Special termsVoom Fibre businessbroadbandVersion 5This document tells you about our Voom Fibre business broadband service. These special terms, alongwith our standard terms and conditions, explain exactly how we’ll work with you. We’ve done our best tocover everything, but if there’s anything you’d like to check, just call our Customer Services team on 0800052 0800. andinterpreting thisdocumentIn these special terms, words and termsmean the same as they do in ourstandard terms and conditions unlessthese special terms give a differentmeaning.Where the f ollowing words are printed inbold in these special terms, they havethe meanings set out below.4G Back-up Service refers to thesecondary internet connectivity providedto you via the 4G mobile network whenthere is a complete loss of connectivity toyour business broadband servicebetween the cable modem and CableModem Termination System (CMTS) asexplained in clause 22 of these specialterms.4G mobile network means the 4Gmobile network used to supply the 4GStart-up Service and 4G Back-upService.4G Start-up Service refers to the interiminternet connectivity provided to you viathe 4G mobile network before yourbusiness broadband service is installedas explained in clause 21 of thesespecial terms.acceptable use policy is the documentwhich sets out the rules for using theservice.chosen Option subject to you paying theadditional fee set out in the price guide.CPS service (carrier pre-select service)is a service that lets you make calls overour network even though your officesmay be outside the area our networkcovers.communication service means anyservice offering communication facilitiesdesigned to allow people to communicatewith others, including by email andthrough forums and online communities.CPE (customer premises equipment)means equipment you buy from us foryou to use with the service.fault response time Bolt-on means theBolt-on reducing the timeframe duringwhich we aim to resolve faults as set outin more detail in the price guide.initial start date means the service startdate of the first service (or part of thatservice) to be installed under a particularorder form.install cost means the fee set out in theprice guide payable for installation ofservice equipment and CPE at the startof an Option.internet service means our internetservice f orming part of the service fromtime to time.internet software means our softwaresupplied to you in connection with theinternet service.BT means British Telecommunicationsplc.LAN means the local area network, whichis a wired ethernet network on your sideof the NTE.Bolt-on means one of the extras set outin the price guide that you can select tosupplement the basic package under yourlinked sites means third party websitesthat can be visited from links on ourwebsite. Virgin Media Business

Special termsminimum term means 24 months fromthe initial start date unless you haveadded the Bolt-on for a shorter term asset out in more detail in the price guide.published from time to time s-and-conditions/Quickstart or Quickstart forBusiness ref ers to the self-installprocess for the businessbroadband service as explained inclause 20 of these special terms.NTE (network terminating equipment)means the service equipment or CPEthat connects to our communicationsnetwork and allows you to connect yourinternet protocol devices (such asswitches, personal computers andprinters) to our communicationsnetwork.RIPE NCC means Réseaux IPEuropéens, which is an organisationthat supports the infrastructure ofthe internet.offending material means materialwhich:supplemental terms means anyextra terms and conditions (otherthan these special terms and ourstandard terms and conditions) setout on our website that apply to theservice or one of the Bolt-ons.(a) is inaccurate, indecent,abusive, obscene,menacing or otherwiseof fensive, or which coulddamage a person’s ororganisation’s goodreputation;(b) breaks a confidence,copyright or otherintellectual propertyright, privacy or anyother right of any thirdparty;WLR service (wholesale line rentalservice) is a service where you haveBT lines through us and use theCPS service so we bill you for thoselines and the calls made on them.WLAN a wireless local area networkon your side of the NTE.1.3(c) breaks any law (includingthe Computer Misuse Act1990) or the acceptableuse policy; and/or(d) could harm ourcommunicationsnetwork or any otherthird party’s system,including materialcontaining a virus.Option means one of the predef ined combinations of servicesas set out in the price guide beforethe addition of any Bolt-ons.portal means the first website youreach when using the internetservice.premium install service meansthe service where we configure upto 15 of your devices into a standalone wired or wireless network andlink this to your broadband servicethrough the service equipment orpurchased equipment.price guide means the guide toOption details, prices and Bolt-ons Virgin Media BusinessClause 1.2 of our standard terms andconditions does not apply to the service.If there are any inconsistencies betweenthe documents making up theagreement, unless we state otherwisethe documents will take priority in thef ollowing order.1.3.1Any supplemental terms1.3.2The order form1.3.3The price guide1.3.4The special terms1.3.5The acceptable use policy1.3.6Our standard terms andconditions2.Selection of Optionsand Bolt-ons2.1Details of the different Options and theBolt-ons that you can add to them areset out in the price guide. We maychange the terms and conditionsapplicable to the Options and Bolt-onsf rom time to time. Clause 9.3 of ourstandard terms and conditions will apply.

