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Unique SolutionsNearly every standard unit PHD makes is manufactured toorder. That's because PHD has such a wide variety of actuators,options and accessories available. PHD has the capabilities builtinto our factory systems to modify products within our everydayprocesses. Because of our flexibility, creating Unique Solutions is simple for PHD.We have dedicated assembly cells, machining centers, and manyengineers to design and build unique solutions for our customers.With over 34,000 unique designs and over 100,000 quotesalready in our database, we can provide most quotes within eightworking hours. We have the systems in place to provide the bestdelivery in the industry.PHD, Inc. has ISO 9001 and AS 9100certification for Quality Management systems.Table of ContentsPHD Complete Solutions3Industry Specific Solutions4Cylinders6Grippers8Linear Slides10Rotary Actuators11Rebuild Program12 Copyright 2016, by PHD, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.2UNIQUESOL16

Complete Modular SolutionsPHD offers an extensive line of standard pneumatic actuators that are known for long life and high quality. Over the 55years of innovation, PHD has extended their product offerings to include built-to-need components, price alternativecomponents, electric actuators, specialty workholding clamps, and motion control robots. From single actuatorsolutions to multi-unit systems, PHD and Yamaha Robotics can provide total solution flexibility for practically anyapplication requirement.Built on the foundation of long-life products forindustrial automation, PHD Optimax products aredesigned to meet machine builders' performancerequirements at a competitive price.Our standard pneumatic line of actuators includes afull line of cylinders, grippers, slides, rotary actuators,multi-motion actuators, escapements, and proximityswitches and sensors to provide you with the motionyou require.PHD Plus electric actuators are builton the foundation of proven pneumaticdesigns and components, but nowelectrically driven.COMPLETESOLUTIONSPlastic PackagingComponentsThis dedicated division is focusedtotally on the specific needs of theplastic packaging industry. PPCoffers solutions for injection molding,stretch blow molding, continuousextrusion, pre-fill, fill, post-fill,thermoforming and more.Nearly every standard unit PHD makes ismanufactured to order. That’s becausePHD has such a wide variety of actuators,options and accessories available. If anapplication requires a modified component,our Unique Solutions team is ready tohelp. We welcome special requests forunique products, regardless of quantity orfrequency of order.ClampsPHD Clamps have become the industrystandard for handling sheet metal inautomotive transfer presses and otherworkholding/transfer applications. All PHDClamps are customer-driven designs withon-site testing.Yamaha Robotics is the Master Distributorfor Yamaha robots in North America. Since1976, Yamaha has provided assembly robotsto the industrial manufacturing market that areunsurpassed for payload, speed, and dependability.From single axis robots to the broadest selectionof Cartesian and SCARA robots available anywhere,Yamaha Robotics and PHD can supply the bestsolution for nearly any automated assemblyrequirement.UNIQUESOL163

FOCUSEDon the specific needs ofmany industry applicationsDo you have an application for a specific need? Browse our alwaysgrowing industry segments to discover your specific industrialautomation solution at There you will findindustry-specific solutions displayed according to application use. Viewour many field-tested components by process or product type. If yourindustry is listed, we may already have a solution designed specificallyto your needs!Aluminum SmeltingAutomotive ManufacturingVISIT US ONLINE! ManufacturingFood & Beverage ManufacturingIndustrial LaundryIndustrial PrintingMedical ManufacturingPackagingRoboticsSemiconductor ManufacturingStretch Blow Molding & Container FillingTire ManufacturingWorkholding4UNIQUESOL16

Experiencing machine downtimedue to an actuator failure orpoor performance?UNIQUESOL165

