeople to provide high quality services.3

BROADBANDCONNECTIVITYVOICESERVICESG E T I R E L A N D’S FA S T E S T B U S I N E S S B R OA D BA N D A N DP H O N E S E R V I C E I N A G R E AT VA L U E B U N D L E W I T H S P E E D SFROM 50MB TO 500MB. WITH IRELAND’S QUICKESTLEAD TIMES, WE’LL GE T YOUR BUSINESS CONNECTEDQUICKER THAN ANY OTHER PROVIDER.A S W E L L A S G E T T I N G I R E L A N D’S FA S T E S T B U S I N E S S B R OA D BA N DWE ALSO INCLUDE BETWEEN 2 & 8 PHONE LINES IN OUR BUNDLEO P T I O N S . CA L L PAC K S W I T H M O B I L E M I N U T E S A R E A L S O AVA I L A B L EF R O M A S L I T T L E A S 2 5 A M O N T H . P L U S , O U R P H O N E L I N E S H AV EN O R E N TA L C H A R G E S O R S E T U P C O S T S .BENEFITS OF OUR BUNDLESHOW IT WORKSOUR SERVICES INCLUDEHOW IT WORKS- An ‘always-on’ business broadbandconnection with speeds of 50Mb to 500MbThrough the use of a cable modem your business canaccess a broadband connection that is designed to workover our HFC network. As our broadband is provided overour own fully owned network, a phone line is not required,so you don’t have the additional costs of line rental chargesto other operators.- PSTN phone linesWe offer directly connected telephone solutions using ourVirgin Media Business, wholly owned and managed networkto connect to our carrier grade voice switches. Carriedacross our fully managed TDM network, these services areprovided directly on a dedicated fibre pair and presentedon fully managed (TDM) CPE. Resiliency options can alsobe ordered. We can provide voice services regardless ofyour location in Ireland. Our WLR/CPS services use yourexisting phone lines to provide you with a quality service atcompetitive rates without the physical connection.- Unlimited internet usage (no cap)- A Business Class SLA (same business day)- A Business Class Customer Support DeskMon – Fri 9am – 9pm & Sat 9am - 6pm4- Free static IP address available on requestwith all our Business Fibre Powered broadbandbundles- Easy access to your bills through our onlinee-billing portal (MyVirginMedia)- A team of Business skilled Engineerswho will make sure your broadband is setup and working from installation“VIRGIN MEDIA BUSINESS HASENABLED US TO DELIVER MUCH BETTERSERVICE TO OUR OWN CUSTOMERSA N D S I G N I F I C A N T LY R E D U C E D O U RTELECOMS COSTS”- ISDN- PRI- HPBX- WLR/CPS- Non GEOSOME ADDITIONAL BENEFITSOur Broadband is an ‘always-on’ service. All you have todo is log on once and that’s it, no timing out or delays.Just one click and you’re online - it’s simple, responsiveand designed to get you online immediately, any time- all for one monthly fee. For regular Internet users, thedisadvantages of a dial-up service, slow download speeds,regular time-outs and having to log-on and log-off canbe very frustrating, with our service these frustrationsare avoided.- Business SMSS O M E A D D I T I O N A L F E AT U R E S I N C L U D E :“VIRGIN MEDIA BUSINESSOFFERS A COMPREHENSIVE SUITEOF VOICE PRODUCTS, FROMINDIRECT TO DIRECT AND NONGEOGRAPHIC SERVICES, BACKEDUP WITH SOME OF THE LOWESTC A L L R A T E S I N T H E M A R K E T. ”Multi-line Hunting – never miss a call!Hunting is a feature that allows multiple telephone linesgoing into a business to act as a single group called a huntgroup. If one line is busy, the call goes to the next availableline. If there are no available lines, the caller can receive abusy signal or be directed to your voicemail.5