Special terms2.2Other than Phone and Call Packages and4G Start-up Service, all Bolt-ons willterminate on the same day as yourchosen Option.2.3Our Voom Fibre business broadbandgives you speeds of up to 350Mb or up to500Mb.2.4At the time you select your Option(bef ore you enter into the contract), wewill confirm to you the actual downloadand upload speeds available to you,based on your postcode.3.Connection of theinternet service3.1Unless you and we agree otherwise inwriting you must not have more than oneitem of CPE connected at a site for usewith the internet service. You mustmake sure that the CPE is switched on atall times.3.2We may provide the internet service toyou through:3.2.1a cable modem; or3.2.2a cable gateway NTE device;4.Your apparatus for theinternet serviceThe f ollowing apply in addition to the provisionsrelating to your apparatus in our standard termsand conditions.4.1Unless we agree otherwise with you inwriting, you must not connect more than30 (or any other number stated in theorder form) devices, such as personalcomputers, to the equipment. If youbreak this clause, we will be entitled toend the agreement.4.2You agree that before you connect to theservice, you will do the following.4.2.1Make sure that the devicesyou are going to connect tothe equipment have operatingsystems and softwaresupported by the originalsupplier, and have allrecommended securitypatches and protection, suchas antivirus. We are not liablef or any damage caused byyou f ailing to secure yournetwork and systems whenconnecting to ourcommunications network orequipment.4.2.2Make sure your devices havea suitable network connector,and install network interfacecards (NICs) or wirelessnetwork adapters ifnecessary.4.2.3At the time of the installation,we will not supply anyservices other than those setout on the order form. Wewill only connect and configuredevices that meet therequirements set out in ourservice literature. We do notguarantee that yourapparatus can be connectedand configured to work withthe equipment.4.2.4When connecting yourdevices, we will create newwired or wireless networks.We will not connect to, orextend, any existing network.which is connected by coaxial cable toour communications network.3.3On the cable modem or cable gatewayNTE device, the network terminationpoint (the point beyond which we willhave no liability for the equipment) is thecommunications port to the LAN orWLAN. This will be an RJ45, ethernet orcommunications port, or an IEEE802.11wireless access port.3.4You are responsible for configuring yourLAN or WLAN and your apparatusunless we have agreed to provide thepremium install service.3.5You will always be responsible formaintaining your LAN or WLAN.3.6If we provide the premium installservice you must comply with clause 4.2below. If you do not comply and we areunable to complete the installation, wewill be entitled to charge you the fullcharges for the premium install serviceand an extra f ee for any further site visitsthat may be needed to complete theinstallation. Virgin Media Business

Special terms4.2.5You must give us all theaccess and information weneed f or the installation,including necessarypasswords and administratoraccess to your apparatus. Ifyou do not provide thisaccess or information whenwe need it, this may result inus not being able to completethe installation. In this casewe will be entitled to chargeyou an extra f ee for anyf urther site visits that may beneeded to complete theinstallation.4.3If you are adding the service to your ownlocal network, you must first make anynecessary checks with your networkadministrator.4.4You are responsible for getting allcomputer and other equipment orservices necessary to use the serviceproperly.4.5If you have bought equipment from us,we will replace it if it becomes faulty(unless this is due to your default ormisuse) within 12 months of the date youbought it. We have no other responsibilityf or maintaining purchased equipment.5.Providing the service5.1It is technically impractical to provide theservice f ree of faults, and we do notguarantee to do so. If there is a f ault inthe service, you should report it byphoning the customer support numberset out in the service literature or anyother number we specify from time totime. We will then use our reasonableef f orts to explain how you can correct thef ault yourself, or to repair the fault in linewith the service literature.5.2We do not guarantee that the service willnot be interrupted or that any messagesinf ormation transmitted through theservice will be transmitted accurately,reliably or in time.5.3If an access rate (speed) of the internetservice (or part of it) is specified on theorder form, you accept that the actualrate may be reduced: Virgin Media Business5.3.1by conflicts within our networkand in other