CylindersAll PVC constructionML310600 Plastic Cylinderwith Hollow RodFluoropolymer sealsDouble hollow rod for vacuumDirect replacement for Ellis draincylinderUsed in semiconductor industryChrome-plated piston rodUnique corrosion resistant coatingLight weightUsed in food industryUsed in commercial laundryapplicationML310898 PET Body withStainless Steel Piston RodML308838 Polymer PETPlastic CylinderML307675 Drain CylinderSwitch readyFluoropolymer sealsDesigned for part production in adeionized water environmentOEM replacement for most LaVatecdrain cylindersUsed in semiconductor industryFully field repairableSpring extendSimple design, long lifeUsed in commercial laundryapplicationML311080 PVC CylinderDouble-actingML307798 Drain CylinderLonger bearing surface whencompared to other cylindersML306345Replacement CylinderOEM direct replacement for mostdischarge cylinders12 mm stroke x 10 mm strokeUsed in commercial laundryapplicationML306554 ReplacementCylinder with Spring andButton Kit Attached asShownOEM direct replacement for moststopper cylindersUsed in semiconductor industry12 mm bore x 10 mm strokeOptional button and spring kitavailableML311558 Replacement forBraun Industrial WasherML312857 Quick ChangeVolumetric PumpDrop in replacementUnique plating for longer lifeAdjustable volumeFlexible 3 or 4 inch stroke internaladjustment for lower cost ofownershipClear pump for visual confirmationEasy 90 turn of the pump toremoveSlide off piston designCorrosion resistant and designedfor autoclaveSize based on your requirements Consult PHDUsed in commercial laundryapplicationML3109556 Cylinder ManifoldCommon extend and retract portsUsed in commercial laundryapplicationIncorporates extremely long life rodseals for durable wear requirementsUsed in conveyor applicationML302550Slide Gate CylinderDirect drop-in to existingcompetitor’s cylinder. Bore is 32mm diameterML310064 Heavy DutyNon-Rotating Cylinder32 mm x 1-1/2 in strokeNon-rotating cylinderMAC Valve readyML308775 NFPA CylinderML313638 CylinderLarge bore cylinder160 mm boreStainless steel constructionLarger than standard bore OCVCombines PHD Series LCSEscapement and Series CTSCylinder technologyUsed in food industryUsed in conveyor applicationUsed in conveyor application6UNIQUESOL16Strokes designed are 6, 7, 8, 9,and 11 inches.Other strokes are available.All units include a fastener kitwhich contains all hardware forreplacement.Incorporates a 12 mm oversizedrod for durability.Smooth deceleration and quietoperation.Used in food industry

ML310417Impression CylinderML309911 Chain Tension CylinderReplacement cylinder for aSpeedmaster Heidelberg pressPHD’s Series CV Cylinder100 mm bore x 30 mm strokeDouble powerBack to backMAC Valve readyReplacement for a Univer K200-050-0200 FMML307067 CV Cylinder withTrunnion MountFront or rear trunnion mountingavailable on all CV sizes50 mm bore x 200 mm strokeBuilt in shock padsCushions availableUsed in commercial printing industryCorrosion resistance availableLong life and consistent responsespeedUsed in tire industryUsed in commercial printing industryML308995 Pusher Cylinder on StackerCLASS 4Longer life on actuator. Piston is longer for added stability and to reducebore wear.ML310456Blanket Wash CylinderDirect replacement for a Heidelbergblanket wash cylinderUniversal - rod can be on either sidePTFE Wear Ring provides piston support and enhances durability.Dramatically decreased repair kit costBushing PTFE instead of bronze for longer lifeUrethane seals for improved durabilityInternal shock pads eliminate metal to metal contact40 mm bore x 10.5 mm strokeIncludes cushion controls that are easily field repairable maximizing yourinvestment. Anodized aluminum alloy heads, caps and tube16 mm rodLonger life on position sensors - Solid state versus Reed1/8 BSPP portsUsed in commercial printing industryML309773 CV Cylinder withCNOMO MountingAvailable for 20 - 100 mm boresAvailable with stud mounting on bothendsLonger life than other CNOMOcylindersUsed in tire industryLong life seals and bushingsUsed in commercial printing industryML305875 ChockLock Cylinder1-1/8 in bore 1/4 in stroke, otherbores and strokes are availableML310107 Cylinder withAdjustable Center TrunnionMountLong life design for low maintenanceML310053 Press CylinderCylinder repairable for extended lifeproviding long term savings1/8 BSPP portsWide range of options for easy applicationand reduced design timeAdjustable and fixed trunnionsavailable for32 - 100 mm boresLong life bushing and wiper sealCustom mount flangeBuilt in shock padsDirect drop-in replacement cylinderfor MAN Roland press cylinderSpring extend - air retract, single actingCushions availableDouble rod for robust bearing supportCorrosion resistance availableUsed in commercial printing industryUsed in commercial printing industryUsed in tire industry63 mm x 45 mm strokeELECTRICphdplus.phdinc.comML311179 Electric Cylinder2.250 in total strokeStainless steel cover for motorUnique heavy duty rod seal to protect from harsh environmentsUNIQUESOL167

