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4NewsMILESTONESNew Agriculturists2012 graduate Maria SocorroP Aratan placed 8th in theLicensure Examinations forAgriculturists.Twenty other XU graduatespassed the exam as well. Theyare Lea Grace S Aparecio,Mark Neil M Aranaydo, JerelynM Bacalso-Medalla, JosephAlvin Bayarcal, Grethel XerloBetita, Dianne Jane Birol, AlvieCabañez, Kevin Lloyd Cagalitan,Frances Jhoy Callanta, RobertArnel Casiño, Shiela Mae Dacer,Efren Carmel John Jaranilla,Karen Grace Jaspe, Car Grey LaVictoria, Charlie Nacaya, RevjeParilla, Orlando Mar Penaso,Kenmark Tachado, ReneMicho Tero and Michelle RossValmores-Lace.XU’s passing rate was 72.41percent, while the nationalpassing rate was 37.91 percent.New Agricultural EngineersFive more XU graduates havebeen added to the roster ofagricultural engineers in thecountry, namely: John PaulArazo, Janna Pearl Batilo, CarlEdgardo Bolipata, Laizah LouGalanida and Emelgar JakeVincent Paasa.New ChemistsChemistry graduates RazelElaine Grace Cataluña, RalphAnton C Go and Mary JaneKestle Tamayo passed theChemist Licensure Examinationgiven in September. XU’spassing rate of 60 percent wasabove the national passing rateof 45 percent.New DoctorsThe August 2012 PhysicianLicensure Examinationsresulted in 20 new doctorsfrom the Jose P Rizal School ofMedicine, giving XU a passingrate of 95 percent above thenational passing average of 78.8percent.The new doctors are EvanAngeli Alaba, Akila Aliman,Maria Sherlene Ando, ArlynAwing, Hannah Mae Cajarte,Najmah Dipantar, LornaVictoria Jamis, Maria CarmelaGabrielle Lagunilla, RikkaAllolea Laplap, Ernie Obuyes,Pio Grand Payusan, Ian MarkReponte, Christy Marie Rosales,Odyss Gladney Sapalleda,Jdidah Mae Sealza, Carol JeanSeeto, Marlyn Tadifa, LarsonTaruc, Cyriel Anthony Tingneand April Rose Uba.New NursesXU earned a passingpercentage of 92.71 in theNurses Licensure Examinationgiven on June 30 and July 1.The new nurses are ChrisMiguel Acebu, MelodyShayne Agustin, Ehlla Ahmee,Auston Ang, Danah PearlAurel, Ma Elaine Joy Baang,Christa Bacong, Shalylle MaeBalboa, Jericho Balbuena,Oshin Mae Baldoz, Tiffany JoyBarrientos, Noel Mark Bas,Ralexa Basilio, Gina Baylosis,Vi Alfred Bendijo, Erin Cabana,Charmaine Jean Cagabhion,Dexter Bryan Cagas, JesselyCaling, Cachiny Carbajosa,Victoria Jane Carlobos,Raphael Emiel Caumban,Elvie Cañadilla, Jill Centillas,Emmanuel Reine Colanggo,Jose Mari Concepcion, MarkRichmond Cordero, KlerramaeHope Cruz, Lizalou Curig,Kyle Rod De Leon, KarenMae Del Puerto, Edracel, DelRosario, John Marlyx Dumas,Charmaigne Durangparang,Johren Ejan, Loren Estoquia,Selfa Marie Fabre, AndrewMari Ferol, Maria StefanFerraris, Frances Juvy MarieFortunado, Catherine Galarrita,Paolo Galindo, Emman DaveGalve, Kim Garcia, Bea AngeliGellez, Ghislaine Kristal Gille,Mederie Grace Go, Kevin KarlHortelano, Iris Jabines, MarJohn Jambora, Ires Joy Jawod,Jazon Zion Lao, Karl LloydLicup, Omayyah Macabato,Cendy May Macayran, ArmanMendador, Adrienne NicoleMiltante, Kaycy Mumar, CharityNeri, Patrice Ma-an Neri,Hazel Maureen Ong, MariaOdessa Ormillada, ReynaRose Pabualan, John TristanPahuyo, Rosemarie Palasan,Leandro Perez, April Kris Pintor,Reneza Quiblat, Horace Quicoy,Josef Frank Quintil, RaymondRagas Jr, Kristine Mae Rana,Infa Angelie Roa, Arriane JuneRosales, Monette Saguindan,Maria Monica Salazar, Wil-AnneJoyce Salino, Mae Cielito Saliot,Marjierey Saripada, SaharaLoureen Sibe, Jean Dianne Sual,Samerah Tagarda, Kara JaneTiu, Mikaela Abigael Uychiat,Karen Marie Valdehueza,Sara Mae Villarino, MelodySherry Virador and April LoiseZornosa.New Electrical EngineersThe College of Engineeringproduced 15 new electricalengineers after the licensureexaminations given in Cebuthis September. XU garnereda passing rate of 88 percent,while the national passing ratewas 58 percent.The new electrical engineersare Rex Andrew Ajoc, JP AbnerAkut III, Tristan Lou Balderol,John Jefferson Caneja, ChristineMay Creayla, Clint Patrick Erfe,Larey Joseph Hinampus, CyrilJason Madrid, Ramon NavatoJr, Dennis Loren Salibio, JohnKerwin See, Fulbert ValeriusSumayo, Karl Jason Thag,Gaszer Uson and Joe Marie