Minor ConstructionProjects (FY 2017)August 8, 2017Fiscal Year 2017 Report to CongressUnited States Coast Guard

ForewordAugust 8, 2017I am pleased to present the following report, “Minor ConstructionProjects (FY 2017),” which has been prepared by the U.S. CoastGuard.Senate Report 114-264 accompanying the Fiscal Year2017 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act(P.L. 115-31) directs the submission of a report detailingminor construction, sustainment, repair, replacement, ormaintenance projects exceeding 1 million for FY 2017.Pursuant to congressional requirements, this report is being providedto the following Members of Congress:The Honorable John R. CarterChairman, House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland SecurityThe Honorable Lucille Roybal-AllardRanking Member, House Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland SecurityThe Honorable John BoozmanChairman, Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland SecurityThe Honorable Jon TesterRanking Member, Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Homeland Security.I am happy to answer any further questions that you may have. Please do not hesitate to contactme at (202) 372-4411 or the Department’s Chief Financial Officer (Acting), Stacy Marcott, at(202) 447-5751.Sincerely,Paul F. ZukunftAdmiral, U.S. Coast GuardCommandanti

Minor Construction Projects (FY 2017)Table of ContentsI.Legislative Language .1II.Minor Construction Projects: Projects Exceeding 1 Million .2ii

I.Legislative LanguageThis report responds to language in Senate Report 114-264 accompanying the Fiscal Year 2017Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act (P.L. 115-31).Senate Report 114-264 states:MINOR SHORE INFRASTRUCTUREThe bill includes long-standing language to allow funds from the OperatingExpenses appropriation to be used for the sustainment, repair, replacement, andmaintenance of shore infrastructure, including projects to correct deficiencies forcode compliance or that threaten life, health, or safety to an amount not exceeding50 percent of a building’s or structure’s replacement value. Additionally, OperatingExpenses funds are allowed to be used for contingent, emergent, or otherunspecified minor construction projects, which includes new construction,procurement, development, conversion, rebuilding, improvement, or an extensionof any facility not exceeding 1,000,000 in total costs at any location for plannedor unplanned operational needs.Minor construction projects funded from the Operating Expenses appropriationcan be combined with depot level maintenance projects for the sake ofadministrative and economic efficiency. The Coast Guard is to provide a report tothe Committee not later than 45 days after the date of enactment of this act detailingsuch projects and any sustainment, repair, replacement, or maintenance projectsover 1,000,000 for fiscal year 2017.1

II. Minor Construction Projects: Projects Exceeding 1 MillionTable 1 provides the Coast Guard’s planned shore infrastructure projects exceeding 1 million for execution using operating expense fundsin FY 2017. The list represents 39 projects estimated at an aggregate of more than 90 million. The list may change for a variety ofreasons, such as final design development, increases/decreases in estimates due to the bidding environment, planning issues, permits,environmental concerns, etc. Also, projects currently estimated at less than 1 million may increase and be executed on the basis ofprogram priorities.Projects with an asterisk at the beginning of the project title indicate projects that were submitted on the FY 2016 report but shifted intoFY 2017 for execution.Unit NameBase KodiakLocationKodiakAKProject TitleWater Main Maintenance& RepairsBase KodiakKodiakAK*Hangar 1 Replace FireProtection SystemBase KodiakKodiakAK*Buskin Waterline BridgeReplacementBase KodiakKodiakAKHangar 1 & Hangar 3Replace High Bay Lights2EstimateProject Description 5,187,000 Repair approximately 7,500 linear feet offailing valves and deteriorated water mainserving the base. 4,128,000 Replace obsolete 75-year-old deluge and fireprotection system. The FY 2016 estimatewas based on conceptual design and a roughestimate. The project cost increased becausethe design contractor discovered that theexisting gravity water supply did not havesufficient pressure for the new delugesystems, requiring new pumps and piping. 3,373,508 Replace the truss structure supporting thewaterline above the Buskin River and thewaterline that it supports. The work willprevent future flooding and reduce seismicrisks. The project is being completed as amilitary interdepartmental purchase requestwith the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE).The ACOE provided the FY 2016 costestimate and undervalued the price. 2,581,545 Replace high bay lights in Hangars 1 and 3and the stratification fans in Hangar 3.