GrippersML309749 Modular DeviceModular deviceTwo grip and rotate devicesincorporated into one assemblyMounting configuration designed toadapt direct to customer’s robotML3087936 Jaw Angular GripperML3082483 Position GripperML310419 4 Jaw Gripper75 jaw rotationGround rail delivers high precisionwith minimal deflectionUnique FDA compliant plating andmaterials12 mm bore with 1:1 power to jawforce outputUsed in food industryDesigned for end of arm robotictoolingUsed in a robotic applicationFood grade greaseJaws are synchronized via commonpinionJaw positions at closed 0.00",1.00", and 2.67"Intermediate jaw position repeatableto .005"Air centered intermediate positionfor use with pressure centeredvalve-requires only two airlines!Switch ready for PHD Series 6790SwitchesML309693Low Profile GripperML305843 3 Jaw HeavyDuty Rim GripperLarge 3 jaw gripper300 mm diametral travelUsed in a robotic applicationUsed in a robotic applicationCompact design provides high gripforce and large moment capacitieswith low overall heightML311176 Series GRAGripper with StainlessSteel JawsFood grade stainless steel jaws inplace of standard GRA jawsIncorporates food grade lubricantsUsed in food industryTwo 40 mm bore cylinders per jawprovide high grip forcesRugged design withstands highimpact and shock loadDouble acting for use in bothinternal and external grippingapplicationsRack and pinion jaw synchronizationprovides minimal backlashSynchronizer is enclosed, protectingmechanism from debrisTC fluoropolymer composite guideshaft bushings provide long lifeML311181 Modular DeviceUnique mounting plate configurationmounts to other new PHDcomponentsIntegrated elastomer rod and shaftwipers prolong bushing life in harshenvironmentsMultiple port locations provideversatile plumbing capabilitiesML306079Electric Variable Pick HeadIdeal for final packaging processMotor driven pitchPneumatically driven vertical slidesUsed in semiconductor industryML311515 and ML307748Gripper and Unique ToolingReplaces triple buck gripper onUnipress pressing machineLong lifeUsed in a conveyor applicationUsed in a robotic applicationFlexibility on changing part pick uppoints with precisionUsed in a robotic applicationML312786Magnetic GripperML302657 PolymerSeries GRW withStainless Steel JawsNo expensive toolingPET body and bushingCompact size1 less axis of motionML311152 Unique Jaw PadsML314143CNC Machine GripperStationary tooling standManifold mountStainless steel jaws and jaw guidesMultiple usesCoolant powered operationFluoro-Elastomer sealsModified to adapt to your jaw toolingconfiguration130psi - 1000psi high pressure unitStainless steel cap improvesdurabilityCustomer specific jawsJaw guides and seals lubricatedwith cleanroom compatible greaseMultiple sizes available based oncustomer applicationUsed in a robotic applicationUsed in robotic applicationUsed in a robotic applicationNo electric lines required8UNIQUESOL16Variability of part pickup

