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VILLAGES NATURE,FOCUSED ON INNOVATIONAND THE FUTUREImagine there was a unique destination in Europe where you could get back in touchwith Nature and swim all year round in a one-of-a-kind geothermal lagoon. Thisunique world is Villages Nature, located at the heart of the first European touristhub which has grown up around Disneyland Paris, in Marne-la-Vallée, for over thelast 20 years. Driven by its goals of sustainable development and backed by its twoparent companies, Villages Nature is an exceptional project: UNIQUE, fundamentallySUSTAINABLE and resolutely PROFITABLE.32 km from Paris and 6 km from Disneyland Paris, Europe’s numberone tourist destination with over 250 million visits in 20 years.A project developed by two key players in the Frenchand European tourism market: Euro Disneyand Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs.1,730 cottages and apartments classified as Holiday Residences.16 hectares of recreational and leisure facilities, including shopsand restaurants.3

BrusselsLondonEurostar/ThalysNorth-European High Speed TrainRoissyCharles-de-GaulleEast EuropeanHigh Speed TrainA4 HighwayDisneyland ParisA4 HParisighwayVal d’EuropeSEINE-ET-MARNEOrlyWest/South-WestHigh Speed TrainBordeauxNantesSouth-East High Speed TrainLyonMarseille4StrasbourgFrankfurtStuttgart

A MAJOR EUROPEANTOURISM HUB INTHE IMMEDIATE VICINITY OF:The most important high speedtrain (“TGV”) interconnection hubin France: Marne-la-Vallée/Chessystation, located 10 minutes by trainfrom the Roissy-CDG internationalairport and 2h15 fromLondon-St Pancras,The Val d’Europe area, with itsregional railway (RER) and itsInternational Shopping Centerincluding La Vallée Village ChicOutlet Shopping ,A STRATEGIC LOCATION, 32 KM FROM PARISAND 6 KM FROM DISNEYLAND PARISAt the heart of the Paris Ile-de-France region, the world’s number one touristdestination, Villages Nature enjoys unprecedented potential to attract vastnumbers of French and European tourists.Developing 180 hectares during its first phase, Villages Nature will offer upscaleHoliday Residences and a wide variety of relaxation and leisure activities in a highquality natural setting. Plus, its privileged location1 makes it the ideal starting pointto visit Disneyland Paris, as well as the tourist attractions and cultural treasuresof the Paris Ile-de-France region and the Seine-et-Marne “département”.The A4 highway.AT THE HEART OF THE PARIS ILE-DE-FRANCE REGION,THE WORLD’S NUMBER ONE TOURIST DESTINATIONFRANCE81.4 MILLIONVISITORS IN 20112OVERALLILE-DE-FRANCEREGION TOURISM32.7 MILLIONVISITORS IN 201131/ Villages Nature is located in the Seine-et-Marne “département”, in the municipalities of Villeneuve-le-Comte, Bailly-Romainvilliers and Serris.2/ 2011 Tourism Report by the National Department for Competitiveness, Industry and Services - July 20123/ Paris Ile-de-France Regional Tourism Committee - September 20125

The Lakefront Promenade, First sketch - T.Huau/Interscène6

SUSTAINABLEHARMONY BETWEENMAN AND NATUREAT THE HEART OF THE PROJECTAN OPTIMISTIC VISION OF 21ST CENTURY TOURISMBASED ON THE JOYS AND WONDER OF NATUREIn our modern society, driven by performance, each of us longs for more harmony and relaxation duringour free time. At Villages Nature, the interaction between Man and Nature is the driving force that willsatisfy this longing. It will express itself through new experiences, enabling each of us to bond withfamily and friends, within an enhanced and enchanted natural environment that is close to home andeasily accessible. Here, at the crossroads of human ingenuity and Nature’s wonder, each day will bringunique sensations, rediscovered emotions and shared pleasures.VILLAGESNATURE97%OF HEATING REQUIREMENTPROVIDED BY GEOTHERMALENERGY7

