SMC STUDENT GUIDETABLE OF CONTENTSSUBJECTPARAChapter 1 – Course SummaryPAGE3Mission.Vision .Sergeants Major Course Description .Purpose.Higher Education Opportunities.International Military Student Sponsor Opportunities.1-11-21-31-41-51-6333344Chapter 2 – Pre-Arrival Requirements5Purpose. 2-1Pre-Arrival Tasks and Documentation. 2-255Chapter 3 – Arrival and In-Processing9Purpose. .Permanent Change of Station .Initial Reporting.Sister Service Initial Reporting.In-Processing USASMA.Security Clearance.Sponsorship Program.Uniforms .Local Schools Information .Household Goods.Quarters .Finance.Vehicle and Weapons Registration.Bicycles. .Pets. . .Family Care 143-153-16Chapter 4 – General se.Standards of Conduct.Chain of Command .Student/Instructor Relationship.Student Participation.Protocol .Uniform Policy.Pass and Leave Policy .Off-Limits Areas .Travel to 718181818

SMC STUDENT GUIDETABLE OF CONTENTS (CONTINUED)Appendix A: Student Committees .19Appendix B: Student Leadership Positions.202

CHAPTER 1COURSE SUMMARY1-1 MISSION. The United States Army Sergeants Major Academy (USASMA) provides the Armywith adaptive senior enlisted leaders of character and competence prepared to be effective leaders.These leaders, grounded in Army and Joint doctrine, exploit opportunities by leveraging and applyingArmy resources.1-2 VISION. The USASMA is the premier professional military education (PME) institutionfocused on providing the Army with agile and adaptive senior leaders.1-3. SERGEANTS MAJOR COURSE DESCRIPTION. This course provides tools to develop criticalreasoning, creative thinking and decision-making skills. Soldiers are provided an education that teachesthem to enhance their character, self-expression, and strengthen teamwork abilities. The course assists inthe development of logical, practical and original reasoning abilities necessary for problem solving.Students analyze problems based on available information, arrive at logical solutions and decisions withreasonable speed, communicate reasoning and decisions orally and in writing, and supervise to ensureproper execution. Intellectual honesty, integrity, and professional values and standards are highly stressed.The SMC contains a total of 1,484.7 instructional hours, and is also offered as a nonresident course whichculminates with two weeks of resident instruction at the Academy1-4. PURPOSE. The SMC prepares master sergeants and sergeants major to elevate from a tacticallevel of thinking to an operational and strategic perspective thus preparing them for leadershippositions in organizations executing unified land operations. What Soldiers learn prepares them forleadership positions in joint, interagency, intergovernmental, multinational organizations (JIIM) aswell as battalion, brigade, and division through echelons-above-corps (EAC) staff sergeants majorcommand levels.3

1-5. HIGHER EDUCATION OPPORTUNITIES.a. On 17 January 2019, the Higher Learning Commission, a regionally accredited body, granted theCommand and General Staff College (CGSC) authority to confer a BA-LWD degree at the USASMA (asa branch campus of the CGSC) for qualified students attending the SMC-R. Information regarding theLWD program can be found on the World Campus website s/Sergeants-Major-Course/Resident-Students/.b. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the USASMA Education Program Analyst as soon aspossible, who can provide more details on the BA-LWD degree program and help in developing a degreecompletion plan tailored to each student’s level of education: Contact the USASMA Education ProgramAnalyst to get started.c. Regionally accredited institutions provide college-level courses designed to enable you toachieve individual self-development and supports the Department of the Army noncommissionedofficer educational goals (AR 621-5). The demanding SMC curriculum should be your primary focus,but we encourage you to pursue and complete a degree during non-duty hours. Contact the USASMAEducation Program Analyst during in-processing for more information.Mr. Shawn P. Conrad (USASMA Education Program Analyst)Email: [email protected]: 915-744-8243d. If you wish to attend college courses while at the USASMA, you need to enroll in the GoArmyEdprogram or see your Education Counselor. We recommend that you enroll in the GoArmyEd prior toyour PCS.Ensure you contact the USASMA Education Program Analyst upon enrollment.1-6. INTERNATIONAL MILITARY STUDENT SPONSOR OPPORTUNITIES.a. All students can apply to be an International Military Student Sponsor. Military sponsorsestablish relationships with the international student throughout the course from reception tograduation. Military sponsors also help the International Student in their Academic Learningthroughout the course. If interested in becoming an International Sponsor please check theInternational Military Student Office (IMSO) website at, or email the following IMSO staff members forinformation on the IMS sponsor program: [email protected] ;[email protected] ;[email protected]

