Church of St. Thomas More1February 3, 2013Rev. Michael Ratajczak, PastorDeacon John FredetteDeacon Thomas A. Goeltz1450 South Melrose Drive, Oceanside, CA 92056760-758-4100 760-758-4165 faxOffice Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30am-12:00noon and 12:30-4:[email protected] www.stmoside.orgStStThomasMoreRCCMass ScheduleSaturday at 5:00pmSunday at 8:30am and 10:30amTuesday-Friday at 8:15amEucharistic AdorationMonday-Friday, 6:30am-7:30pmReconciliation (Confession)Saturday, 4:00-4:30pmFebruary 3, 2013 Fourth Sunday in Ordinary TimePastor’s Column“More Guns” Is Not the Answer5HFHQWO\ D QXPEHU RI SHRSOH KDYH DVNHG P\ WKRXJKWV DERXW WKH 6DQG\ RRN (OHPHQWDU\ 6FKRRO WUDJHG\ LQ 1HZWRZQ &RQQHFWLFXW DQG WKH GHEDWH UHJDUGLQJ ³JXQ FRQWURO , VKDUH ZLWK \RX P\ SHUVRQDO WKRXJKWV , VSHDN RQO\ IRU P\VHOI , KRSH ZKDW , VD\ FDQ EH RI VRPH DVVLVWDQFH LQ \RXU FRQYHUVDWLRQV ZLWK RWKHUV DERXW WKLV LVVXH The NRA’s response to this tragedy makes absolutely no sense tome.Its response says this to me: If there were a shooting within theChurch of St. Thomas More and a number of people were killedduring a Sunday Mass, then the NRA’s response to us would bethat we should make sure that there are armed security guards onthe parking lot, that a number of our hospitality ministers wouldalso need to be trained to carry and use guns, and finally, thepriest celebrating Mass would need to be sure that he too ispacking a gun under his vestments.Is this what we would want to see? Obviously, this is not what Iwould want to see. “More guns” is not theanswer.From my perspective, there is good legislationthat could go forth to address gun violence inour society: universal background checks, aban on assault weapons with high-capacityclips, and a greater attention to mental healthissues in our society.Recently on Facebook, there were a number of people using thisanalogy, and we have heard it before: “Guns do not kill people.People with guns kill people.” But to make their point, they pushthe analogy further: “Cars do not kill people. People driving carskill people. So should we ban all cars?”Obviously, all cars should not be banned. That is ridiculous! Butthis analogy limps badly.First of all, no one is talking about banning all guns - just certainguns that kill like the gun responsible for the killings that tookplace in Newtown, Connecticut.Why is it anti-American or anti-Second Amendment to banassault-style weapons, weapons that are used in warfare as in Iraqor Afghanistan?We have banned armored assault vehicles (tanks) like the onesused in Iraq or Afghanistan from the streets of our cities, states,and our country. Why? We do so because they are dangerous.Is this anti-American? Are our rights being violated or takenaway, because we cannot drive the kind of vehicle we would like?It would give better protection while driving, would it not?Assault weapons as well as assault vehicles belong in warfare, notin our homes, schools, and churches, temples, and mosques, andnot on the streets of our country.&RQWLQXHG RQ SDJH

