Bellway Homes LtdCompany Vehicle PolicyDate: 23 January 2017Version: 1

Contents1.2.Introduction .51.1.Zenith contact .51.2.Bellway contact .51.3.Required standards of driving .51.4.Roadside enforcement of eyesight standards .61.5.Risk assessments – Licence Checking .71.6.Licence endorsement & suspension .71.7.Traffic offences .81.8.Smoke free vehicles.8Scheme parameters .92.1.Eligibility .92.2.Cash alternative .92.3.Renewal of company car.92.4.Renewal authorisation .92.5.Use of car . drivers .102.6.Personal taxation .102.7.Data protection .10Vehicle ordering and delivery .113.1.Car level & Driver Portal.113.2.Trading up or down .113.3.High mileage vehicles .123.4.Promotion .123.5.Ordering your car & the driver portal .123.6.Amending an order .133.7.Vehicle delivery .133.8.Personalised registration number.14Service, maintenance and repairs .144.1.Breakdown and recovery .152

4.2.Tyre replacement or repair .154.3.Booking a service or repair .154.4.Windscreen replacement .164.5.Technical enquiries .165.Insurance .165.1.Nominated additional drivers .165.2.Excesses .165.3.Policy provisions .176.Accidents and incidents .176.1.Accidents .176.2.Incidents .187.Overseas travel .188.Hire cars.198.1.Car hire use .198.2.Car hire eligibility .208.3.Car hire guidelines .208.4.Hire car bookings .208.5.Hire cars and your responsibilities .218.6.Accidents involving a hire car .219.Health, safety and security .229.1.Vehicle checks .229.2.Posture .239.3.Airbags and seat belts .239.4.Planning a journey and driving time .239.5.Mobile phone use and hand held units .249.5.1.Exceptions.249.6.Driving under the influence .249.7.Security.259.8.Severe weather checks .259.9.Motorway safety .269.10. Speed limits .2610.End of contract damage – Fair wear and tear .263

10.1. What is fair wear and tear? .2610.1.1.Driver responsibility.2610.1.2.Servicing and documentation .2710.2. BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines.2711.10.2.1.General .2710.2.2.Paintwork, vehicle body, bumpers and trim .2810.2.3.Windows, glass, door mirrors and lamps.2810.2.4.Tyres and wheels .2810.2.5.Mechanical condition .2910.2.6.Vehicle interior .2910.2.7.Equipment and controls .29Car/Cash Allowance Takers .3011.1. Production of documents .3111.2. Other information .3112.Cash Allowance Bandings .3213.Company Vans .3214.Mileage .3315.Useful Zenith Numbers .36Appendix A - Additional Driver Authorisation Form .37Appendix B - Company Van User’s Declaration .394

1. IntroductionThis company vehicle policy covers the rules and arrangements relating to the provision and use ofcompany cars, vans and cars operated under the cash allowance scheme.Zenith – our fleet management company, will administer the provision of Company cars in accordancewith this policy. They will also provide maintenance support for all our company cars and our companyvans.Bellway reserves the right to change or cancel the provisions of this policy from time to time and as theneeds of the Company dictate. Employees who are eligible to receive a Company vehicle or cashallowance will have been notified to that effect in writing.The allocation of a Company Car is an expensive asset and therefore imposes obligations andresponsibilities on the Employee, and this document sets out our requirements. Failure to comply mayresult in disciplinary action.1.1. Zenith contactBryony SethAccount Executive0300 134 8798Email: [email protected] Department - HO0191 2170717Email: [email protected]. Bellway contactKatherine Carter1.3. Required standards of drivingAs you would expect, anyone driving a company vehicle must comply with their legal obligations as adriver and keeper of a vehicle as well as the requirements of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency(“DVLA”).Any breach of a Driver’s legal and/or DVLA obligations could result in removal of the company car/cashallowance and disciplinary action up to and including summary dismissal.Further information can be found at iclelicensing-agency.The following actions while driving on Company business will be viewed as serious breaches ofconduct and will be dealt with under the Company’s Disciplinary Procedure: Driving whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol Driving whilst disqualified or without business insurance Reckless or dangerous driving causing death or injury Failing to stop after a crash5