CHAPTER 2PRE-ARRIVAL REQUIREMENTS2-1. PURPOSE. The student guide contains prerequisite and administrative information for the SMC.Additionally, it provides guidance that will make your arrival and transition to the Academy easier.You may contact the USASMA S1 at 915-744-9422, 11291 SGT E. Churchill St., Fort Bliss,Texas 79918-8002 if you have any questions/concerns regarding your PCS.2-2. PRE-ARRIVAL TASKS AND DOCUMENTATION.a. You must report to the Academy with all required documentation and pre-arrival tasks completed. Youmust work with the 1SG during the pre-arrival period to alleviate any issues or problems. If you haveconcerns, contact the 1SG at 915-744-2254.b. Pre-arrival Tasks:1) You must read the student guide and comply with the SMC requirements. The link for the SMC web pageis Sergeants-Major-Course/Resident-Students/2) Bring all military uniforms (ASU, ACU, APFU, etc.) for the start of the course. You will wear yourArmy Service Uniform within the first two weeks of arrival. DO NOT PACK YOUR UNIFORMS INYOUR HOUSEHOLD GOODS SHIPMENT.3) Upon arrival, you must meet the Army’s height and weight standards and be able to pass the physicalassessment; see AR 350-1 (Army Training and Leader Development). Failure to meet the standard willresult in course dismissal.4) If you have a P2/P3 profile and have appeared before a Medical Board, a copy of the results findingyou fit for duty must be hand carried to the SMC in-processing. Your profile(s) must be up-to-date andin the E-PROFILE system. Personnel on temporary profile who cannot take an alternate APFT event areineligible to enroll in the SMC.5) You must update your TRICARE Prime enrollment for the (Western) region for your medical care;you should choose MENDOZA CLINIC as your medical treatment facility (MTF). You can transferenrollment via the internet at by completing the online enrollment form. Failure tocomplete this enrollment may hinder access to prompt medical care. You must ensure that your familymembers’ DEERS records are also up-to-date.Fort Bliss EFMP Website: l-family-memberprogram-efmp/Commercial: 915-742-3715 (option 5)William Beaumont Website: ervices/efmp.aspx5