Church of St. Thomas More2February 3, 2013Pastor’s Column FRQWLQXHG IURP SDJH Our Mission is to:worship God,Mass Schedule:Saturday at 5:00pm; Sunday at 8:30am and 10:30am;Tuesday-Friday at 8:15am;watch bulletin for holydaysRite of Reconciliation (Confession):Saturday from 4:00-4:30pm (or by appointment)Eucharistic Adoration: Monday-Friday, 6:30am-7:30pmLiturgical Ministry: Contact Douglas Lynn at 760-758-4100 x140Music Ministry: Contact Douglas Lynn at 760-758-4100 x140Communion for the Homebound/Hospitalized:Contact Parish Office at 760-758-4100 x100Anointing of the Sick: Contact Parish OfficeMatrimony:Contact Parish Office a minimum of nine months in advance)RU IXUWKHU LQIRUPDWLRQ FRQWDFW 5HY 0LFKDHO 5DWDMF]DN DW [ RU PLFKDHOU#VWPRVLGH RUJ teach and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ,Inquiry into the Catholic Faith:First and third Thursday eveningsReligious Education for Youth & Children:Two times a month, September-May, on SundaysReligious Education for Adults: Various times, September-MayLiturgy of the Word for Children: 8:30am and 10:30am MassesLittle Rock Scripture Study:Weekly sessions, morning or eveningHigh School Youth Ministry: Monday eveningsMiddle School Youth Ministry:Two Sunday evenings per monthPreparation for the Sacraments:Baptism (for infants):Begins with an appointment with the PastorBaptism (7-14 yrs.)/RCIA:One to two year process with children and parentsBaptism (adults)/RCIA:One to two year process; weekly sessionsFirst Reconciliation: In home process begins in Level 1First Communion:In home process begins after First ReconciliationConfirmation: Minimum two year process of preparation;begins in high school)RU IXUWKHU LQIRUPDWLRQ FRQWDFW .DWKOHHQ %HOO DW [ RU NDWKOHHQE#VWPRVLGH RUJ and serve God’s people in word and deed.There are many groups who serve our Parishionersand provide outreach to the local community.)RU IXUWKHU LQIRUPDWLRQ VHH SDJH RU FRQWDFW &KULV 6PLWK DW [ RU FKULVV#VWPRVLGH RUJ First-responders are only now beginning to publicly share whatthey saw in the classrooms of Sandy Hook Elementary. Theywere never prepared to see the carnage before their eyes, theways in which those innocent children were so mutilated andtorn apart.Do we really need such weapons in order to feel secure inmaintaining our Second Amendment Rights? I think not.If you saw the movie, “Lincoln,” there is a scene in which oneman is trying to shoot and kill another man. The scene almostbecomes hilarious, because he fires and misses, then he has to“clean the barrel of his shotgun, and then he has to reload withanother bullet.” In the meantime, his target has high-tailed it andis down the street. He had time to flee.I tend to think that many people still think about these kinds ofweapons when we are talking about gun control. We are notfamiliar with or aware of the killing machines now available tothe average person and household.I am not anti-Second Amendment. I grew up in a family ofhunters—my father and my four brothers. I grew up in a housewith rifles for deer hunting. They enjoyed the hunting.“More guns” is not the answer!7KH 6DQ 'LHJR 2UJDQL]LQJ 3URMHFW 6'23 RI ZKLFK 6W 7KRPDV 0RUH 3DULVK LV D PHPEHU LV ZRUNLQJ WR VXSSRUW JXQ F RQWURO OHJLVODWLRQ 6'23 LV DQ DIILOLDWH RI WKH SDUHQW RUJDQL]DWLRQ WKH 3,&2 1DWLRQDO 1HWZRUN 7KH ZRUN RI 6'23 LV VXSSRUWHG E\ WKH 'LRFHVH RI 6DQ 'LHJR 7KHLU ZHEVLWHV DUH ZZZ VGRS QHW ZZZ SLFRQHWZRUN RUJ STM Custom Calendars!Available at the Information Tableand the Parish Office( 2 minimum donation)A Retreat at Sea!I will be leading a “Retreat at Sea” on a cruise from Miami Beachto Rio de Janeiro in November 2013. Flyers are available in theParish Office or at the information table on the Plaza afterMasses. ²)U 0LNH 5DWDMF]DN STM Vehicle Donation ProgramDo you have a vehicle you want to donate?The St. Thomas More program is easy!Call us, and we’ll have it picked up.You get the tax deducƟon!All we need is clear Ɵtle. Non-operaƟonal is OK!Since 2006 we have ne ed over 34,300from this program. Thank you donors!For more informa on, contact the Parish Office:760-758-4100 x100 or parishoffi[email protected]