Unit NameBase KodiakLocationKodiakAKAir Station SitkaSitkaAKAir Station SitkaSitkaAKGalley Maintenance &RepairsSector Field OfficeValdezValdezAKSector Field OfficeValdezValdezAKHeating, Ventilation, & AirConditioning (HVAC)Systems Replacement*Underground StorageTanks (UST) Replacementwith Aboveground StorageTanks (AST)Aviation TrainingCenter MobileMobileALBase AlamedaAlamedaCAAir StationSacramentoSacramento CAHangar Doors RepairsSector SanFrancisco (SF)YerbaBuenaSlope Stabilization &Rockfall MitigationCAProject TitleFuel Farm ContainmentMaintenance and Repair*Housing AsbestosAbatementMedical & Dental ClinicMajor Maintenance &Repairs*Maintenance Dredging3EstimateProject Description 2,808,000 Repair secondary containment storage foraboveground storage tanks. 2,076,096 Remove deteriorating and exposed vinylasbestos tile and mastic contained within 12housing units; replace deteriorated subfloorand flooring with appropriate materials. 1,286,476 Repair to galley mess deck dining area,scullery, serving line, food prep areas,storage spaces, and office spaces. 1,237,598 Replace the HVAC direct digital controlsystems in the Marine Safety Unit and theElectronic Support Detachment buildings. 1,482,795 Replace 12 USTs with ASTs. 1,455,068 Maintenance and repairs to exterior andinterior components (mechanical, electric,roofing, windows, etc.). 2,800,000 Dredge at Base Alameda National SecurityCutter pier and Station Golden Gate tomaintain operational capability. The ACOEprovided the FY 2016 cost estimate. Bynature, dredging project estimates varysignificantly. This specific project receivedbids ranging from 2.8 million to 7.2 million. 1,321,203 Replace hangar door wheel bearings, wheelguide assemblies, and seals, and repairdamaged concrete deck. 1,269,406 Stabilize hillside adjacent to Sector SF.Replace existing draped mesh and fence toprovide slope erosion and sediment control.

Unit NameCoast GuardAcademyAir StationClearwaterBase MiamiLocationNewCTLondonClearwater FLProject TitleRoland Hall Pool ReplaceHVAC EquipmentTaxiways & ApronsRepairsRichmond HeightsBuilding MajorMaintenance & RepairsMainBuilding/UnaccompaniedPersonnel Housing MajorMaintenance & RepairsMiamiFLCoast Guard CutterWYANCONDADubuqueIAStation Grand IsleGrand IsleLAElectrical UtilityDivestitureBase Cape CodNantucketMAHousing FacilityMaintenance & RepairsStation Pt AllertonStation Castle HillAids to Navigation(ATON) TeamBaltimoreCoast Guard YardHullNewportBaltimoreMARIMDFueling System Repair &ReplaceUpper Chesapeake BayATON RepairsBaltimoreMDUnaccompanied PersonnelHousing Maintenance &Alteration4EstimateProject Description 1,367,662 Remove and replace existing pool HVACequipment in Roland Hall. 1,987,231 Repair pavements to prevent service failures. 1,317,501 Maintenance and repairs to the HVACsystem and reconfigure underutilized spaceto accommodate additional personnel. 1,024,000 Maintenance and repairs to building’sinterior spaces and exterior structure,including replacement of HVAC system.Includes the removal of asbestos and leadbased paint. 1,548,000 Demolish Coast Guard-owned, mediumvoltage electrical system and connect tocommercial electric service. 3,141,000 Replace existing asphalt shingle roofs andtrim on 29 housing units (13 duplexbuildings and 3 single family houses); repairthe housing maintenance shop and garage. 1,037,000 Repair and replace marine fueling systemcomponents. 1,405,495 Repair six major ATON structures in theupper Chesapeake Bay. 1,985,685 Replace roof and reconfigure attic floor tocorrect ceiling and mold damage caused byroof leaks; replace HVAC equipment;upgrade fire protection; and expand existingberthing.

