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20thAnniversaryAndrea AtranKaren FavoriteFDOT Community TrafficSafety Program ManagerFavorite StudiosDesign PrintingWe are excited to present the 20th annual Recipes for the Road.Over the last two decades we have made a positive impact to helpkeep people safe on our roads during the holidays. Many thanks to thevolunteers and sponsors that share our passion and goal of reducingalcohol-related traffic crashes and fatalities in our communities. Thesepeople and organizations have been instrumental in the book’s creationand continued success. Do your part by not driving while intoxicated.Join the fun and share a pic of you with your book!#SoberDriverSelfieSee more fetyFL

Celebrate Safely, Designate A Driver FREE non-alcoholic drinks to those who identify themselvesas the “designated driver.” Look for participating bars andrestaurants throughout Northeast Florida with this Celebrate Safely,Designate A Driver promotional poster displayed, bartenders andservers wearing the sticker, or using these beverage coasters.Super Simple Sparkling CranberryIngredients:2 liters lemon-lime soda3 cans cranberry juiceconcentrate1 pint fresh (or frozen)cranberries4Preparation: Stir together. Pourinto glass beverage, serving jar.Add ice cubes to keep coldand top with cranberries.Be Responsible Celebrate Safely

Green Grinch PunchIngredients:1pkg lime green jell-o2 cups water1 cup pineapple juice1 12 oz frozen limeadeconcentrate, thawed1 liter lemon-lime sodared sugar, for glass trimPreparation: In a large pitcheror punch bowl, mix jell-o, water,pineapple juice and limeade. Stirwell until jell-o is dissolved. To topthe rim of a glass, dip top in waterthen into the red sugar. Just beforeserving, add chilled lemon-lime sodato punch. Pour over ice. Garnish witha “Grinch Kabob.”Grinch KabobsIngredients:green grapesbananasstrawberriesmini marshmallowsblack decorative icingPreparation: Slice the top off of thegrape and slide it onto a 6” bambooskewer. Add a banana slice for thebottom of the hat. Slice the top offof the strawberry and add it flatside down. Top it off with a minimarshmallow. With a fine tip icingtube/pen draw a Grinch-y grin.Wishing You a Safe Happy Holiday Season5

Don’t forget to share your #SoberDriverSelfie“I’mGDRIVIN !”RSOBEFDOT District Two’s Public Information Office TeamParty Safety Tip: Serve food in additionto offering non-alcoholic drinksSugar ‘n Spice NutsIngredients:6 cups mixed nuts1 cup brown sugar5 tbsp honey1 tsp cinnamon1/2 tsp nutmeg2 tbsp butter, melted1/4 tsp orange rind,gratedPreparation: Preheat oven to 350 F. Linelarge baking sheet with parchment paper.In a skillet over medium heat, melt butter.Remove from heat. Add brown sugar,honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and orangerind; mix well. Add nuts; gently stir until wellcoated in butter mixture. Remove fromheat. Spread nuts on a cookie sheet; bake,leaving oven door partially open, untilgolden, about 15 minutes. Remove fromoven, place nuts in a bowl, and serve warm!- Rebecca “Becky” TysonFDOT Office Operations ManagerChiefland Maintenance6No Regrets When You DRIVE SOBER

District 2: Alachua, Baker,Bradford, Clay, Columbia,Dixie, Duval, Gilchrist, Hamilton,Lafayette, Levy, Madison,Nassau, Putnam, St. Johns,Suwannee, Taylor, and UnionDreamy Hot CocoaIngredients:1/4 cup cocoa1/2 cup sugar1/2 tsp salt1/3 cup water4 cups milk1 tsp vanillawhipped creamPreparation: In a saucepan, mix allthe dry ingredients. Add water andbring to a boil while stirring constantly;continue for one minute. Add milkand stir until hot - do not boil. Removefrom heat, add vanilla and whiskuntil foamy. Serve into mugs, topwith whipped cream and a “SweetMarshmallow Man.”Sweet Marshmallow ManIngredients:pretzel stickslarge marshmallowscandy cornblack decorative icingPreparation: Use toothpicks to linkthree marshmallows. Poke holes andinsert pretzel sticks – two at bottomfor legs and two on sides of middlefor arms. Make a tiny slice and insertcandy corn piece for nose. With a finetip icing tube/pen, add three buttondots, eyes and a smile.Alcohol is a Leading Factor in Motor Vehicle Deaths7