Church of St. Thomas MoreReadingsfor the Week AheadSunday Year C; Weekday Year IReadings online at ZZZ XVFFE RUJ Sunday, February 3 (72))RXUWK 6XQGD\ LQ 2UGLQDU\ 7LPHJeremiah 1:4-5,17-19Psalm 71:1-6,15-171 Corinthians 12:31–13:13Luke 4:21-30Monday, February 4 (323)Hebrews 11:32-40Psalm 31:20-24Mark 5:1-20Tuesday, February 5 (324) JDWKD YLUJLQ PDUW\U Hebrews 12:1-4Psalm 22:26-28,30-32Mark 5:21-43Wednesday, February 6 (325)3DXO 0LNL FRPSDQLRQV PDUW\UV Hebrews 12:4-7,11-15Psalm 103:1-2,13-14,17-18Mark 6:1-6Thursday, February 7 (326)Hebrews 12:18-19,21-24Psalm 48:2-4,9-11Mark 6:7-13Friday, February 8 (327)-HURPH (PLOLDQL -RVHSKLQH %DNKLWD YLUJLQ Hebrews 13:1-8Psalm 27:1,3,5,8-9Mark 6:14-29Saturday, February 9 (328)Hebrews13:15-17,20-21Psalm 23:1-6Mark 6:30-34Sunday, February 10 (75))LIWK 6XQGD\ LQ 2UGLQDU\ 7LPHIsaiah 6:1-2a,3-8Psalm 138:1-5,7-81 Corinthians 15:1-11Luke 5:1-11Mass IntentionsSaturday, February 2, 5:00pmJim Tutino Sunday, February 3, 8:30amPaola Campos Sunday, February 3, 10:30amEileen McNabb Tuesday, February 5, 8:15amGerry WilmottWednesday, February 6, 8:15amTerry Murphy Thursday, February 7, 8:15amLen Conley Friday, February 8, 8:15amDonald Kope Saturday, February 9, 5:00pmLucio Cugini Sunday, February 10, 8:30amMark Segura Sunday, February 10, 10:30amPauline Lanthier 3Prayer List &DOO [ WR DGG D QDPH IRU IRXU ZHHNV Mary AlexanderBill MetzgerLucia AmbrizPhyllis MinayaPhyllis BaderJune MitchellTommy BakerJune MontgomeryMary BalliNancy MooreJose Luis BarbosaElizabeth MuehlbacherPatricia BarbourConrad MurphyClarice BednarzMargie MyersJohn BenniciThe Nguyen & Parsons FamiliesRegina BentzRichard ObsitnikLisa BergHelen PingtellaRoseanne BergMarilyn PirkolaGeorge “Whitey” BetusDouglas Price-WilliamsMary BetzBarbara RammBetty Jean BielichMrs. Jack (Shirley) RileyLynda BradyRita RitchieWilliam J. BroganAdela RiveraMonica BroussardElena RiveraJanet BrownMaria RogersTodd BrownDorothy RouseAnita & Bill BuergerThe Russo FamilyBridget BufordCindy SanelliShelby CampbellKimberly SchluntBrianne CamposLinda SchmidtClaudia CaplingerThe Douglas E. Schulte FamilyPaul CassidyBob, Joan, & Julie SheaMary Lou CastleRita ShepardThe Cepeda FamilyElizabeth ShirzadDick ClarkeRichard SikoraAlexander ClayJeanne SissonDolly ColeBeth SnyderCarl, Dorothy, and James ColemanMike SnyderThomas Cornwell & FamilyNick SoltauLené CroweFred & Gilda SpieglThe Curci & Provinse FamiliesDarek, Vanessa, & Elba SpizewskiKaren Flaharty DaleyPatricia St. PierreBeverly de GelderDorothy StaehrStephanie de VilleneuveTed StanislawskiJudith DiMatteoPete SullivanColeman DorothyDavid SweetArt DossmanTommy & Ginger ThompsonDave DossmanSarah TillinghastJohn Drazkowski, Jr.William TompsonLa Vonne DumasThe Toth & Voelpel FamiliesConnor EberhardStephen Toth, Jr.Carolyn Erickson EyMary Tysko & FamilySharon EvansBarbara UpsonThe Fiore FamilyEthel & Bob VanderhagenRyan FlumCorrie VasquezMike FranchinoRobert VasquezEugene FranciscusSilvana VetteseKathryn FranklinVanessa VitielloJoe FreireThe Vozza & Ratajczak FamiliesBrian FrinkKevin Watson-GraffJim GallagherElizabeth WehnerCarmen GarciaJohn WhittonSally & Merritt