Using a hand-held mobile phone or other device whilst driving (see section 9.5 for furtherdetails)Responsibilities as a driverYou are solely responsible for the consequences of your failure to observe the law relating to driversand vehicles and for the consequences of any failure to observe the rules set out in this Handbook.The Road Safety Act 2006 has introduced new careless driving offences and tougher penalties fordrivers who cause death by careless driving including those caused by avoidable distractions. YouMUST avoid anything which takes your attention away from the road whilst driving.You must: Hold a current driving licence Always drive within road traffic laws, safely and responsibly Follow the rules and guidance within this policy Immediately notify your divisional Managing Director/Finance Director/Finance Manager, or forGroup staff, the HR department, of any driving accidents, cautions, summons or convictions fordriving offences Notify Zenith of any accident, so that they can arrange for any repairs to be undertaken Display the highest level of professional conduct whilst driving Wear a seat belt at all times Take regular and adequate breaks Rest when tired Follow the Company’s No Smoking Policy1.4. Roadside enforcement of eyesight standardsAll drivers must be able to meet the eyesight standard for driving by reading a number plate from 20metres. A motorist who drives when unable to meet this standard is committing an offence and willhave their licence revoked.The police are able to take immediate action against motorists who fail roadside eye tests. The policewill be able to notify the DVLA electronically with details of eyesight test failures and a notice ofrevocation of the licence will be issued to the motorist within hours. Once revoked, a licence will not bereturned until a driver can demonstrate that their eyesight meets the required standard.If they are deemed necessary, roadside eyesight tests will only be carried out during daylight hours. Onevenings and weekends, where the police feel that the circumstances merit immediate action, they canimpose bail conditions, for example requiring the person not to drive. If a person subject to a no-drivecondition breaks it they could be taken to court.Drivers should note that: Drivers can be fined up to 1,000 if they do not tell DVLA about a medical condition that affectstheir drivingIf they are involved in an accident, they may be prosecuted6

Drivers should carry out regular eyesight tests, a good indicator is the ability to read a number platefrom 20 metresWhere glasses or contact lenses are prescribed they must be worn; remember, failure to do socould also have an impact on insurance claimsIf glasses are normally prescribed and sunglasses are worn they must meet the prescribedrequirements1.5. Risk assessments – Licence CheckingDriving Licences for all Company Car Drivers, Company Van Drivers, Cash Allowance drivers and anyAuthorised Additional Drivers will be checked at least on an annual basis with increased frequencybased on penalty points (following receipt of the required Data Protection Mandate (DPM)).This process will be managed by Intelligent Data Systems UK Ltd (IDS) who work directly with theDVLA to check individual licences.You and any authorised additional drivers will be required to complete a DPM on ordering a car underthe scheme, or at the point at which the annual check will take place. This will enable IDS to workdirectly with the DVLA to check your licence. Information received from the DVLA will be disclosed toZenith and Bellway to ensure that the terms of the insurance policy are met.IDS are registered as a data controller under the Data Protection Act (Reg No. Z8536279). All driverinformation is held securely and under the terms of their agreement with DVLA, no information will besold to third parties or marketing organisations or abused in any way. Any such contravention wouldlead to IDS having its Data Protection Licence revoked.It is a requirement for all DPMs to be received prior to receipt of a Company Vehicle or authorisation ofcontinued use.Should you leave the business, Bellway inform Zenith who in turn will ensure that your details areremoved from the system and that all requests for information via the DVLA will cease with immediateeffect.Any loss of licence may result in Bellway immediately withdrawing use of a Company Car/Van or theprovision of a cash allowance, without recompense. Similarly, if the employee has, or attains a recordof persistent driving offences or accidents, Bellway reserves the right to withdraw the provision of aCompany Car/Van/Cash Allowance.1.6. Licence endorsement & suspensionFor insurance purposes, you must inform Bellway and Zenith immediately in writing if you or anyadditional nominated driver on the policy receives an endorsement to your/their driving licence.Any driver who is suspended from driving must cease driving with immediate effect and inform Bellwayand Zenith, so that alternative arrangements can be made in respect of the vehicle.7