AValcarcel.1st place medicine studentresearch paperThe student research, “AnExperimental Study of theEfficacy of Aquatic Fern(Salvinia molesta) in theTreatment of BlackwaterEffluent from a ConstructedWetland, Cagayan de OroCity,” won first place in the 6thPhilippine National HealthResearch System WeekCelebration held in August inManila.The research was presentedby Francis Dale Acenas. Hisco-researchers were LiezelMorales, Alessandra KamilleMallari, Cris Dedumo, NafieMacarimbang, Sheila MaeTrozo, Katherine Ruth Beltran,Nasser A Jawadil, Ethel YenSison and Tuan Rey Zarate.YMCA Academic OlympiadwinnersXU High School studentsCarmel F Nacague of3-Demetrio and KarleneCabaraban of 4-Hausmann wonthird place in the Essay WritingContest during the YMCAAcademic Olympiad held onSeptember 14.PSYSC Science OlympiadRegion 10Fourth year high schoolstudents Aldric Eugene Caga,Andre Flores, Warren EzraBruce Jaudian and Lestle MarieCagumpay bagged first place inthe Philippine Society of YouthScience Clubs Olympiad forRegion 10 held on September 8at Liceo de Cagayan University.Moreover, Flores emerged asthe top scorer for Region 10.XAVIER MAGAZINE

News5MR-XUH inaugurates newbuildingTwall-mounted cable televisionto ensure the most comfort forthe patient. The cafeteria, on theother hand, is cozy and has an alfresco dining.Archbishop Antonio LedesmaSJDD led the rite of blessingassisted by MR-XUH PresidentFr Roberto C Yap SJ and Fr GilEscalante.This newly-completed project isjust one of the many carefullylaid out plans that the hospitalboard has in store for MR-XUH,revealed Sr Zeta Caridad Rivero,Sisters of St Paul of ChartresProvincial Superior.Just this July, MR-XUH receiveda container van full of medicalequipment and supplies worthover 300,000 from variousnational and internationalbenefactors, among them MedShare International, FilipinoCommunity of Guam, AyudaFoundation, the People of Guamand Smart Communications, Inc.The private rooms are spaciousand very modern. Each room hasa stand-by medical apparatus,a sleeping chair, telephone andAnother five-storeyinfrastructure, the Medical Artsbuilding, which incorporatesenvironment and energy efficientThese new developments atMR-XUH are aimed at providingbetter “service to those who arein need of medical care, in thehe Maria Reyna-XavierUniversity Hospital(MR-XUH) blessedand inaugurated anew three-storey building, whichhouses an additional 30 privatepatient rooms and a cafeteria.JULY - SEPTEMBER 2012designs, is already underconstruction.same way that the Lord came toheal all of us,” said Bp Ledesma.Fr Yap had said at the turn-over ofthe medical equipment that “asa Catholic hospital, our service tothe poor and the needy has to berobust.”MR-XUH is a collaborationbetween the Sisters of St Paulde Chartres, Xavier Universityand the Archdiocese of Cagayande Oro. It serves as the basehospital for the XU School ofMedicine and the College ofNursing. r

6IncreasedIndustrializationand InclusiveGrowthKey to RPDevelopment,says ADBExpertby Erwin V LiAn increase in thePhilippines’ productionand manufacturingsector is the maincatalyst needed for the countryto be globally competitive andreplicate the successes of itsfast-growing Asean neighbors,according to a study recentlypublished by a senior expert ofthe Asian Development Bank(ADB).Mr Norio Usui, senior countryeconomist of the PhilippineCountry Office of the ADB,conducted a series of talks inthis city to present the results ofhis recent publication, “Takingthe Right Road for InclusiveGrowth: Industrial Upgradingand Diversification in thePhilippines.”Speaking before a full audienceof academics and studentsat the Xavier University LittleTheater, Mr Usui said, “Itdoesn’t matter if the economy(of the Philippines) grew by50 percent, and yet it doesn’taffect you, you wouldn’t care,”as he stressed the importanceof “inclusive growth” to ensurethat as the country’s economyimproves, so should the lives ofits citizens.The forum in Xavier Universitywas organized by the Schoolof Business and Managementand the Center for IntegratedTechnologies. Dr VirginiaLourdes C Yacapin, SBM dean,gave the