GarnerThe Williams FamilyHelen WodykaJack & Marge GillenErin YoungRick GonzalezPatricia ZavalaRosemary HaeffelinNan HallbickThe Harker FamilyDeployed MilitaryElizabeth HarrisonBarbara Hatem V D IDLWK FRPPXQLW\ OHW XV SUD\ IRU Charlotte HayesDOO ZKR VHUYH RXU FRXQWU\ LQ WKHVH Lilian HillsWURXEOHG WLPHV :H SUD\ HVSHFLDOO\ Susan HoriIRU WKRVH FRQQHFW HG WR RXU 3 DULVK The Howell & Magnera FamiliesIolanda IacobelliZKR KDYH EHHQ GHSOR\HG Linda Iacobelli BennettSue JohnstonGunnery Sgt. Fernando Andrade, Jr.Peggy Kiernan1st Lt. Jeffrey Bauer, USMCDebbie KinneyPFC John BrandoneDewey Kolbo1st Sgt Christian B. Bull, USMCHelen KuhnCorp. Willie DeelLillian LachanceChaplain Van DinhThe Lamelin FamilyLance Corp. Brandon Doyle, USMCChristopher & Roland LawrenceStfSgt Evans Formica, USMCBrandon LeBlancGrant FischerJeremiah LemusMSGT Steve Gallegos, USMCClaudia LeuéThe Paul Leué FamilySgt. Alex GarciaAshley LoadPFC Samuel Haro, US ArmyCassandra LorettoStaff Sgt. Travis M. Meyers, USAFLauren Loretto2nd Lt. Janelle Peske, USMCSue Lyon FamilyPvt. 2 Jess Phillips, US ArmyJames MacArthurSr. Airman Robert Spear, USAFJoaquin MaldonadoTyler Timmerman, US ArmyChandler MaySgt. Charles Watts, USMCBob McWilliamsMsgt. Paul Weisinger, USMCJoyce MeehanMajor Seth Wolcott, USMCKalei MendiolaFebruary 3, 2013Calendar HighlightsMore details at ZZZ VWPRVLGH RUJ,Schedule and CalendarFeb 3Feb 5-6Feb 10Feb 10Feb 13Feb 14Feb 15Feb 16Feb 18Feb 24Mar 3Mar 17Mar 19Apr 13Apr 21May 19June 7Jul 15-19Sep 21Sep 29Liturgy of the Word forChildren at 8:30am and10:30am MassesRestaurant Fundraiser atElephant BarLiturgy of the Word forChildren at 8:30am MassRE.A.CH Classes atChurch, including highschoolAsh WednesdayMasses at 8:15am,12:00pm, 5:30pm,and 7:30pmSoup Supper 5:30-7:30pmSpirited Seniors ValentineLuncheonK of C Fish DinnerStations of the CrossWomen’s Guild FashionShow at Shadowridge CCMorning Prayer at 8:15amRE.A.CH Classes atChurch, including highschoolParish CommunalReconciliation ServiceNew Member ReceptionLenten Day of RecollectionWomen’s Guild Game DayTowers of Faith ReceptionConfirmationSecond Annual STM GalaVacation Bible School:.LQJGRP 5RFN Treasures 2013Pastor’s Dinner/ExcursionQuestions? Contact Henny at760-758-4100 x100KHQQ\M#VWPRVLGH RUJ Pray for Women ReligiousPlease join us in praying for thewomen religious who serve in theDiocese of San Diego. They havebeen assigned to days of the year inalphabetical order.February 4Sr. Cecilia Flores, OPFebruary 5Sr. Mary Ann (Sis) Flynn, RSCJFebruary 6Sr. Frances Michele Francese, CSJFebruary 7Sr. Claire Frawley, SFCCFebruary 8Sr. Sally Furay, RSCJFebruary 9Sr. Patricia Gage, CSJFebruary 10Sr. Margarita Galardo-Rodriguez, SJS

Church of St. Thomas MoreAnnouncing the Baptism ofCielo Gabriela MendezCeleste Mari Mendezon February 32XU &KULVWLDQ FRPPXQLW\ ZHOFRPHV \RX ZLWK JUHDW MR\ Congratulations toDorothy & Carl Colemanwho celebrate their 62nd wedding anniversary February 4.0D\ *RG FRQWLQXH WR EOHVV \RXU PDUULDJH DQG PD\ \RX EH DQ LQVSLUDWLRQ WR RWKHU PDUULHG FRXSOHV Flower DonationsThe Altar Flowers for this weekend were given byAnne & Richard Cline in memory of their son,Kevin Cline.In MemoriamPlease pray for the repose of the soul of:Yvonne Paula Torwal Cepeda, who died last week. Herfuneral services were held at St. Mary Star of the Sea inOceanside. Please keep her husband, Juan, and herfamily in your prayers.0D\ KHU VRXO DQG DOO WKH VRXOV RI WKH IDLWKIXO GHSDUWHG