LYSAGHT CUSTOM ORB & CUSTOM BLUE ORB TRADITIONAL CORRUGATED STEEL CLADDINGCUSTOM ORB is the famous corrugated profile, equally at home with traditional and contemporarydesign. It is a wide, strong and lightweight profile that can be quickly and easily installed. Add up thesefeatures and you have a steel roof or wall cladding that simply offers outstanding value.The gently curving shape of the classic Australian roof is reflected in some of today’s most adventurousand dramatic designs. CUSTOM BLUE ORB is the corrugated profile for curving, allowing the expressionof this quintessential Australian style. It is the perfect match to harmonise with our well-known, traditionalCUSTOM ORB .16mm CO17mm CBOStandard COLORBOND steel is available in a select range ofcontemporary colours suitable for all building projects.COLORBOND STEEL WITH THERMATECH TECHNOLOGY762mm coverMATERIAL SPECIFICATIONSNext generation ZINCALUME aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloycoated steel complies with AS 1397:2011 G550, AM125 (550 MPaminimum yield stress, 125g/m2 minimum coating mass). CUSTOMBLUE ORB is G300 (300 MPa). Minimum coating mass is AM125(125g/m2).COLORBOND is pre-painted steel for exterior roofing and walling.It is the most widely used. The painting complies with AS/NZS2728:2013 and the steel base is an aluminium/zinc alloy-coatedsteel complying with AS 1397:2011. Minimum yield strength forCUSTOM ORB is G550 (550 MPa) or for CUSTOM BLUE ORB isG300 (300 MPa). Minimum coating mass is AM100 (100g/m2).COLORBOND Metallic is pre-painted steel for superior aestheticqualities displaying a metallic sheen.COLORBOND Ultra is pre-painted steel for severe coastal orindustrial environments (generally within about 100-200 metres ofthe source). The painting complies with AS/NZS 2728:2013 andthe steel base is an aluminium/zinc alloy-coated steel complyingwith AS 1397:2011. Minimum coating mass is AM150 (150g/m2).Minimum yield strength for CUSTOM ORB is G550 (550 MPa) orfor CUSTOM BLUE ORB is G300 (300 MPa). Minimum coatingmass is AM150 (150g/m2).COLORBOND Stainless is a pre-painted steel and is used forsevere and coastal environments. The painting complies withAS/NZS 2728:2013 and the steel base is a stainless steelcomplying with AISI/ASTM Type 430; UNS No. S43000.CUSTOM BLUE ORB MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONFOR TANK MAKING CUSTOM ORB CUSTOM BLUE ORB ZINCFORM zinc coated (galvanised) steel complying withAS 1397:2011 G300, Z600 (300 MPa minimum yield stress,600g/m2 minimum coating mass);COLORBOND steel base metal thickness is 0.60 or 0.80mm.The COLORBOND pre-painted steel complies withAS/NZS 2728:2013.COLOURSCUSTOM ORB and CUSTOM BLUE ORB are available in anattractive range of colours in COLORBOND factory pre-paintedsteel and in unpainted ZINCALUME aluminium/zinc/magnesiumalloy coated steel.THERMATECH solar reflectance technology is now includedin the standard COLORBOND steel palette. COLORBOND steel with THERMATECH technology reflects more of the sun’sheat, allowing both roofs and buildings stay cooler in summer.In moderate to hot climates, compared to roofing materials ofsimilar colour with low solar reflectance, COLORBOND steelwith THERMATECH can reduce annual cooling and energyconsumption by up to 20%.LENGTHSSheets are supplied custom cut.CUSTOM ORB MASSESBMT (mm)kg/mkg/m2m2/tZINCALUME steel0.423.264.28234230COLORBOND steel0.423.324.35ZINCALUME steel0.483.704.86206COLORBOND steel0.483.764.93203kg/mkg/m2m2/t CUSTOM BLUE ORB MASSESBMT (mm)ZINCALUME steel0.604.596.02166COLORBOND steel0.604.646.09164ZINCALUME steel0.80*6.067.96126COLORBOND steel0.80*6.128.03125 *0.80 BMT CUSTOM BLUE ORB available in South Australia only.TOLERANCES (CUSTOM ORB & CUSTOM BLUE ORB )Length: 10mm, – 10mm, Width: 4mm, – 4mmSHEET LENGTHSSheet lengths of up to 24m can be used before an expansion jointis required for roof applications.2