6) If your current assignment is as a First Sergeant or Command Sergeant Major, you must provide a DAForm 4187 showing a lateral appointment to the rank of Master Sergeant or Sergeant Major prior todeparture from the losing station. You will change the rank on your uniform PRIOR to your report date.7) If you are active duty, you will incur a 24-month service obligation upon graduation from the SMC.You must extend or reenlist to meet this obligation PRIOR to arrival. All active duty Soldiers mustemail a scanned copy of extension/reenlistment documentation and a signed service statement to theSergeants Major Branch at HRC and to the USASMA Registrar NLT 1 April 2020. National Guard servicemembers incur a 6-month service obligation upon graduation from the SMC. Sister Service personnelshould check their service regulations for any service obligation incurred by graduation from thiscourse.HRC Sergeants Major BranchEmail: cial: 502-613-5874Ms. Amanda Serna (USASMA Registrar)Email: [email protected]: 915-744-86338) Any Special Duty Assignment Pay Program (SDAP) entitlement must terminate the day PRIOR todeparting from your losing station. It is your responsibility to terminate your SDAP to prevent overpaymentand unnecessary financial hardship resulting from future collection.9) You must enroll in the Army Training & Certification Tracking System (ATCTS) PRIOR todeparting your losing station. This system ensures the completion of training on Information Awareness(IA) and four additional requirements needed for an Army e-mail account. You must enroll in this systemand then complete the required training PRIOR to arriving to Fort Bliss. Ensure your IA certificate willnot expire PRIOR to your arrival to Fort Bliss. The ATCTS is a Common Access Card (CAC) onlysystem. Failure to register will result in denial of Outlook access. You will have access to yourcertificates alleviating the need for hard copies. Bring the paper copies of these five certificates oftraining to the SMC in-processing if you have issues with the system. Once enrolled, you will receivenotification by ATCTS when your training and certificates are due. The ATCTS website is If you have not had your e-mail accounts migrated to a [email protected] account, ensure you clear yourOutlook/NEC accounts from your losing station. YOU MUST DELETE your home station accounts inorder to establish an account upon arriving to the SMC.11) If you have issues using your government travel charge card during your PCS contact the USASMAA/OPC. If you require TDY while attending the SMC, Resource Management and Logistics (G4) willassist with your account.Mr. Carlos Teranmorales (USASMA Agency/Organization ProgramCoordinator (A/OPC) and G-4 Training Support Assistant) Email:[email protected]: 915-744-836712) It is highly recommended that your family PCS with you. The SMC will not support requests to changeyour follow-on assignment based on you leaving your family at your previous duty station. If you elect to6

leave your family at the home duty station, you will draw basic allowance for housing (BAH) at the FortBliss rate IAW Chapter 23, AR 37-104-3. Current BAH rates can be found at If you are currently on a CONUS assignment, you are eligible forthe PME waiver while at the Academy but you must apply for the waiver PRIOR to your arrival;process the waiver through your losing station G1. If you do not apply for the PME waiver PRIOR toyour arrival, you will draw the Fort Bliss rate for BAH until the waiver is submitted and approved. Theapproved waiver must be on the PCS orders or orders amendments to include the BAH PME approvalstatement. OCONUS assignments are not authorized the PME waiver. See MILPER Message 14-17413) The Medical Protection System (MEDPROS) and the Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) status must be greenwithin 90 days of starting the course.14) Complete the USASMA Registrar academic prerequisites and AR 350-1 pre-arrival tasks NLT 31July; refer to the SMC Pre-Arrival Task List on the SMC world campus website for moreinformation.c. Hand-carry the following administrative documents to the Academy:1) PCS Orders with any Amendments (x 10 copies)2) SRB3) Joint Service Transcript (JST)4) College Transcript(s). Bring a student copy and an official copy, if you intend to attend collegewhile at the course5) X-Rays, MRI’s, CT Scans, Medical Records, Dental Records (if applicable)6) Lateral appointment 41877) DA Form 31 (original w/ 10 copies)8) All appropriate S-2 paperwork (EPSQ, Security Clearance, etc.)9) DD 1561 (Family Separation) (if applicable)10) Termination of Quarters Form (if applicable)11) Marriage Decree, Divorce Decree, Birth Certificates, etc. (needed to recertify BAH andcomplete annual Finance Records Review/ Personnel Records Review)12) All finance paperwork (vehicle weight tickets, receipts, advance pay, etc.)13) Vehicle registration paperwork and vehicle insurance14) School enrollment paperwork, children’s medical test results, children’s shot records,birth certificates, and last report card15) Information Awareness Certificates (if student could not enroll in ACTCS)16) Army Training Requirements Certificates as per AR 350-1 and the Pre-Arrival Task List:7

17) Additional documents required at in-processing for M-Day/TPU/IRR/IMA Soldiers and does notapply to AGRs. This action starts the process of acquiring DD 214s given as part of the graduationpacket.a) DA Form 2A or DA Form 2-1b) SGLV Form 8286c) DD Form 93d) All previous DD Form 214se) All DD Form 4/1s and 4/2sf)All DA Form 4836s and the DD Form 4. The DD Form 4 needs to be the one that the DAForm 4836s are based ong) All DD Form 4/3s for any Reserve Soldier who has been on Active Dutyh) Promotion orders for the current rank heldi)All awards that were not included on previous DD Form 214sj)Have a valid CAC card18) Additional documents for AGR: Please note that AGRs bring the following:a) SGLV Form 8286 and DD Form 938