Unit NameStation RocklandLocationRocklandMEProject TitleWaterfront FacilitiesMaintenance & RepairsSector NorthernNew EnglandSouthPortlandMEBuildings 1 & 2Maintenance & RepairsSector NorthernNew EnglandSouthPortlandMEWaterfront FacilitiesMaintenance & RepairsAir Station DetroitDetroitMIHangar Maintenance &RepairsCoast Guard CutterKICKAPOOVicksburgMSMain Building MajorMaintenance & RepairsBase Elizabeth CityElizabethCityNCTraining CenterCape MaySector NYCape MayNJFortWadsworthNYRoads, Parking, andHangar ApronMaintenance and RepairsJames Hall Concrete DeckRepairsBldg 212/215 Repairs &Code Compliance5EstimateProject Description 3,688,000 Repair 2,000 square yards of waterfrontfacilities including: dislodged granite stones,large voids/localized failures, sinkholes,bulging/bowing of the wall, and loss of fillmaterial underneath the waterfront’sconcrete; repair floating docks. 2,639,000 Repair exterior masonry; replace roofs;repair HVAC system; perform electricalsystem maintenance; update buildings tomaintain code compliance; perform waterintrusion prevention work. 6,464,000 Relocate steel sheet pile bulkhead; installanodes; repair sheet pile holes; replace fillmaterial; install steel coating system forsheet pile bulkheads; replace structural tierods support sheet pile bulkheads; repairfloating docks. 3,025,879 Repaint hangar floor; replace radiant heatingsystem (including piping, boilers, andcirculation pump); replace HVACequipment; update lighting to meet aviationstandards. 1,143,516 Maintenance and repairs throughout theentire main building (interior, exterior, andstructural repairs), including the removal ofasbestos and lead-based paint. 4,365,292 Maintenance and repair of roadways,parking, and hangar building apron areas toprevent service failures. 3,388,178 Repair concrete floor to address section lossand exposed rebar. 1,974,000 Repairs to the HVAC system and fireprotection code repairs.

Unit NameStation Eatons NeckSector Field OfficeMorichesSector ColumbiaRiverLocationNew PortNYEastNYMorichesAstoriaORProject TitleFueling System Repair &ReplaceEstimateProject Description 1,233,000 Repairs and replacement of marine fuelingsystem components.Housing Maintenance &Repairs Grey HarborPhase 2Station South PadreIslandSouthPadreIslandAll Purpose BuildingMajor Maintenance &RepairsBase PortsmouthPortsmouth VA*South & North PierRepairsBase PortsmouthPortsmouth VAWaterfront StructureRepairsTraining CenterYorktownYorktownVABuilding 209 EquipmentRepairsTraining CenterYorktownYorktownVADredge Wormley Creek 1,313,792 Exterior repairs to 12 housing buildings(duplexes and triplexes) to replace roof,siding, and windows, and to repair exteriorcomponents. 1,911,080 Maintenance and repairs throughout theentire main building (interior, exterior, andstructural repairs), including the constructionof a new addition to support operationalreadiness. 2,471,705 Replace torn and missing pile jackets; cleanor replace all corroded reinforcing steel;replace concrete to provide sufficient coverto the reinforced steel. The initial FY 2016estimate was based on conceptual design anda rough estimate. The project cost increasedbecause of a complete cost estimate based ona detailed project scope with specificquantities and current market prices. 2,650,034 Repairs to existing bulkhead to include:replacement of fender system, repair ofcorrosion holes in steel sheet pile bulkhead,replacement of bulkhead concrete facing onoutboard side and concrete caps, replacementof concrete and asphalt behind bulkhead, andinstallation of cathodic protection. 2,535,098 Replace galley hoods and fire protectionsystem, including installation of supportingfire detection, HVAC, and electricalcomponents necessary to operatereplacement hoods. 3,321,100 Dredge to maintain operational capability.TX6

Unit NameBase SeattleLocationSeattleWABase SeattleSeattleWAProject TitleBuilding 3 RoofReplacement*Waterfront MajorMaintenance & RepairsEstimateProject Description 1,310,235 Replace deteriorated roof. 1,585,376 Repairs to restore structural capacity topiers 37, 36A, and 26B to retain the designload and operational requirements.TOTAL (39 Projects) 90,839,5547

1,233,000 Repairs and replacement of marine fueling system components. Sector Columbia River Astoria OR Housing Maintenance & Repairs Grey Harbor Phase 2 1,313,792 Exterior repairs to 12 housing buildings (duplexes and triplexes) to replace roof, siding, and windows, and to repair ex