MAXIMUM SUPPORT SPACINGSThe maximum recommended support spacings are based ontesting in accordance with AS 1562.1:1992, AS 4040.1:1992 andAS 4040.2:1992.Roof spans consider both resistance to wind pressure and lightroof traffic (traffic arising from incidental maintenance). Wall spansconsider resistance to wind pressure only. The pressure consideredis based on buildings up to 10m high in Region B, Terrain Category3, Ms 0.85, Mi 1.0, Mt 1.0 with the following assumptions made:ROOFS:Cpi 0.20, Cpe -0.90, Kl 2.0 for single and end spans,Kl 1.5 for internal spans.CURVINGCUSTOM ORB is not intended for machine curving. For bullnosinguse CUSTOM BLUE ORB . Long, curved lengths of CUSTOMBLUE ORB can be easily placed and aligned. From the traditionalbullnosed verandah, to the double curves and complex shapes ofmodern homes and offices, we offer a full range of curving styles tosuit almost any building.The extra ductility of CUSTOM BLUE ORB allows easy curvingwithout distortion of its profile, and without damage to the finish.Ensure you order the appropriate profile for the job.USE CUSTOM BLUE ORB FOR CURVESCURVING RADIIWALLS:Cpi 0.20, Cpe -0.65, Kl 2.0 for single spans and end spans,Kl 1.5 for internal spans.The minimum curving radius is 300mm (400mm in Victoria). At theend of a curve, there must be a straight vertical section of at least100mm (80mm in Victoria).These spacings may vary by serviceability and strength limit statesfor particular projects.CURVING TOLERANCES CUSTOM BLUE ORB Straight vertical min. (SV) 100 mm (80mm in Victoria)Radius min. (R) 300 mm (See page 7 for definitions of SV & R).CUSTOM ORB MAXIMUM SUPPORT SPACING (MM)BMTType of Span0.42mm0.48mm700800Roofs13001700Unstiffened eaves overhang200250Stiffened eaves overhang300350Single span18001800End span25002700WallsInternal span27002700Overhang200250For roofs: the data are based on foot-traffic loading.For walls: the data are based on pressures (see wind pressure table).Table data are based on supports of minimum 1mm BMT. Refer to the TOPSPAN QuickSelection Guide for support thickness less than 1.0 mm BMT, or seek advice from ourinformation line.Straight roofRoof pitch'P'Radius 'R'Awning width 'A'Span to be used indetermining wind pressurecapacities of bullnosesCUSTOM BLUE ORB MAXIMUM SUPPORT SPACING (MM)0.60mm0.80mmRoofs including bullnosed roofsSingle span16001800End span16001800Internal span18002600Unstiffened eaves overhang200400Stiffened eaves overhang300600Single span24002400End span30003200Internal span33003600Overhang200400WallsFor roofs: the data are based on foot-traffic loading.For walls: the data are based on pressures (see wind pressure table).Table data are based on supports of minimum 1mm BMT. Refer to the TOPSPAN QuickSelection Guide for support thickness less than 1.0 mm BMT, or seek advice from ourinformation line. SR (arc of radius R) BMTType of Spansection 'SR'A – R (1 - sin P)cos P R (90 – P)180USE CUSTOM ORB FOR LONG STRAIGHT STRETCHESOn most jobs one sheet will cover from ridge to gutter withoutend-laps. Where there are long straight lengths, you may like to useCUSTOM ORB for the straight sections.If you have a design where CUSTOM BLUE ORB laps withCUSTOM ORB , it is recommended both should be orderedtogether to ensure perfect lapping.CURVED FLASHINGSCurved flashings and cappings are made in fibreglass, plastic and steelin standard COLORBOND steel colours.Straight flashings and cappings are also made to match. Different statesstock different materials and different lengths—ask your local supplier.CUSTOM ORB CUSTOM BLUE ORB 90012003End spanInternal spanSupport spacing for bullnose used inmaximum support spacings tableStraight vertical section 'SV'Single span

CUSTOM ORB LIMIT STATE WIND PRESSURE CAPACITIES (KPA) 0.42 BMTSpan TypeFasteners per sheet Limit Stateper supportSpan STOM ORB LIMIT STATE WIND PRESSURE CAPACITIES (KPA) 0.48 BMT Span TypeFasteners per sheet Limit Stateper supportSpan l35Support must not be less than 1mm BMT.CUSTOM BLUE ORB LIMIT STATE WIND PRESSURE CAPACITIES (KPA) 0.60 BMTSpan TypeFasteners per sheet Limit Stateper supportSpan 307.707.457.006.255.354.40EndInternalCUSTOM BLUE ORB LIMIT STATE WIND PRESSURE CAPACITIES (KPA) 0.80 BMTCUSTOM ORB CUSTOM BLUE ORB Span TypeFasteners per sheet Limit Stateper supportSpan ort must not be less than 1mm BMT.

