PROGRAM OF STUDY New program of study – ProgramChange forms to be completed. Associate of Applied Science in Nursing PN to Professional Nursing Careers Studies Certificate (CSC) Requires declaration of both the PN to RN CSC program and the 2-Yr AAS in Nursingprogram.

2-YEAR ADN PROGRAM – 6 Pre-Req Credits 14First SemesterBIO 142 (Pre-Req. to NSG 152 and NSG 170)Human Anatomy and Physiology II4NSG 100 Introduction to Nursing Concepts 4NSG 106 Competencies for Nursing Practice2NSG 130 Professional Nursing Concepts1NSG 200 Health Promotion and Assessment3TOTAL CREDITS14Second SemesterBIO 150 (Pre-Req. to NSG 210 and NSG 211)Introductory Microbiology 4NSG 152 Health Care Participant 3NSG 170 Health/Illness Concepts 6TOTAL CREDITS13Third SemesterCST 100 or CST 126Principles of Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communications 3NSG 210 Health Care Concepts I 5NSG 211 Health Care Concepts II 5TOTAL CREDITS13Fourth SemesterPHI 220 Ethics3NSG 270 Nursing Capstone 4NSG 230 Advanced Professional Nursing Groups 2NSG 252 Complex Health Concepts4TOTAL CREDITS13TOTAL PROGRAM CREDITS67

PN TO PROFESSIONAL NURSING CSC -- First Semester(Summer Bridge Program)NUR115 LPN Transition I4NSG200 Health Promotion and Assessment3BIO 150 (Pre-Req. to NSG 210 and NSG 211) Introductory Microbiology6 Pre-Req Credits 184TOTAL CREDITS11After completion of NUR115 and NSG200, advanced standing credit will be awarded for:NSG100, NSG106, NSG130, NSG152 and NSG1703rd Semester RN Degree Program ( Join existing 2nd level cohort of RN students to complete program)CST 100 or CST 126 Principles of Public Speaking or InterpersonalCommunications 3NSG 210 Health Care Concepts I 5NSG 211 Health Care Concepts II 5TOTAL CREDITS134th Semester RN Degree ProgramPHI 220 Ethics3NSG 270 Nursing Capstone 4NSG 230 Advanced Professional Nursing Groups 2NSG 252 Complex Health Concepts4TOTAL CREDITS13TOTAL PROGRAM CREDITS 55

CLINICAL ORIENTATION PACKETS Riverside confidentiality statement and clinical application required. PN-RN students due byMay 3 and RN students due by June 25. [RHS Application] Riverside Patriot’s ColonySentara Williamsburg/CareplexThe ChesapeakeMary Immaculate HospitalAll sites require the COVID-19 release form [COVID Form] and N95 masks. If already N95fit tested, please submit a copy of your Fit Test Completion Card with your RHS clinicalapplication.

RULES AND REGULATIONS The Board may refuse to admit a candidate to any examination, refuse to issue alicense, certificate, or registration to any applicant and may suspend any license,certificate, registration, or multistate licensure privilege for a stated period orindefinitely, or revoke any license, certificate, registration, or multistate licensureprivilege, or censure or reprimand any licensee, certificate holder, registrant, ormultistate licensure privilege holder, or place him on probation for such time as itmay designate for any of the following causes:

RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. Fraud or deceit in procuring or attempting to procure a license, certificate, or registration; 2. Unprofessional conduct; 3. Willful or repeated violation of any of the provisions of this chapter; 4. Conviction of any felony or any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude; 5. Practicing in a manner contrary to the standards of ethics or in such a manner as to make hispractice a danger to the health and welfare of patients or to the public; 6. Use of alcohol or drugs to the extent that such use renders him unsafe to practice, or any mental orphysical illness rendering him unsafe to practice; 7. The denial, revocation, suspension or restriction of a license, certificate, registration, or multistatelicensure privilege to practice in another state, the District of Columbia or a United States possession or territory; or 8. Abuse, negligent practice, or misappropriation of a patient's or resident's property.

CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK/DRUG TESTING To place your order go to: REGISTER BY: Friday, May 14, 2021 SUBMIT SAMPLE BY: Thursday, May 20, 2021 To place your initial order, you will be prompted to create your secure myCB account. From within myCB, you will beable to: View order oad documentsManage requirementsPlace additional ordersComplete tasksPlease have ready personal identifying information needed for security purposes. The email address is username.Contact Us: 888.914.7279 or [email protected]

THOMAS NELSON STUDENT ID BADGE Hampton Campus Police will be taking photos and processing nursing IDbadges:Monday, August 9 to Thursday, August129:00 am to -11:00 am and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Badges are required for clinical rotations

CLINICAL DRESS & EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS Unless notified, full uniforms are to be worn for clinical rotations at all hospital sites and at all on-campus skill and sim labs.The Thomas Nelson Community College nursing uniform consists of the following: 1. Teal scrubs with School Emblem and white lab coat (Purchased at Uniform Warehouse)2. White Hose or White Socks (Above the ankles)3. White Nursing Shoes (Closed heels and toes)4. Watch with Second Hand5. Thomas Nelson Community College Name Badge (Purchased at Uniform Warehouse)6. Bandage Scissors7. Stethoscope (Dual Head)8. Blood Pressure Cuff (Adult)9. Hemostat10. Black Pen and Pad11. Pen

CLINICAL DRESS GUIDELINES One pair of small studs is allowed for pierced ears worn on lobes only. No visible body piercing jewelryincluding tongue piercings or ear gauges can be worn. (No other visible jewelry except for wedding bands (which must be smooth and without settings) and watches. Hair must be worn off the collar while in uniform (includes males and females). Nails should be clean and well groomed and at a length that is not visible above the finger tips. No nail polishor artificial nails are allowed. No tattoos can be visibleHair color must be a naturally occurring hair color.Beards and/or mustaches must be neatly trimmed.Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are not allowed on the clinical unit.Smoking, vaping, e-cigarettes, or the use of any tobacco products will not be allowed at any time before,during, or after the clinical experience or while on the premises of the health care or the on-campus labfacilities, including the parking lots. Personal appearance and hygiene must adhere to professional standards. Students must be clean, odor free ofperfumes, body scents or other scents, including cigarette smoke.

COVID POLICIES Self Assessment prior to in person labs, simulations, and clinicalTemperature ChecksFace Covering/Face Shields/GogglesSocial DistancingDisinfectingTNCC COVID assumption of risk formN-95 Fit Test Certification Card

UNIFORMS Order uniforms at Uniform Warehouse. Orders will be taken from May 12 through May 17 between the hours of10:30 AM and 4:30 PM (Closed on Sundays). Payment is due at the time ofthe order by Cash or Credit Card; personal checks are not accepted. Due toCOVID restrictions, only 2 customers are allowed in the store at one time.Students will need to call 757-595-6794 upon arrival in the parking lot andwait to be called into the store. Mask and social distancing is required. Allfitting rooms remain closed, but assistance with sizing will be provided. [Order form link]

UNIFORMS Order uniforms at Uniform Warehouse.Payment is due at the time of theorder by Cash or Credit Card; personal checks are not accepted. Due toCOVID restrictions, only 2 customers are allowed in the store at onetime. Students will need to call 757-595-6794 upon arrival in the parkinglot and wait to be called into the store. Mask and social distancing isrequired. All fitting rooms remain closed, but assistance with sizing will beprovided. PN-RN Orders due by April 5 RN Orders due by May 17 [Order form link]

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS AND IMMUNIZATIONS Please use the physical forms and information in to obtain the following:PN-RN Physical Requirements due by May 3.RN Physical Requirements due by June 25. 2-step PPD -- Complete the survey portion at the top. Your provider will complete the middle boxfor Step 1, and you will return to your provider 2 weeks later to complete Step 2. Your providerwill need to complete both the Thomas Nelson form and the Sentara form. Quantiferon Gold & TBsurvey are accepted by some clinical sites, but not all, so this TB test IS NOT recommended.[PPD Form] and [Sentara PPD Form] 2020-21 flu shot documentation (to be completed by your provider) will be processed inSeptember when the new flu serum becomes available. At that time direction and information willbe provided, but this form along with your provider receipt and documentation are to be returnedthe nursing office. [Flu Form]For RN students starting in August, do not submit flu requirements until September when the newstrain/serum becomes available.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS AND IMMUNIZATIONSProvide documentation for your immunization history to include: i. 2 MMR vaccines or positive titerii. 2 Varicella vaccines or positive titer (history of chicken pox is not sufficient)iii. 3 HepB vaccines, positive titer, or new 2 vaccine HepB-CpG series, or sign the HepB declinationwaiver. HepB is the only requirement that can be waived.iv. Current Tdap Documentation for all of the above physical requirements is due Monday, May 3 for PN to RN CSC studentsand Friday, June 25,2021 for AAS degree nursing students. Please email separate PDF files for:a. Physical Exam formsb. Thomas Nelson PPD formc. Sentara PPD formd. Immunization History documentation includes MMR, Varicella, HepB & Tdap