WKURXJK WKH PHUF\ RI *RG UHVW LQ SHDFH PHQ STM Archives Wants Your MaterialThe STM Historian is looking for material from Parish events andactivities since our church was established in 1985. The kinds ofmaterial that are needed include: photographs, newspaperclippings, brochures, fliers, reports, videos, drawings—anythingthat represents our congregational memory! Please check yourdrawers, file cabinets, and that creepy ol’ box in the attic. Youcan drop off your donations at the Parish office. Thanks!For more information and questions, please feel free to contact:Brandon at 760-845-5450 or EUDQGRQ RVZDOG#JPDLO FRP.4February 3, 2013Social Ministries/OutreachJustFaith Presents “Following in the Footsteps ofEl Salvador’s Catholic Martyrs”“I implore you, I beg you, I order you in the name of God; stopthe repression.” These are the words attributed to sealing the fateof Archbishop Romero. He was assassinated the day after theywere broadcast over El Salvador radio. Join -XVW)DLWK graduatesand friends to hear Andrea Voss share her experience exploringEl Salvador, past and present, through the eyes of its Civil Warmartyrs and present day poor and oppressed peasants. Join us fordiscussion and dessert at 6:00pm on Tuesday, February 12 in thelower level of the Parish Center. All are welcome. For moreinformation, contact Andrea Voss at 760-994-6147.Opportunity to Help Local Families in NeedNorth County Solutions for Changewomen and children’s shelter needsvolunteers for meal preparation,servers, and donations (food and papergoods). St. Thomas More hascommitted to providing one meal permonth for this ministry. In this way weanswer the call of Jesus to feed thehungry and this is in our neighborhood.Any help you can provide is welcome!Organizations as well as individuals are invited to participate withportions or entire meal preparation, drinks, desserts, and/ormonetary contributions to offset the cost for those only able tocook. Please prayerfully consider if you are able to help with thisimportant ministry and call if you can help with one of thefollowing available dates in 2013:May 26, June 23, December 22For more information, contact Kevin & Lyn Leahy at760-643-0872 or NOHDK\ #FR[ QHW.Catholics Come HomeDo you have a family member, friend, or co-worker who has leftthe Catholic Church? If so, encourage them to visitZZZ &DWKROLFV&RPH RPH RUJ.Restaurant Fundraiser for January 2013STM crip NewsThanks to everyone who shopped with Scrip this season!If you have never purchased Scrip gift cards, try out the programthis year—it can be one of your New Year’s Resolutions! Apercentage of each gift card purchased will go to our ParishMortgage Fund.Remember, Scrip is available for purchase FOUR ways!1. On the Plaza after weekend Masses2. Monday-Friday during business hours in the Parish Office3. Email at VFULS#VWPRVLGH RUJ4. Phone at 760-758-4100 x1502UGHUV PD\ EH SLFNHG XS DIWHU 0DVV RQ WKH ZHHNHQG RU DW WKH 3DULVK 2IILFH GXULQJ WKH ZHHN Elephant Bar 259.96“Did You Know” Collection for January 2013 5,940.00VocationsIn today’s Second Reading to the Corinthians, in talking aboutthe different roles within the church, Paul says: “Some peopleGod has designated in the church to be, first, apostles; second,prophets; third, teachers.” Do you hear God calling you to be apriest, deacon, or religious? If so, and you wish to explore thecalling, contact Deacon Tom at WKRPDVJRHOW]#DRO FRP or 760727-8442.