The information in this brochure issuitable for use only in areas where atropical cyclone is unlikely to occur asdefined inAS 1170.2:2011.SPAN TYPESRoofing & Walling Profilesors if end lap ngEnd spanetijoint in sheexpansionSSESISISESOFor information on the use ofLYSAGHT products in cyclonic conditions, refer to the CyclonicArea Design Manual, which is available on our website: www.lysaght.comSpacing definitionsES End SpanIS Internal SpanO OverhangSS Single SpanO ESISISES OStepO ESISISES OWalling Profiles OnlySpacing definitionsES End SpanIS Internal SpanO OverhangSS Single SpanTHE CLASSIC CURVESOF CONTEMPORARYSTYLESSLIMIT STATES WIND PRESSURESCUSTOM ORB offers the full benefits of the latest methods formodelling wind pressures. The wind pressure capacity tableis determined by full scale tests conducted at Lysaght’s NATAregistered testing laboratory, using the direct pressure-testing rig.Testing was conducted in accordance with AS 1562.1:1992 Designand Installation of Sheet Roof and Wall Cladding—Metal, and AS4040.2:1992 Resistance to Wind Pressures for Non-cyclonic Regions.Curving StylesDescription180 Barrel VaultCranked RidgeThe pressure capacities for serviceability are based on a deflectionlimit of (span/120) (maximum fastener pitch/30).The pressure capacities for strength have been determined bytesting the cladding to failure (ultimate capacity). These pressuresare applicable when the cladding is fixed to a minimum of 1.0mm,G550 steel.For material less than 1.0mm thick, refer to the TOPSPAN QuickSelection Guide, or seek advice from our information line.ADVERSE CONDITIONSCranked Double CurveBullnoseIf this product is to be used in marine, severe industrial, or unusuallycorrosive environments, ask for advice from our information line.MINIMUM ROOF PITCHA special anti-capillary forming in the side-lap allow you to useCUSTOM ORB (or CUSTOM BLUE ORB used on curved surfaces)for roof pitches as low as 5 (1 in 12).MAXIMUM ROOF LENGTHS FOR DRAINAGE MEASUREDFROM RIDGE TO GUTTERPenetrations will alter the flow of water on a roof.For assistance in design of roofs with penetrations, please seekadvice from our information lineConcaveConvexRAINFALL CAPACITIES (M)OgeeRoof Slopes 3001011134007810500678NON-CYCLONIC AREASCyma RectaCUSTOM ORB CUSTOM BLUE ORB 55Peak Rainfall Intensity(mm/hr)

INSTALLATIONFASTENING SHEETS TO SUPPORTSCUSTOM ORB (and CUSTOM BLUE ORB ) are pierce-fixed totimber or steel supports. This means that fastener screws passthrough the sheeting.You can place screws through the crests or in the valleys. Tomaximise watertightness, always place roof screws through thecrests. For walling, you may use either crest or valley-fixing.Crestfixing for roof or wallscladding to timber support.TRIMDEKAlways drive the screws perpendicular to the sheeting, and in thecentre of the corrugation or rib.Don’t place fasteners less than 25mm from the ends of sheets.SIDE-LAPSCrest fixing for roofs or walls.CUSTOM ORB (and CUSTOM BLUE ORB ) is overlapped at thesides not less than 1.5 corrugations. It is generally considered goodpractice to use fasteners along side-laps however, when claddingis supported as indicated in maximum support spacings, side-lapfasteners are not usually needed for strength.Pan/Valley fixing for walls onlyDon't fix here becauseunderlapped sheet would leak.Pan fixing for walls only.Crest: 3 fasteners †END LAPPINGEnd-laps are not usually necessary because CUSTOM ORB andCUSTOM BLUE ORB are available in long lengths.Crest fixing: 4 fasteners per sheet per support.Pan/Valley: 3 fasteners †side-lapIf you want end-laps, seek advice from our information line on thesequence of laying and the amount of overlap.UnderlapOverlapCrest: 5 fasteners †If you