UW ProCurement CardOnline TrainingFor Comprehensive Instructions, Go to the OnlineUW ProCurement Card Training rocard/training/manual

Getting StartedWhat is a UWProCurement Card?The University of Washington ProCurementCard is a Visa charge card for faculty andstaff. Its function is confined to UW businesspurchases only, and should never be used fortravel or personal expenditures.2

Getting StartedThe UW ProCurementCard is designed to: expand purchasing options streamline the small dollar purchasing process reduce the use of petty cash funds reduce the number of requests for special checks eliminate the need to use personal funds3

Getting StartedHow to Get a UW ProCurement CardUW Staff & Faculty Discuss the need for a UW ProCard with your department administratorUniversity of Washington Medical Center UWMC ProCard applications must be approved by UWMC Accounting.Harborview Medical Center All cardholders using HMC budgets must have prior approval from HMCFinance. Please contact Cathi Silva ([email protected]) for moreinformation.Fill out an online buy/procard/howtoapply4

ProCard MaintenanceJPMorgan Chase Passwords An email is sent tocardholders providing cardactivation information. Save this informationbecause you will need itwhenever you contact JPMorgan Chase regardingyour account.Card renewalnotification andinstruction is sent tocardholder at least 2weeks before theexpiration month.5

ProCard MaintenanceProCard SecurityCaution must be exercised in keepingaccount numbers secure & confidential Card sharing is strongly discouraged You will lose your fraud protection! Keep documents with account number informationin a secure locationBeware of all requests for Credit Card information Don’t reply to unsolicited email requestsOnly use reputable vendorsReport lost/stolen cards immediately to JPMorgan Chaseand UW ProCard ServicesCancel unused ProCards6

ProCard MaintenanceModifying Limits or Defaults Transaction limit increases Monthly orPer single transaction Card default modifications such as: BudgetsObject codesMerchant blocks orEmployee profile informationAll requests for temporary or permanent modificationsneeds to be emailed to ProCard Services ([email protected])7

ProCard MaintenanceLost, Stolen orCanceled Cards Lost or stolen cards must be reportedimmediately to JP Morgan Chase andthen to UW ProCurement Card Services Need to cancel a card? Send email notification toProCurement Card ServicesDestroy and dispose of the card8

Purchasing with the ProCardWhat can the ProCard purchase?The UW ProCurement Cardis for official UW businessonly and in mostcircumstances can be used topurchase any item as long asit doesn't exceed the singletransaction limit for the card;and is an approveddepartment expenseallowable on a budget youhave authority to use. 3,500.00maximumPer transactionNEVER SPLIT A PURCHASE TO GET UNDER THE 3,500 TRANSACTION LIMIT9

Purchasing with the ProCardSingle Transaction Limit Increases Transactions above 3500 requires approval ProCard ServicesEquipment Inventory Office (equipment)Purchasing Services, if exceeds 5KDepartment Administrator Send all requests via email to [email protected] Cardholder Name Item Description Merchant Name Transaction amount Budget and Obj Code Sole source justification for transactions over d/changing-card-limits-and-defaults10

Purchasing with the ProCardSample of items that can be purchased: Conference registrations Materials & Supplies Advertising placements (nomonetary limit when pre-approved) Subscriptions Books Express Mail Food (when allowed by budget) Event Planning expenses upto 10,000 (when pre-approved) Printing or copying Memberships Utilities Research tools & supplies SoftwareProcurement Guide: Recommended Purchase Method – know the best way topurchase Contract Management System (CMS) – use the availablecontracts11

Purchasing with the ProCardPROHIBITED purchases: Travel Personal Services (requiring 1099 reporting) Hazardous materials Weapons(Praxair/Airgas is allowed) Facility maintenance and repair Goods/Services from other UW depts. .and also blocked vendors: Jewelry stores Furriers Gambling establishments Financial Institutions (ATM’s)12

Purchasing with the ProCardRestricted ItemsStop and researchpurchasingguidelines forfood & chemicalsAll UW purchasing guidelines applyfor UW ProCurement Card purchases.To help ensure a safeenvironment andconformance to varioushealth and safetyregulations, an approvalfrom or a notice toEnvironmental Health &Safety is requested when apurchase is made forcertain services, equipmentand materials.13