opening message toNewsthe audience, which was largelycomposed of Business andEconomics faculty members andstudents.Mr Usui also addressed thecity’s business leaders at theMallberry Hotel later in theafternoon in a forum organizedby the Cagayan de Oro Chamberof Commerce and Industry(Oro Chamber). In bothtalks, he presented data whichshows the Philippines trailingother countries like Indonesia,Malaysia, and Thailand withrespect to the manufacturingsector’s contribution to thecountry’s GDP growth.Joining Mr Usui in presentingthe study to both groups was theADB country director, Mr NeerajJain, who answered severalquestions on ADB’s role in thenation’s development programs.According to the study, whichthe ADB published earlier thisyear, the Philippines alreadyhas a massive advantage overits neighbors because of thestrength of its Services sector,which contributes to two-thirdsof the country’s GDP growth.This advantage, the authorsaid, is anchored on Filipinos’natural inclination towardsskilled work and aptitude forthe English language, makingthe country a natural choice forserving the business processoutsourcing (BPO) needs ofother industrialized nations.Mr Usui, however, said thecountry needs to “walk ontwo legs,” by increasinginvestments and capabilities inmanufacturing to ensure thecountry will reach its growthtargets and to provide workopportunities for its massivelabor pool and “increasingthe link between growth anddevelopment”. rXU opens student mallto publicXavier University andPryce Corporation Incinaugurated the XavierUniversity – PryceCenter for Entrepreneurship onJuly 29 during the celebration ofthe Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola.they are learning to serve thepoor by contributing to jobs andlivelihoods generation.This student-run shoppingand business center is underthe University’s StudentEntrepreneurship Program (SEP),designed to train students tobecome successful entrepreneurs.At the ground floor are shoppingstalls operated by students takingup entrepreneurship courseswhile the second floor houses thetraining and incubation center,a conference room and the SEPoffice.In the same light, Escaño inspiredthe student-entrepreneurs todream big, telling them that it’snormal to face difficulties.“There is a real need for theeconomy of Cagayan de Oro,the region and the country tohave entrepreneurs,” Fr RobertoYap, XU president, said. “It’s notenough that we produce goodemployees. We have to train ourstudents to be entrepreneurs andserve the community.”He thanked Pryce CorporationInc headed by its Chief ExecutiveOfficer Salvador Escaño forthis gift to Xavier. Further, FrYap encouraged the studentsto use the business techniques“St Ignatius challenges us to findGod in all these worldly thingsand serve Him,” he said.“I believe you cannot learnuntil you fail,” Escaño said. Heexplained that there is no shamein failing. What is important isthat you come out a better personfrom all your experiences.The mall is open to the publicdaily except Sundays from 8 amuntil 5:30 pm. XU souvenir items,apparels, agri products andcomputer services are among theitems offered by the mall. Foodkiosks, meanwhile, can be foundat the SEP Food Court situatedbetween the Engineering and CITbuildings.Fr Yap described the XavierUniversity – Pryce Center forEntrepreneurship as a gateway toXU’s service to the community.The mall entrance is now themain access gate to the universityboth for students and guests. rXAVIER MAGAZINE

News7Universityopens 8 newAVRsXavier University blessed eightnew audio visual rooms (AVRs)at the ground floor of the SBMbuilding.The new facilities aim atproviding students with the bestenvironment for learning anddeveloping their talents.