FILING FEES, SURCHARGES, AND COSTSIN COLORADO STATE COURTSA summary of the most frequently used filing fees, surcharges, and costs in:County Court Civil Small Claims CriminalWater CourtCourt of AppealsSupreme CourtDistrict Court Civil Domestic Relations Probate Juvenile CriminalMiscellaneous FeesNo Fees ChargedColorado Judicial BranchOffice of the State Court Administrator1300 Broadway #1200Denver, CO 80203This information is designed to provide members of the public, members of the bar, and courtpersonnel with the most current filing fees, surcharges, and cost information for the Colorado StateCourts. Only the most frequently used fees, surcharges, and costs are indicated. All fees,surcharges, and costs include the appropriate statutory reference and applicable taxes and specialfees.If you have questions, please direct them first to the appropriate Clerk of Court in your county. Youmay also contact the Court Processes and Resources Unit in the Court Services Division of the StateCourt Administrator’s Office by e-mail at [email protected] or by calling 720-625-5610 forassistance. We hope this information is helpful to you.Please note: This document is revised whenever significant changes occur. Your comments arewelcome.JDF 1 R7/2020 FILING FEES, SURCHARGES, AND COSTS IN COLORADO STATE COURTSPage 1 of 10

COUNTY COURT – CIVIL FEES (JURISDICTIONAL LIMIT OF 25,000.00 OR LESS)Category1. Plaintiff, Petitioner 1.00 - 999.99 1,000.00 - 14,999.99 15,000.00 - 25,000.002. Third Party Plaintiff, Intervenor, Party filing answer with crossclaim or counter claim 1.00 - 999.99 1,000.00 - 14,999.99 15,000.00 - 25,000.003. Defendant, Respondent, Third Party Defendant, other party(not filing cross claim or counter claim) 1.00 - 999.99 1,000.00 - 14,999.99 15,000.00 - 25,000.004. Defendant filing Motion to Dismiss for failure to file aComplaintCRS ReferenceTotal Filing Fee13-32-101(1)(c)(lII.5)(A)13-32-101(1)(c)(lII.5) (C)13-32-101(1)(c)(lII.5) (E) 85.00 105.00 .5) (C)13-32-101(1)(c)(lII.5) (E) 84.00 104.00 .5)(D)13-32-101(1)(c)(lII.5)(F) 80.00 100.00 130.0013-32-103(2)(a) 55.00 88.0015. Petition to change name13-32-101(1)(c)(lII.5)(A)6. Rule 369 docket fee;Judgment Creditor13-32-103(6)(a);Rule 369, CRCP7. Foreign judgment13-53-106(a) 201.008. Civil protection order - 13-14-10913-32-101(1)(c)(lII.5)(A) 85.0029. Jury demand fee13-71-144(b) 98.0010. Forcible Entry & Detainer/Eviction (F.E.D.) Possession Onlyand or money demand is less than 1000, (if demand is forpossession and money claim is greater than 1,000.00 useappropriate fee above in item 1)13-32-101(1)(c)(III.5)(C) 85.00 70.00SMALL CLAIMS FEES3 (JURISDICTIONAL LIMIT OF 7,500.00 OR LESS)Category1. Plaintiff:Up to 500.00 500.01 to 7,500.00Defendant (without counterclaim:Up to 500.00 500.01 to 7,500.003. Party (with counter claim):CRS ReferenceTotal Filing Fee13-32-101(1)(c)(lV)(A)13-32-101(1)(c)(lV)(C) 31.00 55.0013-32-101(1)(c)(lV)(B)13-32-101(1)(c)(lV)(D) 26.00 41.0013-32-101(1)(c)(IV)(E) 31.0013-32-101(1)(c)(IV)(F) 46.002. If Plaintiff’s claim is 500.00 or less and counterclaim is 500.00 or less. If Plaintiff’s claim is more than 500.00 or counterclaim is more than 500.00 and is not more than 7,500.00.4. Rule 369 docket fee;Judgment Creditor13-32-103(6)(a);Rule 369, CRCPJDF 1 R7/2020 FILING FEES, SURCHARGES, AND COSTS IN COLORADO STATE COURTS 70.00Page 2 of 10

