ComparingMagento Commerce andMagento Open SourceUnderstanding licensing optionsand key feature differences

Table of troductionPerformance & ScalabilityMAccount Management And SupportMagento Commerce, a licensed, fully-featured, and supported platform,Overview of Magento Commerce AdvantagesAccess to Magento Cloud InfrastructureAccount ManagementSupport & Support ToolsMagento ServicesMagento Commerce-only Feature SetMarketing and Merchandising ToolsContent Creation and AuthoringB2B and Hybrid CommerceCustomers & Customer ServiceStore OperationsReporting and Business IntelligenceSummaryagento is developed with the idea that every business is unique,and merchants with diverse needs require different options tosatisfy those needs. For this reason we offer two powerful platforms –and Magento Open Source, a free version under Open Software License(OSL) to meet the basic needs of eCommerce merchants.Choosing between Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source is animportant decision, and we want to provide you with the knowledge tomake the right decision for your business. This document is designed toassist you during the evaluation process by highlighting the functionalityand benefits that Magento Commerce delivers beyond the basicfunctionality offered in Magento Open Source.Organizations from all types of industries, backgrounds, and geographieshave built successful, growing businesses on both flavors of Magento. Forlarger merchants, Magento Commerce offers a range of advantages overOpen Source that help generate more revenue, at a faster growth rate,from more complex operations. These advantages can be split into threemain categories.Resource LinksSource: DHL 20183

Overview of Magento Commerce AdvantagesAccess to Magento CloudInfrastructureCustomer Support &Account Management Technical Support Roadmap visibility Application andInfrastructure support SLAsMagento-optimized cloudenvironment designed andbuilt by infrastructure experts Managed by a single vendor Best-in-class SLAs Increased scaleand performance Pre-Release accessto patch releasesAccess to MagentoCloud infrastructureMagento offers a best-in-class commerce product that is deliveredin a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud environment.Magento Open Source is only offered “on-premise,” which means thecustomer is responsible for hosting, security, deployment tooling,monitoring, CDN, and any other services required to power their sites.Extended FeaturesetWith Magento Commerce the customer still has the option to choose theon-premise deployment model or can choose to deploy into the Magento Marketing and merchandising toolscloud infrastructure – at no additional cost. Content creation and authoring B2B and hybrid commerceMagento Cloud offers a range of advantages not foundwith on-premise Customer management and customer service Fully managed stack with a 99.99% uptime SLA on the entire stack(99.9% for Magento Commerce Starter) Store operations Reporting and business intelligence One contract, support line, and vendor to maintain the integratedcloud services Can be deployed into nearly all AWS availability zones, offeringglobal coverage Dedicated Support team that actively monitors systems 24/745

High performance and secure sites with Fastly Content DeliveryNetwork (CDN), Image Optimization, DDoS protection, and WebApplication Firewall (WAF) Application and infrastructure performance monitoring withNew Relic and Blackfire Extensive security protections include firewalls at edge-server andorigin-server layers, secure networking connectivity, and an intrusiondetection system Receive some security patches via Composer packages before thenext Magento Commerce patch release is available Performance& scalabilitySince Magento Commerce is designed to be used by organizationsof all sizes, it features a range of scalability and performanceimprovements over Magento Open Source. These features are particularlyDedicated Technical Account Manager to ensure a smoothdeployment and launch processuseful for customers with higher system demands that are generated bylarge product or customer databases, demand peaks that are muchInfrastructure that is PCI Level 1 certified, SOC2 certified, and GDPRand CCPA complianthigher than the average usage levels, as well as complex integrationrequirements.Fastly image optimizationFastly image optimization (Fastly IO) provides real-time imagemanipulation and optimization to speed up image delivery and simplifyCommerceApplicationEce-toolsProject DevOpsInfrastructurePerformance MonitoringPlatformPerformance & Securitymaintenance of image source sets for responsive web applications.Applicationmanagement& ToolingInfrastructure& operationsThe Fastly IO service improves customer experience by reducing pageweight and improving page load times. Testing shows 20 to 30 percentincreases in Google Page Speed Scores and 60 to 90 percent reduction inimage weight by enabling the image optimization service. The serviceachieves these results by optimizing images based on the capabilities ofthe device requesting the image including serving WebP images toTecnical Onboarding& Customer SuccessManagement624x7 Application &Infrastructure supportSupportcompatible browsers. Optimization parameters are set within the Fastlyextension.7