“We try to provide the bestteachers, programs and facilitiesso the [students’] talents canreally grow and they can be thebest persons they can be,” saidFr Roberto C Yap SJ, universitypresident.Housebuilding underway at XavierEcovilleby Xyla Mercedita GualbertoTen months after TS Sendong hit Cagayan de Oro City, resettlement operations are still ongoingfor displaced families who no longer have homes to return to.Xavier Ecoville, a Xavier University-led resettlement site in Barangay Lumbia, is dedicated toserve 500 families by giving them new houses and organizing them into a new community.Its partner in the house construction is Habitat for Humanity Philippines. Right now there are 160 housesbeing built in the Xavier Ecoville permanent site. Habitat for Humanity also expressed their support inpromoting the village’s environmental identity by using eco-friendly paint on the houses. Xavier Ecoville isthe first community to have this innovation.Aside from the houses, there will be a chapel, a community area, a study center and other communityfacilities for the families. A livelihood center will also be constructed right outside the village. This willencourage business activities not only at Xavier Ecoville but in the in the entire Barangay Lumbia.The target date for the families to be transferred to their permanent homes is December this year. It willbe a momentous event to commemorate the anniversary of the tragedy that drastically changed thelives of the Kagay-anons. It is an event in history which proved the people’s strong sense of hope andresiliency. rJULY - SEPTEMBER 2012Fr Yap assured that the “facilitiesare very well used and we hopewe can develop more for thebest comfort of our students.”Also speaking on the occasionwas Banco de Oro (BDO)Region 10 Area Manager SonnyMendoza. BDO sponsored twoof the eight AVRs.“Our partnership goes beyondproviding financial services,”said Mendoza. “We look tothe university in providing ourbank with very rich humanresource.” He revealed that agood 90% of their junior officersand managers are graduates ofXavier University.He added that BDO isexpanding its Xavier Branchto accommodate its growingclientele. r

8NewsMcKeough Marine Centerspearheads coastal clean-upThe country’s firstfolkloric museum,Museo de Oro,opened its newlyrenovated EthnohistoryExhibit Room 1 on Sept 21, theInternational Day of Peace.Museo deOro opensrevampedethnohistoryexhibit roomThe exhibit shows artifactsdating as far back as the StoneAge. The collection includesrelics and artifacts dug fromthe Huluga cave and othersites in Northern Mindanao.There are also artifacts fromthe Chinese, Spanish, Japaneseand American eras. A tour ofthe museum will give visitorsan enriched understanding ofthe ethnohistory of NorthernMindanao from its origins tothe modern times.The soft opening was led bythe Xavier Center for Cultureand the Arts, and graced byMisamis Oriental GovernorOscar Moreno and NationalCommittee on MuseumsChairman Antonio Montalvan.This is the first of three phasesof renovation the Museo deOro is set to undergo. Themuseum, inaugurated by thelate former President CorazonAquino in 1987, was conceivedby Fr Francisco Demetrio SJ, itsfirst curator. rMore than 300 volunteers participated in the beach and underwaterclean up drive in Opol, Misamis Oriental, September 22. The clean updrive aimed to increase public awareness on the ocean’s silent killer –marine debris.From morning until noon, volunteers of all ages helped to get rid of thetrash. A total of 1,684 pounds (765.65 kgs) of garbage were hauled offfrom the beaches, mangrove area- and Opol Marine Sanctuary.Volunteers were given data card to be submitted to Project Aware tohelp them continue tracking the common types of litter. Participatingin the clean up were volunteers from; Dive Special, Philippine Army 4thInfantry Division, Philippine Coast Guard Northern Mindanao, CoastGuard Special Operations Group, Tactical Operations Group PhilippineAir Force, Marine Bio students, PNP Maritime, STEAG State Power Inc,MBDA Cluster Divers (Villanueva, Jasaan & Salay), XU-National ServiceTraining Program classes YA & YC, XU - Research and Social Outreach,XU-Center for Legal Assistance, Jesuit scholastic, XU-Red Cross Youth,AJIS Aquasports, and local communities of Opol.Media group ABS-CBN covered the event with the help of JohnnyCabreira. The sponsors of the activity were Dive Special, LGU-Opol,AJIS Aqua Sports, STEAG State Power Inc, Aquamundo, XU-Research& Social Outreach, XU-National Service