intend to end-lap CUSTOM ORB (and CUSTOM BLUEORB ), order the sheets at the same time and tell us you intend tolap them, to ensure a good fit of the profiles.Pan fixing: 4 fasteners per sheet per support.side-lap fastenerPan/Valley: 5 fasteners †ENDS OF SHEETSIt is usual to allow roof sheets to overlap into gutters by about 50mm. The valleys of sheets should be turned-down at lower ends,and turned-up at upper ends.side-lap† Fasteners per sheet per support. Most common practice is:3 fasteners for internal spans and 5 fasteners for single and end spans.LAYING PROCEDUREFor maximum weather-tightness, start laying sheets from the endof the building that will be in the lee of the worst-anticipated orprevailing weather.Sheet 3Sheet 2Sheet 1Prevailing weatherDirection of layingLay sheets toward prevailing weather. Also, it is much easier andsafer to turn sheets on the ground than up on the roof.Before lifting sheets on to the roof, check that they are the correctway up and the overlapping side is towards the edge of the rooffrom which installation will start.Place bundles of sheets over or near firm supports, not at mid spanof roof members.SHEET COVERAGEWidth of Roof (m)34567891011121314151617181920304050Number of Sheets46781011121415161819202123242527405366CUSTOM ORB CUSTOM BLUE ORB 6

FASTENERS WITHOUT INSULATIONFix to SteelSingle & lappedsteel thickness 0.55 up to 1.0mm BMTFix to SteelSingle steel thickness 1.0mm BMTup to 3.0mm BMTFix to SteelTotal lapped thickness 1.00 BMTup to 3.8mm BMTFix to Timber HardwoodJ1-J3Fix to Timber SoftwoodJ4Crest FixedRoof Zips M6-11x5012-14x35, Metal Teks HG, HHorAutoTeks M5.5-14x3912-14x35, Metal Teks HG, HHorAutoTeks M5.5-14x3912-11x50, Type 17 HG, HH12-11x50, Type 17 HG, HHorRoof Zips M6-11x50 HG, HHPan Fixed10-16x16, Metal Teks, HHorM5-16x25 Designer HeadorRoof Zips M6-11x2510-16x16, Metal Teks, HHorM5-16x25 Designer Head10-16x16, Metal Teks, HH10-12x25, Type 17, HHM5-16x25 Designer Heador12-11x25, Type 17, HH10-12x30, Type 17, HHM5-16x25 Designer Head12-11x25, Type 17, HHorRoof Zips M6-11x25Side-laps(If required) 10-16x16, Metal Teks, HH or Roof Zips M6-11x25 or M5-16x25 Designer Head or Sealed blind rivet ø4.8mm aluminiumNotes:1. For other steel thicknesses not specified please seek advice from screw manufacturer.2. Values given are: gauge/threads per inch/ lengths (mm). HH Hex. Head, WH Wafer Head, HG Hi-Grip3. Care is required during installation to prevent stripping of thin material. (Single ply.)4. Screw specification as above or equivalent fastener.5. All screws with EPDM sealing washer.WALKING ON ROOFSTURNING-UP CUSTOM ORB OR CUSTOM BLUE ORB When walking along the length of CUSTOM ORB , walk only in thepans. When walking across the width of the sheeting, walk over orclose to the roofing supports. Generally, keep your weight evenly distributed over the soles ofboth feet to avoid concentrating your weight on either heels ortoes. Always wear smooth soft-soled shoes; avoid ribbed soles thatpick up and hold small stones, swarf and other objects.MAINTENANCEOptimum product life will be achieved if all external surfaces arewashed regularly. Areas not cleaned by natural rainfall (such as thetops of walls sheltered by eaves) should be washed down everysix months.STORAGE AND HANDLINGKeep the product dry and clear of the ground. If stacked orbundled product becomes wet, separate it, wipe it with a cleancloth and stack it to dry thoroughly.Handle materials carefully to avoid damage: don’t drag materialsover rough surfaces or each other; carry tools, don’t drag them;protect from swarf.With pliers, multi-grips or a shifting spanner closed down toapproximately 2mm, grip the valley corrugations 20mm in fromthe end of the sheet