The information contained herein is not to be considered a contract and the Texas Tech University HealthSciences Center School of Nursing reserves the right to make changes to the information and policiescontained herein at such times as it deems appropriate. This Student Handbook supersedes all previouseditions. The provisions of the Student Handbook do not constitute a contract, express or implied, betweenany student, faculty member, Texas Tech University System (TTUS), Texas Tech University Health SciencesCenter (TTUHSC), and/or the TTUHSC School of Nursing.The TTUHSC School of Nursing shall notify the student of any changes to the TTUHSC School of NursingStudent Handbook occurring during the academic year. At any given time, the most current edition of theTTUHSC School of Nursing Student Handbook and TTUHSC Institutional Student Handbook will be availableon the TTUHSC website, and

Quick ReferenceTABLE OF CONTENTS. 4SCHOOL OF NURSING ADMINISTRATION. 7CONTACT INFORMATION. 10ACADEMIC EXPECTATIONS OF STUDENTS. 14SCHOOL OF NURSING REQUIREMENTS. 19ACADEMIC POLICIES. 32GENERAL INFORMATION. 51471014The information contained herein is not to be considereda contract and the Texas Tech University Health19Sciences Center School of Nursing reserves the right to make changes to the information and policiescontained herein at such times as it deems appropriate. This Student Handbook supersedes all previous32editions. The provisions of the Student Handbook do not constitute a contract, express or implied, betweenany student, faculty member, Texas Tech University System (TTUS), Texas Tech University Health SciencesCenter (TTUHSC), and/or the TTUHSC School of51Nursing.The TTUHSC School of Nursing shall notify the student of any changes to the TTUHSC School of NursingStudent Handbook occurring during the academic year. At any given time, the most current edition of theTTUHSC School of Nursing Student Handbook and TTUHSC Institutional Student Handbook will be availableon the TTUHSC website, and

TABLE OF CONTENTSSCHOOL OF NURSING ADMINISTRATIONDean.7Academic Departments.7Regional Support.8Academic Services.9Business and Finance.9ADMISSIONS and STUDENT AFFAIRS,EDUCATION SUPPORT SERVICES, ANDRETENTION COUNSELORS CONTACTINFORMATIONAdmissions and Student Affairs.10Education Support Services.12Retention Counselors.12ACADEMIC EXPECTATION OF STUDENTSMaintaining Good Standards.14Academic and Professional Integrity.14Account Management and UserResponsibilities.15Civillity.15Classroom Behavior.15Computer Requirements.15Disruptive Conduct.16Consequences of Disruptive Conduct.16Email Account.16Equipment (Stethoscopes, etc.).17Identification Badge.17Name Badge. 17Participation in Assessments (StudentFeedback). 17Phones.18Professional Writing /APA.18Tuition and Fees.18SCHOOL OF NURSING REQUIREMENTSAcademic Requirements.19Traditional BSN Undergraduate DepartmentTraditional BSN Program.19Non-Traditional Undergraduate DepartmentRN to BSN Program.20Accelerated BSN Program.20Graduate Department4MSN APRN Programs and LeadershipPrograms.20Post-Master’s APRN, Education, and InformaticsCertificates of Completion. 21DNP Program (BSN to DNP and Post-Master’sDNP Tracks).21Attendance Requirements.22Attendance/Inability to Attend Class and ClinicalExperiences. 22Clinical Attendance, Participation andResponsibilities. 22Online Attendance and AssignmentDeadlines. 22Card Holder Requirements.22Undergraduate Programs (Traditional BSN, RNto BSN, Accelerated BSN Program).22Certification Requirements.22Graduate DepartmentMSN Leadership Program.23MSN APRN Program (Nurse Practitioner andNurse Midwifery Tracks), Post-Master’s APRNCertificate (Nurse Practitioner Tracks). 23DNP Program: DNP to BSN and Post-Master’sDNP Tracks. 23Collaborative Program Requirements.23Comprehensive Exams.23Degree Requirements.24Graduation/Diploma.24Graduation Application.24Graduation Under a Particular Catalog. 24Undergraduate DepartmentsTraditional BSN and Non-TraditionalDepartments.24Graduation with Honors.24Graduate DepartmentMSN Leadership Program, MSN APRN Program(Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Midwifery Tracks)and DNP Program.24Post-Master’s Nurse Practitioner and NurseMidwifery Certificates of Completion andGraduation.25SON Commencement Ceremonies.25Diploma.25TTUHSC School of Nursing / Student Handbook / 2018-2019