Training Program, Nature’sSpring, Graphic, Apple Tree Resort & Hotel, Alpha Omega HomeshoolSupport and Tutorial Center, and Philippine Coast Guard NorthernMindanao.The annual cleanup, coordinated locally by McKeough Marine Center,is organized internationally by Project Aware Organization. This year’stheme is “Dive against Debris. Stop the Ocean’s Silent Killer.” Thisinternational event engages people to remove trash and debris from theworld’s beaches and waterways, to identify the sources of debris, and tochange human behavior and practices that have been causing pollution.The activity ended with the distribution of certificates and the awardingof prizes for the heaviest hauled debris.Seawater trash is one of the most widespread problems threatening ourcoastal waters and waterways. Trash in the water puts stress on marineecosystems (e.g. mangroves, seagrasses, and corals) and indirectlycauses the decline of fish production in the area; it makes beach watershazardous to the health of coastal inhabitants; and it clogs waterwaysand canals. rXAVIER MAGAZINE

NewsXU-CRSpartnership bearscollaborativeservice-learningprogramsWhat started outas an oniongrowing project ofXavier Universitywith the Sumilao farmershas broadened into a venturethat looks at the whole agroenterprise chain. Thanks to theassistance of the Catholic ReliefServices (CRS).XU has partnered with CRS tohelp Sumilao farmers improvetheir productivity through theService Learning Program (SLP).One of XU’s community serviceprograms implemented by theKristohanong Katilingban saPagpakabana-Social InvolvementOffice under the Research andSocial Outreach (RSO), SLPbrings together faculty membersand students with differentexpertise and backgroundsto provide a comprehensiveresponse to a particularcommunity challenge.For example, engineeringstudents produced a sitedevelopment plan for 50hectares of farmland in Sumilao,development communicationstudents developed farmerfriendly information materialson agricultural technologies,business students set up anaccounting system to help thefarmers manage their sales,and computer science studentsare teaching them the use of9geographic information systemsfor price monitoring.the SLP experience in othercountries.“The engagement with theSumilao farmers hopes toaddress XU’s thrust on foodsecurity, environment and, tosome extent, health, governanceand peace,” said Engr DexterLo, director of the EngineeringResource Center and OIC ofthe RSO, during the meetingbetween XU and CRS.Bishop Kicanas lauded themulti-disciplinary approach tohelping communities. “Thecross-departmental initiative isreally impressive,” he said.Representatives of XU and CRSmet on July 13 to discuss theircollaborative work. The CRSdelegation, headed by theirpresident, Dr Carolyn Woo,and Bishop Gerald FrederickKicanas, chair of the CRS Boardof Directors, sat down withXU President Fr Roberto YapSJ, some faculty members andstudents.“We don’t just do theoreticalresearch, but more appliedresearch,” explained Fr Yap. “Weensure that there is researchdone, but that there is also asocial output.”There are plans to make thepartnership with the Sumilaofarmers a template and replicateMoreover, the XU-CRSpartnership extends beyondagro-enterprise. CRS is one ofXU’s active partners in providingrelief and rehabilitationassistance to the Sendongsurvivors.Part of the meeting was thesigning of the Memorandumof Agreement for the use ofa portion of XU’s property inBarangay Canito-an as sitefor CRS’s transitional sheltersfor 130 families affected bySendong. The shelters will be comanaged by CRS and the SocialAction Center of the Archdioceseof Cagayan de Oro.Joe Curry, CRS PhilippinesCountry Representative, saidthat he is grateful to XU forproviding the land for thetransition shelters and foroffering CRS a space to work inat the University. rXU hosts 5th CEAP Mindanao Summit on environmentXavier University played host tothis year’s Catholic EducationalAssociation of the Philippines(CEAP) Mindanao Summit,which stressed on the protection of theenvironment in the wake of natural disastersthat have hit the nation since last year.The assembly from Aug 10-11 at the LittleTheater carried the theme “Sendong –Its Impact to Mindanao & the CatholicSchools: Implications toward an Advocacyon Environment.” Presentations fromCEAP members centered on environmentalprotection and climate change adaptation.