internet networks;or5.3.2by rate adaptation of themodem.You accept that burst rates depend onthe specific way you access the internetservice. You accept that your connectionto the internet may automatically time outif you have not used it for a long time.You will then need to reconnect to theinternet. You also accept that there maybe other technical limits. We will use ourreasonable efforts to keep you informedof any such limits.5.4The internet service gives you to accessto the internet, services provided by thirdparties and other materials. Apart fromany website controlled by us, we do notcontrol and are not responsible for thecontent of material you get by using theinternet service. You are responsible formaking a decision on the suitability,quality or legality of accessing, viewing ordownloading any material from theinternet.5.5We can change phone numbers ordialling codes, or the specification of theservice, f or operational reasons. Wereserve the right to use premium ratenumbers and off-shore call centres.6.Service start date andpaying for the service6.1We can start charging for all servicesordered on a particular order form fromthe initial start date.6.2Monthly charges for Bolt-ons (asdescribed in the price guide) are billed30 days in advance from the initial startdate. The only exception to this is whena Bolt-on is added part way through amonth. In this instance the next bill willinclude both the pro-rated charge for thepart-month and the charge for theimmediately following month. We willinvoice you for the installation charges forall services ordered on a particular orderform on or around the initial start dateor any other date we give you.6.3If you have added a phone line and callpackage:

Special terms6.3.1as well as the charges you areliable f or, you must also payall of any third-party operator’scharges arising in connectionwith or as a result of youusing the service; and6.3.2we will invoice you for callcharges (if any) monthly inarrears f rom the initial startdate. These charges will bebased on your use of theservice as recorded by us.6.4We invoice you for the price of the CPEon or around the date we deliver theCPE.6.5We will invoice you for any other chargesas set out in the price guide or asotherwise agreed in writing.7.Changing Options andBolt-ons7.1Once you have selected an Option, youcannot change to a different Optionbef ore the end of the minimum term,unless you cancel your existing Option,pay the charges referred to in clause 8.2and sign up to a new Option. You canadd Bolt-ons to your Option at any timeduring the minimum term as follows: Phone line and associatedcall packages can be addedto your Option as set out inthe price guide.7.1.2You can add Bolt-ons (otherthan a Phone Line) during theminimum term if they areshown in the price guide asavailable with your chosenOption by completing a neworder form. We will confirmany changes and when theywill take ef fect by email.Ending the agreementearly and cancellationchargesYou cannot end the agreement for onlypart of the service. Clause 21.2 of ourstandard terms and conditions will notapply to Voom Fibre business broadband. Virgin Media Business8.2If you terminate your Option before theend of the minimum term you will pay tous the cancellation charges underclauses 17.4 or 21.2.of our standardterms and conditions.9.Trademarks andLogosThe image, logos and names on our websitewhich identify us, members of our group ofcompanies or third parties and our or theirproducts and services are our or their officialcompany marks. Nothing contained on ourwebsite gives you any licence or right relating tothat image, logo or name.10. Using the serviceAs well as the provisions in our standard termsand conditions that relate to you using theservice, the following also apply.10.1You must make sure any use of theservice keeps to the acceptable usepolicy. You are bound by any changeswe make to the acceptable use policy.We will put notice of those changes onour website.Any changes will come into effect 30 daysf rom the date we put notice of them onour website. If a change to theacceptable use policy is to yourmaterial detriment (that is, you aresignificantly worse off), you can end theagreement under clause 20.2 of ourstandard terms and conditions.10.2Without affecting the general nature ofclause11.3 of our standard terms andconditions, you agree not to use theinternet service, and not to let any otherperson use it, to store or reproduce anyoffending material.10.3We can monitor and inspect any websitehosted by the internet service. If webelieve that you have broken clause10.2, we may (but are not obliged to):10.3.1remove the relevant material,data, images or information;10.3.2suspend or stop providing theservice or any part of it; and10.3.3end the agreement; withoutgiving you notice.