CHAPTER 3Arrival and In-Processing3-1. PURPOSE. In-processing is a two-phase operation. The installation controls and administers thefirst phase through the Fort Bliss Welcome Center for Army personnel. The USASMA controls andadministers the second phase. Adherence to the guidance in Chapter 2, Pre-Arrival Tasks andDocumentation will minimize delays upon arrival to Fort Bliss, the NCOLCoE and the USASMA.3-2. PERMANENT CHANGE OF STATION.a. Assignment to the USASMA is a permanent change of station. You will submit a request to thelosing medical facility’s record section to transfer individual and family medical and dental records.Turn- in your Dental records to Dental Clinic #3 at 2954 Carrington Road, Ft Bliss, TX 915-7423303 as part of in-processing.b. All Army, ARNG (Title 10 and Title 32), and USAR (AGR) must arrive with a hard copy DA Form31. ARNG (MDAY and TECH) and USAR (TPU, IRR, and IMA) students travel on orders and donot need a DA Form 31 for in-processing.c. The USASMA S-1 will accept and hold mail for 90 days upon your arrival. The address is 11291SGT E. Churchill Road, Fort Bliss, TX 79918.3-3. INITIAL REPORTING.a. You will report to the USASMA, East Auditorium, building 11291, starting at 0700 on your report datefor information and instructions from the 1SG. The uniform is ACU or duty uniform for SisterService and international students. If you report after 1600, report to Staff Duty (Figure 1, pg. 11) forinstructions. In-processing will start the following day and students are required to bring all records anddocuments required to in-process. The 1SG will post the in-processing timeline in the hall areaoutside of the USASMA S1.b. The USASMA allows early reporting. It is HIGHLY recommended that you arrive early July to settleinto housing, have transportation delivered, and get acclimatized and oriented to the area prior to the start ofthe course.c. If arriving before 3 August 2020 all Army personnel with report to Fort Bliss Welcome Center,Building 505 Pershing Rd, 915-568-3035/1756 to in-process the installation. If you arrive on/after 3August, you will report directly to USASMA, SMC S1 in Building 11293, Rm 503 (Figure 1, pg. 11)and complete the installation in-processing at the academy during the first three days after the reportdate. Once you complete the Fort Bliss and the USASMA in-processing, you will report to the 1SG orinterim Class Leader daily.d. The TLE entitlement for Fort Bliss is 10 days; ensure you plan accordingly. Make temporary lodgingarrangements through the IHG Army Hotels found online -bliss/mfblc/hoteldetail or call 915-565-7777(extension “0” for the front desk). IHG Army Hotels allow up to two pets. The pet fee is 75.00(non-refundable) for both pets, which covers the first seven days. On the seventh day, the pet feebecomes 7.00 per day (one fee per day for all pets). The Armed Services YMCA Residence Inn andseveral other commercial establishments close to East Fort Bliss also allow pets. For any other special9