Immunization Requirements.25Liability Insurance.26Licensure - RNs.26Licensure Applications.26NCLEX Identification Requirements.27Personal Appearance/Uniform: Clinical Settingand Simulation Center.27Personal Appearance: Classroom Attire.30Prerequisites and Corequisites.31Scholarships.31School Schedule/Academic Calendar.31ACADEMIC POLICIESAcademic Advisement.32Traditional BSN Undergraduate DepartmentTraditional BSN Program.32Non-Traditional Undergraduate DepartmentRN to BSN Program.32Accelerated BSN Program.32Graduate DepartmentMSN Leadership Program.33MSN APRN (Nurse Practitioner and NurseMidwifery Tracks). 33DNP Program: BSN to DNP Track and PostMaster’s DNP Track. 33Academic Misconduct.34Filing Complaint.34Timeline.34Academic Grade Challenges/Appeals.34Final Grade Appeal.35Procedural Appeal Process.36Academic Dismissal/Appeals.36Procedure for Dismissal. 36Appeals Procedure for Academic Dismissal. 36Appeals Procedure for Non-DismissalAction(s).37Adding a Course.37Code of Ethics.37Code of Professional Conduct (“StudentCode”).37Course Loads.38Traditional BSN Undergraduate DepartmentTraditional BSN Program.38Non-Traditional Undergraduate DepartmentRN to BSN Program.38RN to BSN Transfer Between CourseSections.38Accelerated Second Degree BSN.38Accelerated Veteran to BSN.38Graduate DepartmentMSN Leadership Program.38MSN APRN Program (Nurse Practitioner andNurse Midwifery Tracks. 39DNP Program: BSN to DNP Track and PostMaster’s DNP Track. 39Course Syllabi.39Dean’s List/President’s List (UndergraduatePrograms).39Dropping a Course.39Early Alert Undergraduate Student AssistanceProgram.40Traditional BSN Undergraduate DepartmentTraditional BSN Program.40Non-Traditional Undergraduate DepartmentRN to BSN Program.40Accelerated BSN Program.40Early Alert Graduate Student AssistanceProgram.40Graduate DepartmentMSN Leadership Program and DNPProgram.40MSN APRN Program (Nurse Practitioner andNurse Midwifery Tracks).40DNP Program: BSN to DNP Track and PostMaster’s DNP Track.40Enrollment Out of Sequence.41Grading Policies.41Course Grade Policy.41Grade Reports.42Grading Scale.42Grade Point Average (GPA).42Grade Point Chart.43Independent/Individual Study Courses.44Leave of Absence (LOA) and Return from Leaveof Absence.44Undergraduate Students. 44Graduate Students.44NCLEX RN Exam Eligibility.45Non-Grade Complaint or Grievance.46Pass - Fail Option.48Placement in Clinical Facility.48Placement in Course.48TTUHSC School of Nursing / Student Handbook / 2018-20195

Readmission.48Military Service.48Undergraduate Programs. 48Graduate Programs.49Registration.49Student Identification Verification.50Suspension and Retention.50Textbooks.50Unsafe Student Practices.50GENERAL INFORMATIONAccess to Student Records (FERPA).51Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).51Career Services Center.51Change of Contact Information.52Confidentiality (HIPAA).52Counseling Services.52Criminal Background Checks.53Diversity and Inclusion.53Drug Free Schools and Communities Act.54Employment.54Faculty Office Hours.54Financial Information.54Health Insurance.54Health Services for TTUHSC Students.55Incident/Injury Reporting and Investigation.55Interprofessional Education.55Learning Management System.55Legal Services for Students.55Library.55Locker Information (Lubbock Campus).56Media Authorization and Release.56Online Access.57Parking/Vehicle Registration.57Professional and Academic Conduct.57Reference Letters/Recommendation Forms.57Registration of Convicted Sex Offenders.57Relocation (Moving) to a State Other than theState of Texas.58Research.58Safe Harbor.58Safety.58Semester Hours.59Sexual Harassment.59Simulation.59Social Media/Personal Web Sites and Web Logs -6Guidelines for Students.59Standard Precautions.59Environmental Control.60Gloves. 60Gown. 60Hand Hygiene. 60Linen. 60Mask, Eye Protection and Face Shield. 60Occupational Health and Blood-bornePathogens. 61Patient Care Equipment. 61Patient Placement.61State Privacy Policy.61Student Advisory Councils for BothUndergraduate and Graduate Departments.61Student Affairs.62Student Travel Policy.62Tobacco Free Environment.62Transcripts.62Transfer Between Campuses.62Withdrawal from the School of Nursing.63Undergraduate Nursing Students. 63Graduate Nursing Students.63TTUHSC School of Nursing / Student Handbook / 2018-2019