Church of St. Thomas MoreParish EventsWomen’s Guild NewsOur biggest event of the year will be held next month onSaturday, February 16, from 11:00am-2:00pm, at ShadowridgeCountry Club. We will be showing fashions by Draper’s andDamon’s. Tickets are on sale now and are going fast. The ticketsare 40 and we do have a limited number we can sell, so if youare interested, please see us on the Plaza or contact ValerieThompson at 760-630-1703.We hope to see you there. Planning is underway for a deliciouslunch and Opportunity Baskets are being prepared for yourbidding. We also will have lots of door prizes to delight thewinners! There is something for everyone, so please join us evenif you are not a member of STM Women’s Guild.The show is themed “Fashion Magic” and we are planning amagical day for you!²9HUD %D\OLVV 3UHVLGHQW Spirited Seniors Valentine LuncheonThe Spirited Seniors are sponsoring a Valentine’s Day luncheonand Bingo on Thursday, February 14, 11:00am-3:00pm, formembers and nonmembers. The cost is 12 for members and 15for nonmembers. It will be catered by Ciao Restaurant of Vista.The deadline for reservations is February 5. Please put yourregistration request and your check made to “St. Thomas MoreSpirited Seniors” in an envelope marked “Spirited SeniorsValentine’s Day Lunch” and return it to the offertory collection orParish Office, Box 12. For more information, contact Jerry orJudy Buoniconti at 760-758-5113.Young Adult Group NewsACTTS (Adult Catholics in their Twenties and Thirties whoSocialize) is partnering with the North County Young Adultsgroup, which includes young adults from several North CountyParishes. For more information or to get on the email list, contactDFWWV#VWPRVLGH RUJ, visit ZZZ \DPVG RUJ, or search Facebook forSD YAM. 5February 3, 2013Memorial Item Dona onsMemorials are a way of honoring those whom we love, whetherthey are living or deceased. Often, memorials are made for aspecial intention or in thanksgiving for a variety of blessingsreceived from God.Our Parish Campus will be a living memorial. All who help inbuilding it will leave something to the community itself that willbe used by generations to come. The good they do is not interredwith them, but will remain to share in the divine activity of Godhere on earth.Listed below are items still available for adoption. OO FRQWULEXWLRQV ZLOO EH UHFRJQL]HG LQ D VSHFLDO PHPRULDO WR EH GLVSOD\HG LQ RXU 3DULVK 0HPRULDO *DUGHQ For more information or to adopt an item, contact Chris Smith760-758-4100 x120 or FKULVV#VWPRVLGH RUJPipe OrganMemorial GardenReflection GardenChurch Doors (Bronze)CrucifixSt. Thomas More Shrine (Tapestry)Paschal Candle StandPedestals for Flowers (8) 4 availableWedding Kneelers (5) 1 availableDaily Mass Chapel AmboConcelebrant Chairs (5) 2 availableOffertory TableThurible/Boat/StandPew Seating for the Church(1,000) 985 availableDaily Mass Chapel and Choir Chairs(200) 198 available 850,000 500,000 250,000 100,000 75,000 75,000 15,000 1,000 /each 1,000 /each 4,500 3,000 /chair 2,500 2,500 300 /person 300 /each1/29/13That Man Is You!“That Man Is You!” continues on Saturdays at 6:45am in thelower level of the Parish Center. This program is modeled onsome of the country’s leading men’s programs. “That Man IsYou!” combines Scripture, solid secular research, and a little funto address the pressures and temptations facing men in ourmodern culture. It seeks to form authentic leaders who will becapable of transforming homes and society. Stop by theregistration table on the Plaza and register this weekend or go toZZZ WKDWPDQLV\RX RUJ and register online.Outline for next week: Becoming a Man after God’s Own Heart Our Lenten Journey and the Parable of the Sower The Fate of the Three Seeds Orientations and Obstacles of the Spiritual Life That You Would Bear Fruit Evaluating Your Spiritual Life Encountering the Living God and His Mercy)RU KLJKOLJKWV RI ODVW ZHHN¶V 7RZQ DOO PHHWLQJ RQ RXU SURJUHVV DQG SURILOHV RI WKH DUWLVWV HQJDJHG YLVLW RXU ZHEVLWH ZZZ VWPRVLGH RUJ DQG FOLFN RQ 2XU 1HZ &KXUFK Catholic Widows and Widowers of North CountyCWWNC meets the second Sunday of each month for a generalmeeting and potluck at 2:00pm. On the fourth Sunday of eachmonth we gather for Mass at various Parishes in North Countyfollowed by lunch. For more information, call Carol Kope at 760726-0533 or Gerri Wilmott at 760-758-9949. See the bulletinboard on the lower level of the Parish Center for our monthlynewsletter of activities including dining out, dancing, bowling,golf, and theatre. RSVPs are recommended.