COUNTY COURT – CRIMINAL FEES AND SURCHARGESCategory1. Defendant upon conviction (other thanCRS ReferenceFee13-32-105 21.00 5.00 26.002. Defendant upon conviction (infractions)3. Appeal from Municipal Court (not of record)42-4-1710(4)13-10-116(1) & 13-32-103(1) 19.00 5.00 24.00 70.004. Probation supervision feeMisdemeanor, petty offense, traffic5. Jury demand fee; petty offense6. Deferred Judgment/Sentence7. Victim’s compensation cost Misdemeanors Class 1 Misdemeanor Traffic Offense Class 2 Misdemeanor Traffic Offense Alcohol/drug offenses Deferred Judgment/Sentence8. Alcohol/drug related traffic offenses LEAF (Law Enforcement Assistance Fund) Alcohol/drug evaluation cost Persistent drunk driver surcharge9. Drug offender surcharge18-1.3-204(2)(a)(V)infractions) Class 1 Misdemeanor/Level 1 Drug MisdemeanorClass 2 MisdemeanorClass 3 Misdemeanor/ Level 2 Drug MisdemeanorClass 2 Petty Offense (marijuana)Surcharge applies to deferred sentences10. Outstanding judgment/warrant cost11. Useful public service fee12. Victim’s assistance surcharge 50.00 per month16-10-109(2)13-32-105 & 18-1.3-102 21.00Offenses prior to )(a)24-4.1-119(1)(c)24-4.1-119(1)(a)(c) 60.00 35.00 25.00 25.00Applicable amount 90.00 200.004 100.00 minimum – 500.00Offenses prior to8.11.10 600.00 450.00 225.00 100.00Applicable Amount13. 1 Misdemeanor Traffic OffenseClass 2 Misdemeanor Traffic OffenseCounty OrdinanceRestitutionTime payment feeLate penalty feeFamily friendly court surchargeBrain injury surcharge Alcohol/Drug Offense Traffic/Infraction Offense18. Offender identification fee19. Public defender fee20. Sex offender surcharge Class 1 MisdemeanorClass 2 MisdemeanorClass 3 MisdemeanorOffenses on or after8.11.10 1,000.00 600.00 300.00 200.00Applicable Amount30.005Up to 120.0042-4-1301.4(5) & 18-1.3-507(6)37% of fine or applicable minimum 6Offensesprior to5.1.03 78.00 46.00 33.00 33.0042-2-118(3) & 42-4-1709(7)24-4.2-104 & -11-101.6(1)42-4-1701(4)(a)(VI) 25.00 26.00Offenses on or after7.1.07Applicable )18-19-103(1), (2) 5.0060.0035.0025.0010.00Offensesbetween 5.1.03and 6.30.07Offenses onor 0Varies 25.00 10.00 1.0042-4-1307(10)(c)42-4-1701(4)(e)(I) – (II)42-4-109(13)(b) & 42-4-1502(4.5)16-11-102.4 and 24-33.5-415.621-1-103(3) 25.00 20.00 128.00 ) 400.00 300.00 )18-13-122(4)(e)24-30-211424-33.5-415.6 200.00 150.00 75.0021. Child abuse investigation surcharge 1 MisdemeanorClass 2 MisdemeanorClass 3 MisdemeanorAdolescent substance abuse surchargeVictim address confidentially surchargeGenetic Testing SurchargeRural Alcohol & Substance Abuse SurchargeRestorative Justice Surcharge 25.00 28.00 2.50 1.00 – 10.00 10.0042-4-1307(10)(d)(I) & 42-4-1701(4)(f)18-25-101(1)JDF 1 R7/2020 FILING FEES, SURCHARGES, AND COSTS IN COLORADO STATE COURTSPage 3 of 10