SCHOOL OF NURSING ADMINISTRATIONMichael L. Evans, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE,FAANProfessor and DeanUMC Endowed Chair for Excellence in NursingACADEMIC DEPARTMENTSTraditional BSN Undergraduate DepartmentTraditional BSN ProgramKathryn Sridaromont, PhD, MSNAssociate Professor, Associate Dean/DepartmentChairPhone: (806) l Undergraduate DepartmentRN to BSN, Accelerated BSN Program: SecondDegree BSN and Veteran to BSNMelinda Mitchell Jones, MSN, JD, RNProfessor, Associate Dean/Department ChairPhone: (806) [email protected] Bargainer, MSN, RN, CNEAssistant Professor, Regional Program DirectorPhone: (325) [email protected] Lacy, PhD, RN-C, CNEAssociate Professor, RN to BSN Program DirectorPhone: (512) [email protected] Hagstrom, MSN, RN, CNEAssistant Professor, Traditional BSN ProgramDirector of Admissions/ProgressionsPhone: (806) [email protected] Opton, DHSc, RN, CNEAssociate Professor, Accelerated BSN Program Second Degree BSN DirectorPhone: (806) [email protected] Johnson, PhD, RN, CHSEAssistant Professor, Traditional BSN ProgramClinical and Simulation DirectorPhone: (806) [email protected] Sikes, DNP, RN, CNEAssociate Professor, Accelerated BSN Program Veteran to BSN DirectorPhone: (915) [email protected] Veesart, PhD, RN, CNEAssociate Professor, Traditional BSN ProgramDirector of Curriculum/FacultyPhone: (806) [email protected] School of Nursing / Student Handbook / 2018-20197

Graduate DepartmentMSN Advanced Practice RN Program (NursePractitioner and Nurse Midwifery Tracks) andDNP Program (APRN Track)Emily Merrill, PhD, APRN, FNP BC, CNE,FAANPProfessor, Associate Dean/Department Chair,APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse)ProgramPhone: (806) [email protected] Bruce, PhD, RN, FNP-BCAssociate Professor and Program Director, FNPTrackPhone: (806) [email protected] H. Burpo, DNP, RN, CNM, FACNMAssociate Professor and Program Director, NurseMidwifery TrackPhone: (806) [email protected] J. Calloway, PhD, FNP-BC, PMHNP-BC,FAANPProfessor and Program Director, PsychiatricMental Health TrackPhone: (512) [email protected] Esquibel, PhD, RN, CPNP-PCAssociate Professor and Program Director,Pediatric NP (Primary and Acute Care) TracksPhone: (806) [email protected] Hilliard, PhD, RN, ACNP-BCAssistant Professor and Program Director, AdultGerontology Acute Care NP TrackPhone: (806) [email protected] Leadership Programs (Administration,Education, and Informatics) and Post-Master’sDNP ProgramBarbara Cherry, DNSc, MBA, RN, NEA-BCProfessor, Associate Dean/Department Chair,Leadership ProgramPhone: (806) [email protected] Acton, DNP, RN, NEA-BCAssociate Professor and Director, MSN NursingAdministration TrackPhone: (806)[email protected] McBride, PhD, RN, FAANProfessor and Director, MSN Nursing InformaticsTrackPhone: (817) [email protected] Thomas, PhD, RN, CNEAssociate Professor and Director, MSN NursingEducation TrackPhone: (806) [email protected] SUPPORTPermian BasinSharon Cannon, EdD, RN, ANEFProfessor and Medical Center Hospital RegionalDean Endowed Chair, Co-Director, Center ofExcellence in Evidence-Based Practice800 West 4th StreetOdessa, TX 79763Phone: (432) [email protected] School of Nursing / Student Handbook / 2018-2019