Purchasing with the ProCardHow about travel expenses?The UW ProCurement Cardmust never be used for travelexpenses. Never use it forairfare, lodging, rental cars orper diem meals.NO, NO, NO!!! Conference registrations maybe charged to theProCurement Card. It is permissible to use theProCurement Card if thepackaged registrationincludes lodging and ormeals.Any options that areoffered beyond thepackaged registrationmust not be included inthe charge to the card.Except Conference Registrations14

Purchasing with the ProCardMachinery and Equipment (M& E)Tax Exemption Machinery & Equipment Tax Exemption (M&E) isnot available when using a ProCard. Use eProcurement or PAS requisition for M&E taxexempt purchases.15

Purchasing with the ProCardPurchasing Obstacles When asked for anaddress by a merchant,always provide themwith the address that isin your employeeprofile at your onlineJPMorgan ChasePaymentNet account. Your department address.Purchase declines?Call JPMC customerservice at:1-800-270-7760or UW ProCurementCard Services at:206-543-525216

Purchasing with the ProCardPurchasing BenefitsMost purchases made atUniversity Book Storeusing a UW ProCurementCard receive a 10%patronage discount at thetime of the sale.10% discountAt UniversityBook Store17

Purchasing with the ProCardReceiving Purchases Match freight delivered withthe freight bill Sign the delivery receipt Contact vendor or shipper forresolution of damaged items18

Purchasing RegulationsDepartment Policies Delegation of Purchasing Authority Cardholder must be authorized to acquiregoods & servicesFollow GIM 14 authorization requirements forgrantsEstablish pre-purchase approval procedures Adhere to ethical guidelines Use fair purchasing practices Bid or sole source above 5,000 Do not sign any supplier’s agreement19

Department PoliciesDepartment Roles, Responsibilities &Configuration One individual can fulfill severaladministrative roles, but not all roles Departments need a roleconfiguration that constitutesseparation of duty. Demonstrate separation of dutyfunctions with signatures20

Department Policies Establish strong & understandable purchasingcontrols Maintain accurate & complete records UW Transaction Detail with Notes & AccountingCodes report signed by cardholder & reviewerTransaction approvalsInvoices or ReceiptsPacking Slips Original source documentation must beretained for 6 years by the department, NOTthe cardholder21

Department Policies Departments must establish their own ProCardpolicies––––Need to address timeliness of dutiesEstablish separation of duty functionsIncorporate key elements of internal controlDocument department policies22

Department PoliciesInternal Controls Internal control is all of the policies and proceduresmanagement uses to achieve the following goals––––Safeguard University assetsEnsure compliancePromote efficient and effective operationsManagement responsibility Internal Control Framework–––––Control environmentRisk assessmentMonitoring & reviewingInformation & ct/office/internalcontrol/frame.html23

Department PoliciesInternal Control Best Practices Authorization– Approve, view, reconcile– Know what you are authorizing– Timely Documentation– Format of source documents and retention Reconciliation– Ensure transactions are authorized and matched thedocumentation Security– Limit access to records and assets Separation of Duties– Should be clearly defined , assigned, and documented24

Managing ExpendituresBudget Access Cardholders have division budgetaccess(ex: 2-54-01-22-00-0) Reviewer I have budget access tothe entire parent organizationcode/College/Department(ex: 2-54-00-00-00-0) Reviewer II’s have budget access tothe entire campus25

Managing ExpendituresTransaction Viewing Access Cardholders can view only theirtransactions Reviewer access is created to viewall transactions in an orgcode/division Reviewer II access allowstransaction viewing into sub orgcodes/divisions Access can’t be created to viewspecific individuals, only orgcodes/divisions26

Managing ExpendituresCardholder: Performs the first online review oftheir transactionsPerforms assigned editing functionsas designated by departmentadministratorEnters item description and whenappropriate purchase statusinformation into the transactionnote boxCheck review boxes only whenpurchasing cycle is closedProvide purchasing documentation& JPMC “UW Transaction Detailwith Notes Report and AccountingCodes” to reconcilerThe purchase cycleis closed when it isdetermined that thecorrect amount wascharged and the itemwas received inacceptable condition.27