DISTRICT COURT – CIVIL FEESCategory1. Plaintiff, Petitioner, Administrative HearingsCRS ReferenceTotal Filing Fee13-32-101(1)(d)CRCP 106(a)(4)(II)13-32-101(1)(d) 235.0013-32-101(1)(f) 192.00 234.00 234.006. Defendant filing an answer and a cross or counterclaim orboth7. Defendant filing an answer and also filing third partycomplaint but not filing cross or counter claim8. Defendant filing an answer and a cross or counter claim anda third party 3-32-101(1)(f)13-32-101(1)(d)13-32-101(1)(f)9. Rule 69 docket fee; Judgment Creditor13-32-103(6)(a) 70.0010. Petitioner under Rule 120, CRCP13-32-103(3)(a) 224.0011. Respondent under Rule 120(h) CRCP12. Foreign judgment13-32-101(1)(f)13-53-106 192.00 201.0013. Petition to change name13-15-101;13-32-101(1)(d)13-32-103(2)(a) 238.001 163.00 192.00 70.0017. Petition to seal criminal record18. Simplified process for sealing records19. Motion to seal criminal 1);Criminal Rule 3724-72-70424-72-70524-72-70620. Jury demand fee Note: Does not apply for a jury demand pursuant to13-71-144(1)(a) 231.002. Intervenor (adds new party)Rule 24(c), CRCP3. Defendant, Respondent (not filing a cross or counter claim Answer Only)4. Third Party Plaintiff5. Defendant, Respondent filing a cross or counterclaim or both and ananswer fee previously paid14. Defendant’s motion to dismiss for failure to file complaint15. Appellant;AppelleeCivil Appeals Rule 41116. Appeal from County or Municipal Court of Record 234.00 421.00 421.00 655.00 55.00 224.00 65.00 65.00§38-1-106, C.R.S.21. Additional fee against Judgment Debtors: 13-32-101(4)(b)(I)Over 5,000, not more than 10,000Over 10,000, not more than 20,000Over 20,000, not more than 30,000Over 30,000, not more than 50,000Over 50,000JDF 1 R7/2020 FILING FEES, SURCHARGES, AND COSTS IN COLORADO STATE COURTS 10.00 30.00 50.00 90.00 90.00 2.00 for each 1,000 over 50,000Page 4 of 10

DISTRICT COURT – DOMESTIC RELATIONS FEESCategoryCRS ReferenceTotal Filing Fee1. Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Civil Union13-32-101(1)(a) 230.002. Petition for Legal Separation, Declaration of Invalidity ofMarriage or Civil Union3. Petition for Allocation of Parental Responsibilities13-32-101(1)(a) 230.0014-10-12313-32-101(1)(a) 222.004. Petitioner - Declaratory Judgment13-32-101(1)(a) 230.005. Petition to Prevent Removal of Child 235.006. Intervenor (adds new party) Rule 24(c), CRCP13-32-101(1)(d)14-13.5-10613-32-101(1)(d);7. Response13-32-101(1)(b) 116.008. Foreign Decree/Judgment14-11-101;13-53-106(1)(a) 201.009. 13-53-10614-13-30514-13-30814-13-11114-5-601 166.0010. Motion to modify, amend or alter decree or order (more than60 days after decree entered)13-32-101(2) 105.0011. Motion to modify final or permanent order concerningparentage with DNA results14-10-12213-32-101(8) 70.00Registration:Child- Custody DeterminationExpedited Child-Custody DeterminationEnforcement Child-CustodySupport Order 234.00DISTRICT COURT – PROBATE FEESCategory1. 1st filings including, excluding Small Estate: Decedent’s Estate(Formal & Informal) Guardianship Conservatorship Personal Injury Settlement Petition to Accept Transfer2. Small estate3. Additional fee for supervised administration (exceptcontested claims)4. Petition for Allowance of Claim/Contested ClaimCRS ReferenceTotal Filing Fee13-32-102(1)(b) 199.0013-32-102(1)(a) 83.0013-32-102(1)(c) 198.0013-32-102(1)(d) 198.005. Trust Registration Statement13-32-102(1)(e) 198.006. Petition for Trust Action13-32-102(1)(f) 199.007. Registration of Foreign Guardianship and/or a) 201.00JDF 1 R7/2020 FILING FEES, SURCHARGES, AND COSTS IN COLORADO STATE COURTSPage 5 of 10

