SAP Customer Successeswith SAP S/4HANA and SAP BusinessTechnology PlatformBusiness Transformation Stories fromAround the Globe and Across IndustriesSAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 1

Bring Your Intelligent Enterprise Strategy toLife with Comprehensive Solutions from SAPDigital transformation means something unique to every organization. Butwhether the focus is on intelligent business processes, automation, real-timeintelligence, or advanced data analytics, SAP customers are at the forefront ofwhat it means to digitally transform.This e-book showcases how leaders in industries as diverse as the publicsector, chemicals, and professional services are driving transformationalchange using SAP technologies. Read on to learn how SAP customers aroundthe world are reshaping processes, reimagining business models, and drivingtransformational change using SAP’s intelligent ERP and technologies.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 2

ContentsCUSTOMER SUCCESSES5Ansaldo Energia Powering Factorieswith Intelligent Technology to ImproveProduct Performance13CredibanCo Using Proactive Care andOff-Site Services to Bolster DigitalTransformation Success21FRoSTA Providing GreaterTransparency for ConsumersFrom Seed to Field to Bag7BITZER Building a Digital AssetNetwork to Create Instant Value forBoth Manufacturer and Customer15Deloitte Africa Providing ProfessionalServices in Africa Through 28 Offices in17 Countries23Gulftainer Transforming into aReal-Time Business to EnhanceEfficiency and the Customer Experience9Clariant Staying Ahead of VolatileGlobal Markets with Real-TimeDynamic Price Forecasting17ENGIE LATAM Enabling RapidScalability to Help Maximize BusinessPotential in a Fast-Growing Market25ILOLAY Using Intelligent, IntegratedERP to Help Ensure Quality DairyProducts from Farms to Families11ConvergentIS Accelerating Insightsand Unifying Planning Across theOrganization with SAP Analytics Cloud19FARYS Driving Water ManagementInnovation with Efficient, SustainableOperations, and a Solid Ecosystem27ITOCHU Reinventing Businessand Work with an Enterprise-WideIntegrated Data InfrastructureSAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 3

ContentsCUSTOMER SUCCESSES29313335Natura Keeping Customers andthe Planet Beautiful with Help fromIntelligent ITREHAU Reducing Redundanciesfor Greater Workforce Productivitywith AutomationSanan Optoelectronics IntegratingBusiness and Finance Functions toMap Out Corporate StrategySchaeffler Integrating IntelligentTechnologies for Future Interaction37394143Taronga Conservation SocietyAustralia Delighting and InspiringLasting Connections Between Peopleand Wildlife Since 1916Trusco Nakayama Using DigitalTechnology to Transform Business andImprove Convenience for CustomersUniper Extending and AutomatingProcesses – From the Plant, to the Field,to the Back OfficeVilleroy & Boch ImprovingOperational Efficiency Across theEnterprise with Software Bots45Virú Enabling StreamlinedOperational Processes47Vivo Energy Removing IT LandscapeComplexity to Support Growth withSAP S/4HANA49Vodafone Accelerating the Pace ofInnovation with End-to-End Processesand Intelliigent Technologies51Zalando Payments Building a CustomFinancial Model to Aid ComplianceWhile Improving Financial StrategySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 4

CUSTOMER STORIES:ANSALDO ENERGIAPowering Factories withIntelligent Technologyto Improve ProductPerformanceLocation: ItalyIndustry: Cross-industrySAP solutions: SAP S/4HANA and SAPBusiness Technology Platform, includingSAP Integration Suite, SAP Extension Suite,SAP Internet of Things solution, SAP EdgeServices, and SAP Predictive Maintenance andService solutionBackgroundSolutionAs a leading player in international powergeneration, Ansaldo Energia S.p.A. offersinnovative, flexible solutions and services foreverything from power equipment to plantconstruction and maintenance.Ansaldo Energia is evolving a hybridSAP solution architecture based onSAP Business Technology Platform thatcombines apps and cloud-based andon-premise solutions. SAP S/4HANA connectsback-end systems for manufacturing, productlifecycle management, and warehousing, whileSAP Internet of Things and SAP Edge Servicesenable predictive plant maintenance.ChallengeWith complex projects running around theglobe, delivering on time and within budgetis a challenge – requiring full planning andproduction visibility. But many of AnsaldoEnergia’s processes are siloed, impactingperformance. Limited visibility means slowreconciliation. And the company lacksintegrated warehouse management.BenefitsWith SAP Services and Support andSAP Innovation Services as its partners andSAP technology at its core, Ansaldo Energiacan operate as an intelligent enterprise –giving it the ability to transform the future ofpower generation for its customers.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 5

