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W E LCO M E TOB R U I N C O U N T R Y.Bruin is another word for bear. At KCC, the Bruinis also our official mascot.WHY? A Bruin is powerful and determined.A Bruin is curious and imaginative. A Bruinmakes noble decisions and shows empathy toothers. A Bruin is a fearless explorer who laughsat adversity. A Bruin is a warrior who never stopschallenging. A Bruin protects others from harm.A Bruin is trustworthy and intelligent. A Bruinhas a playful sense of humor. Not everyone isborn Bruin. But anyone can call forth their innerBruin, adopt the Bruin approach and resolve tobe more Bruin every day.Being Bruin is more than a state of mind.It’s a way of life.

KCC BRUINNew Student OrientationSUCCESS TIPGet to know your instructors!CONTENTSAcademic Advising4STARFISH for Students4Registration6Career & Employment Services6Morris Library6Student Life8Public Safety8Integrative Learning9First Year Seminar9Honors Program9Global & International Studies9Service Learning9Center for Student Success9Campus Maps10Important Contacts12Notes: If you are having trouble viewing thisonline, please try using a different browser!The Academic Catalog is available online

KC C N EW STUDENT O R IE N TAT IO N G UIDEACADEMIC ADVISINGWelcome, Bruins! Academic advisors and success coaches help students attaintheir educational goals by providing information, encouragement, and thenecessary tools to navigate the registration process. Students are expected toplay an active role in their educational journey; to assist students through thisprocess, academic advisors will rely on an educational plan and/or a transferguide to empower students to become self-directed learners through theireducational journey.Schedule an appointment now! Appointments can also be scheduled bycontacting [email protected] ADVISORS ARE HERE TO HELP YOU! Get help with: navigating the college experience interpreting assessment scores information about academic programs understanding the registration process including drop/add/withdraw selecting appropriate courses understanding graduation requirements navigating the transfer process accessing career and job resourcesContact one of our Academic Advisors today!Follow us on Facebook!STARFISH FOR STUDENTSStarfish is a proactive tool used to facilitate communication with yoursuccess network on campus. You can use Starfish to electronicallydo things like “Raise your hand” or schedule an appointment withyour Academic Advisor. The goal is to keep you connected to ateam of faculty and staff dedicated to your success here at KelloggCommunity College!How to access Starfish:1. Navigate to the KCC homepage, click the Bruin Portal button at the top of thescreen, and login using your KCC-ID and password that you have created.2. Once you are logged in, scroll down the list of services and find the Starfishservice button.3. After clicking the Starfish service button, it will automatically take you to yourStarfish “My Success Network”.From this screen you can schedule an appointment with your assigned AcademicAdvisor or a Counselor. In the upper left corner of the page, click the three barsto access the Starfish menu in order to navigate to the “Raise Your Hand” tool.Here you can raise a flag for reasons like, “I have an academic advising question”,“I Need a Tutor”, or just a general “HELP!!!” flag, where you can explain exactlywhat it is you need help with!Visit Starfish FAQs at to learn more!4Back to contents

KCC N E W ST UDEN T O R I EN TAT I O N GU I D ESUCCESS TIPKnow and use your campus resouces!Back to contents5