8. Deposit of Will9. Demand for Notice 18.00 36.0010. Public Administrator Statement Less than 500.00 500.00 but less than 2,000.00 2,000.00 or more 0.00 10.00 109.0015-12-623(1)(a) and 13-1-20411. Jury demand fee13-71-144(1)(a) 231.00DISTRICT COURT – JUVENILE CIVIL FEESCategoryCRS Reference1. Adoption PetitionTotal Filing Fee13-32-101(1)(g)2. Action under Uniform Parentage Act3. Respondent4. Petition to change name 167.0019-4-101 01(1)(d) 238.00 192.00 238.0015. Intervenor (Adds new party) Rule 24(c), CRCP13-32-101(1)(d) 234.006. Motion to modify final or permanent order concerningparentage with DNA results19-4-107.3 and13-32-101(8) 70.00DISTRICT COURT – JUVENILE FEES (DELINQUENCY)Category1. Victim’s CompensationCost Felonies Misdemeanors2. Victim’s assistancesurcharge CRS ReferenceFeeOffenses priorto 4.2-104 125.00 60.00Offenses between5.1.03 and 6.30.07 125.00 60.003. Restitution19-2-9184.18-21-103 and 19-2-907(6) 163.00 78.0037% of fine or applicable minimumOffenses priorto 5.1.03FeloniesMisdemeanorsOffenses on or after7.1.07 162.50 78.00Offenses on orafter 7.1.07 163.00 ----------------------------------- 1,500.00 1,000.00 500.00 375.00 250.00 200.00 150.00 75.00---------- 128.006. Time payment fee19-2-925.6 and 18-1.3-407and 24-33.5-415.616-11-101.6(1)---------- 25.007. Late penalty fee16-11-101.6(1)---------- 10.008. Public defender fee21-1-103(3)---------- 25.0079. Cost of care19-2-114----------10. Restorative JusticeSurcharge18-25-101(1) 2,389.008annually 10.00Sex offender surcharge Class 2 Felony Class 3 Felony Class 4 Felony Class 5 Felony Class 6 Felony Class 1 Misdemeanor Class 2 Misdemeanor Class 3 Misdemeanor5. Offender identification feeJDF 1 R7/2020 FILING FEES, SURCHARGES, AND COSTS IN COLORADO STATE COURTSPage 6 of 10

DISTRICT COURT – CRIMINAL FEESCategoryCRS Reference1. Defendant upon conviction13-32-105Probation supervision fee; Felony, Misdemeanor or Petty offenses3. Victim’s compensation cost Felonies Misdemeanors4. Victim’s assistance .1-119(1)(a)24-4.2-104 Class 2 Felony/Level 1 Drug FelonyClass 3 Felony/Level 2 Drug FelonyClass 4 Felony/Level 3 Drug FelonyClass 5 Felony/Level 4 Drug FelonyClass 6 FelonyClass 1 Misdemeanor/Level 1 Drug MisdemeanorClass 2 MisdemeanorClass 3 Misdemeanor/Level 2 Drug MisdemeanorClass 2 Petty Offense (marijuana)Surcharge applies to deferred sentences7. Special advocate surcharge 5.0024-4.2-104(1)(a)(ll)Applies to: 18-3-305; 18-3-402 – 405; 18-3-405.3; 18-3-405.5;18-6-301 – 302; 18-6-402 - 404; 18-7-302; 18-7-402;18-7-405; 18-7-405.5; 18-7-406Offenses on or after7.1.07 163.0078.0037% of fine or applicable minimumOffensesbetween 5.1.03and 6.30.07 162.50 19-103(1)(2) 40.00 50.00 per monthOffenses prior to7.1.07 125.0060.00Offensesprior to5.1.03 125.00 60.00 FeloniesMisdemeanors5. Restitution6. Drug offender surcharge:Fee 35.00Offenses onor after7.1.07 163.00 78.00VariesOffenses prior to8.11.10 4,500.00 3,000.00 1,500.00 1,125.00 750.00 600.00 450.00 225.00 100.00Applicable AmountOffenses priorto 5.1.03 1000.00Offenses on or after8.11.10 4,500.00 3,000.00 2,000.00 1,500.00 1,250.00 1,000.00 600.00 300.00 200.00Applicable AmountOffenses on orafter 5.1.03 1300.008. Sex offender surcharge Class 2 FelonyClass 3 FelonyClass 4 FelonyClass 5 