Customer Success Manager RoleAccount managementand supportAccount management Point of contact within Magento Provide tips on how to leverage ecosystem of technologies and partners Build tailored training programs Understand your business and KPIsCustomer Benefits Early insight into Magento company strategy, roadmap and plansthat acts as a doorway into Magento and the wider Adobe organization. Opportunity to meet with other Magento customersThey are the day-to-day contact for anything relating to the Magento Opportunity to engage with Magento to tell the market about your story Access to Commerce-only events and webinarsEach Magento Commerce customer has a Customer Success Managersoftware and ecosystem, an escalation point for any support issues,provide visibility into our roadmap and explore new commerce solutionswith their customers.Customer success and satisfaction is evaluated based on Net PromoterScores (NPS) to ensure merchants are on the path towards achieving theirgoals. Our Customer Success team is available to help review and assess aSupport & support toolsbusiness’ health, and they attend conferences and other live events thatAll Magento Commerce customers also get full access to our highlybring together the Magento ecosystem and our Magento customers.trained support team whose aim is to ensure the smooth operation ofFinally, merchants deploying on our cloud infrastructure get technicalonboarding resources to assist with the launch planning process andensure a smooth initial site deployment.Magento commerce sites. Support is available seven days a week, 24 hoursa day around the world, with tiered support teams to accommodate anylevel of service required by the customer. Our support includes, but is notlimited to: assistance with troubleshooting, access to documentation, andadvice regarding downloading, installation, configuration, bug fixes, etc.The support team also has access to Support Tools that are designed toidentify known issues in your system. These tools can be used as a89

resource during the development and optimization processes, and as adiagnostic tool to help our support team identify and resolve issues. LearnExclusive MagentoCommerce featuresmore at guide/system/support.htmlWhen you need support, be sure to log into the Magento Help Center to: Submit a support ticket which allows you to include files orscreenshots of your specific issue Search our Knowledge Base for self-help troubleshootingThe Magento Support team handles issues through a service levelagreement (SLA) that reflects incident priorities and initial response times.You can find detailed information including support SLA information -termsand-conditions.pdfMagento ServicesMagento Commerce customers have access to purchase engagements withthe Magento Services team. This team helps businesses tackle the diversecommerce challenges that face visionary, transformative companies. Theiredge is derived from their direct access to Magento product owners andengineers, unmatched experience, distinctive end-to-end project approach,For those merchants looking for a broader toolset to drivebusiness growth and craft unique customer experiences thereare additional, robust features that are exclusively available to MagentoCommerce customers.The features by themselves are very powerful and enhance the merchantexperience in several categories: Marketing and merchandising Content creation and authoring B2B and hybrid Commerce Customers, Loyalty, and Customer Service Store Operations Reporting and Business Intelligenceand blend of in-house and industry best practices. Magento Services canBeside the direct benefit of these features, there are three major indirectaugment a merchant’s in-house or agency development teams withadvantages of having these features provided by Magento out-of-the-box:multi-disciplinary services to provide strategic vision, reinforce quality,First, they are covered by the support team. Second, they are cross-optimize performance, and drive operational intelligence.compatible. This means that for example, the native customer1011