Special terms10.4You are responsible for getting allnecessary material, data, images andinf ormation you need to use the service,including for the design of any website.10.5You must get and maintain allpermissions or licences you need(including permission from any relevantcopyright holders, music- licensingauthorities and performers’representatives) in connection with thecontent of communications transmittedthrough the service. You will indemnifyus f or any loss or damage we suffer as aresult of not meeting your obligationsunder this clause 10.5, clause 15.4 of ourstandard terms and conditions will notapply to the indemnity in this clause you break clause 10.1, we maysuspend or end the agreement withoutgiving you notice.Without having any obligation to do so,we can block access to, or edit, refuse orremove any material from ourcommunications network (includingwebspace and mailboxes) which wehave reason to believe could break thisagreement or the acceptable usepolicy.10.10.3as part of any package or promotion weprovide the service under.10.11 You accept that the internet service maybe supplied on a shared server and thatyour use of the service may be affectedby the level of access by other users.10.12 Where your Option provides you with adynamic IP address, all your apparatusconnected to our equipment must beconfigured to get an IP (internet protocol)address automatically every time theinternet service is used. You mustmaintain that configuration of yourapparatus at all times.10.13 If your Option provides you with static IPaddresses you will have the same IPaddress (a static IP address) for yourapparatus each time the internetservice is used.10.14 Despite clause 10.13 above, we will notbe liable f or any change we make to anyIP address (including a static IP address)if :10.14.1the change is neededbecause we are upgrading ormaintaining ourcommunications network orf or any operational reason, inwhich case we will use ourreasonable efforts to give youat least 14 days’ notice of thechange;10.14.2the identity of the IP addressis af f ected by any change inconfiguration or functioning ofyour apparatus or any otheraction taken by you; and/or10.14.3you choose to move betweendif ferent levels of static IPaddresses eg changing fromsingle static IP address to 13static IP addresses or viceversa. Any such changes willresult in changes in the IPaddress number range issuedf or your use.If we receive a complaint about anymaterial published or transmitted usingthe service, we will be entitled to takesuch action without investigating thecomplaint.10.810.9Without having any obligation to do so,we can f ilter emails and remove anyemail which:10.8.1contains, or is suspected ofcontaining, a virus; or10.8.2we consider ‘email spam’ asref erred to in the acceptableuse policy.Ownership of and intellectual propertyrights in the content you get access tousing the service belongs to the ownerof the content and may be protected bycopyright or other law. The agreementgives you no rights to such content.10.10 You must not go over any limits relatingto:10.10.1the use of the bandwidth orcapacity;10.10.2the connection of yourapparatus; or Virgin Media Businessany other limitation set on thebandwidth, capacity orconnection;10.15 We can, without giving you any notice,disconnect or suspend the service, orend the agreement, if we reasonablybelieve that you have broken or arebreaking clause 10.10 above.