KC C N EW STUDENT O R IE N TAT IO N G UIDEREGISTERING FOR CLASSESReady to register and Make It KCC? Students can sign up for classes online via theBruin Portal or register and pay for classes via the College’s Kellogg CC mobileapp. For more detailed information about enrolling, visit the registration page orcontact the Registrar’s Office at [email protected] need to apply to KCC? Fill out an Application for Admission online!Click here to view our degree and certificate programs!Click here to learn about our online classes and online degree programs!Click here to view academic offerings by Areas of Study!Click here for information about high school dual-enrollment!For more information, or help registering, contact theRegistrar’s office at 269-965-5522.CAREER & EMPLOYMENT SERVICESCareer & Employment Services (CES) provides employment services for students,alumni and employers. All jobs (on-campus, internships, part-time, full-time) areposted on the College Central Network (CCN).College Central Network allows employers to register and post jobs that areavailable within the community, as well as the surrounding areas. Students areable to register, upload a resume and search for jobs. Services on College CentralNetwork are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To get started, createa new account or log-in on Kellogg Community College’s job board at CollegeCentral Network.Undecided about your future? CES encourages students to complete the selfpaced Focus2 Assessment (use access code bruin). Focus2 helps you learn aboutprograms of study and occupations that match your interests.Career and Employment Services is located in the Student Center, Suite 105Contact us for more information! 269-565-2637 [email protected] LIBRARYBetween essays, group projects, and exams, as a KCC Student you have a lot onyour plate. Never fear; your Morris Library is here to help!Morris Library Offers: The largest computer lab on campus, with free printing Collaborative and individual study spaces, including 12 study rooms Access to full-text articles, books, films, and more from on and off campus NEW! Online access to magazines through Flipster NEW! “Curbside” pickup of items from the walkway leading to the Library NEW! 1-on-1 virtual meetings with a Morris Librarian via Zoom UPDATED! Web research guides on a variety of topics Research and Citation assistance 24/7/365 through Research Help Now! Extra-curricular events, guest speakers, and exhibits on a variety of topics Makerspace for hands-on learningWhatever your needs we are here to connect you with resources on or off campus.Contact us online or call 269-965-4122.6Back to contents

SUCCESS TIPSet realistic day-to-day goalsthat help the big picture!KCC N E W ST UDEN T O R I EN TAT I O N GU I D EBack to contents7

KC C N EW STUDENT O R IE N TAT IO N G UIDESTUDENT LIFEThere is more to college than just attending classes! Student Life can enhance yourcollege experience through student activities, leadership training, and student clubs.Check out our Registered Student Organizations at our Facebook and Instagram so you can connect with fellow Bruins and stay ontop of all the cool stuff happening on campus.Come visit us in the Student Center across the hall from the HUB, there is alwayssomething fun going on! Be Bold, Be You, Be Bruin!PUBLIC SAFETYThe Department of Public Safety at Kellogg Community College is responsible forcampus police/security and safety, including emergency management, public healthand OSHA/MIOSHA compliance. Video surveillance equipment is deployed in mostpublic areas of all facilities and designated parking lots. Students and staff can requestthe Department of Public Safety to review video recordings for suspicious activity oralleged criminal activity.Hours & LocationKCC Public Safety offices are open during regular business hours and are located inSuite 306 of the Lane-Thomas Building on KCC’s North Ave campus in Battle Creek.Emergency NumbersWith your help we can maintain a safe and secure campus. If you see something orhear something, say something! To report a crime or request assistance, call CampusPolice/Security at 269-965-4147 or dial 9-1-1. You can also make use of the yellow“emergency” call boxes throughout KCC’s campuses—it doesn’t need to be a direemergency—pushing the button will connect you directly to public safety to help withany safety requests.Visit the Public Safety webpage for these helpful documents and forms. Annual Security Report Crime Prevention Tips KCC Building Wardens Handbook for Campus Sexual Assault Survivors Parking Tag Request form Incident Report form Crime and Disciplinary Referral Report Form8Back to contents