TAKING SUSTAINABLETOURISM ONE STEP FURTHERThe “One Planet Living” methodology developed by BioRegional and WWF International was usedto determine the ten key targets of Villages Nature’s commitment to sustainable development.One example is the site-wide goal of “zero carbon, zero waste, zero cars”, integrated in design phase.This commitment also extends to:lLocal and sustainable materials,lSustainable water,lRespect of the site’s biodiversity,lAn active contribution to local economic and social development.These measurable commitments will be tracked over time, enabling Villages Nature to stay true toits initial concept of making the smallest ecological footprint possible, as well as protecting andpromoting its host region’s environmental and cultural assets.8

AN INVITATION TO SHAREAND PARTICIPATE INSUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENTAt Villages Nature, sustainable development will go beyond a list of norms: it will offer theopportunity to enjoy a unique experience at the heart of Nature in all its diversity and abundance,enhanced by the hand of Man; an environment that will inspire each of us to protect it, makeit our own and contemplate its beauty. A real bridge connecting Paris’ outer suburbs and theexceptional woodlands of the Seine-et-Marne “département”, Villages Nature will invite guests,through its various facilities and activities, to experience the varied rhythms of Nature, cateringto all five senses. Many opportunities to create the unexpected and stimulate the imaginationof the guests and their families.PROMISINGMARKET RESEARCHStudies carried out from 2006 to 2011 by Oliver Wyman/Mercer concluded that Europeans have a keen interest in adestination combining Nature, leisure activities, relaxationand quality time with family and friends. This is particularlythe case in key markets such as France, the Benelux countries,the United Kingdom and Germany.The Lakefront Promenade, the campfire - First sketch T.Huau/Interscène9

VILLAGESNATUREVILLAGESNATURE9,000 sqmCOVERED WATER PARK2,500 sqmOUTDOOR LAGOONThe Aqualagoon - Jacques Ferrier Architectures (JFA)10

A UNIQUE VENUE,THE DESTINATION’S ICONUNIQUEA LAGOON HEATED BY GEOTHERMALENERGY TO MORE THAN 30 CFOR YEAR-ROUND SWIMMINGThe story begins with the presence of an underground geothermalsource - the Francilian “Dogger” - located at a depth of 1,800 meters:this ”true genius”, inspired the designers of the site’s icon, theAqualagoon. It will include a large open-air lagoon for year-roundswimming in water heated to more than 30 C, next to one of thebiggest covered water parks in Europe.A landscaped path will take guests to the top of the emblematic WaterPark pyramid, where they can enjoy a view overlooking Villages Natureand the surrounding forests.The water will cascade down from the Water Park and throughplant-lined pools into the outside lagoon, before flowing into the lake.The geothermal energy will thus offer to visitors a unique experiencein Europe to be entertained and to recharge their batteries.11

Offering 16 hectares dedicated to recreational facilities,1,730 cottages and apartments designed to be at onewith Nature, as well as the Suspended Gardens and theLakefront Promenade with shops and themed restaurants.Villages Nature will enable everyone to relax just 35 minutesfrom Paris. Guaranteed success.SHOPS AND RESTAURANTSTHE SUSPENDED GARDENSThe Suspended Gardens, the Lakeside Promenade and the Aqualagoon – T. Huau/Interscène ; Jean de Gastines Architecte ; Jacques Ferrier Architectures (JFA)12


ARCHITECTUREAT ONE WITH NATUREVillages Nature will primarily feature natural elements such as wood,green walls, and suspended gardens. In fact, the project drew itsinspiration from the most visionary achievement in ecologicalarchitecture: the Arts & Crafts movement, works of Austrian architectFriedensreich Hundertwasser.The Lakefront Promenade, the landing stage – First sketch T. Huau/Interscène14