75%reduction in paper-based quality controls5-8%drop expected in the cost of equipmentmaintenanceSuccess lies in technology, peopleskills, adoption, and cooperationwith partners. With SAP, we definedthe vision and the path, built keycapabilities, and brought early valuethrough quick wins.”Luca Manuelli, Chief Digital Officer,Ansaldo Energia S.p.A40%more suppliers expected to digitally sharequality control data80%less time and effort to onboard newcustomers in the services portalRead the fullcustomer storySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 6

CUSTOMER STORIES:BITZERBuilding a Digital AssetNetwork to Create InstantValue for Both Manufacturerand CustomerLocation: Sindelfingen, GermanyIndustry: Industrial machinery and componentsSAP solutions: SAP BTP, SAP IoT,SAP Integration Suite, SAP Asset IntelligenceNetwork, SAP Services and SupportBackgroundSolutionBITZER, a refrigeration and air-conditioningtechnology leader, set out to digitally connectits compressors to let customers monitorreal-time status, access configuration data anddocumentation, and review operational reports.SAP BTP, including the SAP Internet of Things(SAP IoT) solution for sensor readings enablestailored customer alerts, status reports,and predictive maintenance services. SAPIntegration Suite delivers speed connectionof applications, processes, and people.SAP Asset Intelligent Network acceleratesdeployment using SaaS capabilities and SAPServices and Support to provide an agileapproach to creating a new asset network.ChallengeThe company needed to build an asset networkto help customers manage compressors anddigitalize their enterprises. It also needed tocreate an infrastructure to support BITZER’sfuture growth.BenefitsBITZER has a complete, real-time overview ofa customer’s product portfolio and producthistory, from the initial order throughout theentire lifecycle of the compressor, through theBITZER Digital Network, which connects allBITZER products to the cloud. They gained anincreased ability to break down informationand departmental silos, operate as a singlecompany focused on customer outcomes, andserve customers while growing the business.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 7

Increasedenergy efficiency as customers optimize theirsystems themselves by adjusting machineparameters using BITZER know-howReducedYou can’t buy digitalization, but youcan simplify the way toward it. Workingwith SAP Services and Support helpedus combine SAP software, businessknow-how, and customer-focusedinnovation to create instant value forour customers.”Christian Stenzel, Director of Organization and IT, BITZERcompressor downtime thanks to predictiveservice capabilities, giving customers–andBITZER–a competitive advantageRead the fullcustomer storySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 8

CUSTOMER STORIES:CLARIANTStaying Ahead ofVolatile Global Marketswith Real-Time DynamicPrice ForecastingBackgroundSolutionA world leader in specialty chemicals, ClariantAG supports global production in everythingfrom home care to vehicles, energy, electronics,mining, and beyond. To keep up with the rapidpace of change in volatile markets, Clariantneeds as much insight as possible into futurecosts for raw materials and other expenses.SAP and MIBCON NDC delivered a productionbenchmarking and simulation engine basedon SAP HANA and the SAP Analytics Cloudsolution. Clariant gained the robust dataprocessing, system stability, and user-friendlydashboard reporting and analytics that comewith SAP S/4HANA and offerings on SAPBTP, including SAP HANA, SAP BusinessWarehouse (SAP BW) powered by SAP HANA,and SAP Analytics Cloud.ChallengeLocation: Muttenz, SwitzerlandIndustry: ChemicalsSAP solutions: SAP Business Technology Platform,SAP HANA , SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BusinessWarehouse powered by SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANAClariant needed a robust product costingsolution that could simulate finished goodscosts for multiple scenarios using data froma wide array of sources. It also needed tooffer intuitive reporting and analytics thatprocurement teams could readily use.BenefitsThe company can view near-real-timesimulations of impacts caused by volatilesupply trends – with time development andin different scenarios – and can managefinished-goods costing across complex setups.They can evaluate and verify the accuracyand quality of inputted data, and user-friendlydashboard reporting allows business users toquickly see evolving cost drivers by locationand understand how they are impacting pricesfor specific customers in particular locations.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 9