1.7. Traffic offencesYou are responsible for all parking fines, fixed penalties, camera offences, bus lane contraventions andcongestion charges incurred whether the vehicle is being used for business or private purposes.Where possible, Zenith (as registered keeper and therefore recipient of documentation) will transferliability to the driver of the vehicle by providing the issuing authority with the relevant name and addressfor appropriate re-direction. In respect of moving traffic, parking fines and speeding notification fines,Zenith will provide the requesting authority with details of the driver to whom the vehicle is allocated atthe time of the offence. If liability has been transferred to the driver of the vehicle and it needs to befurther transferred to an additional driver, it will be the responsibility of the driver to respond to theissuing authority and inform them of the name and address of the actual driver at the time so that thenotice of intended prosecution can be re-directed.In the cases where fines are paid up-front, you will be responsible for payment and where applicablewill need to recoup costs from the additional driver yourself. Any endorsements e.g. points added to thedriving licence that are incurred as a result of this type of offence MUST be disclosed to Zenith. Failureto comply may result in action being taken under the company’s Disciplinary Procedure.In cases where transfer of liability is not possible (for example all congestion charges, all bus fines andsome parking fines) Zenith will be charged directly as registered keeper of the car. This cost will thenbe charged to Bellway with the addition of an administration fee of 25 VAT and we will in turnrecharge these amounts to you.Charges for fines or administration fees are NOT reclaimable via expenses.Please note that it is an offence to give false information about who was driving the vehicle at the timeof a traffic offence and therefore it is important that you, as the driver, know who is driving the vehicle atall times.1.8. Smoke free vehiclesIn regard to Company Vehicles, you must not smoke in them at any time. It is an offence to smoke orto fail to prevent others from smoking in the car and may result in a fine and/or prosecution.A no smoking sign must be displayed at all times in the vehicle and failure to do so is an offence andmay result in a fine and/or prosecution.Whilst it is not a legal offence to smoke e-cigarettes (including personal vaporizers (PVs) and electronicnicotine delivery systems (ENDS)), given some e-cigarettes do release a vapour or substance of somedescription and some are designed to resemble real cigarettes, Bellway prohibits the use of all smokingdevices in any company cars and vans.You will be responsible for all fines. Please note that it is an offence to give false information aboutwho was driving the vehicle at the time of an offence and therefore it is important that you know who isdriving the vehicle at all times.8

Any smoking related breach will be treated seriously and as such disciplinary action may be taken.2. Scheme parameters2.1. EligibilityIf you are eligible to be provided with a Company Car you will be notified in writing. You will also benotified if there is any choice of car. There may be a requirement for you to complete the term of a carcurrently within Bellway’s fleet.2.2. Cash alternativeIf you currently have a Company Car, and a Cash alternative is available, when you are eligible tochange your vehicle, you may elect to ‘opt out’ of the Company Car Scheme and receive a cashallowance.You are also allowed to switch to a Company Car from a Cash Allowance, if you wish, but will thenhave to remain in the Company Car Scheme until the lease on your vehicle has expired.2.3. Renewal of company carCompany cars will be replaced after a 48 month period, or when your vehicle has done 90,000 miles,whichever comes first.You will be notified of the renewal date approaching the end of the lease term, and advised of thechoices available (if applicable), for your new vehicle.2.4. Renewal authorisationFollowing notification of the renewal date of your vehicle, you will be responsible for logging onto theZenith driver site/portal and placing an order for your new car. The driver portal will display the vehiclechoices that correspond to your grade, including the associated Benefit in Kind (BiK) tax and carbonemission implications, per vehicle.You can access the driver portal via: will be issued with login details from Zenith at the appropriate point, which is typically around 6months ahead of your renewal date.2.5. Use of carThe Car may be used for the following purposes: In connection with business for BellwaySocial, domestic & pleasure use9

The car must not be used for: Any business not connected with BellwayHire or reward (for either goods or passengers)Driving tuitionRacing, pace making, rallies, trials or any other competitions2.5.1. Authorised driversThe car may only be driven by the following AUTHORISED DRIVERS: The person to whom the car is allocatedHis or her ‘partner’, subject to them holding a valid driving licence, Bellway approval andcompletion of the Additional Driver Authorisation Form (Appendix A)Any other authorised Company Car Driver with Bellway approval2.6. Personal taxationEmployees in receipt of a vehicle through the scheme will be taxed on this benefit through the PAYEsystem. The amount of the nominal benefit upon which tax is charged depends upon the Co2emissions and the price of the car. The price of the car is defined as the manufacturer’s list price on theday of registration and includes VAT, car tax and delivery charges if appropriate. Also included is thelist price of any optional extras that are added to the vehicle.Details will be displayed during the quotation process, to confirm the approximate amount of BiK taxdue for your chosen vehicle.HR will update HMRC with details of cars issued and cars returned. However, you are also required tocontact HMRC direct to make them aware of you joining or leaving the scheme, or of changing your carduring a tax year. To do this simply contact your local Tax Office.2.7. Data protectionIn order to provide the services offered by Zenith (the “Services"), Zenith will need to collect and holdcertain personal information about you and other individuals who are authorised to drive the vehicle.Only information about you that is necessary for the purposes of your participation in the scheme, hasbeen passed by us to Zenith or collected by Zenith, and, except to the extent that Zenith is required orpermitted by law, Zenith will only process this information (and other information collected by it) inaccordance with the company’s instructions or as required for the administration of the scheme and forno other purpose.Please note that as part of Zenith’s Services, it may disclose your personal information to: other companies in the Zenith groupBellway as your employerAnyone from whom Zenith obtains finance for the purpose of the scheme10