EXCEPTIONAL TALENTSFOR A UNIQUE PROJECTA unique project demands visionarytalent. This is why the Villages Naturedesigners called on some of the biggestnames in urban planning and architecture:For the project’s overall masterplanning andlandscaping: THIERRY HUAU, a well-knownFrench landscape architect and planner, founderof Interscène, who designed the Terra BotanicaPark near Angers in France. Working withWALT DISNEY IMAGINEERING, the worldwideDisney entity dedicated to creating themeparks and hotels, he also oversees the artisticdirection for the entire project.For the Water Park and its pyramid:JACQUES FERRIER (architect of theFrench Pavilion at the Universal Exhibitionin Shanghai).For accommodation units:JEAN DE GASTINES (Center Parcs,participated in the eco-design of theCentre Pompidou-Metz in France).For the Farm:LIONEL DE SEGONZAC.15

A HOST OF ACTIVITIES TO DISCOVER!Spending quality time with family and friends, challenging yourselfin the outdoors or, on the contrary, meditating and living at the paceof Nature throughout the site, new and original activities are available,inviting guests to explore new sources of emotions and sensations forunforgettable memories.THE FARMTHE AQUALAGOONan iconic expression of water in all its forms:One of the biggest covered water parks inEurope, with its outdoor geothermal lagoonopen year-round for swimming.a firsthand experience with living creatures,local produce and farmyard animals willawaken all five senses. It will be completedwith a Farmers Market, a place to meet andexchange with local food producers.THE ENCHANTED ISLANDTHE EXTRAORDINARY GARDENSa universe of outdoor games and huts dedicatedto the imagery of the forest and its legends.and their journeys of artistic contemplation(Land Art ), meditation and playfuldiscovery, all dedicated to Nature’sfour elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water.THE BEACHoffers a natural swimming experience in the warmerweather, or a rousing game of beach-volley on thesand court. Its outdoor theater will host live showsor open-air video projections.16

WALKING TRAILSAND HORSE TRAILSthemed itineraries are designedfor moments of artistic discovery(Land Art) or learning aboutbiodiversity (flora and fauna).THE KID’S CLUBhosting the youngest guests, andbowling lanes for having fun withfamily and friends.THE SPAwith sauna and hammam, offeringTHEMED RESTAURANTSAND SHOPSrelaxation and well-being, opensto celebrate Nature in all its abundance.towards a garden in the heart of Nature.THE LAKEwith its esplanade and landing stage:THE FORUMa modular, convivial seminarcenter that can host up to 400 the heart of Villages Nature, wherethe entire family can go boating or rowing.THE ACTIVE FORESTfor an adrenaline rush in the trees thatwill test all the senses (treetop adventure,rope bridges, bungee jumping, etc.)THE PLAYHOUSEa friendly indoor area, a living spaceand a space to entertain, whereeveryone can relax and play gamesin the evening or during bad weather.17

THREE THEMESThree special designs for qualitytime with your loved ones”Bulle” bathroom interior design - Ana Moussinet Interior Design18

“Bulle” living room interior design Ana Moussinet Interior Design1 Bulle“Bulle” bedroom interior design Ana Moussinet Interior DesignRECHARGE YOUR BATTERIES SURROUNDEDBY LUXURY AND WELL-BEINGA place to indulge, where Nature is a source of pleasure and delight.A particular focus is placed on the bathroom where the hydro-massage showerand the Jacuzzi tub – with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape provide the ideal spa setting to help you “disconnect”.Individual cottagesand apartmentsAt the heart of the forestor on the lakeside19

2 Nature“Nature” bedroom interior design SparcstudioAN AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCEAT THE HEART OF NATUREThis design highlights a direct link to Nature in a“Country Chic” athmosphere: opening onto thelandscaped environment, the apartments and cottageshave all been designed to enable each guest toreconnect with Nature. The use of natural materialsand decorative choices strengthen the relationshipwith the site surroundings.“Nature” living room interior design - Sparcstudio20“Nature” living room interior design - Sparcstudio