and turn up as far as possible. Be careful not totear the sheet.SEALED JOINTSFor sealed joints use screws or rivets and neutral-cure siliconesealant branded as suitable for use with galvanised orZINCALUME steel.SIMPLE, LOW-COST FIXINGCUSTOM ORB and CUSTOM BLUE ORB can be fixed withhex head screws ensuring fast and simple installation with therecommended side-lap (one and a half corrugations).SWARFSweep all metallic swarf and other debris from roof areas andgutters at the end of each day and at the completion of theinstallation. Failure to do so can lead to surface staining when themetal particles rust.METAL & TIMBER COMPATIBILITYLead, copper, bare steel and green or some chemically-treatedtimbers are not compatible with this product; thus don’t allowany contact of the product with those materials, nor discharge ofrainwater from them onto the product. If there are doubts aboutthe compatibility of products being used, ask for advice from ourinformation line.CUTTING7Cut materials over the ground and not over other materials. Sweepall metallic swarf and other debris from roof areas and gutters at theend of each day and at the completion of the installation. Failure todo so can lead to surface staining when the metal particles rust.CUSTOM ORB CUSTOM BLUE ORB For cutting thin metal on site, we recommend a circular saw with ametal-cutting blade because it produces fewer damaging hot metalparticles and leaves less resultant burr than a carborundum disc.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS All descriptions, specifications, illustrations, drawings,data, dimensions and weights contained in this catalogue,all technical literature and websites containing informationfrom Lysaght are approximations only. They are intendedby Lysaght to be a general description for informationand identification purposes and do not create a sale bydescription. Lysaght reserves the right at any time to:(a) supply Goods with such minor modifications fromits drawings and specifications as it sees fit; and(b) alter specifications shown in its promotionalliterature to reflect changes made after the dateof such publication.DISCLAIMER, WARRANTIESAND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY This publication is intended to be an aid for all tradesand professionals involved with specifying andinstalling Lysaght products and not to be a substitute forprofessional judgement. Terms and conditions of sale available at local Lysaghtsales offices. Except to the extent to which liability may not lawfullybe excluded or limited, BlueScope Steel Limited willnot be under or incur any liability to you for any direct orindirect loss or damage (including, without limitation,consequential loss or damage such as loss of profit oranticipated profit, loss of use, damage to goodwill andloss due to delay) however caused (including, withoutlimitation, breach of contract, negligence and/or breachof statute), which you may suffer or incur in connectionwith this publication. Copyright BlueScope Steel Limited 30 April, 2018WWW.LYSAGHT.COMLYSAGHT , CUSTOM ORB , CUSTOM BLUE ORB , COLORBOND ,ZINCALUME and THERMATECH are registered trademarks of BlueScopeSteel Limited, ABN 16 000 011 058. The LYSAGHT range of products isexclusively made by or for BlueScope Steel Limited trading as Lysaght.LYT0010 30.04.18Technical enquiries:[email protected] or call 1800 641 417

Type of Span 0.60mm 0.80mm Roofs including bullnosed roofs Single span 1600 1800 End span 1600 1800 Internal span 1800 2600 Unstiffened eaves overhang 200 400 Stiffened eaves overhang 300 600 Walls Single span 2400 2400 End span 3000 3200 Internal span 3300 3600 Overhang 200 400 For roofs: the data are based on foot-traffic loading.