Church of St. Thomas More6February 3, 2013'RXJODV /\QQ 'LUHFWRU RI /LWXUJ\ DQG 0XVLF GRXJODVO#VWPRVLGH RUJ [ Liturgy & MusicSPEAK, O LORDUpcomingMusic FEBRUARY 105th Sunday inOrdinary Time 5:00pm MassCantor &Congregation8:30am MassCantor &Congregation10:30am MassCantor &Congregation FEBRUARY 13AshWednesday 8:15am MassCantor &Congregation12:00noonMassCantor &Congregation5:30pm MassHandbell Choir7:30pm MassCappella ChoirSanctuary ChoirOur stewardship “season” is over—we have heard and read Fr. Mike’swords of encouragement for us to fulfill the mission and ministry of JesusChrist in this time and this place; we have listened to members of our faithcommunity provide a witness to the benefit of offering our time, talent, andtreasure to that end; we have heard the progress being made and theopportunities we continue to have to build a sacred space for the worship ofGod for generations to come. And we have responded.But, in fact, our stewardship “season” has just begun. It is Charles Dederichwho is usually attributed as the first to say, “Today is the first day of the restof your life,” and this is especially true as we continue our ongoing efforts tofulfill that mission and ministry.Perhaps we are still searching for just the right fit. Perhaps we are lookingfor something new after long service in one part of our Parish’s stewardshipefforts. In January, the Sanctuary Choir sang Keith Getty and StuartTownsend’s “Speak, O Lord,” and I reprint their words here should you wisha focus for your prayers to discerning your continuing stewardship efforts.Speak, O Lord, as we come to youTo receive the food of your holy word.Take your truth; plant it deep in us;Shape and fashion us in your likeness,That the light of Christ might be seen todayIn our acts of love and our deeds of faith.Speak, O Lord, and fulfill in usAll your purposes for your glory.Teach us Lord full obedience,Holy reverence, true humility;Test our thoughts and our attitudesIn the radiance of your purity.Cause our faith to rise;Cause our eyes to seeYour majestic love and authority.Words of power that can never fail—Let their truth prevail over unbelief.Speak, O Lord, and renew our minds;Help us grasp the heights of your plans for us—Truths unchanged from the dawn of timeThat will echo down through eternity.And by grace we’ll stand on your promises,And by faith we’ll walk as you walk with us.Speak, O Lord, till your church is builtAnd the earth is filled with your glory.Words and music by Keith Getty and Stuart Townsend. 2005 Thankyou Music (Admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing) .All rights reserved. With permission. CCLI #2810058And should your “acts of love” and “deeds of faith” and your understandingof God’s plans for you include music, consider this an invitation to walk(sing!) with the Sanctuary Choir as we journey through Lent and Easter.—Douglas

Church of St. Thomas More7February 3, 2013 .DWKOHHQ %HOO 'LUHFWRU RI )DLWK )RUPDWLRQ [ NDWKOHHQE#VWPRVLGH RUJ Faith FormationSunday is a RE.A.CH dayat HomeYouth Justice FoundationBible StudyThe STM Youth Justice Foundationwill return to the Plaza nextweekend February 9-10 with avariety of 3.5 oz bars of EqualExchange fairly traded chocolate for 4 each plus 10-12 oz bags ofcoffee for 9 each.Proceeds from this month’s saleswill go toward the donation ofHONEYBEESthroughHeiferInternational. Heifer will provideeach family with bees, a box andhive plus training. *LYH IDLUO\ WUDGHG WUHDWV WR \RXU 9DOHQWLQH WKLV \HDU VXSSRUW HFRQRPLF MXVWLFH DQG HQFRXUDJH RXU 3DULVK WHHQV WR GRQDWH D KLYH RI EHHV A new session of Little RockScriptureStudywillbeginWednesday, February 6, at 9:00am orThursday, February 7, at 7:00pm.Consider joining us to learn moreabout the women in the OldTestament.While the men of the Old Testamentoften garner the most attention, thewomen of the Old Testament becomeall the more worthy of our interestbecause we have to dig deeper torecover their special contribution tothe annals of faith.Their stories are all the moreremarkable in that they arise fromhistorical eras that crimped theiroptions in influencing or changing theflow of history.The women of this study can be boldand decisive, also meek and faithful,but they are always compelled to actin ways that bring about change.God’s saving deeds often camethrough the mind and will of amazingwomen using limited resources.There are ten sessions in this studyfrom February through May.0DUFXV &DEUHUD RXWK GYRFDWH [ PDUFXVF#VWPRVLGH RUJ Youth MinistryMake sure to reserve your spot inthis summer’s Steubenville CatholicTeen Conference! 