TAROT AND ASTROLOGYA woodcut from Camille Flammarion’s “The Atmosphere,” 1888A READERS STUDIO MASTER CLASS WITH CORRINE KENNERAuthor of the forthcoming book Tarot and AstrologyHOW TO READ A HOROSCOPE CHARTA Calendar and a ClockTHE HOUSES OF THE HOROSCOPEThe Scene of the ActionTHE PLANETSThe Stars of the ShowTHE SIGNSRoles People PlayTAROT CORRESPONDENCESMajor Arcana CardsTAROT AND ASTROLOGY READINGSReading Cards as Planets and Signs

TAROT AND ASTROLOGY RS11THE HOROSCOPE WHEELKEY TO THE GLYPHS FOR PLANETS AND nUranusNeptunePluto p123456AriesTaurusGeminiCancerLeoVirgo7890 ers Studio April 29, 2011 New York, NY 2011 by Corrine Kenner. All rights reserved. Page 2

TAROT AND ASTROLOGY RS11MAJOR ARCANA CORRESPONDENCESTHE FOOL, who doesn’t care whatsociety thinks, corresponds to THE MAGICIAN, the master of banterand fast talk, corresponds to THE HIGH PRIESTESS, thearchetypal psychic, corresponds to THE EMPRESS, wife and mother,corresponds to THE EMPEROR, master andcommander, corresponds to THE HIEROPHANT, the keeper oftradition, corresponds to THE LOVERS, who think and speak asone, correspond to THE CHARIOT, the protected homeon wheels, corresponds to STRENGTH, the master of gentle forceand control, corresponds to THE HERMIT, the quiet leader,corresponds to THE WHEEL OF FORTUNEcorresponds to JUSTICE, the model of fairness andequanimity, corresponds to THE HANGED MAN, suspended in analternate reality, corresponds to DEATH, the ruler of the Underworld,corresponds to TEMPERANCE, who straddles a dividebetween two worlds, corresponds to THE DEVIL, the embodiment ofphysical and material temptation THE TOWER, perpetually guarded andunder attack, corresponds to THE STAR, a glimmering light of hopeand inspiration, corresponds to THE MOON, which rules the night,corresponds to THE SUN, the sustainer of life,corresponds to JUDGMENT, a last call for awareness,understanding, and acceptance THE WORLD, our earthly home,corresponds to u the planet of rebellion and revolutiony the planet of speed and communicationo the orb of reflection and intuitionv the planet of love and attraction1 the sign of leadership2 the sign of stability, luxury, and pleasure3 the sign of thought and communicationthe sign of motherhood, home, and4 family life5 the sign of courage and heartthe sign of responsibility and dedicated6 service to othersj the planet of luck and expansion7 the sign of balance and social gracen the planet of mysticism and illusionthe sign of sex, death, and other8 people’s moneythe sign of long-distance travel,9 philosophy, and higher educationthe sign of business, career success, and0 worldly statusthe planet of energy, war, aggression,m and assertivenessthe sign of social groups and futuristic- thinking the sign of the mystic and subconsciouss the source of energy and enlightenmentthe planet of death, resurrection, andP or p unavoidable changethe ringed planet of boundaries,t limitations, and restrictionsReaders Studio April 29, 2011 New York, NY 2011 by Corrine Kenner. All rights reserved. Page 3

TAROT AND ASTROLOGY RS11PLANET CARDSThese card images are from the Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner and John Blumen.s SunGod of HealingEnergy and Life ForceRules Leoj JupiterGod of Good FortuneLuck and ExpansionRules Sagittariuso Moony Mercuryv VenusGoddess of WomenMessenger of the GodsGoddess of LoveReflection and Intuition Speed and Communication Pleasure and AttractionRules CancerRules Gemini & VirgoRules Taurus & Librat Saturnu UranusGod of TimeGod of the SkyBoundaries and Limitations Rebellion and RevolutionRules CapricornRules Aquariusn NeptuneGod of the SeaIllusion and GlamourRules Piscesm MarsGod of WarEnergy and AssertionRules AriesP or p PlutoGod of the UnderworldFinal EndingsRules ScorpioNEXT UP: SIGNS AND SYMBOLSTHE TRIPLICITIESCARDINAL SIGNSBeginning of each seasonLeadersInitiatorsSelf-StartersFIXED SIGNSMiddle of each seasonSteadyReliableConsistentMUTABLE SIGNSEnd of each seasonFlexibleAdaptableMalleableTHE QUADRUPLICITIESFIRE SIGNS EARTH SIGNS AIR SIGNS WATER SIGNSReaders Studio April 29, 2011 New York, NY 2011 by Corrine Kenner. All rights reserved. Page 4