AbilenePearl Merritt, EdD, MSN, MS, FAANProfessor and Regional Dean, UniversityDistinguished Professor, and Regional Director,Laura Bush Institute1674 Pine StreetAbilene, Texas 79601Phone: (325) [email protected] and FINANCELinda LaneAssistant Dean, Business and FinancePhone: (806) [email protected] SERVICESResearchAlyce S. Ashcraft, PhD, RN, CNE, ANEFProfessor and Associate Dean for Research andScholarship and Roberts’ Endowed Practiceship inNursingPhone: (806) 743-2730 ext [email protected] Services and Community EngagementLinda McMurry, DNP, RN, NEA-BCExecutive Director, Larry Combest CommunityHealth and Wellness CenterProfessor and Associate DeanPhone: (806) [email protected] Management and EvaluationYondell Masten, PhD, WHNP-BC, RNC-OBFlorence Thelma Hall Endowed Chair forExcellence in Women’s HealthProfessor and Associate DeanOutcomes Management and Evaluation Phone:(806) [email protected] Simpson, DirectorPhone: (806) 743-4648Fax: (806) [email protected] School of Nursing / Student Handbook / 2018-20199

ADMISSIONS and STUDENT AFFAIRS, EDUCATION SUPPORTSERVICES, AND RETENTION COUNSELORS CONTACTINFORMATIONADMISSIONS and STUDENT AFFAIRS3601 4th Street, STOP 6264Lubbock, TX 79430Phone: (806) 743-2730 / (800) 493-3954Fax: (806) 743-1622Karla J. Chapman, PhDAssociate Academic Dean,Student Affairs and Education Support ServicesPhone: (806) [email protected] Sullivan, EdDManaging Director for Student Affairs,Campus Life and Student Engagement(806) [email protected] DepartmentBSN AdvisingSonia Moore, MEd(806) 743-9235 / (800) [email protected] Admissions - Traditional BSN, SecondDegree BSN and Veteran to BSNElizabeth Martinez(806) 743-9234 / (800) [email protected] Admissions - RN to BSNTonya Ward, MBA(806) 743-2333 / (800) [email protected] Admissions CoachPatti Venegas(806) 743-1057 / (800) [email protected] to BSN Liaison & AdvisorSarah Guberman, MA(806) 743-9485 / (800) [email protected] Evaluations RN to BSNRebecca Akin-Sitka, MEd(806) 743-2573 / (800) [email protected] Evaluations - Traditional BSN,Second Degree BSN, and Veteran to BSNCindy DeAnda(806) 743-7104 / (800) [email protected] AnalystJameson Baudelaire(806) 743-1393 / (800) [email protected] Enrolled Student Management Traditional BSN and Second Degree BSNTiffany Hager(806) 743-4843 / (800) [email protected] Enrolled Student Management RN to BSNJanet Roberson, MS(806) 743-3507 / (800) [email protected] Matriculation Management Traditional BSN, Second Degree BSN, andVeteran to BSNAshlyn Davis(806) 743-3026 / (800) [email protected] School of Nursing / Student Handbook / 2018-2019

Post-Licensure Matriculation Management - RNto BSN, and Graduate ProgramsKristi Huguley(806) 743-6450 / (800) [email protected] Agreements and Clinical PaperworkAffiliation AgreementsStephanie L. Jones Ramirez(806) 743-1732 / (800) [email protected] Veterans LiaisonKyle Chapman(806) [email protected] Lowry(806) 743-9866 / (800) [email protected] PaperworkLindsay Winti(806) 743-9647 / (800) [email protected] DepartmentGraduate Admissions CoachCade Korchenko(806) [email protected] Enrolled Student Management andScholarship ManagementKayla New(806) 743-1543 / (800) [email protected] Admissions - Pediatric NP, PsychiatricMental Health NP, Adult Gerentology AcuteCare NP, and Leadership tracksVeronica Sifuentes(806) 743-2765 / (800) [email protected] Admissions - Family NP, NurseMidwifery, Post-Master’s DNP tracks, andInterprofessional CertificatesHeather Johnson, MEd(806) 743-3581 / (800) [email protected] Advising and Student ManagementLauren Sullivan, MEd(806) 743-2748 / (800) [email protected] and Clinical LearningPartnershipsEmilie Phillips Johnston(806) [email protected] ManagementChristy Simpson(806) 743-9205 / (800) [email protected] Affairs Regional StaffAbilene CampusTheresia Rountree1674 Pine StreetAbilene, Texas 79601(325) 696-0556Fax: (325) [email protected] Basin CampusCindy Shumard800 West 4th StreetOdessa, Texas 79769(432) 703-5270Fax: (432) [email protected] School of Nursing / Student Handbook / 2018-201911

