AT&T Unified Endpoint ManagementMobileIron Cloud from AT&TUnlock the benefits ofmobility to work faster,better, and smarterPotential benefits Mac OS, Windows 10, Androidmanagement available Enhanced productivitywith app managementand content integration Effective data securityand compliance Cost-effective andeasy integration A scalable cloud-basedsolutionFeaturesOrganizations seeking the agility of the cloud tohelp them become mobile first turn to MobileIronfrom AT&T. Built to provide cloud-based UnifiedEndpoint Management (UEM), MobileIron from AT&Thelps customers unlock the benefits of mobile.Enterprise IT can more easilysecure and manage mobiledevices, applications, and contentwhile end users can work faster,better, and smarter.Cloud scaleMobileIron Cloud from AT&Thelps organizations that want toharness the power of mobilityand transform their businessdramatically with a cloud firstapproach. It delivers the layeredsecurity of the MobileIronplatform via the cloud and isbuilt on a scalable infrastructureto keep up with the proliferationof devices, apps, and data.More seamlessly supportmillions of devices so that yourglobal mobile enterprise can planfor today and into the future. Licensing choices tomaximize your budget;select from either perdevice or per user licenses Email provides anemail/PIM [email protected] offers a securenative web browser Tunnel provides a highlysecure tunnel per app VPN Access provides conditionalaccess to services frommobile apps and browsers MobileIron Threat Defenseprovides a view into maliciousthreats using one app on iOSand Android devicesPRODUCT BRIEF

AT&T Unified Endpoint ManagementMobileIron Cloud from AT&TDay-zero SupportMobileIron from AT&T quickly adapts new featureswith the release of devices, versions, and operatingsystems and makes them quickly available toBundle features24X7 ASD SupportCloud Admin ConsoleRemote Wipe OptionsAD/LDAP IntegrationSentryKiosk Mode/ Apple Business ManagerBridge and Derived [email protected] [email protected]@Workorganizations (such as support for Android for Work).With MobileIron from AT&T always staying in stepwith the latest mobile developments, enterprise ITorganizations can help users stay productive on thelatest iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices.SilverGoldPlatinum [email protected] Integrations*MobileIron Access AuthenticatorMobileIron Threat and MobileIron ThreatDefense Add on SKU. Gold bundle recommended.Add on SKU.*SerivceConnect integrations available with the Platinum bundle include MobileIron developed software to integrate with specific third-party products and services. API-based integrations do notrequire the purchase of the Platinum bundle.Enterprise-grade securitySecurity and certificationsMobileIron Cloud from AT&T has been designed tooffer an intuitive experience to both IT administratorsand end users without compromising on security. ITadministrators can readily create complex policiesand instantly take action based on dynamic devicestates, while users can search and interact with appsand content in the same way as they do with personalapps and files. Built to integrate with everydayworkflows, MobileIron from AT&T delivers a virtuallyseamless experience and eliminates the excessiveburden of training IT or end users.MobileIron Cloud from AT&T is one of the mosttrusted Mobile IT cloud services in the industry.We have completed a SOC 2 Type 2 assessment toaudit the operational and security processes of theservice. We have the TRUSTe Privacy Seal, signifyingthat the company’s privacy policy and practiceshave been reviewed for transparency, accountability,and choice regarding the protection of customerinformation and certifying compliance with EUprivacy requirements.PRODUCT BRIEF

AT&T Unified Endpoint ManagementMobileIron Cloud from AT&TIn addition, the MobileIron from AT&T platform hasreceived FedRAMPSM Authority to Operate (ATO).FedRAMP ATO recognizes that MobileIron Cloud haspassed the federal risk management process definingstandard security requirements for all cloud providers.Certifications and compliancesMobileIron Threat DefenseMobileIron Threat Defense guards your companyfrom data loss from mobile threat events. With oneapp, detect and remediate known and zero-dayattacks on the mobile device without disruption touser productivity.FIPSI 140 Level 2Professional servicesNIAPP MDM PPOne of the following four Configuration and TrainingService options is required for all installations ofMobileIron from AT&T. Application Service Desk (ASD)On Boarding service is included in all Configurationand Training Professional Service installations.NSA ApprovedCJISDerived Credentials/PIVMobileIron optional add-on featuresAccess AuthenticatorMobileIron Access Authenticator is a cloud securitysolution that provides conditional access to cloudservices from mobile apps and browsers. Unliketraditional security approaches, MobileIron Access Authenticator correlates user identity with uniqueinformation feeds such as device posture and appstate. MobileIron helps ensure that business datastays within IT bounds so it can’t be stored onunsecured devices or shared with unauthorized cloudservices. With MobileIron Access Authenticator,organizations benefit from a standards-basedapproach that can more effectively secure anycloud service, including Office 365, without requiringproprietary integrations.Supported browsersChrome for Windows and MacSafari for Mac, No Windows supportFirefox for Windows and MacFor the best performance, Gold licenses are advised.MobileIron Access is only available in a per user– subscription license. Additional installation andconfiguration services may be required.Basic Configuration and Training – 500AT&T will provide implementation servicesconnected with the purchase of the Silver MobileIronCloud Software Licenses. The deployment will beconducted remotely in a hosted environment.Basic Plus Configuration and Training– 1,000 (Required with Silver Bundle –Connector only)AT&T will provide implementation servicesconnected with the purchase of the Silver MobileIronfrom AT&T Software Licenses. The deployment willbe conducted in a hosted environment with theintegration supported by on-premises MobileIronConnector to Active Directory in the client’s datacenter. This project will be conducted remotely.Enterprise Support and Training – 2,500 (Required with Silver Bundle –Connector and Sentry)AT&T will provide implementation servicesconnected with the purchase of the Silver MobileIronCloud Software Licenses. The deployment will beconducted remotely in a hosted environment withthe integration supported by on-premises MobileIronConnector to Active Directory in the client’s datacenter and one Sentry.PRODUCT BRIEF