50 depositreserves your spot so don’t delaybecause spots are limited!This year’s theme is CHOSENbecause God has deliberately andlovingly created us.If you have never experienced theSteubenville spirituality, take RQHweekend from your summer to giveit a try! Sharing the weekend withfour thousand other teen Catholicsmakes the weekend truly memorable.Contact me for a flyer ASAP ordownloadonefromZZZ VWPRVLGH RUJ, click on the RXWK 0LQLVWU\ box.All payments and forms may beturned into mailbox 46 in the ParishOffice (Stacey Griffin).Pay close attentionto the February calendar!Youth Group:Mondays 7:00-8:30pmTeen prayer hour:Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pmBible Study, Book of Tobit:Thursday 4:00-5:30pmPBJ Update(Food for childrenat the Emergency Crisis Center) 2013 GOAL:365 poundsCollected to date: 56 poundsSign up forms are available on thePlaza or the lower level of the ParishCenter. For more information contactPauline Lapre760.727.8339ODSUHS #KRWPDLO FRPIf you have not been to any of ourweekday events, definitely give thema try! This is your time to engageyour faith through community onMondays, prayer on Wednesdays,and knowledge on Thursdays. Keepyour faith strong!Marcus CabreraYouth Advocate

Church of St. Thomas More8February 3, 2013&KULV 6PLWK 'LUHFWRU RI 6WHZDUGVKLS 'HYHORSPHQW FKULVV#VWPRVLGH RUJ [ Stewardship & DevelopmentChristian Stewardship A Way of LifeThe Road AheadTOWERS OF FAITH Future Support & Estate Planning Options7RZHUV RI )DLWK is a movement that has arisen due to thevisionary leadership and generosity of several of ourparishioners. We stress that this is not about the gift amount, butrather the love and thought behind the gift.My Lord God,I have no idea where I am going.I do not see the road ahead of me.I cannot know for certain where it will end.Nor do I really know myself,These individuals VHYHUDO DQRQ\PRXV have included STM intheir estate planning. This helps to ensure their ongoing supportand a legacy for our Parish. 7RZHUV RI )DLWK is a valuable portionof our future support.and the fact that I think I am following your willdoes not mean that I am actually doing so.But I believe that the desire to please youdoes in fact please you.And I hope I have that desire in all that I am doing.I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire.And I know that if I do this,you will lead me by the right road,though I may know nothing about it.Examples of the various future planning vehicles are:Designated Beneficiary Accounts,Last Will and Testament, Living Trust, Life Insurance,Stocks and Bonds, Real Estate, and Endowments.Any parishioners who have already included STM in their estateplans are 7RZHUV RI )DLWK participants. If you are interested,please contact us. Your participation is most welcome andappreciated!Chris Smith at 760-758-4100 x120 or FKULVV#VWPRVLGH RUJ Therefore I will trust you alwaysDo two people in your family know the location ofyour will and/or living trust?though I may seem to be lost and in the shadow of death.Collection for Week of January 26/27, 2013I will not fear, for you are ever with me,and you will never leave me to face my perils alone. Amen.²7KRPDV 0HUWRQ ²,&6& )HEUXDU\ %XOOHWLQ ZLWK SHUPLVVLRQNumber of Registered HouseholdsOffertory*Offertory (Loose Collection)Children's envelopesTotal*1,041 5,124.171,122.500.006,246.67Offertory envelopes, credit card withdrawals, automatic checking orsavings account deductions (credit card an

Feb 03, 2013 · STM Vehicle Donation Program Do you have a vehicle you want to donate? The St. Thomas More program is easy! Call us, and we’ll have it picked up. You get the tax deduc on! All we need is clear tle. Non-opera onal is OK! Since 2006 we have ne ed over 34,300 from this program. Thank