Peppermint Cream PunchIngredients:2 jars (12 oz each)strawberry jelly2 liters lemon-lime soda2 quarts peppermintice creamminiature candy ARRIVEALIVEBUCKLE UPCARCELEBRATE8Preparation: Melt jelly with 2 cups sodain a large saucepan. Chill the jellymixture and remaining soda. Just beforeserving, place 6 cups ice cream in apunch bowl. Gently stir in jelly mixture.Add remaining soda. Add remaining icecream by scoopfuls. Garnish with minicandy canes around punch bowl.Traffic Safety Word LTSOBERSTOPTAXIWALKReport Impaired Drivers Dial *FHP on Your Cell Phone

The “key” to ahappy holidayis puttingsafety first.Don’t drink and drive!www.landstar.comSkewer CapriceIngredients:colossal black olives(super large)6” long bambooskewerscubed or small, freshmozzarella ballscherry tomatoesfresh basil leavesolive oilbalsamic vinegarcoarse ground, freshblack pepperPreparation: Skewer mozzarellaballs, tomatoes and basil leaves ontoskewers. Lay in a dish that has a rim toit. Drizzle with olive oil and place onserving dish. Then drizzle the balsamicVinegar onto the skewers. Garnishyour dish with basil leaves in oppositecorners and place the extra-largeblack olives on top of the leaves. Prettyas a picture, yummy and super easy.- Lisa M. YoungFDOT Saint Augustine MaintenanceManagement Systems & RCI CoordinatorALWAYS Wear Your Seat Belt IT’S THE LAW9

Happy Holidays!Driver Improvement ProgramsOccupational Safety & Health TrainingFlorida Licensed DUI ProgramYour Bridge to Safety, services & so much more for over 75 years! A Community Owned, 501 (C)(3) Charitable Organization Promoting Good Health, Saving Lives & Preventing Accidents Helping Maintain Safe & Healthy Environments through Education,Community Service & Public Awareness Programs & ActivitiesDuval 904-399-3119 Clay 904-264-8665 Columbia 386-755-7041Nassau 904-491-4861 St Johns 904-794-1616 Outside Area 1-888-399-1233www.jaxsafety.comGranny’s Golden PunchIngredients:1 large pineapple juice1 (6 oz) can frozenlemon juice2 (6 oz) cans frozenorange juice1 cup sugar1 quart ginger ale,chilled10Preparation: Mix the pineapple juice,lemon juice, orange juice, and thesugar. Chill for at least one hour.Add the ginger ale and mix well.Serves 30 people.-Lisa DampierFDOT MMS/RCI CoordinatorSafety RepresentativeGainesville OperationsNever Ride with Someone Driving Under the Influence

Drunk Driving is a Deadly CrimeDriving while intoxicated is a major factor of traffic fatalities inFlorida and the number of incidents increases during the holidays.EVEN ONE DRINK of alcohol can slow your reflexes & reaction time,reduce your ability to see clearly and makes you less alert.Florida’s DUI Laws A blood or breath alcohol level of .08 is evidence that a person is underthe influence of alcohol to the extent that normal faculties are impaired.Note: a person may be found guilty of DUI with a lower level. A blood or breath alcohol level for a commercial driver of .04 or abovewould disqualify a driver from operating a commercial vehicle for oneyear. Note: a driver of a commercial vehicle may be found guilty of amoving violation if found with any alcohol in his/her body. Anyone under 21 years of age with a blood or breath alcohol level of.02 or above found driving or in actual physical control of a motor vehiclewill lose his/her driving privilege for six months. Note: a driver under 21 maybe charged with DUI if the law enforcement officer determines that theirfaculties are impaired. By accepting and using a Florida driver license, a person agrees tosubmit to an approved chemical test or physical test, including but notlimited to a breath or urine test, when lawfully arrested for DUI. Refusal totake a test will result in a one-year suspension of the person’s privilege tooperate a motor vehicle for the first refusal or an 18-month suspension foreach subsequent refusal. These suspensions are in addition to any otherpenalties that may be imposed by the court upon a DUI conviction. Pop a top, face a fine – Florida law prohibits possession of opencontainers of alcoholic beverages by the driver and passengers.Some Consequences of a DUI costly fines imprisoned in jail extra fees, penalties and lawyer expenses increased insurance premiums suspended license completion of an approved substance abuse education course ignition interlock device required impoundment of vehicleAn Alcohol Related Fatality Occurs Every 33 Minutes11