3 minutesto run cost scenarios through the BOM tofinished goods for raw materials, globalentities, recurring BOMs, and moreInstantforecasting in different scenarios,compared to only one simulation once perquarter previouslyWe can run forecasts almostimmediately and provide updatedpricing quickly to match volatilemarket factors. This shows up in highermargins and better product volume,differentiating us from the competition.”Markus Mirgeler, Head of Procurement, Clariant AGOnesource of truth for pricing forecasts globallyMultipleusage scenarios possible, for example tosupport sustainability goalsRead the fullcustomer storySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 10

CUSTOMER STORIES:CONVERGENTISAccelerating Insightsand Unifying PlanningAcross the Organizationwith SAP Analytics CloudBackgroundSolutionHaving had difficulty maintaining theaccuracy and integrity of information, withdata spread across multiple solutions andconstantly changing business developments,SAP Analytics Cloud is now helping theConvergentIS team lead by example with astate-of-the-art cloud solution.SAP Analytics Cloud solution offers a unifiedview of all company information and data.ConvergentIS also has the expertise of SAPto facilitate integration and a smooth digitaltransformation, creating immediate value withbusiness intelligence, augmented analytics,and innovative planning capabilities, as well asa trusted relationship with SAP as an existingcustomer of SAP S/4HANA.ChallengeLocation: CanadaIndustry: Professional servicesSAP solutions: SAP S/4HANA andSAP Analytics CloudConvergentIS had an inability to scale tomeet the growing needs of the businessusing the company’s current combination ofvarious platforms and dozens of MicrosoftExcel sheets, and needed an efficientplanning and reporting solution to provide aholistic view of organizational performanceand what actions it should take in the future.BenefitsConvergentIS has eliminated spreadsheetsfrom the core planning processes andconsolidated data from multiple departmentson one platform for a single source of truth.This has enabled fast, self-service datavisualization and analysis for planning, allcaptured in one unified solution, and allowedexecutives to forecast better and makedecisions confidently with a simplified, realtime dashboard using augmented analytics andpredictive features in SAP Analytics Cloud.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 11

20%time savings across planning processes3 daysto implement SAP Analytics CloudFor us to grow well, we needed a betterplanning and reporting tool acrossthe business. SAP Analytics Cloud ishelping our team lead by example with astate-of-the-art cloud solution.”Shaun Syvertsen, Managing Partner and CEO, ConvergentISRead the fullcustomer storySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 12

CUSTOMER STORIES:CREDIBANCOUsing Proactive Careand Off-Site Servicesto Bolster DigitalTransformation SuccessLocation: Bogotá, ColombiaIndustry: BankingSAP solutions: SAP Enterprise Support,SAP Early Adopter Care, SAP S/4HANA,SAP Ariba solutions, SAP Cloud PlatformBackgroundSolutionPromoting the adoption of electronicpayments in Colombia, CredibanCo S.Asupports businesses, banks, institutionalclients, and independent professionals thatsubstitute the use of cash.With SAP Enterprise Support services, theSAP Early Adopter Care program, and partnerCapgemini, CredibanCo S.A implementedSAP S/4HANA, taking advantage of proactivecustomer care and expert guidance fromthe SAP Enterprise Support advisory team,using off-site services, intelligent tools,empowerment assets, and programs.ChallengeOn a journey to modernize its businessprocesses and comply with internationalreporting standards for registering financialtransactions and reporting, CredibanCosought help to move to an intelligentinfrastructure for ERP. The firm wanted toadopt best practices across administrative,financial, supply chain, maintenance, andlogistics processes enterprise-wide.BenefitsContinuous quality checks for implementationand going-live support enabled a holistic viewof the software solution, minimized risks before,during, and after the go live, and providedremote system monitoring to increase technicalstability and enable a swift response in the caseof unforeseen events.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 13