CPR Provide a copy of your AHA BLS Certification for HealthcareProviders. Please contact the American Heart Association for moreinformation and follow their direction for BLS for Healthcare Providers. Pleasescan a copy of your new or current CPR certification to [email protected].

POLICIES AND FORMS TO RETURN Release of Waiver of Liability, Release of CBC & Personal Information forClinical, Off Campus Use of equipment, Latex Response Plan, PhotoVideotape Release form, and student program policy agreement. Please email these to [email protected] by Monday, May 3 for PN to RNCSC students and Friday, June 25, 2021 for AAS degree nursing students.

NURSING PROGRAM POLICIES Attendance Policy Cell phone policy Dress Code Professional Behavior/Honor Code Communication Progression Complete program policies are found on : and resources

NURSING PROGRAM APPROXIMATE STUDENT EXPENSESTUITION (2020-2021 Academic Calendar) (Per Semester)Virginia / Out-of-State Resident (per credit) 160.20/ 357.80(Includes Auxiliary, Parking, Technical & Institution Fees)TEXTBOOKS 1,900.00UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENTEstimated 450*Available for purchase at Uniform WarehouseVACCINATIONS AND PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTSEstimate 600BACKGROUND CHECK AND DRUG SCREEN 120.00STUDENT NURSES ASSOCIATION (SNA) MEMBERSHIPAnnual Dues (Strongly Recommended) ( 30/year x 2 years) 60.00NCLEX LICENSURE PREPARATION AND TESTING 660.00Nursing Achievement Tests for NCLEX Preparation [includes on-site NCLEX review course at end of program] ( 165/semester)NCLEX State Board Examination 450.00GRADUATION EXPENSESNursing Cap (Optional) 12.00 0.00- 100.00 Nursing Pin (Optional) (Prices vary based on upgrades; College pays for sterling silver)APPROXIMATE EXPENSES LISTED ABOVE 4,074.00APPROXIMATE TOTAL TUITION FOR 67 CREDITS (AS OF 03/26/18)TOTAL PROGRAM EXPENSES 14,807.40All costs are approximate and subject to change. 10,733.40



ODU CONCURRENT ENROLLMENTThe concurrent enrollment nursing student will complete all ODU BSN nursing courses Online while concurrentlyenrolled in prelicensure nursing courses at an affilated institution. For more information, visit this current-enrollmentAdvisors work with students to develop an individual plan of study to fulfill all requirements. This programcontributes to the BSN prepared workforce as well as prepares RNs for graduate programs by creating aseamless progression from the AAS to the BSN. Following graduation from the prelicensure program andsuccessful completion of the NCLEX RN licensure exam, the student will be awarded 33 nursing transfer creditstoward completion of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree. The student will complete an additional 33nursing credits at ODU. Fall, spring, and summer enrollment is available.A minimum 3.0 GPA is required.For assistance, please email a copy of your transcripts to our intakeadvisors as follows. If your last name begins with:A-K contact Todd Marville [email protected],L-Z contact Mark Pryor [email protected] Nielsen, Marketing Coordinator for ODU School of [email protected]

CONTACT INFORMATION Nursing office Hampton III Suite 747 Office currently closed- All faculty teleworking 825-2808 [email protected] ADMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS AND DOCUMENTS ARE DUE BEFOREJUNE 25, 2021


The Thomas Nelson Community College nursing uniform consists of the following: 1. Teal scrubs with School Emblem and white lab coat (Purchased at Uniform Warehouse) 2. White Hose or White Socks (Above the ankles) 3. White Nursing Shoes