Special terms10.16 We allocate IP addresses to you only forthe purposes of, or in connection with,the internet service. The agreementdoes not give you any right to any of theIP addresses, and you may not sell ortransf er (or try to sell or transfer) them toany person. If all of the agreement, orthe part of it relating to any of theinternet service, ends for whateverreason, the IP addresses will return to us.take or allow any actions to direct callsaway f rom the CPS service.12.3If you break clause 12.2, we will (withoutaf f ecting our other rights under theagreement), for the rest of the term of theWLR service, be entitled to charge youcall charges. Those call charges will bethe average monthly call charges overthe three months before you broke theclause, or any other amount wereasonably decide if there have not beencall charges for the full three months.12.4All service levels and any remediesavailable to you if we do not meet theseservice levels are the same as thoseof fered by BT for the same maintenanceservice option of their ‘wholesale accessservice’. Where BT is not liable for failingto meet its service levels, we will have noliability to you either. BT’s service levelagreement for its wholesale accessservice is on its website.12.5If you need any extra features or higherservice levels for the WLR service, andthose f eatures or service levels wouldgive rise to extra charges from BT to us,you must pay our extra charges at thetime f or those features or services.12.6Unless we agree otherwise, all provisionsin the agreement which relate topurchased equipment and yourapparatus will apply to the CPE you buy.10.17 If , as part of the service, we give you astatic IP address:10.17.1you must give us registrationinf ormation and any changesin the registration information;and10.17.2you agree that some or all ofthe registration informationcan be published in RIPENCC’s database.11. CPS service – onlinestatistics11.111.2You accept that we may not be able toprovide online reports as part of theservice, or the reports may contain someinaccuracies or be delayed. We will notbe liable for this.From time to time we may tell you aboutunusual patterns of use of the CPSservice, but we will not be liable for anyf ailure to do so. If we do tell you aboutany unusual pattern which we suspect isf raudulent or unauthorised, you will beresponsible for investigating thecircumstances and taking anyappropriate action. Without affecting thegeneral nature of clause 11.9 of ourstandard terms and conditions, we willhave no liability in connection with theuse of the CPS service.13. Supplemental TermsIf any supplemental terms apply to the service,they will f orm part of the agreement between youand us. You must keep to those supplementalterms.14. Linked Sites14.1Our website or internet service maygive you access to linked sites. Wehave no control over those linked sitesand we will not be liable for the contentsof any linked site. You are alwaysresponsible for making a decision as tothe suitability, quality or legality of anymaterial or services on linked sites.14.2Any dealings with third parties (includingadvertisers) included within or accessedthrough our website or internet service,and any terms, conditions, assurance orguarantees associated with thosedealings, are between you and the12. Wholesale line rentalservice12.112.2If you receive the WLR service, youagree that all categories of calls madeusing the BT lines we use to provide thatservice must be made through our CPSservice.For the whole duration of the agreementf or the WLR service you must notoverride the CPS service or otherwise Virgin Media Business

Special termsrelevant third party. We will not beinvolved in those dealings or have anyliability in connection with them. You areresponsible for keeping to any acceptableuse policy or terms and conditionsrelating to using linked sites.they are not available. If you get accessto any third party’s information orservices through the internet service,you will be bound by that third party’sterms and conditions, if any. You will beresponsible for keeping to those termsand conditions. We will have no liability inconnection with any third party’sinf ormation or services.15. Keeping to the law15.1You must not post, publish, upload,distribute, transmit, re-transmit or storematerial on or through any of oursystems, services or products, or thoseof any member of our group companies,if this would break any law that can beenf orced in the United Kingdom.15.2You must own, or have all the necessaryrights to, any material you post, upload,input or provide on any website we host.17.4The inf ormation, internet software,products and services (and relatedgraphics) included in or available throughour website and the internet servicemay include inaccuracies ortypographical mistakes. From time to timewe make changes to our website andinternet service. We provide noguarantee as to suitability, reliability,availability, accuracy, timeliness, fitnessof purpose or lack of viruses or otherharmf ul components of the inf ormation,internet software, products andinternet service (and related graphics)contained in or available through ourwebsite or the internet service.17.5We will have no liability for:16. DisclaimerWe do not control or endorse the content, views,messages or information found in anycommunication service. We do not have anyliability in connection with the communicationservice or any losses or damages arising as aresult of you using the communication service.17.5.1any offending material on athird party’s website;17. Limits of liability17.5.2the conduct of any third party;orAs well as the limits of liability set out in ourstandard terms and conditions, the