Dedicated sessionsThanks to SAP Enterprise Supportand the SAP Early Adopter Careprogram, we followed best practicesand leveraged off-site services whichproved to be essential for going live withSAP S/4HANA in time for our annualclosing. We are now in a strong positionto continue our transformation to anintelligent enterprise.”Jorge Andres Talero Bernal,Administrative Manager, CredibanCo S.Awith SAP experts clarified questions onfunctionality and assisted with configuringthe SAP Treasury and Risk Managementapplication to comply with financialreporting standardsProactive customer caredelivered expert validation of the proposedIT architecture and cutover plan for SAPS/4HANA, SAP Ariba solutions, andSAP Cloud Platform to ensure technicalrequirements were metRead the fullcustomer storySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 14

CUSTOMER STORIES:DELOITTE AFRICAProviding ProfessionalServices in AfricaThrough 28 Offices in17 CountriesBackgroundSolutionDeloitte is a leading global provider of auditand assurance, consulting, financial advisory,risk advisory, and tax services. Deloitte hasgrown steadily in scale and diversity for 175years and now serves clients in more than 150countries and territories across the world.Deloitte Africa transformed its business tooperate “As One,” unlocking the power of itsworkforce through an embedded intelligencethat integrates SAP S/4HANA Cloud andSAP Business Technology Platform, includingSAP Analytics Cloud, SAP BW/4HANA,SAP Integration Suite, SAP Extension Suite,SAP SuccessFactors solutions, Concur Expense, and SAP Fiori user experience.ChallengeLocation: South AfricaIndustry: Professional servicesSAP solutions: SAP S/4HANA Cloud andSAP Business Technology Platform, includingSAP Integration Suite, SAP Extension Suite,SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP BW/4HANADeloitte Africa is a recent combination ofpractices across Africa that historicallyoperated independently within the Deloittenetwork. After the combination, DeloitteAfrica wanted to replace the disparatelegacy systems with a single intelligentsolution, standardizing its businessprocesses, delivering consolidated analyticsand insight to executive leadership, anddigitalizing the user experience.BenefitsDeloitte Africa harnessed cloud technologyand its native sense of innovation to becomea 21st-century intelligent enterprise. Thecompany has advanced its ongoing digitaltransformation and unification into asingle Deloitte member firm, eliminatedinfrastructure and related costs throughmigration to the software-as-a-service model,and integrated operations across the Africabusiness with a single common IT platform.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 15

Robotic processautomationapplied to billingThousandsof users transitioned to digital processesTo build a common IT platform, DeloitteAfrica chose multiple cloud solutionsfrom SAP, co-innovated with SAP, andharnessed the Deloitte Consultingimplementation team to ensure asuccessful digital transformation andleadership in professional services onthe continent.”Jennifer McDonald, CFO, Deloitte AfricaData-richAfrica-wide reporting systemAutomationof end-to-end business processesRead the fullcustomer storySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 16