AT&T Unified Endpoint ManagementMobileIron Cloud from AT&TEnterprise Support Configuration andTraining - 5,000 (Required with Gold andPlatinum Bundles)AT&T will provide implementation servicesconnected with the purchase of the Gold or PlatinumMobileIron Software Licenses. The deployment willbe conducted remotely in a hosted environment withthe integration supported by on-premises MobileIronConnector to Active Directory in the client’s datacenter and two Sentrys.Advanced Authentication usingCertificates (Optional) – 1,750Certificate-based authentication providesenterprises with the ability to establish identitywhile eliminating the need for end users to enterusernames and passwords on their mobile devicesto access corporate resources, such as ExchangeActiveSync, VPN, or Corporate Wi-Fi. To usecertificate-based authentication, your MobileIronfrom AT&T service will be configured to issuecertificates from a built-in certificate authority.Additional professional service charges are requiredto configure this feature during installation.SilverGoldPlatinumDevice Subscription License 48 72 90User Subscription License 72 108 138Device MRC License 4 6 7.50User MRC License 6 9 11.50License and pricing options**** “Subscription License” and “Monthly License” refer to annual and monthly payment terms, respectively.Feature add-on options***Access User SubscriptionAccess User MRC License 48MobileIron Threat Defensedevice subscription 60MobileIron ThreatDefense devicesubscription 96 4MobileIron Threat Defenseuser subscription 90MobileIron ThreatDefense Defense usersubscription 144***Features add-on options require Silver Bundle or higher licenses.PRODUCT BRIEF