FelonyClass 6 FelonyClass 1 MisdemeanorClass 2 MisdemeanorClass 3 )18-21-103(1)(g)18-21-103(1)(h) 3,000.00 2,000.00 1,000.00 750.00 500.00 400.00 300.00 )18-24-102(2)(d)18-24-102(2)(e) 1,500.00 1,000.00 500.00 375.00 250.009. Child abuse investigation surcharge 2 FelonyClass 3 FelonyClass 4 FelonyClass 5 FelonyClass 6 FelonyYouthful offender surchargeUseful public service feeTime payment feeLate penalty feeOffender identification fee15. Standardized offender assessment 01.6(1)16-11-101.6(1)16-11-102.4 &24-33.5-415.618-1.3-209100% of fine imposedUp to 120.00 25.00 10.00 128.00Screening only (SSI)Full assessment (SSI, ASUS, LSI)Public defender feeCost of careCost of prosecutionVictim address confidentially surchargeGenetic Testing SurchargeRural Alcohol & Substance Abuse SurchargeRestorative Justice Surcharge 45.00 75.00 25.007 1491.00 annually 8Varies 28.00 2.50 1.00 – 10.00 3.5-415.618-19-103.518-25-101(1)JDF 1 R7/2020 FILING FEES, SURCHARGES, AND COSTS IN COLORADO STATE COURTSPage 7 of 10

DISTRICT AND COUNTY COURT MISCELLANEOUS FEESCategory1. or other ReferenceTotal FeeIssuing and docketing an executionCertificate of Dismissal or no suit pendingCertificate of Satisfaction of JudgmentCertifying a copy of any record, proceeding, or paper on filePreparing and issuing Transcript of JudgmentCertificate of Exemplification of any record,proceeding, or paper on file7. Writ of Garnishment8. Writ of Attachment9. Returned check “insufficient funds”10. Copies of documents – Filed with the 13-32-104(1)(f)13-32-104(1)(g)13-32-104(1)(h) 45.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 25.00 32-104(1)(a)11. Copies of documents – Not filed with the Court, i.e. Coin-opmachineJudicial Department FiscalRules 45.00 65.00 50.00.75 per page or 1.50 if doublesided.25 per page or.50 if double sided12. Fax FeeJudicial Department FiscalRules13. Forms and Form PacketsProtection Order forms and packets shall be free per§13-14-102, C.R.S.Judicial Department FiscalRules14. Scanning FeeApplicable where E-filing is MandatoryJudicial Department FiscalRules15. Tape or CD Transcript DuplicationJudicial Department FiscalRulesChief Justice Directive (CJD)06-0116. Search/Retrieval Fee 1.00 per page forpleadings andmotions .75 per page or 1.50 if doublesided. Packets notto exceed 25.00 50.00 perdocument per CRCP121 & CJD 11-01 35.00 perduplicationCharges assessedper the CJDDISTRICT AND COUNTY COURTNO FEES CHARGEDCategory1. or other ReferenceMental health proceedings.Alcohol commitment.Filing a disclaimer.Acknowledgment of service for purpose of conferring jurisdiction.Answer or appearance by a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) or court-appointed attorney.Action filed by the State of Colorado, or any agencies of the State such as theIndustrial Commission, or Department of Social Services, and any county, city, orother governmental subdivision of the State.Certified copy of public record required by the Veteran’s Administration todetermine eligibility for benefits.Workers’ compensation cases.Proceedings concerning dependent or neglected children, relinquishment, ordelinquency.Parent or child files for a court review of an order by the Board of Education.Delegate child support enforcement units.JDF 1 R7/2020 FILING FEES, SURCHARGES, AND COSTS IN COLORADO STATE -32-101(3)(a)13-32-101(3)(a)Chief Justice Directive 06-01Page 8 of 1028-5-2178-43-31413-32-101(3)(c)----13-32-113