CUSTOMER STORIES:ENGIE LATAMEnabling Rapid Scalabilityto Help MaximizeBusiness Potential in aFast-Growing MarketBackgroundSolutionA global leader in low-carbon energyand services, ENGIE LATAM operatesin a fast-changing market driven bydigitalization, decentralization, anddecarbonization. Its operations in Mexico,Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia representan important market at the cutting edge ofenergy services capabilities and with stronggrowth opportunities.ENGIE LATAM executed a successful and costeffective transition to SAP S/4HANA, the SAPS/4HANA Utilities solution, and SAP CloudPlatform in just nine months across morethan 50 legal entities.Location: Santiago, ChileChallengeIndustry: UtilitiesENGIE LATAM sought some quick wins toachieve a return on its significant investmentsand manage tight margins. It needed tostreamline costs and optimize processes tostay at the forefront of innovation and tap intothe region’s opportunities.SAP solutions: SAP S/4HANA,SAP S/4HANA Utilities, SAP Cloud PlatformBenefitsThe company optimized operations acrossits business to capture growth opportunitiesand innovate quickly. By integrating andupdating IT systems across the region,they increased harmonization, strategicalignment, and visibility and benefited fromscalable applications covering all projecttypes with embedded analytics for real-timemanagement. ENGIE LATAM increased its ITagility significantly to support new, innovativebusiness in Mexico, where it reduced theinnovation development cycle from 7 months to1 month for a new gas-vehicle business launch.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 17

Simplifybusiness-to-consumer operational processesfrom 24 to 9 steps for 1,600 users coveringmore than 500,000 customersBusiness and IT savingsof more than 1 million in one yearReducedIT complexity in Argentina, slashing customcode by 60%SAP S/4HANA is a key componentin our integration journey and digitaltransformation road map for the LatinAmerican region.”Saul Kempner, Chief Information Officer, Engie LATAMReducedinnovation development cycle from7 months to 1 monthRead the fullcustomer storySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 18

CUSTOMER STORIES:FARYSDriving Water ManagementInnovation with Efficient,Sustainable Operations,and a Solid EcosystemLocation: Ghent, BelgiumIndustry: UtilitiesSAP solutions: SAP S/4HANA, SAP S/4HANAfor Utilities, SAP Business Technology Platform,SAP Cloud Platform , SAP Cloud for Energy,SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Internet of ThingsBackgroundSolutionBeginning nearly 100 years ago as a watertransportation operator between Brusselsand cities across Flanders, FARYS is nowresponsible for offering a wide range ofservices to municipalities in the region.FARYS opted to unify enterprise operationson SAP S/4HANA. The most recent step inthis journey has been moving customer andbusiness partner interactions to the cloud andenabling smart meter capabilities.ChallengeBenefitsFARYS wanted to future-proof operationsand enable the use of intelligent technologiesand analytics.Today, FARYS is running nearly all its services,including drinking water management,sewage management services, infrastructuremanagement, procurement, and more, onSAP S/4HANA. The result has been significantimprovements in efficiency and insightenterprise wide.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 19

Up to 10xfaster reporting92%automation of customer interactions onthe self-service portal—lowering costs andincreasing customer satisfactionWith SAP Business TechnologyPlatform, everything is integrated.Our data is in one place. It unlocksintelligence, simplifies innovation, andlowers our total cost of ownershipcompared to our peers.”Inge Opreel, CIO, FARYSRead the fullcustomer storySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 20

CUSTOMER STORIES:FROSTAProviding GreaterTransparency forConsumers From Seedto Field to BagLocation: Bremerhaven, GermanyIndustry: Consumer productsSAP solutions: SAP S/4HANA, SAP HANA,SAP Fiori, SAP Business Technology PlatformBackgroundSolutionStarting its journey in 1961 by preservinghigh-quality fish and transporting it intoGermany, FRoSTA AG has since becomeone of Europe’s leading manufacturers offrozen foods and the market leader for frozenmeals in Germany. Its concept of “FRoSTAReinheitsgebot,” or purity law, showsconsumers in Germany, Italy, Austria, Poland,the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and otherEuropean countries that FRoSTA does notuse additives in any of its products.Choosing SAP S/4HANA running on SAPHANA, FRoSTA unified its operations tosupport foundational services and provide aplatform for innovation. Using standard andcustom SAP Fiori apps connected to SAP BTP,FRoSTA transmits agricultural and other typesof data from seed to field to bag. A customerfacing web page allows consumers to viewingredient and sourcing information acrossFRoSTA’s entire product range.ChallengeIn a world where people are more concernedwith food provenance and traceability,customers appreciate knowing detailsabout their food. To meet this need, FRoSTAsought a solution to help it provide moretransparency on how it chooses its productsand where they are sourced.BenefitsThe company automated multiple processes onSAP S/4HANA, leading to increased efficiencywithin the company, and enabled faster accessto data and insights, allowing the firm to makedata-driven decisions. FRoSTA facilitated totalingredient and carbon footprint transparencyand established a single technology source,helping ensure system synergy and integration.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 21