6BUSINESS BROADBAND& PHONE BUNDLESHOME OFFICEBUNDLESO U R F I B R E P OW E R B R OA D B A N D & P H O N E B U N D L E S S TA R T F R O MJ U S T 45 P E R M O N T H . C O M B I N I N G I R E L A N D’S FA S T E S T B U S I N E S SB R OA D B A N D, N O P H O N E L I N E R E N TA L C H A R G E S A N D A D E D I CAT E DBUSINESS CLASS SUPPORT SERVICES, ALL IN ONE COST COMPETITIVEBUNDLE.FOR THOSE WORKING FROM HOME, WE OFFER BUSINESS CLASSBROADBAND PLUS HOME PHONE & T V IN A CONVENIENT BUNDLE.E N J OY S U P E R - FA S T D OW N LOA D S P E E D S S TA R T I N G F R O M 5 0 M B I N O U RS TA N DA R D PAC K AG E , A N D 2 5 0 M B I N O U R S U P E R B PAC K AG E .BUSINESS FIBRE POWER BROADBAND BUNDLESSMALL OFFICE & HOME OFFICE BUNDLES (STATIC IP AVAILABLE & VAT DEDUCTIBLE)Business Fibre Power 50Business Fibre Power 100Business Fibre Power 150Business Fibre Power 250Home-Office StandardHome-Office SmartHome-Office SuperHome-Office 25Mbps2 linesUp to 4 linesUp to 6 linesUp to 8 c IP addresses 1 45 (VAT exclusive)Static IP addresses 1 or 5 60 (VAT exclusive)Static IP addresses 1 or 5 75 (VAT exclusive)Static IP addresses 1 or 5 99 (VAT exclusive)Digital Max TVDigital Max TVDigital Max TVDigital Max TVOn Demand TV serviceOn Demand TV serviceOn Demand TV serviceOn Demand TV service 93 (VAT inclusive) 99 (VAT inclusive) 105 (VAT inclusive) 111 (VAT inclusive)ADD ON SERVICESCall Pack ExtraCall Pack LiteMobile Bolt OnUnlimited UK, Local and NationalFixed Line Calls with500 Mobile Minutes*Unlimited UK, Local and NationalFixed Line Calls with200 Mobile Minutes*200 Minutesto Irish Mobiles 45 (VAT exclusive) 25 (VAT exclusive) 15 (VAT exclusive)*Fair usage policy of 1500 minutes applies for UK, Local and National Fixed Line Calls. Mobile Minutes included are to Irish Mobiles only.“BY COMBINING MY HOME TV ANDPHONE WITH VIRGIN MEDIA BUSINESS’B R OA D BA N D I H AV E M A N AG E D TO S AV EMONE Y WHILE ENJOYING A BUSINESSCLASS BROADBAND SERVICE.”*Calls in Home Office Bundles are rated per second but billed per minute rounded up to the next whole minute.7

BUSINESSTVCHANNELSAVA I L A B L ELO O K I N G TO I N C R E A S E F O OT FA L L I N TO YO U R P U B O R H OT E L?O R S I M P LY WA N T T O K E E P YO U R C L I E N T S E N T E R TA I N E D W H I L E T H E YA R E WA I T I N G ? W I T H O U R G R E AT E N T E R TA I N M E N T A N D S P O R T S PAC K SYO U CA N B E S U R E W E H AV E E V E R Y T H I N G YO U N E E D. P L U S , I F YO UCOMBINE OUR BUSINESS BROADBAND AND PHONE BUNDLE WITH OURT V O F F E R I N G YO U CA N S AV E OV E R 3 0 0 * O N YO U RM O N T H LY T V B I L L .O U R C H A N N E L L I N E - U P I N C L U D E S OV E R 5 0 G R E AT E N T E R TA I N M E N TCHANNELS, A SELECTION OF TOP NEWS CHANNELS, SKY SPORTS 1-5( I N C L U D I N G H D C H A N N E L S ) A N D S E TA N TA S P O R T S .ENTERTAINMENT CHANNELSCOMMERCIAL TELEVISION PACKAGESDigital TV Pack50 TV Channels50 Radio stations 52.99(VAT exclusive)Sky SportsSetanta SportsRacing UKContact 1800 923 0039At the RacesPay Per View*Savings of over 300 are based on a commercial premises with a Band F ratingSKY SPORTSSETANTA IONALVIEWING CARDS –NEVER MISS A GAME!To make sure you and your customers don’t miss any of thegreat action on Sky Sports, we offer a 2nd and 3rd viewingcard for no additional charge*. This means you can havethree different channels on different TVs all at the one time.*Please note while the 2nd & 3rd Sky viewing cards are free, there is a charge of 27.50 for each additional TV Point.This fee includes the Digital TV Pack with over 50 great entertainment channels.