AT&T Unified Endpoint ManagementMobileIron Cloud from AT&TImportant informationA minimum of 20 Solution licenses is required for initial purchase. TheSolution’s functionality is limited to certain mobile devices and operatingsystems. A list of supported operating systems can be obtained bycontacting an AT&T Account Executive. Not all features are available on alldevices. All amounts paid for the Solution are non-refundable. Billing beginsas of Eff ective Date of applicable order. Users may download licensed Software onto a maximum of 3 devices. If any user exceeds the 3 device limit perlicense, an additional monthly license fee will be charged.The Solution is available only to customers with a qualifi ed AT&T businessor government agreement (“Enterprise Agreement”) and a FoundationAccount Number (“FAN”). The Solution is available for use with multiplenetwork service providers. Customer Responsibility Users (“CRUs”),Individual Responsibility Users (“IRUs”) and Bring Your Own Device (“BYOD”)users are eligible to participate in the Solution. With respect to userssubscribed to an AT&T wireless service, activation of an eligible AT&T dataplan on a compatible device with short message service (“SMS”) capabilitiesis required. With respect to use of the Solution with devices subscribed tonon-AT&T wireless providers, Customer is responsible for ensuring that itsapplicable end users and the Solution complies with all applicable terms ofservice of such other wireless carrier(s). All associated voice, messaging anddata usage will be subject to the applicable rates and terms of such otherwireless carrier(s). Refer to applicable wireless carrier(s) for such rates, termsand conditions. A compatible device with SMS capabilities is required.The Solution’s administrative interface is accessed via a Web portal andrequires a PC with Internet connection. The Solution may be used as a toolto confi gure and customize certain settings and features and perform software updates only for compatible devices. Improper or incomplete configuration and/or downloads performed by Customer may result in serviceinterruptions and/or device failures. AT&T does not guarantee compliancewith such customized settings and/or updates.The Solution is subject to the terms and conditions of the applicableEnterprise Agreement between AT&T and Customer and the End UserLicense Agreement (MobileIron Cloud EULA) located at eula. Customer must agree to the terms of the MobileIronCloud EULA before its fi rst use of the Solution. If Customer does notaccept the terms of the MobileIron Cloud EULA, Customer must not usethe Solution. Customer must accept the MobileIron Cloud EULA as theparty liable for each CRU, and agrees in such case that the CRU will complywith the obligations under the MobileIron Cloud EULA, including but notlimited to the limitations of use in certain countries. See your accountrepresentative for additional information regarding use of the Solutionoutside the US. Customer is responsible for providing each CRU of anenabled mobile device with a copy of the MobileIron Cloud EULA. TheCustomer and the CRU are individually and jointly liable under the MobileIronCloud EULA. Customer shall not permit any IRU or BYOD user to registeras a user of the Solution unless it uses the procedures provided by AT&Tto obtain and preserve proof that the IRU or BYOD user has accepted theMobileIron Cloud EULA. Upon reasonable request from AT&T, Customershall permit AT&T to review Customer’s records of users’ acceptances.Customer shall indemnify and hold harmless AT&T against all claims by anyIRU or BYOD user relating to or arising from such IRU’s or BYOD user’s use ofthe Solution if the IRU or BYOD user has not accepted the MobileIron CloudEULA. With regard to use of the Solution by residents of countries otherthan the US, Customer agrees to comply with the additional terms andconditions of use located in the Country Specifi c Provisions portion of theMobileIron Cloud Service Guide located at http://serviceguidenew.att. com/.Not all optional features are available in every country.Data privacy: Customer Personal Data: Customer Personal Data maybe transferred to or accessible by (i) AT&T personnel around the world;(ii) third parties who act on behalf of AT&T or AT&T supplier’s behalf assubcontractors; and (iii) third parties (such as courts, law enforcementor regulatory authorities) where required by law. Customer will only provideor make Customer Personal Data accessible when Customer has the legalauthority to do so and for which it has obtained the necessary consentsfrom its end users, and will camoufl age or securely encrypt CustomerPersonal Data in a manner compatible with the Solution. The termCustomer Personal Data includes, without limitation, name, phone number,email address, wireless location information or any other informationthat identifi es or could reasonably be used to identify Customer or itsend users. Customer is responsible for providing end users with clearnotice of AT&T and Customer’s collection and use of Customer PersonalData obtained via the Solution, including, without limitation, end userdevice location information, and for obtaining end user consent to thatcollection and use. Customer may satisfy its notifi cation requirementsas to AT&T by advising end users in writing that AT&T and its suppliersmay collect and use Customer Personal Data by providing for end userreview the relevant links to the Product Brief or other sales informationthat describes the Solution and to AT&T Privacy Policy at 2506. Customer is responsible for notifyingend users that the Solution provides mobile device management (MDM)capabilities and allows Customer to have full visibility and control of endusers’ devices, as well as any content on them. Professional Services:Upon completion of Professional Services, Customer must either sign theacceptance document AT&T presents or provide within fi ve business daysof the service completion date written notice to AT&T identifying any nonconforming Professional Services. If Customer fails to provide such notice,Customer is deemed to have accepted the Professional Services. Customeracknowledges that AT&T and Customer are independent contractors.Customer will in a timely manner allow AT&T access as reasonably requiredfor the Professional Services to property and equipment that Customercontrols. Customer will ensure that the location(s) to which access isprovided off er(s) a safe working environment, free of hazardous materialsand reasonably suitable for the Professional Services. The ProfessionalServices provided shall be performed Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to5:00 p.m., local time. The mandatory soft ware installation and confi gurationis estimated to take two days and must be completed within 45 days oforder placement. If Customer’s acts or omissions cause delay of installationand confi guration beyond 45 days of order placement, AT&T will invoiceCustomer for the installation and confi guration charges aft er the 45th day.If the professional services provided in connection with the Solution aremore complex than those described in this product brief, then a separatestatement of work describing the activity and related terms and pricingwill be executed. If impediments, complications or Customer- requestedchanges in scope arise (Changes), the schedule, Solution and fees couldbe impacted. In the event any Change(s) aff ect the Solution or fees, theparties will modify Customer’s order (or statement of work, if applicable)accordingly by executing a change order.The Solution is provided “AS IS” with all faults and without warranty of anykind. AT&T HAS NO DEFENSE, SETTLEMENT, INDEMNIFICATION OR OTHEROBLIGATION OR LIABILITY ARISING FROM THE ACTUAL OR ALLEGEDINFRINGEMENT OR MISAPPROPRIATION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTYBASED ON THE SOLUTION.AT&T reserves the right to (i) modify or discontinue the Solution in wholeor in part and/or (ii) terminate the Solution at any time without cause.AT&T reserves the right to conduct work at a remote location or use, inAT&T sole discretion, employees, contractors or suppliers located outsidethe United States to perform work in connection with or in support ofthe Solution. Exclusive Remedy: Customer’s sole andexclusive remedy for any damages, losses, claims,costs and expenses arising out ofor relating to use of the Solutionwill be termination of service.To learn more about AT&T Mobile Security Solutions, visit or call us at 866.792.3278.Share this withyour peers 2018 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, Globe logo and other marks are trademarks and service marks of AT&T Intellectual Propertyand/or AT&T affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. The information contained herein is notan offer, commitment, representation or warranty by AT&T and is subject to change. 13848-102518PRODUCT BRIEF

MobileIron Access Authenticator is a cloud security solution that provides conditional access to cloud services from mobile apps and browsers. Unlike . License and pricing options** Silve