Easy-Peasy Pom-Lemon SqueezyIngredients:2 oz pomegranate juicewhole freshly-squeezedlemon1/2 oz agave nectar5 - 6 freshly picked mintleaves, muddledhalf dozen or sopomegranate seedsmint sprig, for garnishPreparation: In a cocktail shaker,muddle fresh mint leaves. Combineall other ingredients in the shaker andshake gently. Pour into a tall pint glassand garnish with a fresh mint sprig.moxiefl.comChristmas Morning MocktailIngredients:2 cups orange juice2 cups cranberry juice1 cup pineapple juice1 cup ginger aleorange slices, for garnishPreparation: Mix all ingredientsin a pitcher. Serve cold. Garnishglasses with an orange slice.Spiced Non-Alcoholic WassailIngredients:8 cups apple cider2 cups orange juice1 1/2 cup pineapple juice1/2 cup lemon juice L1 cup sugar1 tbsp cloves1 cinnamon stick12Preparation: Mix together, heatand keep warm in crock pot.It’s usually best the next day!-Monique ForbesFDOT Jacksonville Urban OfficeDon’t Drink Drive Designate a Sober Driver

Pumpkin Pie SteamerIngredients:3 cups milk1 cup heavy cream1/2 cup 100% purepumpkin puree1/2 cup brown sugar2 tbsp sweetenedcondensed milk1 tsp ground cinnamon1/2 tsp ground ginger1/2 tsp ground nutmeg2 tsp vanillawhipped creamPreparation: Blend allingredients together in ablender until smooth andfrothy. Pour into a largepot and heat on mediumhigh. Stir constantly untilwarmed through.Serve in mugs. Top withwhipped cream.Alcohol Alters Physical Mental Coordination13

Sweet-tart Holiday PunchIngredients:64 oz cranberryraspberry juice1 liter ginger ale1 liter lemon lime soda12 oz raspberries1 tbsp sugar8 scoops raspberry sherbet1/2 cup cranberriesPreparation: Refrigerate juice,ginger ale, and soda overnight.In a food processor, puree 6 ozof raspberries and the sugar.Transfer mixture to punch bowl.Add juice, ginger ale and soda.Stir. Add sherbet scoops. Garnishwith cranberries and remainingraspberries.Florida Sunrise SmoothieIngredients:1 can orange juiceconcentrate, slightly thawed1 cup milk1/2 cup sugar1/2 tsp vanilla extract2 cups icePreparation: Combine allingredients, except ice, in a largeblender. Blend until smooth andcreamy. Make sure the sugar hasdissolved and is well incorporated.Add ice and blend until smooth.Serve immediately.White Chocolate Reindeer PopcornIngredients:1 bag white popcorn9 oz bag vanillacandy melts1 cup brokenpretzel pieces1 3/4 cups red greenM&M’sgreen red sprinkles14Preparation: Line a jelly roll pan with foil andset aside. Pop popcorn and pour into a largebowl. Add in the broken pretzels, and half ofthe M&M’s. Melt the vanilla candy melts in amicrowave safe bowl for 30-second intervals,stirring well after each interval, until chipsare smooth and melted. Drizzle half of themelted candy into the popcorn bowl, stir.Add remaining melted candy, and M&M’s,stir until coated then add sprinkles. Spreadonto the prepared pan and let sit untilhardened and cooled. Break into pieces.Serve or store in an airtight container.No Regrets When You DRIVE SOBER

Salted Caramel EggnogIngredients:3 cups whole milk1 cup heavywhipping cream4 cinnamon sticks3/4 tbsp purevanilla extract1 tsp grated nutmeg5 eggs*2/3 cup white sugar1/2 cup caramel syrup,plus more for garnish1 tablespoon sea salt,plus more for garnishPreparation: In a large saucepan,combine milk, cream, cinnamon,vanilla, and nutmeg. Bring to a gentleboil over a medium heat, while stirring.Remove from heat as soon as you seeit bubbling. Allow to sit. Steep for atleast 5-10 minutes, make sure the milkmixture isn’t hot enough to cook theeggs once added. In a large standmixer, beat eggs and sugar on mediumhigh until fully combined. Pour eggmixture into the milk and whisk quicklyuntil fully combined. Whisk in carameland sea salt. Pour the eggnog intoglass mug. Garnish with sea salt andcaramel sauce.*Consuming raw eggs is at your own riskand totally up to each individual person.Easy Cranberry BBQ MeatballsIngredients:1 17-ounce bottlebarbecue sauce1 14-ounce can wholecranberry sauce2 14-ounce packagesmeatballs, frozenPreparation: Place meatballs in aslow cooker and pour sauces overtop. Stir ingredients together and cookon low for a 2-3 hours or until readyto serve. Stir again just before serving.Great on their own as an appetizer, oras a main dish over rice.All Travel InfoAll the Timedial 5-1-1www.FL511.comBe Prepared Travel Safe for Every Road Trip15