“Sendong became our teacher,” saidSr Maria Vida C Cordero SFIC, projectmanager of the Franciscan Eco-SpiritualityCenter. “It taught us many lessons. Amongthem is to listen to the environment.”JULY - SEPTEMBER 2012Sr Cordero admonished that we should notbe concerned only about our kapwa-tao(fellowmen) but also about our kapwanilalang (fellow creature). “The way werelate with our environment is the way werelate with our creator,” she said.He showed maps of Cagayan de Oro’sgrowing population and flood maps ofSendong and earlier tropical storms that hitthe city. The rapid growth of the city is notthe problem, he said. The challenge lies inmanaging the expansion well.Other topics in the plenary discussionsincluded the peace and environmentcurricula in Catholic schools by Fr AntonioMoreno SJ, CEAP National Vice Presidentand Ateneo de Zamboanga UniversityPresident, and updates from CEAP directorsfrom regions 9, 10, 11, 12, ARMM andCaraga. The gathering also doubled as the4th Mindanao Bishops’ CEAP Conference.The head of XU’s Lumbia ResettlementProject, Roel Ravanera, updated thecongregation on Xavier Ecoville, the XUled resettlement community for Sendongsurvivors. He shared on the progress of theconstruction of the permanent rowhousesand said that the beneficiaries are expectedto be moving in to their new homes thisDecember, a year since Sendong. rXU faculty members also gave presentationsand reactions during the event. ProfessorDexter Lo presented on disasters. Heexplained that disasters occur because of aconfluence of hazard, risk and vulnerability.

10 Featureanimal feeds and animalsupplements.Manresa Agro-Eco TourPackages complemented thecelebration. It aimed at creatingawareness among students,especially the younger ones,on nature conservation andagricultural appreciation.Horseback riding was a hitamong visitors.UNSTOPPABLEXUCA;celebrates 2012Manresa Daysby Stephen PedrozaNot the heat of thescorching sun, rainshowers or intermittentblack outs could stop thecelebration of the 2012 ManresaDays from pushing through onAug 16-18.The event opened with athanksgiving mass then a torchparade around Divisoria.Excitement leveled up withthe 25th Rodeo sa Ateneo withparticipants coming fromuniversities in Misamis Oriental,Bukidnon, Iligan and Camiguin.Students also participated inthe Amazing Race-inspiredManrazing Race.Those who were not so keenon rigorous physical activitiesjoined contests that tested theirartistic and mental acumen.High school students competedin quiz bowl, essay writing andposter making contests on thecelebration’s theme, “InnovatingSustainable Solutions.”Booths were also set-up topromote agricultural products,such as fresh meat andvegetables, seedlings, fertilizers,The celebration was also avenue for discussing seriousissues facing agriculture such asclimate change, biotechnology,the state of organic farmingand new trends in the industry.The convention was meant toinspire more agri-entrepreneursand generate more jobs in thesector.In addition to the usualfair during Manresa Days, theXU Junior Philippine Society ofAnimal Science in collaborationwith the City Veterinary Officeand CDO Dog Walkers launchedan anti-Rabies campaign.The event underscored theimportance of dog immunizationto prevent the spread of rabiestriggered infections.Dr Cecilia Mondia, XUCAresident veterinarian andvolunteer vet of the ManresaWildlife Sanctuary, pointed outthat responsible pet ownershipstarts with giving them propervaccination. Dog owners fromthe Aggie community werepleased to get free medicaladvice and vaccinations for theirdogs.This year’s Manresa Days alsohosted the most number ofcandidates for the Miss Rodeocompetition. 19 ladies fromagricultural schools in Region 10as far away as Camiguin paradedtheir best cowgirl outfits andimpressed the audience withtheir wit. The barn party pumpedup the crowd with barn dancemusic. rXAVIER MAGAZINE