needs, please call 915-565-7777 extension 44367.e. Your losing station may grant Permissive TDY (PTDY) en-route to Fort Bliss. If you intend to usePTDY, call the Fort Bliss Housing Office to see how your PTDY DA 31 is validated at915-568-2898/2538.3-4. SISTER SERVICE INITIAL REPORTING.a. All Sister Service personnel will report directly to the USASMA East Auditorium (Figure 1, pg. 11) ontheir report date for the 0900 formation. DO NOT report to the Fort Bliss Welcome Center.b. Marines will coordinate with personnel records management through the Marine UnitAdministrative Section at 915-568-3127.c. Navy: the PSD, El Centro, CA maintains Navy personnel records. Personnel will coordinate theirpersonnel records management through the local Navy support activity: El Paso Navy Reserve Center4810 Pollard Street El Paso, TX 79930, 915-565-3993.d. Air Force personnel will coordinate records management, finance, and promotion testing through the49 FSS, Holloman AFB, and NM. If staffed, the SMC’s resident Air Force instructor will assist you incoordinating records management with the 49 FSS. Immediately submit your travel voucher through thePCS In-Processing System (PIPS) on Air Force Portal. Contact the 49 FSS WAPS Testing Center at575-572-5970 or DSN 572-5970 to schedule your promotion test. Contact 49 FSS at 575-572-7277/7278or DSN 572-7277/7278 for any questions/concerns regarding your PCS.e. Coast Guard will coordinate records management with the Office of Leadership, COMDT(CG-12C), Enlisted Professional Military Education Program Manager, 2703 Martin LutherKing Blvd, SE, Stop 7907, Washington D. C. 20593-7907, work number: (202) 475-5511.3-5. IN-PROCESSING THE USASMA.a. In-processing is designed to prepare you for classes and settling your families. The process takesseveral days to complete. DO NOT schedule any appointments or HHG deliveries during the first week ofthe course start date. Unaccompanied or single parents are advised to report early enough to settle theirhousehold.b. The 1SG or interim Class Leader will hold a daily 0900 morning formation at the USASMA EastAuditorium (Figure 1, pg. 11) for those who arrive prior to the course start date (after in-processing thewelcome center). The 1SG will advise and assist you if you have questions or issues. After the 0900formation, the 1SG will usually release you to continue to settle your home and prepare for the course.10

Figure 1 – USASMA Key Locationsc. The 1SG will provide an in-processing schedule and cover initial in-processing guidance to the class.You will receive the initial briefings from the 1SG and the USASMA Deputy Director.d. Family members will not attend the initial in-processing briefing.3-6. SECURITY CLEARANCE.a. You must possess at least a SECRET clearance. A requirement for promotion to Sergeant Major is aminimum of a SECRET clearance with a security investigation conducted within the last 10 years.b. Contact your departing unit Security Manager or S-2 regarding clearance status. If you possess aSECRET clearance and need a TOP SECRET for your next assignment, the USASMA will initiatethat investigation.c. All Periodic Reinvestigations that come due up to 30 days prior to the reporting date and during thecourse will be initiated at USASMA. Visual proof of Citizenship (Birth Certificate, Passport, orNaturalization Certificate) is required to process any investigation. If you require an investigation, youmust bring one of these documents with you.d. You should ensure your information in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) is correct andcurrent. You will have your records checked in JPAS. At a minimum, the record should include:1) An entry of “Yes” next to Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) showing a signed SF 312.2) An entry under Adjudication Summary showing the date of the last investigation and clearanceeligibility level.11

e. Make sure your current S-2 releases you in JPAS when out-processing. The NCOLCoE G-2must “own” you in JPAS before any investigation can be initiated.f. Students from other branches of service must meet the same minimum access security clearancerequirements stated above. U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) will email a clearance verification memo to theUSASMA Security Assistant, as the USCG does not use JPAS.MSG Saffron Fletcher (NCOLCoE G2)Email: [email protected]: 915-744-82113-7. SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM.a. This student guide meets the sponsorship requirement IAW Chapter 2 of AR 600-8-8. TheUSASMA Deputy Director acts as the Commander for students attending the SMC. The USASMADeputy Director and 1SG are the primary points of contact for all students during in-processing. Oncethe class begins, the student’s instructor is the first leader in your Chain of Command. TheUSASMA Reserve Component (RC) and Army National Guard (ARNG) Faculty Advisors areavailable to assist with specific RC and ARNG issues.Ms. Lisa RobersonEmail: [email protected]: (502) 613-5528DSN: (312) 983-5528USA Sergeants Major Academy (RC)/Pre-Command Course (RC) Military Schools BranchATTN: KNOX-HRC-EPF-S1600 Spearhead Division AvenueU.S. Army Human Resources Command of Excellence Fort Knox, KY 40122SGM Wayne F. Baker. (USASMA USAR Senior Advisor)Email: [email protected]: 915-744-8304Blackberry: 910-849-9589Fax: 915-744-8484SGM Tracy F. Cartwright (ARNG LNO)Email: [email protected]: 915-744-27833-8. UNIFORMS.a. Arrive at the Academy with all initial issue-clothing items. Upon arrival, ensure that all uniformsare ready to wear. The duty uniform is the ACU. Sister Service and international students will weartheir duty uniform equivalent. Several SMC activities require the wear of the formal dress uniform.The Fort Bliss Military Clothing Sales Store does not stock items for any other branches of militaryservice. The ASU and ACU uniforms will both be worn during the first month of the course. Youmay be required to wear the Tropical ASU. Prior to arrival, uniforms must reflect either MSG orSGM rank. Be advised that the Military Clothing Sales are often low on the MSG/SGM ranksfor the uniforms.12