ADDITIONALSERVICESADD OUR BUSINESS SMS OR NON GEOGRAPHIC SERVICESTO YOUR BROADBAND AND PHONE BUNDLE TO HELPD R I V E S A L E S , I M P R OV E C U S T O M E R C O M M U N I CAT I O N ,REDUCE COSTS AND PROVIDE A PROFESSIONALCUSTOMER SERVICE.F R E Q U E N T LYASKED QUESTIONSDO I SIGN UP TO A CONTRACT?When you sign up to Virgin Media Business Fibre PowerBroadband you are subject to a minimum contract of 12months.10BITBUZZ – OUR WI-FI EXPERTS!Today, speed of information is king. In most cases phoneor even email communication is just not fast enough. Withour SMS service you can reach your clients, partners oremployees instantaneously. By incorporating our VirginMedia gateway technology into your IT systems you canboost your corporate reputation and increase revenue byengaging with your stakeholders efficiency, effectively andinstantaneously.Bitbuzz was founded in Ireland in 2004 and quickly becameIreland’s leading Wi-Fi provider. They expanded into the UKin 2010 and today carry over 50% of all Irish Public Wi-Fitraffic and have locations across Ireland and the UnitedKingdom. Bitbuzz strive to offer a fast, secure, easy to useWi-Fi service that is both fully managed and supported,offering a number of fully managed solutions designedaround hospitality, education, schools, airports and cafebars as well as roaming solutions to local and foreignnetwork operators. Solutions are built with clients businessneeds and the end user experience in mind. Unlike otherWi-Fi partners, Bitbuzz offer a complete end to end solutionmeaning if something goes wrong, there is only one place tocall. In 2014 Bitbuzz joined Virgin Media Business, this newpartnership will to help to expand their offering and providean even better service to customers.NON GEO NUMBERSP R E M I U M R AT E )(FREEPHONEANDThe use of non-geographic numbers is one of the mosteffective means of improving the efficiency of marketingcampaigns and encouraging your customers to get in touchwith you. Intelligent Call Routing enhances the functionalityof the numbers, ensuring the calls are routed to the rightperson, first time. These services all give the impression ofnationwide presence and enhance customer service.F O R M O R E I N F O R M AT I O N O N B I T B U Z ZV I S I T W W W. B I T B U Z Z . C O M O R E M A I LPA R T N E R S @ B I T B U Z Z .C O M- With the Business Fibre Power 50 bundle you get 2 voicelines at no extra cost and no line rental- With the Business Fibre Power 100 bundle you get 4 voicelines at no extra cost and no line rentalARE THERE ANY USAGE RESTRICTIONS?BUSINESS SMSHOW MANY LINES CAN I BEPROVIDED WITH?There are no usage restrictions, however servicescannot be resold.W H AT A R E T H E B E N E F I T S O F B E C O M I N GA VIRGIN MEDIA BUSINESS CUSTOMER?- Fastest Business Broadband- Dedicated Business Class Support- Support beyond the modem- Regional Resellers available in your area- Tier One Network - Not shared with any otherInternet Service Provider- One provider, one bill- With the Business Fibre Power 150 bundle you get 6 voicelines at no extra cost and no line rental- With the Business Fibre Power 250 bundle you get 8voice lines at no extra cost and no line rentalH OW LO N G D O E S I T TA K E T OSWITCH TO UPC AND COMPLETEPHONE NUMBER PORTING?A typical Broadband and phone installation takes 3-5working days. Standard porting is completed within 24hours of request.MY BROADBAND IS NOT WORKING,W H AT S H O U L D I D O ?Our dedicated business customer support team isthe most accessible in the market. We operate from9am - 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am - 6pm Saturdayand can be contacted free of charge on 1800 941 941.11

R E S E L L E R C O N TAC TI N F O R M AT I O NN AT I O N A LWAT E R F O R DCobweb TechnologyCiaran McGowanUnit A2 Swords Enterprise ParkFeltrim RoadSwordsCo DublinMobile: 086-1735908Email: [email protected] ServicesGary Power28 Rosseau GroveNorwoodWaterford CityMobile: 087-9218024Email: [email protected] LyonsBlock 2Donabate Business CentreDonabateCo DublinMobile: 087-2255100Email: [email protected] CommunicationsJames Fitzgerald12 Saint Pauls AvenueCorkPhone: 1800 941 100Mobile: 083-3005500Email: [email protected] CITY AND COUNTY12Voice and Data SolutionsBracetown Business ParkCloneeDublin 15Phone: Sydney Harman 085-7116968Phone: Justin Byrne 087-2707707Definitive SolutionsDorothea LewisUnit E6 Swords Enterprise ParkFeltrim RoadSwordsCo DublinPhone: 01-8645777Email: [email protected]: [email protected] U B L I N / M E AT H / M I D L A N D STNORobert CrillyBracklinMostrimCo LongfordMobile: 085-1125411Email: [email protected] MESSAGEFROM OURSENIOR MANAGERCompany:Thank you for the interest in our business class services,and taking the time to review our services and productbundles. Over the last several years we have created aportfolio to meet the needs of SME’s of all sizes. From thefastest broadband speeds to multiple phone lines, we wantto ensure your business has what it needs to grow! If youhave a question regarding your requirements or need helpunderstanding how our services can work for you, call ourdedicated Business Customer Support number on1800 941 941.Phone:Regards,G A LWAYYOUR LOCAL RESELLERIrish Networks / PassaxPadhraig Murphy5 AshdownCircular RoadCo GalwayMobile: 087-2416760Email: [email protected]:Email:Gary David JordanSenior ManagerSoHo & SME Division

C O N TA C T U S T O D AYTO FIND OUT MORE!W: www.virginmediabusiness.ieP: 1800 940 440E: [email protected]’ve worked hard to ensure that the information in this brochure is correct and fairly stated. We can’t, however, accept liability for any error or omission. Our products and services areunder continuous development, so the information here may not be up to date. Its important to check the information with your local reseller.

Ziggo, Unitymedia, Kabel BW, Telenet, VTR and Liberty Puerto Rico. Their operations also include Liberty Global Business Services, a commercial division and Liberty Global Ventures, their investment fund. Liberty Global’s business strategy emphasizes superior organic growth, opportunistic M&a