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4Foreword Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-KrautLadies and Gentlemen,Dear entrepreneurs,There are almost 500,000 small and medium-sized enterprises in Baden-Württemberg. Together,they are an essential element of the economic success of our state. With their innovations andproducts, they operate very successfully in the internal EU market while also competing in theglobal market.The Ministry of Economic Affairs supports the competitiveness of small and medium-sizedenterprises in different ways. For example, we promote successful business succession throughfinancial aid and effective tools such as handover consultations, and we support innovativecompany start-ups as well as the transfer of innovation and knowledge to companies. In this eraof the digital revolution, we also place a significant focus on guiding SMEs across the boundariesof sectors, technologies and disciplines. European partnerships and cooperative agreements havea significant positive effect on competitiveness – all the more so because Baden-Württembergis the state with the highest number of exports in Germany. Products from Baden-Württembergare in demand all over the world, but the most important customers are still in Europe. More thanhalf of exports from Baden-Württemberg enter the internal EU market. To enable us to remaincompetitive in the EU compared to the other large economic regions of the world, we willrequire innovative and export-oriented companies in the future too.The “Enterprise Europe Network” is an important model of European policy to promote innovation and internationalisation. It supports small and medium-sized enterprises in findinginternational business and cooperation partners, tapping into new markets and benefittingfrom EU funding opportunities.You will find a number of reports on successful projects in this brochure. You can also make useof the network’s services to write your own success story in the future!Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut MdLMinister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing in Baden-Württemberg

Foreword Kristin Schreibersales market. Nevertheless, it certainly cannot be said that all SMEs take advantage of the benefitsof the world’s largest common market; almost half of these companies are still only active in theirhome countries. As a reason for this, SMEs indicate the difficulty of finding suitable cooperationpartners, in addition to a lack of knowledge of the regulatory and legal requirements of crossborder activities and insufficient financial resources.It is precisely in these matters that the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) created by the EuropeanCommission can stand by the SMEs with help and support. The EEN, which is celebrating 10 yearsof existence this year, pools the expertise of over 600 business-related organisations in morethan 60 countries, making it the world’s largest advisory and support network. It helps you as anentrepreneur to access EU funding programmes or initiate international research and developmentprojects. In addition, the EEN will advise you on international service provision and on exportissues as well as the mediation of international business relationships. Because innovative poweris crucial to the future competitiveness of SMEs, they can receive customised support in improvingtheir innovative capacity from their EEN advisors.Small and medium-sized enterprises are thecornerstone of our economy. Thanks to theirflexibility, creativity and innovative power, theyare on the road to recovery again following theworst economic crisis since the Second World War.The level of employment in SMEs increased 50 %faster than in the European economy overall between 2013 and 2016. The gross value added inthe SME sector was 10 % higher in 2016 than in2008. After four years of growth, our SMEs canlook forward to further growth in 2018.With 500 million consumers, the internal EUmarket has also made a contribution to resolvingthe economic crisis. Without the free movement ofgoods, services, people and capital, it would havebeen impossible to get the European economyback on track. For 81 % of exporting SMEs, theinternal EU market remains the most important2.6 million SMEs have already availed of the support of EEN in the last ten years. More than700,000 business contacts were established with over 230,000 brokerage events. EEN customerswere able to achieve 3.1 % higher growth than their competitors. With the help of the EEN, youtoo can keep up with international competition and exploit new sources of growth.The success stories of the Enterprise Europe Network in this brochure are intended to inspireentrepreneurs and convince them to follow this path too and seize the opportunities that Europeoffers to small and medium-sized enterprises in particular.Kristin SchreiberDirector for SME policy and the COSME programme“Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs” DG of the European Commission5

6Enterprise Europe NetworkEnterprise Europe NetworkBig help for small companiesThe networkInformation on the internal EU marketThe Enterprise Europe Network is the world’s largest network forsupporting small and medium-sized enterprises with internationalgrowth potential. In Baden-Württemberg, ten business organisationsare part of the network.We advise you on the topics of cross-border serviceprovision, VAT, European innovation policy, EU law,public procurement, EU financing and EU funding.Internationally well connectedThe network comprises around 600 organisations in more than60 countries. In addition to the EU member states, India, China andthe USA, among others, are represented in the network.Our target groupOur focus is on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) fromindustry, trade, services and crafts as well as universities and researchinstitutes from Baden-Württemberg.Cross-border cooperationWe support you in searching for suitable internationalbusiness partners and customers.Innovation managementTogether, we identify the innovation potential andinnovation weaknesses of your company and workout a plan of action to secure long-term businesssuccess.Feedback to the EUTake part in surveys carried out by the EuropeanCommission and help to shape EU policy!