FeatureManresaWildlifeSanctuary:Saving animalsat the brink ofextinctionby Stephen J. PedrozaAlthough scientistsconsider extinction asa natural occurrenceprior to the introductionof new species in nature,human-induced factors likeglobal warming and climatechange have acceleratedthis phenomenon. Declinein the population of wildlifeis happening in most partsof the world, including thePhilippines, considered asone of the biologically richestcountries in the world byConservation International.According to the InternationalUnion for Conservation ofNature (IUCN), the tamarawtops the critically endangeredspecies list in the country,with an estimated populationof less than 200 in 2008,making it one of the world’srarest mammals. Numerousefforts have been exerted toprotect and conserve wildlife,such as the establishment of11wildlife sanctuaries. One goalof wildlife conservation is tocreate temporary shelters forthe rehabilitation, propagationand scientific research ofmisplaced or recovered wildlife.Cooperation of governmentagencies and private institutionshas strengthened this target.Xavier University, throughits College of Agriculture, isan active advocate of wildlifeconservation. XU partnered withthe Department of Environmentand Natural Resources in 2009to establish the Manresa WildlifeSanctuary. There are only threewildlife sanctuaries in MisamisOriental. The other two are inthe municipalities of Mantianakand Initao. MWS is the youngestand is located at XU’s ManresaFarm in the uptown portion ofthe city. Its thick forest cover,wide area and accessiblelocation make Manresa Farm asuitable temporary shelter forwildlife animals rescued by theDENR Region 10 Rescue Center.Hernando Pacana, MWSmanager, says that priorto becoming a recognizedsanctuary, a number of animalslike pythons, flying snakes,fruit bats, monitor lizards andvarieties of birds have alreadybeen spotted in Manresa. Sinceabout,, the sanctuaryfor NextJULY - SEPTEMBER 2012year, MWS hopes to bring incrocodiles.available in the to feed to andforhesharesTreatments still administeredby Dr Cecilia Mondia, MWSvolunteer veterinarian, takescare of the animals placed inthe custody of the MWS. Shedoes the routine check-upsand recommends vaccination.Every three months, the DENRinspects the sanctuary andassess whether some of animalshave fully recovered and areready to be released into thewild.admits a He is opposed tohunting He says that ttheWith limited funding says thatthey maximize the sourcesto thet, in environmentalconservation(Photos by Stephen Pedroza)Brahminy Kite Eagle MonitorLizardTortoiseMacaque or Crabeating MonkeyThe Manresa Wildlife Sanctuaryserves as the temporary shelterof the recovered, confiscatedand captured wildlife animals. r

12The GreenAlternatives:by Vanessa GorraXAVIER MAGAZINE

13Aquick quiz: How much water did it take to make the cup of coffee you had this morning? If you said about250 ml, that’s the equivalent of a cup, you’re wrong. It took 35 gallons of water. It took enough water to filla bathtub to cultivate the coffee beans in your cup. How about the last hamburger you devoured? Well,635 gallons all used to grow the feeds for the cow. By 2025, the United Nations says two-thirds of theworld’s population will have experienced water scarcity.If you consider yourself an average Filipino, you throw away half a kilo of garbage every day. That’s expected todouble by 2025 according to a report by the World Bank. So, picture all 11,000 of us here at Xavier drinking coffeeand throwing things away, imagine the heaps of garbage that would pile up, and it won’t be long before we run outof places to hide from all our wastes.Thanks to climate change, which promises us a stormy future, we can no longer blithely dismiss wastemanagement as an abst

and business center is under the University’s Student Entrepreneurship Program (SEP), designed to train students to become successful entrepreneurs. At the ground floor are shopping stalls operated by students taking up entrepreneurship courses while the second floor houses the training and