segmentation tools work very well with the native Page Builder and youvisual merchandiser are designed to give more flexibility to business userscan personalize the experience for each customer segment using Pagelike merchandisers. They have the ability to curate content and productsBuilder. Third, these features will be updated and upgraded as part of theon the site without having to involve IT or a developer.core application and you do not need to be concerned about any issues atthe time of upgrade. Leveraging more native features may also lead tofewer customizations which in turn leads to more reliable upgrades withfewer potential conflicts.The following is a list of features that are exclusive to Magento Commerce,together with the relevant links to our documentation:You can find a general overview of these features here and more detailsin the tables below.FeatureBenefitVisual Merchandiser, AddTo Category By Rule &Sort By Rule 1 2 3Merchandise with visual drag-and-drop interface or viarule-based conditions.Customer Segmentation 4Dynamically display content and promotions based onspecific customer properties.Private Sales / Flash Sales/ Catalog Events 5 6 7Create exclusive sales and catalog events for targetedgroups of customers.Rule-Based ProductRelations (Cross- AndUpsell And RelatedProducts) 8 9Dynamically target the selection of products that arepresented to customers as related products, up-sells,and cross-sells.Category Permissions 10Limit access to browse categories, view pricing, or addto cart for products within a category based oncustomer group.Email Reminders 11Send automated emails based on a customer’s shoppingcart or wishlist activity.Marketing and merchandising toolsMagento Commerce offers very powerful native merchandising features.Tools like reward points, rule-based product relations as well as privateand flash sales are designed to increase conversion rate, customerloyalty, and average order value - therefore helping increase revenueand margins for Magento Commerce customers. Other tools like the1213

Content creation and authoringThe content authoring tools natively offered in Magento Commerce allowbusiness users to create beautiful experiences with ease, withoutknowledge of HTML and CSS, and without having to involve technicalresources. Page Builder is a powerful WYSIWYG editor that, in conjunctionwith the native customer segmentation and dynamic blocks tools, enablestrue personalization of the site experience. Because Page Builder is sopowerful, yet easy to use, it has a direct impact on time to market – up to10 times faster in early adopter results – allowing Magento Commerceusers to stay up to date with current trends and launch campaigns andnew products faster than their competition.The staging and preview feature allows business users to schedulechanges to most of the site’s elements like pages, promotions, products,and categories. This allows setting up of full marketing campaigns ahead oftime and allows these updates to be previewed ensuring seamless, timelyFeatureBenefittransitions to new content. An easy to use calendar view gives a Gantt-Page Hierarchy 12Organize content pages within a hierarchy and addpagination, navigation, and menus.Page Builder 13Create content-rich pages with custom layouts in a visual,drag-and-drop interface that enhances your visualstorytelling, and drives customer engagement and loyalty.Dynamic Blocks(For Personalisation)& Banners 14Create rich, dynamic, personalized content that is drivenby logic from price rules and customer segments.Content Staging 15Easily create, preview, and schedule a wide range ofcontent updates directly from the Admin of your store. UseContent Staging to create a page that changesautomatically throughout the year on schedule.Content Preview 16Schedule updates to the content as part of a campaign,and then preview and share the changes by date, time,or store view.chart style overview of all current and upcoming campaigns.1415

B2B and hybrid commerceFeatureBenefitIn today’s competitive B2B marketplace, buyers demand an easy, intuitiveCompany Accounts 17Allow visitors to create company accounts withthe merchant.User Hierarchy 18 19Set up company accounts to reflect the structure of thebusiness. Assign individual users associated with thecustomer account.Company Roles &Permissions 20Roles for company users set up with various levels ofpermission to access sales information and resources.Account Based Price ListsAnd Catalogues 21Maintain gated “shared” catalogs with custom pricing,products, and permissions for different companies.Company Credit &Buying On Account 22 23 24Allow companies to make purchases on their account upto the credit limit that is granted to the company.PO As PaymentMethod 25Allow customers to pay for authorized purchases byreferencing a PO number that has been authorized andissued in advance by the company making the purchase.Order By Sku &Quick Order 26 27Add products to cart by entering SKU and quantity intoOrder by SKU widget or by uploading a CSV file from theircustomer account.Request & NegotiateA Quote 28 29Allow an authorized buyer from a company to initiate theprice negotiation process by requesting a quote from theshopping cart.Requisition Lists 30Allow customers to maintain requisition lists and add toshopping cart directly from the buying and account management experience that’s so good it feelslike B2C. Magento Commerce comes with a host of features to enable B2BCommerce. and merchants can combine B2B and B2C selling on the samesite, providing them with flexibility to pursue multiple distributionchannels and business models.1617