8Enterprise Europe Network partnersEnterprise Europe NetworkpartnersFor you in Baden-WürttembergIn Baden-Württemberg, ten strong partnerspool their consultation competence oninternationalisation and innovation forcompanies involved in crafts, industry andtrade, as well as universities and researchinstitutes.IHK ReutlingenIHK Hochrhein-BodenseeMartin Fahling, Katrin GlaserHindenburgstr. 5472762 ReutlingenDr. Uwe BöhmReichenaustr. 2178467 KonstanzPhone 49 7121 [email protected] www.reutlingen.ihk.dePhone 49 7622 [email protected] www.konstanz.ihk.deHandwerk InternationalBaden-WürttembergIHK Südlicher OberrheinIHK Region StuttgartPascale Mollet-Piffert, Petra Steck-Brill,Stefanie BlumSchnewlinstr. 11 – 1379098 FreiburgTassilo Zywietz, Thomas Bittner, Dagmar JostJägerstr. 3070174 StuttgartThomas Hoefling, Michael Rössler,Sigrun Taschner-TangemannHeilbronner Str. 43 · 70191 Stuttgart 49 7821 2703-690 / urg.ihk.dewww.freiburg.ihk.dePhoneEmail 49 711 2005-1230 / uttgart.ihk.deInternet www.stuttgart.ihk24.dePhoneEmail 49 711 nternational.deInternet en-Württemberg InternationalIHK UlmIHK Rhein-NeckarJürgen Schäfer, Eva GutbrodWilli-Bleicher-Str. 1970174 StuttgartThomas KaesemannOlgastr. 97 – 10189073 UlmMatthias Kruse, Bernhard Schuster, Heide SchmidtL 1,2 · 68161 MannheimPhone 49 711 [email protected] 49 731 [email protected] www.ulm.ihk24.dePhoneEmail 49 621 1709-227 / [email protected]

Enterprise Europe Network-PartnerMinistry of Economic Affairs,Labour and HousingDr. Frank SpeierNeues Schloss, Schlossplatz 470173 StuttgartPhone 49 711 [email protected] www.wm.baden-wuerttemberg.deSteinbeis 2i GmbHHicham AbghayKienestr. 3570174 StuttgartPhone 49 711 [email protected] www.steinbeis-europa.de9



12Zink GmbHEverything in orderAccording to Stefan Zink, stacks of papers in the office are a thing of the past. The masterglazier has developed a software program that digitalises many processes.For some people, order is an important part of life. For Stefan Zink, order ishis job. With “Manage my Company” (MMC), the master glazier developedan administration program specifically for craft workers. “Complicatedpaper systems always annoyed me”, says Stefan Zink. When working inthe company, where he had a managing role as master glazier, Zink wasalways looking for a way to simplify business administration processes. Hisidea was to include the daily challenges in a database and thus simplifythe workflows. After additional training, he programmed the first version ofthe software in his free time.He developed today’s product MMC by Zink GmbH specifically for craftbusinesses. “We understand our craft. Our solutions come from practicalexperience,” says Zink. With the industry software for crafts, companiesmanage orders, employees, resources and all business transactions. Thedocuments are then labelled with the barcode sticker, scanned in andautomatically assigned to the order by the software using the barcode.The software is currently programmed in multiple languages and differentcurrency systems are installed. Today, Zink GmbH has customers in Germany,Poland, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Zink relies on cooperation with theEnterprise Europe Network to expand its international business activities.For example, it takes part in the “Scale-Up” project, which is aimed specifically at companies in the growth phase. The company’s access to newEuropean markets, financing and international partnerships is facilitatedthrough intensive coaching and mentoring. As an exhibitor at the R T2018 trade fair in Stuttgart, Zink GmbH also participated in the EnterpriseEurope Network’s brokerage event and established successful businessrelationships. In this way, Zink can bring order to even more companies.www.zink-software.deWith support from:

Zink GmbH„Complicated paper systems alwaysannoyed me.Stefan ZinkCEO · Zink GmbH13”

14Jay-Cool GmbHAward-winningsuccess abroadJay-Cool is a modern craft start-up with potential. The company needed only seven yearsto conquer the European industrial cleaning market.Its progress is impressive: Founded in 2010, first international order in2011, active throughout Europe today. Jay-Cool is not a traditional craftcompany, but rather a modern craft start-up with potential. Now, Jay-CoolGmbH is one of the largest and most modern service providers in Europein the area of cooling system cleaning and supermarket cleaning as wellas many other cleaning services, with customers all over Europe. For thissuccess in international business, the company received the GlobalConnect award in the category “Newcomer” in 2018.CEO Alexander Pendelin says: “Our vision was to found not just a cleaningcompany, but a high-tech cleaning company. We build up our businessareas ourselves and will continue to do so.” The focus is on quality andinnovation. The modern, gentle and environmentally friendly cleaningprocesses were largely developed in-house. Software developed internallycontrols and monitors the deployment plan of the vehicles.All deployment teams are connected via an Intranet. The company’sown motor pool ensures that the cars are always fully equipped and canreach international customers safely. The employees’ operations in Austria,France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are prepared from thecompany headquarters in Gemmingen. “Before taking on assignmentsabroad, we always find out about the situations that have to be lookedout for”, says CEO Yvonne Pendelin.The company benefits from the foreign trade consulting services promotedby the Enterprise Europe Network. In this way, the company obtainedadvice on Austria and Switzerland in the context of their very first international order. Regular discussions on Europe-wide areas of applicationfollowed. The strategic preparation for international orders is exemplaryhere and is one of the reasons for the company’s success.www.jay-cool.comWith support from:

Jay-Cool GmbH„Our vision was to found not just a cleaningcompany, but a high-tech cleaning company.We build up our business areas ourselvesand will continue to do so.Alexander PendelinCEO · Jay-Cool GmbH15”

16BioRegio STERN Management GmbHILDA-care – intelligent caretaking technologiesGerman-Danish cooperation – Since February 2018, BioRegio STERN has been working withWelfare Tech on innovative solutions for intelligent care taking technologies.The project ILDA-care (Intelligent Logistics, Digitalisation and AutomatedWorkflows for the Homecare and Nursing homes sector) by BioRegioSTERN Management GmbH in cooperation with the Danish cluster WelfareTech has been running since mid-February. The aim is to form a newvalue-added chain using intelligent logistics, digitalisation and automationfor the care sector. This is intended to facilitate workflows in nursinghomes and homecare within the context of the fast-growing group ofolder people, whose care should be maintained without any loss ofquality. This will be made possible through intelligent concepts and newcare technology.The two clusters became acquainted through the matchmaking session atthe fifth Cluster Matchmaking Conference in September 2017 in Stuttgart,organised by EEN partners Baden-Württemberg International (bw-i) andNorth Denmark EU Office. Almost 210,000 is available for 18 months,financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) andInterReg Baltic Sea Region (BSR). Approximately 64 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from BioRegion STERN and from Denmark as wellas seven large companies benefit from the cooperation. In addition togaining access to comprehensive know-how, the life sciences area in theautomation sector can be elevated to an international level. Another topicof the EU project is digitalisation of the health system in a cross-sectorapproach. In addition, access to the Danish market is made possible forthe SMEs involved. Specific activities include two study trips to Denmarkand Baden-Württemberg, a survey on the mobilisation of suitable SMEs,topic-specific webinars and workshops on finding ideas and guiding theprocess of value chain creation considering intelligent logistics, digitalisation and automation for the area of Nursing homes and Homecare sector.Two business cases receive awards at the end of the /de/projekte/ilda-careWith support from:

BioRegio STERN Management GmbH„With ILDA-care, we address difficultiesrelating to the thematic area “Health andcare” by establishing a new value chainconsidering automation, digitalisation andintelligent logistics. In this way, ILDA-caremakes a significant contribution to solvingproblems.Dr. Margot JehleProject leader · BioRegio STERNManagement GmbH17”

18Euroflex GmbH”The order was atstake for us”Providing services (not only) in Switzerland entails specific conditions – quick and easy isnot the way.It was shortly before 4 pm on a Friday afternoon and there was a stormbrewing at Euroflex in Schopfheim. For almost half a year, the innovativeGerman company had designed, developed, constructed and tested aconveyor belt for frozen lasagne by order of a Swiss food corporation.Now, it was time to install it. “Our company only had a narrow window oftime for the installation so that the cold chain was not interrupted at thecustomer location”, explains Richard Hollenweger, owner of the specialistcompany for conveyor systems.The three employees that he intended to send to Switzerland to installthe system needed to be registered from the beginning of the work. Thisis prescribed by Swiss law. “We had already been in contact with theSwiss authorities for several days. Friday was the last day to make theregistration in the system, but the bureaucratic online forms were difficultto understand and fill out correctly for sporadic users like us”, says RichardHollenweger. The company boss picked up the phone and called theChamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) Hochrhein-Bodensee. Theresponsible IHK employee did not waste any time and drove directly toEuroflex. Soon, everyone was sitting around the PC screen and workingthrough the forms for the Swiss authorities. “The order was at stake for us”,says Richard Hollenweger. Companies that wish to send their employeesto Switzerland have to register eight days in advance. However, thisregistration is no easy task. If the forms are not filled out correctly, noconfirmation is obtained and without confirmation, it is not possible tostart work. In the end, it all worked out on time. Encouraged by theexperience and supported by the IHK, the company now has new salesmarkets in Europe in its sights. Registration procedures and bureaucraticobstacles increasingly need to be observed here too, but procuringinformation is easier with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network.www.euroflexgmbh.deWith support from:

Euroflex GmbH„For us as specialists in conveyer systems,it is important to offer a solution within thetime window given by the client. Registrationprocedures and bureaucracy as in this casedo not make it easy to complete tasks in acustomer-oriented manner – luckily, theChamber of Commerce and Industry wasable to help.Richard HollenwegerCEO · Euroflex GmbH19”

20euroTECH Vertriebs GmbHClose to the customer – nowalso in the Baltic regionA medium-sized company uses the Enterprise Europe Network to expand its sales networkand improve its customer services in the Baltic states.A sophisticated system – the so-called handling technology – is requiredfor objects to be moved by machines in manufacturing from one manufacturing island to the next. If objects have sensitive surfaces such as glassor wood, the vacuum technology of euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH is suitable.With products such as suction plates, suction cups, flat cups, etc., themedium-sized company uses the vacuum to solve everyday and specifichandling tasks and helps machines to grasp, lift and move objects with thegreatest possible care.The company has been growing continuously since it was founded in1996. Today, loads are handled with euroTECH products in 78 countries.Closeness to the customer plays an important role for the company.“Strong partners on location are essential. Ultimately, they speak thelanguage and understand the mentality in the respective country and canopen doors for us”, explains Michael Renger, responsible for internationalsales.euroTECH had been searching for a sales partner in the Baltic statesLithuania, Latvia and Estonia for some time. They wanted a partner tosupport existing customers on-site, provide technical assistance and usemarket potential to acquire new customers.euroTECH contacted the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK)Reutlingen and decided to search for a suitable partner via the EnterpriseEurope Network. Together with the EEN consultant, a requirement profilewas created and distributed via the network’s internal database. In addition,network partners in the three Baltic states were brought in as support.After only a few months, euroTECH found a representative based inLithuania in this way: VAKUUMAS LT, which now distributes the euroTECHvacuum components in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus.www.euro-tech-vacuum.deWith support from:

euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH„With the help of the Enterprise Europe Network, we were able to obtain a distributionhandler for the Baltic states quickly andeasily who can also support our customerswith technical service. Our position in thesemarkets has improved significantly as aresult.Michael RengerSales director · euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH21”