EDUCATION SUPPORT SERVICESRETENTION COUNSELORSEducation TechnologyJoe FerrerManaging Director(806) [email protected] CampusTraditional BSN ProgramStacie Alvarez, MSN, RNPhone: (325) [email protected] AlbusSenior Director(806) [email protected] Owen, PhD, RN, CNEPhone: (325) [email protected] Support ServicesRecruitment, Career Services Center, andInternal/External RelationsChristy MeriwetherManaging Director(806) [email protected] BSN ProgramJenny Humphrey, BSN, RNPhone: (325) [email protected] Services CenterDonna BalkoAssistant Director(806) [email protected] CampusAccelerated BSN ProgramSharon Brewer, MSN, RNPhone: icka CanoDirector(806) [email protected] BSN ProgramAlexis Mellem, MSN, RN, [email protected] NicholsRecruitment Coordinator(806) nal Relations andCommencement CoordinatorKayla Talbott, MEdUnit Manager(806) [email protected] StegallPhone: (325) [email protected] AreaAccelerated BSN ProgramKaren Schmidt, BSN, [email protected] CampusTraditional BSN ProgramAnn Hagstrom, MSN, RN, CNEPhone: (806) [email protected] Howard, MSN, RN-BCPhone: (806) [email protected] School of Nursing / Student Handbook / 2018-2019

Bren Threadgill, MSN, RN, MS, CHPNPhone: (806) [email protected] Winner, MSN, RN, OCNPhone: (806) [email protected] BSNBibha Gautam, PhD, RNPhone: (806) [email protected] Basin CampusTraditional BSN ProgramSonya Ritchie, BSN, RNPhone: (432) [email protected] BSN ProgramAdrian Stamps, MSN, RN, CEN, CVRNPhone: (432) [email protected] Antonio AreaAccelerated BSNDiana Goodwin, MSN, RNPhone: (432) [email protected] Retention and Success CoachRN to BSN Academic AdvisorJan RobertsPhone: (806) 743-2730Fax: (806) 743 [email protected] School of Nursing / Student Handbook / 2018-201913

ACADEMIC EXPECTATIONS OF STUDENTSMAINTAINING GOOD STANDARDSEach student MUST meet the objectives of eacharea of study and is required to: Keep apprised of and adhere to the rulesand regulations of TTUHSC InstitutionalStudent Handbook at spx, the Schoolof Nursing Catalog at ent-catalog.aspx,and policies contained in the most currentversion of the School of Nursing StudentHandbook. Demonstrate a systematic, safe, accurate,timely, and efficient approach to accomplisheach objective and use all materials efficiently. Devote adequate time and preparation toclass and clinical activities to meet the statedobjectives. Demonstrate academic integrity in eachelement of the student’s performance. Apply ethical behavior appropriate to thestandards of a developing professional atall times and particularly in relation tomaintaining the confidentiality of informationregarding patients and clients. Maintain personal health to accomplish theessential functions as defined in the School ofNursing Catalog. Be aware of professional issues and have theability to define a personal position in relationto various issues. Participate in evaluating the area of study andthe School of Nursing. Maintain all practice standards, if licensed,as written by the Texas Board of NursingNurse Practice Act. IC and PROFESSIONALINTEGRITYAll students entering the School of Nursingmust subscribe to the standards and codes ofthe profession. Patients and society as a whole14expect School of Nursing students, as nursingprofessionals to adhere to the: TTUHSC Institutional Student Handbook American Nurses Association (ANA) Code ofEthics for Nurses Texas Board of Nursing UnprofessionalConduct Rules:- Standards of Practice (TexasAdministrative Code §217.11)- Unprofessional Conduct(TexasAdministrative Code §217.12)Students who fail to uphold and/or complywith the above codes and standards for safe andprofessional nursing practice will be consideredin violation of the law and/or professional nursingstandards. Students holding a license to practicenursing will be subject to the reporting laws onunprofessional conduct.Academic integrity stands at the heart of theSchool of Nursing. The SON is bound

TTUHSC School of Nursing / Student Handbook / 2018-2019 7 Michael L. Evans, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, FACHE, FAAN Professor and Dean UMC Endowed Chair for Ex