Zenith’s agents, service providers and/or subcontractors used by it in connection with the Servicesthe supplier or purchaser of the vehicleBellway’s insurance providerHMRCSuch persons as required by lawBy participating in the scheme, you consent to the above use of personal information and to theprocessing of any sensitive personal information such as driving convictions or health issues that mightimpact on your driving ability.Please see Zenith’s Privacy and Cookie Policy for further information which can be found at must not give Zenith personal information about someone else (such as authorised or additionaldrivers) without first getting his or her consent for it to be used and disclosed in the ways describedabove. When providing Zenith with this information, you confirm that you accept the obligation to informany authorised or additional drivers about this use if their personal information and that you have theirauthority to consent to the processing on their behalf. Zenith will assume he or she has consented tothe use of their personal information as set out above.Zenith may monitor or record phone calls for quality, training or audit purposes.3. Vehicle ordering and delivery3.1. Car level & Driver PortalYour car grade is determined by Bellway. The driver portal will allow you to view vehicles within yourallocated grade. You will also be able to view vehicles within the grade above (only 1 grade higher) andthe grades below (unlimited). The driver portal can be accessed via: will be sent login details for the driver portal, when you are eligible to order a company car. Thiswill be approximately 6 months prior to the end of your existing lease. Existing cash allowance takerswill also be provided with access to the driver portal, and will have the ability to switch from cashallowance to a company car.3.2. Trading up or downTrade upYou are entitled to trade up one grade. Any additional cost incurred in the trade up will be paid for bythe employee. The additional cost will be paid back monthly, via payroll deductions, for the duration ofthe lease. The system will identify any trade up cost, during the ordering process. The trade up amountwill be the difference between your eligible grade and the cost of the car you have chosen in the gradeabove.If you wish to proceed with your trade up, you will be required to:11

Sign an agreement which authorises Bellway to deduct the payments from your salary eachmonth and;Sign an agreement which allows Bellway to recoup the balance of trade up costs (if any),should you resign or your employment is terminated, prior to the end of the leaseFor clarity, if you resign or your employment is terminated prior to the end of your lease, you will berequired to pay the balance of the trade up amount in full. This will be deducted from your final salarypayments within your notice period. If you do not have sufficient salary to cover the cost of theoutstanding balance, then you will be required to make payment by bank transfer, card or cheque.Trade downYou are entitled to trade down any number of grades. This could be if you wish to have a lower BiK taxrate and/or a lower Co2 rate, for example. The system will identify the trade down amount, during theordering process. If you do opt to trade down, the monthly trade down amount will be reimbursed to youvia payroll. The monthly trade down amount will be the difference between your eligible grade amountand the cost of the car you choose from the grade(s) below.3.3. High mileage vehiclesThe standard Bellway company car contract is 48 months or 90,000 miles. Zenith will proactivelymonitor your vehicle mileage, so that if during the term of the contract you need to change the mileageto more accurately reflect your actual mileage Zenith can accommodate this.3.4. PromotionAll vehicles must be retained for the life of their contract. Should an individual receive a promotionduring the period, then it will be at the discretion of Bellway as to whether that vehicle will be changedmid-contract. The norm will be for employees to retain their existing car until the contract ends.3.5. Ordering your car & the driver portalIn addition to the online vehicle quoting and ordering facility, the driver portal contains informationincluding (but not limited to) the following: Frequently Asked Questions relating to the schemeVehicle Ordering details including a function to compare vehicles, book a demonstration or trackan existing orderService & Maintenance information including online bookingAccident & Insurance informationGeneral administration including overseas travel informati

Company Car/Van/Cash Allowance. 1.6. Licence endorsement & suspension For insurance purposes, you must inform Bellway and Zenith immediately in writing if you or any additional nominated driver on the poli