Individual cottages andapartmentsAt the heart of the forestor on the lakeside21

3 ClanIndividual cottagesAt the heart of the forestRECONNECT WITHYOUR LOVED ONESIN A PLAYFUL MODEThese accommodations are designed for familiesand friends where all will share experiencesaround the world of play and imagination.The living room is the heart of the cottage, thebest place to spend time and create memoriestogether.“Clan” living room interior design – L’atelier Sophie Jacqmin22

“Clan” bedroom interior design – L’atelier Sophie Jacqmin“Clan” bedroom interior design – L’atelier Sophie Jacqmin23

VILLAGES NATURE,AN UPSCALE PROPERTYINVESTMENT, SECUREAND PROFITABLEHoliday Residences and leisure facilities availablefor individual and corporate investors.HIGH-PERFORMANCE PROFITABILITYAccess very attractively-priced propertyin the high-performing Ile-de-France region.Enjoy secure returns guaranteed by two major tourismand property investment players in France and Europe.A PROVIDENT INVESTMENTBuild complementary revenue for your retirement.Protect your family with a capital as well as rental income.“Bulle” cottages landscaping insertion - Jean de Gastines Architecte ; T. Huau/Interscène24

A PROVENDEVELOPMENTMODELFISCAL ADVANTAGES1A highly advantageous fiscal status:the non-professional furnished rental (“LMNP”)enables your taxes and social charges (“CSG”, “CRDS”)to be reduced considerably.1/ Relevant only to French tax residents as defined under French law.The Villages Nature developmentmodel is based on the expertisethat has made Pierre & VacancesCenter Parcs a resoundingsuccess for over 45 years, interms of Holiday Residencesconstruction and managementin Western Europe.GUARANTEED RENT,HASSLE-FREE MANAGEMENTEnjoy the rental property management know-howof two major international groups.Receive guaranteed, indexed rental payments.PROFITABLERecover the VAT on the purchase price.No co-ownership or usual maintenance charges to pay.25

VILLAGES NATURE,KEY ASSETSFOR PROPERTYINVESTMENT100% SUSTAINABLEPierre & Vacances Center Parcs and Euro Disney,two groups both leaders on the property investmentand tourism markets in France and Europe.A unique project for sustainable family tourismin Europe.100% UNIQUEA PROJECT WITH ALLTHE ADVANTAGESSOUGHT BY INVESTORSA concrete expression of the harmony betweenMan and Nature, a whole new approach to 21stCentury tourism.A lagoon heated by geothermal energy to over30 C for year-round swimming.An exceptional location, an upscale property investment,Innovative architecture, at one with Nature.a guaranteed net rental returns, the pride of being partof a project with undeniable potential: Villages Naturerepresents a rare opportunity to constitute a referenceproperty portfolio, while participating in a major tourisminnovation.100% PROFITABLEA strategic location at the heart of theParis Ile-de-France region, the world’snumber one tourist destination.An upscale, innovative property.Guaranteed returns and profitability.26

THE PROJECT’S FORECAST SCHEDULEA first part of Phase 1 of Villages Nature is scheduled to open inspring 2016. It will include 1,157 cottages and apartments, as well astwo-thirds of the leisure facilities, and will be followed, at the endof 2017, by a second part including 573 cottages and apartments,as well as the remaining third of the leisure facilities.27

Contact us today!Bernard [email protected] 31(0)6-50 63 18 04Michiel [email protected] 31(0)6-50 63 17 59- February 2013 – Photo credits: Getty Images, Fotolia, Disney, Pixelis - Non-contractual document - Printed on recycled paper.Interested to know more about the opportunity toinvest?DesignedThe Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group brings to the project its original leaseback model, backed by 45 years of success. The group makes rentalproperty investment hassle-free, ensuring both maintenance and management to relieve owners of the usual property-related constraints. As for EuroDisney, it contributes its storytelling skills, its international creative experience in the Disney theme parks and hotels and its excellence in terms ofquality service.

Imagine there was a unique destination in Europe where you could get back in touch with Nature and swim all year round in a one-of-a-kind geothermal lagoon. This unique world is Villages Nature, located at the heart of the first European tourist hub which has grown up around Disneyland Paris, in Marne-la-Val