TAROT AND ASTROLOGY RS11SIGN CARDSFIREEARTHAIRWATER1 Aries, the RamCardinal FireMarch2 Taurus, the BullFixed EarthApril3 Gemini, the TwinsMutable AirMay4 Cancer, the CrabCardinal WaterJune5 Leo, the LionFixed FireJuly6 Virgo, the VirginMutable EarthAugust7 Libra, the ScalesCardinal AirSeptember8 Scorpio, the ScorpionFixed WaterOctober9 Sagittarius, the ArcherMutable FireNovember0 Capricorn, the GoatCardinal EarthDecember- Aquarius, the Water BearerFixed AirJanuary Pisces, the FishMutable WaterFebruaryReaders Studio April 29, 2011 New York, NY 2011 by Corrine Kenner. All rights reserved. Page 5

TAROT AND ASTROLOGY RS11MAJOR ASPECTS: Conjunction(Easy) Opposition(Mixed) Trine(Easy) Square(Difficult) Sextile(Easy)Readers Studio April 29, 2011 New York, NY 2011 by Corrine Kenner. All rights reserved. Page 6

TAROT AND ASTROLOGY RS11YOUR CHARTThe questions on this page are starting points for a discussion and analysis of your chart.YOUR SUN SIGN: Which Major Arcana card corresponds to your Sun sign? How does that card describe your personality,individuality, and sense of self? ELEMENT: Is your Sun in a fire, earth, air, or water sign? Are you fundamentally fiery, earthy, airy, or watery? Are youspiritually passionate, physically grounded, reasoned and intellectual, or tapped into the waters of intuition? MODE: Were you born during the first, second, or third month of a season? Is your Sun in a cardinal, fixed, or mutablesign? Do you tend to initiate projects, work steadily until they’re finished, or remain flexible and take life as it comes? HOUSE: If you know what time you were born, which house does your Sun fall into? In other words, where does yourSun shine, and what area of your life does it enlighten? (If you don’t know your birth time, don’t evaluate the house position.)YOUR MOON SIGN: Which Major Arcana card corresponds to your Moon sign? How does that card describe your overall temperamentand mood? How does it reflect your emotional makeup? ELEMENT: What does your Moon sign — and its corresponding elemental nature — say about how you behave inrelationships? Are you fiery and passionate, earthy and steadfast, airy and intellectual, or watery and sentimental? Do yousee any corresponding symbolism in the card that represents your Moon sign? HOUSE: Where does your Moon glow? Which area of life is reflected by your Moon sign? (If you don’t know your birth time,don’t evaluate the house position.) COMPLEXITY: How well do your Sun and Moon relate to each other? Are they in compatible signs, elements, andhouses? Do they share a similar outlook? Or do they have different perspectives on life, love, and objects of fascination?YOUR RISING SIGN/ASCENDANTIf you don’t know your birth time, your ascendant is difficult to determine. Skip this step and analyze Venus, instead. SIGN: Which sign was rising at the moment of your birth? Which Major Arcana card corresponds to that sign? DESCRIPTION: How does that card describe the face you show the world? What does it say about the first impressionyou make when you meet new people? (The answer may surprise you.)YOUR VENUSThe planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and attraction SIGN: Which sign was Venus in on the day you were born? Which Major Arcana card corresponds to that sign? TREASURES: What does that card say about the objects and pursuits that please you? What does it say about the materialpossessions your treasure, as well as the spiritual values they reflect? In other words, why are your possessions andpastimes important to you? ELEMENT: Is your Venus in a fire, earth, air, or water sign? When you are in love, do you burn with fiery passion? Areyou earthy and steadfast in your relationships? Do your affections come and go like the breeze, or do you tend tosubmerge yourself in the deep and flowing waters of romance?Readers Studio April 29, 2011 New York, NY 2011 by Corrine Kenner. All rights reserved. Page 7

TAROT AND ASTROLOGY RS11KEYWORDS FOR THE HOROSCOPE WHEELReaders Studio April 29, 2011 New York, NY 2011 by Corrine Kenner. All rights reserved. Page 8