Customers, loyalty, & customer serviceThe customer account and customer service features in MagentoCommerce enable efficient management of any customer service tasks.These include tools to support call center requests like managing acustomer’s cart, RMAs, returns and store credits.FeatureBenefitCustom CustomerAttributes 31Add custom attributes to the Account Information, AddressBook, and Billing Information sections of the customer’saccount.Managing A CustomerShopping Cart 32Merchants have the ability to edit the contents of thecustomer’s shopping cart in real-time, from the AdmininterfaceStore Credit 33Customers can use store credit to pay for purchases, andtrack the status of refunds and store credit from theircustomer account dashboard.Returns & Rma 34Provide customers the ability to request an item return forreplacement or refundGift Cards 35Sell virtual, physical, or combined gift cards and managegift cart accounts from the Admin.Gift Options 36Provide customers with gifting options – like gift wrappingor messages – in the cart, before checkoutMultiple Wishlists 37Allow customers to create and share multiple wishlistsGift Registry 38 39Give customers the ability to create gift registries and invitefamily and friends to purchace from the registry.Rewards & Loyalty 40 41Offer a points-based rewards system to customers to driveengagement and promote loyalty.Additionally, the ability to create custom customer attributes allows thecollection and import of CRM-style data, enhancing the nativesegmentation tools.Furthermore, there are useful features that enhance the customerexperience, like selling gift cards and the ability to ship different items inone order to separate addresses.1819

Reporting and Business IntelligenceAll Magento Commerce customers get access to Magento BusinessIntelligence (MBI). MBI is a powerful data warehouse, analysis andvisualization tool that integrates directly with Magento Commerce. Thismakes it easier to access and analyze your data on day one. MBI canintegrate and consolidate data from other sources like web analytics,advertising channels and more. This gives you a single platform to gain aholistic view of the entire business and keep everyone on the same page.Store operationsAdmin and operational tools in Magento Commerce can help improve theproductivity and efficiency of merchants. Order archiving helps keep theworkspace clear of distractions, scheduled imports and exports automatedata transfers, and the Action Log and Support Tools allow merchantsand the Magento Support team to identify store changes and issues tohelp with resolution.FeatureBenefitOrder Archiving 42Merchants can archive orders to clean up their workspaceand improve productivity and admin panel performance.MBI comes with several vital commerce dashboards that include dozensLog every change made by an admin who works in yourstore. Tracking these changes, along with setting adminpermissions for a user, can help to secure your store fromunwanted changes.and Repeat Order Probability. It provides intuitive report building tools thatAdmin Action Log 4320Support DiagnosticTools 44Identify known issues in your system to help our supportteam identify and resolve issues.Scheduled Imports &Exports 45Schedule data imports and exports on a daily, weekly, ormonthly basis.of customizable reports out-of-the-box; such as Average Lifetime Valueyou can use to build unlimited new analyses and dashboards. All of thisis based upon your consolidated data that is automatically updated on aregular basis. This takes the manual and time-consuming efforts requiredout of your reporting process.21

SummaryThere are many factors that go into choosing the right platform tosupport your business and its growth, and we are confident that wehave a solution for you. With this information you can make an informeddecision on which of these offerings is the best fit for your company.Explore the success of customers that have migrated from Magento OpenSource to Magento Commerce: The Little Lovely Company who experienced 133% revenue growth Cox & Cox who reinvented their mobile experience and boostedrevenue by 44% BAUHAUS transforming their B2B business resulting in a 376%increase in conversion ratesStill have questions or interested in learning more? Reach out anytimeat com/m2/b2b/user .com/m2/b2b/user m2/b2b/user .html2627Resource LinksCustomers, loyalty, & customer service tps:// /m2/ee/user guide/marketing/rewards-loyalty.html31Marketing and merchandising tools ml ps:// // guide/marketing/email-reminder-rules.html1232Store operations .com/m2/ee/user .com/m2/ee/user m/m2/ee/user ntent creation and authoring com/m2/ee/user com/m2/ee/user guide/cms/content-staging-preview.html121343B2B and hybrid commerce tps:// // tml21 ml23 guide/payment/purchase-order.html17182425

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trained support team whose aim is to ensure the smooth operation of Magento commerce sites. Support is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day around the world, with tiered support