30%faster throughput, thanks to betterintegrated business planningCustomers want to know everythingabout a product and its ingredientsso they can be sure it aligns with theirvalues. We want to give them that levelof transparency, which means gatheringan enormous amount of data andmaking it available in real time.That’s what we’re doing with our newplatform based on SAP S/4HANA andSAP Business Technology Platform.”Ben Windhorst, DTO&IT Director, FRoSTA AGFasterproduct calculations, now taking just eightminutes, down from eight hoursRapidsolution development – now taking daysversus monthsInstant accessto up-to-date information, enabling datadriven decisionsRead the fullcustomer storySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 22

CUSTOMER STORIES:GULFTAINERTransforming into aReal-Time Business toEnhance Efficiency and theCustomer ExperienceLocation: Sharjah, United Arab EmiratesIndustry: Cargo transportation and logisticsSAP solutions: SAP S/4HANA, SAP SalesCloud, SAP Business Technology Platform,SAP Fiori UX (part of SAP Extension Suite),SAP Business WarehouseBackgroundSolutionWith a vision to become one of the world’stop six container terminal operators within10 years, Gulftainer Company Limited needssolutions and systems that support worldclass performance. The port operator soughta new ERP platform to support its growthambitions and unify business processesacross the company.The company implemented SAP S/4HANA,SAP BW, and SAP Sales Cloud, with help fromstrategic technology partner Tata ConsultancyServices Limited, to improve productivity andcustomer service. SAP S/4HANA’s single, realtime, integrated platform meets current andfuture needs, and integrating SAP Sales Cloudsolution enables more efficient sales processes.SAP BTP and SAP Fiori deliver a next-generationuser interface, and SAP BW’s comprehensivedata warehousing, reporting, and analyticoptions enable real-time information anddashboards together with SAP S/4HANA.ChallengeGulftainer wanted a single, real-time view ofmultiple data streams and to better integratecustomers, suppliers, and employees. Its goalwas to adopt the latest in customer experiencetechnology to deliver an exceptional salesexperience, streamline selling processes, andbuild lasting customer relationships.BenefitsGulftainer is able to integrate supply chainsand logistics processes, making engineering,finance, assets management, and materialsmanagement more efficient and cost-effective.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 23

10%At Gulftainer, we are committedto providing the highest standardsof operational efficiency via constantinnovation and digitalization of ourprocesses and services. SAP S/4HANAenables a more efficient, cost-effectivemovement of international businessthrough our terminals, providing theactionable data necessary to increaseproductivity and enhancecustomer experiences.”Vinay Sharma, Group IT Director, Gulftainer Company Limitedreduction in days taken to close monthlyand annual books15%increase in equipment availability, dueto optimized planning and preventivemaintenanceOnesingle view of master data for allprocess areas10%improvement in days salesoutstanding—a seven-day reductionRead the fullcustomer storySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 24