Walk Bike Safely CrosswordWORD walk91652734ACROSS:1. Cross the street in a .2. Always walk in of the bus.3. Wear colored clothing to be seen better.4. Protect your head with a while biking.DOWN:5. Ride your bike on the , with the flow of traffic.6. Look left, right and again before crossing the street.7. all traffic signs and signals.8. Walk on sidewalks, not in the .9. Use reflectors and lights when biking or walking in the .DRIVERS: Stop for pedestrians crossing at every intersection. Do not pass a vehicle that is stopped for pedestrians. Share the road with bicyclists. Passing bicyclists too closely is dangerous and illegal. Stop before turning right on red. Look in all directions before making a turn.16Never Drive Drunk, Drugged, Distracted or Drowsy

Pineapple SurpriseIngredients:2 cans pineapple tidbits1/2 cup sugar6 tbsp flour8 oz gratedcheddar cheeseTopping:1 sleeve Ritz crackers,crushed1 stick butter, meltedPreparation: Preheat oven 350º.Drain pineapple and keep juice forlater. In a large bowl, combine sugar,flour and 6 tbsp of the pineapple juicereserve. Add pineapple and cheese.Pour into 9X12 casserole dish.Combine Ritz crackers and butter.Sprinkle evenly over top of dish. Placein oven. Cook 20-30 minutes at 350º.- Charlotte BoydFDOT Lake City, Office of DesignNo Regrets When You DRIVE WITH CARE17

Fruity Mock SangriaIngredients:4 cups black cherrygrape juice1 plum1 peach2 clementines6-8 strawberries2 cups ginger alePreparation: Quarter plum andpeach, and remove pits. Place fruitin a large pitcher. Remove peel fromclementines, halve, and place inpitcher. Remove greens from berries,halve, and place in pitcher. Coverwith grape juice. Stir well, and let sit infridge for 1-2 hours (or more). Mix withginger ale just before serving.Slow Cooker Apple CiderIngredients:1/2 gallon apple cider2 inches fresh ginger,sliced thin3 apples, sliced thin3 cinnamon sticksPreparation: Combine apple cider,sliced ginger, apple slices, andcinnamon sticks in a slow-cookeron high for one hour. Reduce towarm heat. Ladle into mugs andserve warm.Decadent Mint White Hot ChocolateIngredients:2 cups milk2 cups half & half1 (12 ounce) bag whitechocolate chips1/2 tsp peppermintor mint extract1/4 tsp vanilla extractgreen food coloringmini marshmallows18Preparation: In a large pot, add milkand half-and-half. Heat over mediumheat until steamy, but do not boil. Stirin the white chocolate chips. Continuestirring until chocolate is completelymelted and the mixture is creamy.Stir in extracts. Add a drop or two ofgreen food coloring. Stir until smooth.Serve warm. Top with marshmallows.Phone Down Eyes Up Buckle Up

Crockpot Gingerbread LatteIngredients:8 cups whole milk1/4 cup pure maple syrup2 tbsp packed brown sugar3 tsp ground ginger1 tsp pure vanilla extract2 cinnamon stickspinch cloves1/2 tsp ground nutmeg3 1/2 cups stronglybrewed coffeewhipped creamgraham cracker crumbscaramel saucegingerbread cookies,for garnish (optional)Preparation: Add all ingredients to alarge slow cooker. Stir. Cook on lowfor 3 hours or until heated through.Check occasionally to make sure itdoesn’t boil.Turn slow cooker to warm settingand cook for another 2 hours, stirringoccasionally. Stir again right beforeserving and taste.Dip rims of cups in caramel sauceand then in graham cracker crumbs.Top with fresh whipped cream andcaramel syrup. For extra fun, garnishtop with a gingerbread cookie.Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over19

n Confidential local ride within a 10-mile radius to a safe locationn Service is provided in Florida, Georgia and Tennesseen Free and available to both AAA Members and nonmembersn The AAA tow truck takes the vehicle and the driver homeFOR TOW TO GO SERVICE, CALL(855) 2-TOW-2-GOor (855) 286-9246TOW TO GO SCHEDULESuper Bowl n St. Patrick’s Day n Cinco de MayoMemorial Day n Independence Day n Labor DayHalloween n Thanksgiving n Christmas n New Year’sVisit to confirm specific dates and availability.AAA JacksonvilleAAA Ponte to Go is provided as a safety net for those who don’t plan ahead. It is offered based on the availability ofAAA Service Technicians and tow trucks during times of high call volume.

es ac os s e is al par t o s . , w e w ill c ntinu e n g t o r ida a gr eat e t o live , and r Thank you for your dedication to . MOCKTAIL RECIPES RED ROAD SAFELY SEATBELT SOBER STOP TAXI WALK Ingredients: 2 jars (12 oz each) strawberry jelly 2 liters lemon-lime soda 2 quarts peppermint ice cream