b. You must also have appropriate business casual clothing for the duty day and social functions. Thecivilian dress code while on USASMA grounds or while attending the college courses is as follows:1) Males – Business casual equates to collared shirts, trousers, and closed-toe shoes.2) Females – Business casual equates to dress or blouse with skirt/pants, and closed-toe shoes.3) Shorts, sandals, jeans, tank tops and running shoes ARE NOT business casual civilian attire.c. Headgear - Special Forces (SF) qualified students may wear the Green Beret with the SF unassigned flashand the USASMA crest. All other students will wear the black beret with the blue flash and ULTIMA crest toinclude students coming from Ranger and Airborne units when wearing the ASU/dress uniform. The dutyuniform headgear is the ACU patrol cap.d. Distinctive Items Authorized for Infantry Personnel - the wear of the Infantry shoulder cord (commonlyreferred to as the "blue cord") is not authorized while assigned to the USASMA IAW AR 670-1 para19-30.3-9. LOCAL SCHOOLS INFORMATION.a. School volunteerism and parental support are outstanding between the community and families on FortBliss. Parental involvement in your child’s education and support will continue to promote the growth ofthe area schools. All children entering district schools from OCONUS locations must provide evidencethat they are free of tuberculosis prior to enrollment. Acceptable evidence is the results from a TB skintest (TB Tine), a chest x-ray, or a written physician's statement that the child is free of any signs/symptoms of TB. Additionally, Texas state law requires immunizations prior to admission into anyTexas public school system. If your child/children are currently participating in a gifted and talentedprogram, bring test results to expedite the process for entrance into the local gifted and talented programs.Contact the Fort Bliss school liaison office at 915-569-5064/5065. The Fort Bliss School Liaison webpage is support-services/b. Be prepared to provide the following records for your child’s registration in any local school:1) Birth certificate, baptismal certificate, or individual passport2) Health and immunization record3) Proof of residency (quarters assignment), utility bill (electric, water, etc.)4) Report card from school last attended5) Social Security card6) Valid ID of person enrolling the student7) Proof of income8) IEP if applicable13

Texas public school children must have a complete physical examination before they can participate in schoolathletics. If your children plan to participate in school athletics, having them undergo physical examinations atyour current duty station will expedite their acceptance for participation. Many schools have cut-off dates thatmay delay or prevent the child from participating in athletic programs.3-10. HOUSEHOLD GOODS.a. Expect delays in delivery of HHGs due to the volume of students and permanent party in-processing.Once HHGs arrive at Fort Bliss, the need for temporary storage may arise. You may use temporarystorage for a maximum of 90 days from the date your HHG shipment arrives. You are authorized onepartial delivery from your HHG shipment. Unaccompanied baggage shipments are not authorized partialdeliveries unless you are in a temporary housing situation. Visit your local transportation offices forinformation and assistance, especiall

a. You must report to the Academy with all required documentation and pre-arrival tasks completed. You must work with the 1SG during the pre-arrival period to alleviate any issues or problems. If you have concerns, contact the 1SG at 915-744-2254. b. Pre-arrival Tasks: 1) You must rea