KCC N E W ST UDE N T O R I EN TAT I O N GU I D EINTEGRATIVE LEARNINGKellogg Community College’s Integrative Learning Department is home to theCollege’s First Year Seminar, Honors Program, International Studies and ServiceLearning initiatives. Each of these initiatives offer more immersive ways for youto experience a KCC education and come through your time at Kellogg ready forsuccess. Visit us in the Morris Library on campus, check out our webpage or call269-565-7991 for more information!FYS—FIRST YEAR SEMINAR KCC’s First Year Seminar course is designed tointroduce and connect students to the campus community and to assist studentswith financial planning and setting academic and personal goals. Students will workwith instructors to learn strategies for their transition into college and to engage inbuilding the skills needed for success. This is often a graduation requirement! Formore information connect with an academic advisor.HONORS PROGRAM The Honors Program offers academically talented studentsan alternative way to complete general education requirements. Honors Programstudents have unique opportunities for academic challenge as well as interactionwith other motivated students and Honors Program faculty through courseworkand fellowship activities. The Honors Program promotes leadership and fosterspartnerships and mentoring between students and faculty. For more info, includingadmission requirements for new, current, and transfer students, as well as theprogram application, visit the KCC Honors webpage or call 269-565-7991.GLOBAL & INTERNATIONAL STUDIES The Global and International StudiesProgram at KCC emphasizes global awareness, foreign language proficiency,multiculturalism and study abroad. In an increasingly more complex and integratedworld, global education is becoming an important advantage for students enteringthe work force and for students wishing to advance in their current positions. Findmore by visiting the Global & International Studies webpage or call 269-565-7991.SERVICE-LEARNING KCC is committed to the development of students throughservice-learning and civic engagement and strongly encourages students to gainexperience in this field during their time here. The College has developed manycommunity partnerships to ensure students obtain meaningful experiences thatalso meet the needs of their community. Upon completion of service requirementsin designated courses, students receive a service-learning endorsement on theiracademic transcripts. This is often a graduation requirement! For more informationconnect with an academic advisor, visit our webpage or call 269-565-7991.CENTER FOR STUDENT SUCCESSThe Center for Student Success provides free educational services for all KCCstudents, including computer stations, software programs, and professional staffdevoted to building a variety of academic skills. Services include: Disability services to ensure equal access to educational opportunities Tutoring Services face-to-face or online Academic Testing for make-up, online, and disability accommodationsAsk Us! We’re available to answer your questions and guide you toward achieving youracademic goals. Visit us in the OHM building, Room 207, online at,email [email protected] or call 269-965-4150.Back to contents9


KCC N E W ST UDE N T O R I EN TAT I O N GU I D EBINDA PERFORMINGARTS CENTERC BUILDINGBusiness, English and,Math Faculty OfficesOlivet CollegeROLL HEALTH ANDADMINISTRATION BUILDINGAdministration Offices301Allied Health Offices405Dental Clinic103KCC Foundation301Nursing Office209401105SEVERIN BUILDINGEducation OfficesService-LearningSocial Science OfficesDAVIDSON VISUAL ANDPERFORMING ARTS CENTERArts & Communication220Eleanor R. and RobertB. DeVries GalleryMusic Center of SouthCentral MichiganDAVIDSONPARKINGMORRIS LIBRARYCenter for InstitutionalEffectivenessComputer LabSpring Lake RoomSTUDENT CENTERAcademic AdvisingCareer & EmploymentMSU AG Program AdvisorVetSuccessKellogg RoomStudent LifeBRUIN BistroThe HUB— Admissions— Financial Aid— Technology Help Desk401LANE-THOMAS BUILDINGBRUIN Bookstore101Facilities & Public Safety 306Lifelong Learning305Public Safety Education205PARKINGMILLER PHYSICALEDUCATION BUILDINGAthletic DepartmentGym and Weight RoomsOHM INFORMATIONTECHNOLOGY CENTERBusiness OfficeRegistrar’s OfficeInformation Technology201Siena Heights University 102Testing and Assessment108Center for Student Success 207Upward WARZ SCIENCEBUILDINGMath & Science Dept.105WHITMORE BUILDINGPurchasingHuman Resources102101PUBLIC SAFETYFEHSENFELD CENTER2950 West M-179 Highway, HastingsEASTERN ACADEMIC CENTERTO GRAND RAPIDS14055 26 Mile Road, AlbionNFREEPORTH DR. NMIDDLEVILLETO KALAMAZOO37M-DELTONNASHVILLEM-79I-94KCC EASTERNACADEMIC CENTERC Dr. NW. MICHIGATO BATTLE CREEK28 MILE9-17STMGUN LK.TO MARSHALL26 1/2 MILEHASTINGSKCC FEHSENFELDCENTER26 MILEM-37M-66M-43WEI-69NI-94TO ALBIONNAVE.Back to contents11

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SERVICE-LEARNING KCC is committed to the development of students through service-learning and civic engagement and strongly encourages students to gain experience in this field during their time here. The College has developed many community partnerships to ensure students obtain meaningful