22krauth technology GmbHEberbach ticket machines nowalso in PolandTRAKO in Gdansk is one of the leading industrial trade fairs for railway technology in Europeand a must for solution providers from this sector.Poland is currently investing more money than any other Europeancountry in developing and expanding railway architecture. By 2023,the equivalent of around 16 billion euros will have been invested inmodernising railways, extending high-speed rail lines, and developingand expanding overpasses and underpasses. As the largest industrialtrade fair in Eastern Europe, TRAKO in Gdansk is the central showcaseevent for product and solution providers in railway technology.In cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Chambers of Commerceand Industry (IHKs), the Baden-Württemberg Enterprise Europe Networkorganised a multi-company stand at the TRAKO in September 2017 inorder to give the opportunity to SMEs, in particular, to present theirproducts and solutions to the Polish trade audience with low time andfinancial requirements. One of the thirteen companies to use thisopportunity was krauth technology from Eberbach. The mobile ticketmachines by the Odenwald company are already in use in public transportin the Krakow region. “The Polish market is becoming increasingly significantfor us. For this reason, it was particularly important for us to attend TRAKO”,says Kai Horn, member of the executive board. Horn used the trade fairappearance to intensify discussions with the Krakow metropolitan railwayservice, who had already shown interest in the ticket machines. He didn’thave to wait long for the results of these discussions. The contract wassigned before the end of the year. Since the start of 2018, travellers in theKrakow metropolitan railway system can get their tickets from the Odenwald company’s ticket machines.www.krauth-technology.deWith support from:

krauth technology GmbH„The invitation to participate in the multicompany stand came at just the right timefor us. The Polish market is becomingincreasingly relevant for us, so it wasparticularly important to be present atTRAKO this year.The Eberbach company’s mobile ticketmachines are already in use in the publictransport network of the Krakow region.Kai HornMember of the executive board, generalmanager, head of sales and marketing ·krauth technology GmbH23”

24Kuchen-im-Glas GbRAustriaà la carteHigh-quality foods are in demand in Austria. SMEs and start-ups can impress withinnovative creations and regional specialities.Food retail in Austria is dominated by three large retail groups: REWE, Sparand Hofer. Entering the market poses particular challenges for SMEs. Underthe leadership of the Rhein-Neckar and Südlicher Oberrhein Chamber ofCommerce and Industry (IHKs), the Baden-Württemberg IHKs organiseda company trip for food producers to the Austrian retail group REWEInternational AG in April 2017. This trip, which was organised in thecontext of the EEN, offered small and medium-sized food producers fromBaden-Württemberg the opportunity to have initial discussions withpurchasers of the REWE procurement centre in Vienna and to checkdelivery possibilities.The Mannheim start-up “Kuchen im Glas”, which distributes unique cakegifts throughout the world, was able to accept initial orders. Companyfounders Linda Dröge and Alexandra Bald were impressed by the result ofthe trip. “Our cake specialities were on sale on the shelves of Merkur HoherMarkt in time for Mother’s Day. We weren’t expecting our first order fromVienna so soon after the Austria trip.” They were grateful not only for “theexcellent organisation”, but also for “the many helpful tips”. “Participationwas definitely a complete success for us and we would take part in thiskind of IHK trip again any time”, is the conclusion from “Kuchen im Glas”.The start-up “Kuchen im Glas” develops products and services relatingto cake and distributes original “Kuchen im Glas” products, both via theonline shop and directly to corporate customers. The delicious cakes arehand-packaged by the experts before being sent from the “Kuchen imGlas” headquarters as lovingly presented gifts. There is a “birthday service”for corporate customers whereby the cakes are sent to employees andcustomers on specific dates throughout the year. Since 2013, “Kuchen imGlas” has been sending preserved cakes all over the world from Mannheim.www.kuchen-im-glas.comWith support from:

Kuchen-im-Glas GbR„We took advantage of the opportunity toparticipate in the company trip to Austriafor the food industry and were impressed bythe result: Our cake specialities were on saleon the shelves of Merkur Hoher Markt intime for Mother’s Day. We weren’t expectingour first order from Vienna so soon after theAustria trip.Linda Dröge & Alexandra BaldFounders and owners · Kuchen-im-Glas GbR25”

26Gesellschaft für Akustik und Gestaltung mbH (GfAG)Tapping intoEU marketsGFAG takes part in tenders abroad / in LuxembourgThe family company founded by Wolfhart Steinecke has been active onthe market for 25 years. The company first focused on the sale of acousticceilings and lighting systems under the name Steinecke Consulting. Dueto the increasing need for modular acoustic elements for use in buildingswith concrete core activation and the associated growing scope ofpossibilities for optical interior design, the decision was made in 2001 todevelop absorbing baffles internally and establish a manufacturing facilityat the company’s home location in Bietigheim-Bissingen. The establishmentof an additional production site in Cottbus followed.The further development of individual acoustic solutions (wall absorbers,light baffles & room divisions) took place with the recruitment of BjörnSteinecke, who has been CEO since 2010. In addition to this, however, afocus was placed on the neighbouring European markets. With the decisionto enter foreign markets, the company was faced with new complications.For example, the construction of a library in Luxembourg posed twochallenges. On the one hand, the company was confronted with documentation calling for bids, because this was a publicly funded project andwas therefore subject to a compulsory tender process according to EUprocurement law. On the other hand, the assignment required employeesto be sent to Luxembourg.Here, the IHK of the Stuttgart region was able to provide competentsupport in the scope of its activities in the Enterprise Europe Network.Within a short time, it was possible to identify which of the documentsrequired for the suitability test of the tendering documentation had tobe included, whether and how tax registration was necessary, and howthe registration procedure for the seconded employees or subcontractorsworks.www.gfag.deWith support from:

Gesellschaft für Akustik und Gestaltung mbH (GfAG)„We had never taken part in a public callfor tenders abroad before and had toprepare the bid quickly in view of thetender period. We were pleased that wereceived such fast and comprehensivesupport. This support allowed us to winthe bid. We are now also active in Austriaand the UK and have increased thenumber of employees.Björn SteineckeCEO · Gesellschaft für Akustik undGestaltung mbH (GfAG)27”

28PTW-Freiburg GmbHStrong products in demandthroughout EuropeHow a company from Baden provides equipment for clinics and laboratories all aroundEuropePTW is a leading international manufacturer of precision measuringsystems for dosimetry and quality assurance in radiology. Founded in 1922,the company is considered a pioneer in medical radiation measuring.Products from PTW ensure in particular that cancer patients are notexposed to too much radiation during radiotherapy, but that tumoursare exposed to enough to meet the objective of the treatment. PTWmeasuring devices enable clinical radiology experts to precisely checkhighly complex radiation machines and radiation plans. PTW makesabout 80 % of its turnover abroad.To date, PTW is known as a pioneer of innovative ideas and has anexcellent reputation in radiotherapy, X-ray diagnosis, nuclear medicineand radiation protection. The company approached the Enterprise EuropeNetwork of IHK Südlicher Oberrhein in 2007, because it had read that anestablished expert was in charge of the topic “Public procurement in Europe”there. The Enterprise Europe Network in Lahr offers special support tocompanies, such as research on public orders in different databases. First,an individual research profile is created in consultation with the company.Creating the profile requires a good deal of experience, because the moredetailed it is, the more suitable the tenders are for the company. Relevanttenders for the company are selected based on this profile and sent bye-mail once per week. To avoid having to perform the arduous selectionitself and to be able to concentrate on the tenders, PTW commissionedEnterprise Europe Network with the weekly research, and a true successstory developed from this: PTW has been able to win many tenders inEurope through this service!www.ptw.deWith support from:

PTW-Freiburg GmbH„We have been using the tender information of the En

2.6 million SMEs have already availed of the support of EEN in the last ten years. More than . Heilbronner Str. 43 · 70191 Stuttgart Phone 49 711 1657-525 . Email [email protected] . Olg