COURT OF APPEALSCategoryCRS ReferenceTotal Filing Fee1. Appellant/Petitioner13-4-112(1)(a) 223.002. Appellee/Respondent13-4-112(1)(b) 148.00SUPREME COURTCategoryCRS ReferenceTotal Filing Fee1. AppealsAppellant/Petitioner2. Appellee/Respondent13-2-113 150.0013-2-113 75.003. Cross Appellant13-2-113 150.004. Additional parties entering appearance by an attorney not ofrecord: Appellants Appellees5. Ballot Title Review Petitioner6. Petition for Certiorari Petitioner/Cross-Petitioner Respondent7. Original Jurisdiction Petitioner8. Original Proceeding in Attorney Admissions Petitioner13-2-113 150.00 75.001-40-107(3) 75.00C.A.R. 51(b)C.A.R. 51(c) 225.00 115.00C.A.R. 21(c) 225.00Rule 206 225.00WATER COURTCategoryCRS ReferenceTotal Filing Fee1. Application, Complaint, Petition, or any other pleadinginitiating a water matter2. Intervenor – treated as an applicant and charged anadditional fee.If simply protecting an interest, treated the same as arespondent in a civil case.37-92-302(1)(d) 235.0013-32-101(1)(d) and Judicialinterpretation 234.003. Application for Change of Water Right or Plan forAugmentation4. Publication costs5. Statement of Opposition37-92-302(1)(d)6. Pleading in protest or support of referee’s ruling (exemptfrom fee if already a party)7. Protest to abandonment list8. Appeal Fee for Division 1 Only Appeal of a decision madeby the State Engineer concerning Proponent of the Substitute water Supply Plan Any other party to the Appeal37-92-304(2)9. Rule 69 docket fee; Judgment Creditor13-32-103(6)(a);Rule 69, CRCP37-92-304(8);37-92-402(8)10. Copy of decree (per page) 192.00 469.00(Double filing fee)37-92-302(3)(a)37-92-302(1)(d)Actual costs 192.00 192.0037-92-401(5)(a)37-92-308(3)(e) 45.00 271.00JDF 1 R7/2020 FILING FEES, SURCHARGES, AND COSTS IN COLORADO STATE COURTS 70.00 70.00 .75Page 9 of 10

FOOTNOTES:1Vital statistics tax (§25-2-107(2), C.R.S.) - 3.00.The filing fee is assessed, except when the Petitioner is seeking a Protection Order for domestic abuse, stalking, sexual assaultor unlawful sexual contact. The filing fee and service fees can be assessed to the Restrained Party at the Permanent ProtectionOrder Hearing.3 The Clerk of the Small Claims Court shall collect , in advance, the fee of the actual charge for each service of process attemptedby certified mail.4 May be waived if non-resident.5 May be assessed as many times as there are new judgments/warrants.6 Must impose minimum under §24-4.2-104(1)(a), C.R.S. or 37%, whichever is larger.7 Assessed at the final disposition of the case on applications submitted on or after 8/4/2004.8 Total cost of care that can be assessed ( 1491.00) less any supervision fees ordered.2JDF 1 R7/2020 FILING FEES, SURCHARGES, AND COSTS IN COLORADO STATE COURTSPage 10 of 10

Denver, CO 80203 This information is designed to provide members of the public, members of the bar, and court personnel with the most current filing fees, surcharges, and cost information for the Colorado State Courts. Only the most frequently used fees, surcharges, and costs are indicated. All fees,