CUSTOMER STORIES:ILOLAYUsing Intelligent, IntegratedERP to Help Ensure QualityDairy Products from Farmsto FamiliesBackgroundSolutionButter, cheese, yogurt, cream, pudding—theseare just some of the mouth-watering dairyproducts ILOLAY makes from the 1.5 millionliters of milk it processes each day. Part ofSucesores de Alfredo Williner SA, ILOLAY wasfounded in Argentina in 1928 and has sincegrown into an international dairy powerhouse.Taking advantage of SAP Services andSupport, ILOLAY opted for a phasedimplementation approach. With the wholesystem running on SAP Cloud Platform andSAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, ILOLAY now hasthe comprehensive cloud infrastructure andmanaged services it needs to quickly scaleand deploy new applications as technologyrequirements evolve.ChallengeLocation: Rafaela, ArgentinaIndustry: Consumer productsSAP solutions: SAP S/4HANA,SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Fiori Cloud,SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud,SAP Services and SupportUnfortunately, the company’s legacy ITsystems simply couldn’t keep up. Disparateapplications riddled with custom code anddata managed primarily with spreadsheetswere creating operational silos, and managerscould not be sure the information they wereworking from was up to date.BenefitsFaster, more efficient processes and unifieddata help managers at ILOLAY save time andmake better business decisions. The companyhas increased transparency for customersand more easily complies with complexinternational regulations.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 25

10%reduction in the time to calculate massbalance through online waste management1%savings in scraps for raw materials, supplies,and packagingNot only is SAP S/4HANA helping usstreamline operations and improvetransparency today, it will also serveas a powerful technology platform forfuture innovation and growth for manyyears to come.”Fabricio Ciotti, Director of Organization and Systems,Sucesores de Alfredo Williner SA (ILOLAY)Read the fullcustomer storySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 26

CUSTOMER STORIES:ITOCHUReinventing Business andWork with an EnterpriseWide Integrated DataInfrastructureBackgroundSolutionStarted as a linen trading company more than160 years ago, ITOCHU Corporation has growninto a massive global trading operation with120 locations in 63 countries worldwide. Tostay ahead of the curve and continue to servethe interests of its trading partners, ITOCHUrelies on a complex enterprise IT landscapethat has been evolving with the business sincethe 1970s.To realize next-generation ERP, ITOCHUTechno-Solutions Corporation worked withITOCHU on the transition to SAP S/4HANAwith a company-wide integrated datainfrastructure on the SAP HANA platform.The system aggregates all data on salestransactions and logistics for the eightITOCHU business industry divisions.Location: Tokyo, JapanChallengeIndustry: Wholesale distribution – tradingIT systems could not provide the real-time data,including profit and loss statements, which thecompany needed to operate in the moment. Inaddition, ITOCHU was becoming too dependenton the skills of individual employees whichincreased the time and costs of accommodatingnew IT and business requirements.SAP solutions: SAP S/4HANA,premium engagements, and SAP BusinessTechnology Platform, including SAP HANAand SAP BusinessObjects BusinessIntelligence suiteBenefitsITOCHU now has a central source of datathat helps users quickly gather data and runreports to meet their immediate informationneeds. It also helps users in sales andmanagement departments create reports,answer questions about data utilization, andworks to raise awareness of the importance ofusing data in daily work.SAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 27

Up to 92%decrease in time to create monthly reports(from four hours to 20 minutes)5xincrease in the number of users takingadvantage of BI toolAiming to reinvent our business andwork styles, we are utilizing SAP HANA,which can amass a large volume of datawhile responding at fast speeds in orderto promote data analysis.”Zenichiro Urakami, General Manager of Corporate ApplicationSystems Department, IT Planning Division, ITOCHU CorporationRead the fullcustomer storySAP CUSTOMER SUCCESSES 28

CUSTOMER STORIES:NATURAKeeping Customersand the PlanetBeautiful with Helpfrom Intelligent ITBackgroundSolutionProviding sustainable beauty products formore than 50 years, Natura Cosméticos S/Ais the gentle giant of the cosmetics sector.Having acquired The Body Shop, Aesop, andAvon, Natura needed the right technology tokeep pace with global expansion.To unify i

logistics processes enterprise-wide. Solution With SAP Enterprise Support services, the SAP Early Adopter Care program, and partner Capgemini, CredibanCo S.A implemented SAP S/4HANA, taking advantage of proactive customer care and expert guidance from the SAP Enterprise Support a