ELECTRICML311161 Bottle Gripper10 Jaw opening with 3 pointcontactML302657 PolymerSeries GRW withStainless Steel JawsUsed to grip glass bottles of alltypesPET body and bushingUsed in food industryFluoro-Elastomer sealsStainless steel jaws and jaw guidesJaw guides and seals lubricated withcleanroom compatible greaseML313047 Spring CloseSeries GRHPHD Plus Your Motor, YourWay, a simple 3-step process,allows users to employ PHD’sproven technology operated bythe motor and controls of theirchoice. This saves time andmoney by eliminating the need tolearn or place into service a newmotor and controls platform. Ifyou prefer a complete package,PHD and your local distributorcan provide motors and controlsto fit your application needs.phdplus.phdinc.comNon-standard stroke - 60 mm totalSpring close unit7.15 lb spring force (60 psi min)Used in robotic applicationML313700GripperDirect drop-in to an existing grippingdeviceML310629 Electric Gripperwith Rail SystemThree jaw constructionOpen motor architecture - YourMotor, Your Way0 degree closed/16 degrees openPET body/Stainless steel jawsSwitch readyFood grade lubricationStainless steel tooling includedIntegrated push to connect fittingsML309746 Electric LongTravel GripperUsed in food industry2.750 mm total jaw travelML311876Pepperoni GripperGrip force 30 lbf at surface of jawOpen motor architecture - YourMotor, Your WayBased on Series GRW 16 mm unitStainless steel metallic componentsPET plastic componentsViton shaft wipers and sealsFood grade lubeUsed in food industryML310665Lightweight GripperSeries GRW size 16 designML303025 PETReplacement GripperML311373 Electric BallScrew Driven Parallel GripperPET body and aluminum jaws forlighter weightML313640Electric Series GRMLonger than normal travelElectromechanical ClampSynchronized jaw motionUsed in a robotic applicationBased on GRM1TF-6-60-0025 mm total jaw travelMotor and Controller integratedStainless steel cover280 N clamp forceOpen motor architecture - YourMotor, Your WayDesigned for deionized waterapplicationsUsed in Automotive IndustryCompact, lightweight design allowsfor maximum application flexibilityInternal bearing rail supportDouble-acting for use in bothinternal and external grippingapplicationsThis gripper accepts selectcompetitor switches, saving hoursof downtime associated with switchchange out. Contact PHD for moreinformation.ML307562 Polymer PETLong Jaw Travel GripperLong jaw travelML311257 All Plastic andStainless Steel Parallel GripperOther configurations are availablePET plastic bodyPlastic body with stainless steel jaws, internal parts and fastenersUnits are fully field repairableStainless steel jawsSynchronized jaw movementUsed in semiconductor industryUsed in food industryUsed in a robotic applicationSynchronized jaw travelUNIQUESOL169

Linear SlidesElectricML305733 CorrosionResistant Plastic Slide100% corrosion resistantMaterials used - PET & stainlesssteelRod scrapersNo grooves in body - easy to washdown, eliminating areas for bacterialgrowthStainless steel mounting insertsML309534Valve Ready SlideMAC Valve readyValve can mount on either side ofslide housingML310393Electric Slide with Washdown32 mm bore x 25 mm strokeMeets IP67 guidelinesTool plate designed to customer’sspecificationsAC servo with resolverAll stainless steel constructionUsed in conveyor applicationLightweight slideLarge guide shaftsDual bore slideML220914 Electric SA SlideUsed in semiconductor applicationOpen motor architecture - YourMotor, Your WayML309548Cantilever Rail SlideNumerous switch optionsCantilever slide with rail bearingNumerous configurations can bequotedphdplus.phdinc.comML307246 CorrosionResistant Compact HeavyDuty SlideML310551 Air Spring Slide32 mm x 250 mmShock absorber readySwitch readyUsed in conveyor applicationML310870 Lift TableRigid construction for long lifeStainless steel piston rod andguide shaftsUsed in semiconductor applicationML310446Tray Dumper SlideML303439Stainless Steel Slide316 Stainless SteelThree guide shafts for additionalsupport100% corrosion resistantDirect mount to robotModular deviceLong life and field repairableMAC Valve readyOne size guide shaftsTool plate can be modified to adaptto your toolingLong life front wheel suppliedwith unitHeavy duty, ruggedUsed in robotic application25 mm bore x 3 in strokeBumpersStainless steel stop collarsWash down environmentIncorporates PHD’s Series SAHSlideLong lifeRugged constructionUsed in semiconductor applicationUsed in conveyor applicationUsed in food industryML313108 SFPPneumatic VariablePick HeadPneumatically changes pitchLower cost than electric pick headEasy installationML313252 Conveyor StopML310717 All StainlessSteel with Unique Tool PlateCustomer specified pitch and number of headsCustomer specified toolplategeometryContact PHD for additional solutions or request to see a videoReverse acting (pivot up with spring)Incorporates food grade lubricantsUsed in semiconductor applicationUsed in conveyor applicationsUsed in food industry10UNIQUESOL16Food grade stainless components