following alsoapply to our liability for loss or damage.17.5.3a third party’s rights beinginf ringed (broken, limited orundermined). affecting the general nature ofclauses 15.1 to 15.9 of our standardterms and conditions, we will not be liablef or loss or damage to you or yourbusiness as a result of unauthorisedaccess, failures of security measures oronline attack (through the internet, theservice or otherwise) to your businesssystems, data, information or othermaterials. You are responsible forprotecting yourself as you think fit.We will have no liability in relation to theaccuracy, content, quality, completeness,f itness for purpose or legality of anyinf ormation or services you get access tousing the internet service or the portal.We will have no liability for material thatyou transmit or receive, or any failure totransmit or receive any material.We do not guarantee that the portal orthe services of any third party will alwaysbe available, and so will have no liability if Virgin Media Business17.6We will also have no liability for anycontent a third party sends or provideson our website or through the internetservice.18. Ordering the VoomFibre businessbroadband serviceand term of theagreement18.1In relation to the business broadbandservice, clauses 3.1 to 3.3 of ourstandard terms and conditions will beconsidered to be amended to read asf ollows:“3.1For any particular service that ispart of the Voom Fibre businessbroadband service, the

Special termsBusiness BroadbandServiceagreement will come into forcewhen:3.1.1 you sign the order form;3.1.2 you (or our representative ifwe are installing the service foryou) click the ‘accept’ (orequivalent) button or completeany other; you start using the service;or3.1.4 the service becomesavailable to you;whichever is the earliest.3.2Unless you or we cancel theagreement early (in the wayallowed under the agreement), itwill stay in force for the minimumterm and then continue until youor we end it by giving the other atleast 90 days’ notice in writing (a“rollover”). If you or we do notwant the agreement to continuebeyond the minimum termwritten notice must be given atleast 90 days before the end ofthe minimum term.20. Quickstart forBusiness20.1Quickstart for Business allows you toinstall the business broadband serviceyourself.20.2Despite the provisions relating to theservice start date in clause 1.3 of ourstandard terms and conditions, theservice start date f or the businessbroadband service when you takeQuickstart for Business will be the datewe receive confirmation that yourQuickstart pack has been delivered toyour premises.20.3Cancellation: if you cancel the businessbroadband service before the servicestart date then you will be chargedcancellation charges calculated inaccordance with clause 9.17.2 of ourstandard terms and conditions.If youcancel the business broadband serviceaf ter the service start date then you willbe charged cancellation chargescalculated in accordance with clause9.17.1 of our standard terms andconditions.20.4Returning the Quickstart pack: if youchoose to cancel the businessbroadband service, there is no facility toreturn the hardware and it is yourresponsibility to dispose of it safely and inaccordance with all environmental laws.20.5Request for engineer visit: if you areunable to install the business broadbandservice using the Quickstart pack, youcan request an engineer visit to install thebusiness broadband service for you. Youwill be charged 50 f or the engineer visitAny such notice you give us mustbe given to customer services inline with clause 22 below.Any rollover will include yourexisting Bolt-ons unless youhave told us otherwise at least 30days in advance. Prices andterms f or any rollover of Optionsand Bolt-ons shall be on theterms and at the prices shown inthe then current price guideunless we agree otherwise.3.3The minimum term is:3.3.1 the period stated on theorder form, starting on the initialstart date; or3.3.2 if no period is set out on theorder form, 24 months, startingon the initial start date.”19. Changing theagreement or Virgin Media BusinessDespite the provisions relating to noticesin clause 22 of our standard terms andconditions, we can give notice of changesto the acceptable use policy and theprice guide by putting the changes onour website. You should regularly checkthe up-to-date versions on our website.If you are planning on signing up to newBolt-ons or your Option is about torollover (see clause 18 above) then youshould check the up-to-date price guideon our website.

Special termsunless there is a f ault with the businessbroadband service which has caused youto be unable to install the businessbroadband service using the Quickstartpack.21. 4G Start-up Service21.1The 4G Start-up Service is a Bolt-onand provides you with interim internetconnectivity using the 4G mobilenetwork bef ore your f ixed businessbroadband service is installed. It isavailable to customers ordering EssentialBusiness 100 and VOOM Fibre businessbroadband services.21.2Despite the provisions relating to theservice start date in clause 1.3 of ourstandard terms and conditions, theservice start date f or your 4G Start-upService will be:21.2.1the date you activate theservice in accordance withthe 4G Start-up Serviceinstallation instructions; or21.2.21 day af ter receipt of the 4GStart-up Service hardware,whichever is earlier but the provisionsrelating to the ser

business broadband service is installed as explained in clause 21 of these special terms. acceptable use policy is the document which sets out the rules for using internetthe service. BT ismeans British Telecommunications plc. Bolt-on means one of the extras set out in the price guide that