TAROT AND ASTROLOGY RS11BOOKS AND DECKS BY CORRINE KENNERCOMING THIS AUGUSTTAROT AND ASTROLOGYDiscover how eachmajor arcana cardcorresponds to anastrological sign orplanet, where eachminor arcana cardsits on the Zodiacwheel, and how thecourt cards and tarotsuits are connected to the four elements.AVAILABLE NOWTHE WIZARDS TAROTStep through the doors ofMandrake Academy,where you are the student,and tarot is the teacher.Featuring gorgeous,intricately rendered digitalartwork by John J.Blumen, this wonderfullyunique tarot deck presentsa full course in basic magic while teachingyou the timeless art of reading the cards.TAROT FOR WRITERSOnce reserved formystics and seers, thetarot is one of thebest tools forboosting yourcreativity and shiftingyour imagination intohigh gear. Famousauthors such as JohnSteinbeck and Stephen King have used thetarot deck to tap into deep wells ofinspiration, and you can enliven your ownwriting the same way.CRYSTALS FOR BEGINNERSCrystals for Beginners makesit easy and fun to learnabout crystals and how touse their positive energyin a variety of practicalways. This friendlyintroductory guideexplores crystal magic,folklore, and wisdom. Itfeatures an alphabetical guide to crystals,along with advice on collecting, cleansing,and charging them.SUSAN AND THE MERMAIDWith notes and comments by Corrine KennerLost for almost acentury, Susan and theMermaid is the storyof a magic ring, anunderwater kingdom,and a wise oldwoman who knewhow to make hergranddaughter’sdreams come true. It’s a tale that rivals“Alice in Wonderland” for imagination —and it was written and illustrated by PamelaColman Smith, the artist who firstillustrated the Rider-Waite tarot deck.SIMPLE FORTUNETELLINGWITH TAROT CARDSPractical, fun, andeasy-to-use, this guidewill show you how tocombine wisdomfrom the cards withyour intuition andcommon sense toachieve a newunderstanding of thepast, present, and future. The personalityof each card is brought to life throughmyth and legend, numerical andastrological symbolism, and keywordsgleaned from legendary occult scholars.TALL DARK STRANGER:TAROT FOR LOVE AND ROMANCEFor centuries, thelove-struck, lovesick,and lovelorn haveconsulted the tarot —a tradition stillthriving today. TallDark Stranger makes iteasy for anyone toexplore matters of theheart through tarot. Corrine Kenner’s tourof the tarot begins with its colorful,romantic history. She goes on to describethe deck itself — explaining its structure,suits, symbolism, archetypes, andastrological associations — while relatingits special significance in love andrelationships.THE EPICUREAN TAROTTaking the old adage “you are what youeat” to new perspectives, the EpicureanTarot Recipe Cards are chock full of recipesto nourish not only your body, but alsoyour mind and spirit. Cards may also beused for traditional tarot readings! Theoversized deck is packaged in a deluxedisplay box.TAROT JOURNALINGA full-78 card deck compiled from vintageVictorian Christmas cards.A tarot journal can helpyou learn more about thecards, but it can alsoteach you a great dealabout yourself.Beginning tarot studentsare advised to keep atarot journal, and manyexperienced tarot readersare devoted to the practice. The only bookof its kind, Tarot Journaling coverseverything needed to create, keep, andpreserve a personal tarot journal.STRANGE BUT TRUEAn anthology of paranormal stories fromthe files of FATE magazine.ALSO IN PROGRESS:THE VICTORIANCHRISTMAS TAROTTHE GHOSTS OF DEVILS LAKETrue stories from Corrine Kenner’s hauntedhometown of Devils Lake, North Dakota.THE TAROT OF PHYSICSThe companion guide to Dan Horn’sgroundbreaking science-themed tarot deck.WEBSITESHome Page: CorrineKenner.comBlog: chics.comBeadstrology.comMinnesota Area Tarot Symposium:MinnesotaTarot.comReaders Studio April 29, 2011 New York, NY 2011 by Corrine Kenner. All rights reserved. Page 9

TAROT AND ASTROLOGY A woodcut from Camille Flammarion’s “The Atmosphere,” 1888 A READERS STUDIO MASTER CLASS WITH CORRINE KENNER Author of the forthcoming book Tarot and Astrology HOW TO READ A HOROSCOPE CHART A Calendar and a