Rotary ActuatorsML309208 CorrosionResistant Plastic RotaryML314165Constructed of PET and stainlesssteel materials especially for washdown environments.Customer supplied sprocketgeometryDirect drop-in replacementBearing covers with corrosionresistant unitOption to repair the actuator ifnecessaryReduced down time due to reliabilityand long life expectancy of the PHDproductReduced product wasteUsed in food industryCustom angle adjustmentsAnti-washout food grade lubesUsed in food industryML313598ML309840 Rotary Actuatorfor Solar PanelManufacturingML308855High torque, heavy dutyFluoro-Elastomer sealsWide variety of options andaccessoriesStainless steel pinionsUsed in carpet industryFree floating aluminum pistons withpressure and wear compensatingpiston seals provide long life and lowfrictionAll stainless steel unitHeavy duty sealed ball bearingsensure shaft stability under heavyand high impact loading3 position rotaryUsed in semiconductor industryDrop in competitor replacementDual pinion rotary actuator. Pinionsoperate independently of each otherUsed in food industryUNIQUE placement Cylinderwith Long Life Rod SealElectric escapementDrop in replacement for Emhartand BDF Improved pin design (mainfailure mode of competition)Stepper motor drivenPHD designed and supplied internalcontrollerUsed in conveyor applicationFewer moving parts thancompetitionML306457 2:1 Air Boosterwith MAC ValveCLASS 5Air boosterIncorporates the PHD Series CRCylinderLong life design2:1 ratioHigh temperature seals and lubesto maximize lifeMAC Valve direct mount readyLightweight designML310933Sealed Angular GripperGRB style gripper with sealed jawsand drive mechanismML313008Air Docking StationML3129308 mm bore x 4 mm strokeML312726Retention CylinderFully field-repairable providing costsavingsMAC bullet valve integratedDrop-in replacementHigh speed actuator50 to 4,000 psi operating pressurerange- hydraulicInternal parts are enclosed bushingsfor wear resistance providing longerlifeBlack oxide finish for corrosionresistanceFast deliveryField repairable, increases value andprovides longer lifePHD offers rebuild programproviding same warranty as newunitSpring extend for ease of setupUNIQUESOL16ML307584 / ML304302Angular Replacement GripperReplacement grippersDirect drop-in replacementIncorporates PHD’s long life internalcomponents11

Rebuild ProgramReplacement partsDistributor assistanceOnline supportMost PHD units can be rebuiltto save maintenance costs!With over 50 years experience incustomer satisfaction, our trainedfactory personnel can help youdecrease your costs of maintaining andprotecting your PHD investment. ThePHD Rebuild Program is not just anordinary repair process, but a state-ofthe-art system that can help you savetime and money.Fast in-house rebuildsAll new wear itemsReceive “like new” warrantyBefore Provide no charge evaluations and quotefor the repair Create a preventative maintenanceprogram tailored to fit your needs Evaluate performance of your PHDproduct to provide you better lifeand performance that meets yourexpectations Conduct normal repairs of PHD productsand components12 Month“Like New”WarrantyAfterPHD's rebuild program can saveyour facility training, additional workload, possible tool requirements, andfacility space to perform the repairs.In addition, you will receive a 12 month“like new” warranty. PHD’s Rebuild Program refurbishes yourexisting PHD products with all new wearitems. Rebuilt units offer the same PHD qualitythat you’re used to, but for a fraction ofthe cost of a new unit, reducing your totalcost of ownership. Rebuilt units are placed back into service,thus reducing your total cost and savingvaluable components from scrap. All PHD factory rebuilt units receive a 12month “like new” warranty.Before12 Month“Like New”WarrantyAfter5M 5/16 992212UNIQUESOL16

processes. Because of our flexibility, creating Unique Solutions is simple for PHD. We have dedicated assembly cells, machining centers, and many engineers to design and build unique solutions for our customers. With over 34,000 unique designs and over 100,000 quotes already in our databas