Managing ExpendituresReviewer I or II: Fulfills second level reviews ontransactions Performs final edit of all budgetand object codes Maintains original purchasingdocumentation in a centrallocation for all departmentcardholders– Six year retention cycle isrequired for original sourcedocuments28

Managing ProCard ExpendituresReconciling Best Practice ProCurement Card Services offers transaction reconciliationguidelines and recommendations. ProCard procard/reconciling/reconciling-transactions29

JP Morgan Chase PaymentNetAccess to your UW ProCurement Card Account Go to UW ProCurement Cardwebsite From the quick links menu,click the ProCard PaymentNetConnect Link Enter your UW NetID andpassword to access yourProCurement Card accounthttp://

Using JPMC PaymentNetWelcome to Your JP Morgan Chase Online AccountClick PaymentNet to: Review & edit transactions Run reports Manage your accountYour JPMC Home page has Visa payment datesand in “Links” you’ll find vital information toassist in managing your UW ProCard account.31

Using JPMC PaymentNet3 User Roles Role 0 (Cardholders)—Views only their transactions.– Cardholder can match transactions with receipts,reassign accounting codes, split transactions, disputetransactions and create queries and reports. Role 1 (Reviewer I)—Views all transactions withintheir division.– Reviewer I can perform the same functions as acardholder but can also do it for all cardholders in thedivision. Role 2 (Reviewer II)— Views all transactions withintheir division and the sub levels off of that division.– Reviewer II can perform the same functions as acardholder but can also do it for all cardholders in thedivision and its sub levels.32

Using JPMC PaymentNetNavigating PaymentNet To view transactions, click the PaymentNet buttonon the JPMC welcome page The drop-down menu navigates through all ofPaymentNet’s screens–––– Transaction ListReportingEmployee Profile ListMerchant Profile ListTo sort data by category, click on one of theunderlined column headings33

Using JPMC PaymentNetTransaction List Screen The Transaction Listscreen enables users toreview transactionsthat have been posted. The transactioninformation shownincludes generaltransaction data, as well as account code information. Access to transactions depends on the user role access levels.34

Using JPMC PaymentNetReviewing Transactions Using the checkboxes (which areviewable on the Transaction List andTransaction Detail Record screens),cardholders can match transactionswith receipts and click “Cardholder.” Reviewers can click “Reviewer” If you have a food approval form forfood transactions, click “Food Form1798”.Note: Only the “Rev” box needs to be checked toidentify department review compliance35

Using JPMC PaymentNetTransaction Detail Screen To view the detail of anindividual transaction, clickthe blue text of any transactionon the “Transaction Listing”screen. Users may assign accountingcodes to each transaction, splittransaction to multipleaccounting codes, disputetransactions, and review orapprove transactions from theTransaction Detail screen.36

Using JPMC PaymentNetAssign Accounting CodesFrom the Transaction Detail screen,accounting codes can be reallocatedusing drop-down selection boxesSplit Transactions to Multiple Accounting Codes Click the split button & select the number of splits To edit a particular row, click “edit row” and when done “save row” Edit additional rows and when finished click “save split”.37

Using JPMC PaymentNetThe “Add Use Tax” ColumnThe “Add Use Tax” boxcommunicates to PAS. A checked “Add Use Tax”box tells the system tocharge the purchase aWashington State Use tax. A blank “Add Use Tax”box tells the system NOTto charge the purchase aWashington State Use tax.Always depend on receipts to determineif tax has already been assessedVendors residing in Washington are responsiblefor collecting taxes, ProCard users only need tobe concerned about out of state merchants. It is the responsibility ofUW employees to ensurethat tax is charged to allUW purchases if the itembeing purchased is used inthe state of Washington.38

Using JPMC PaymentNetDisputes Cardholders can initiate disputed transactions on-line up to 60days from the JPMC statement date in which the transactionappears. When a cardholder wishes to dispute a transaction, they selectthe transaction, access the detail, and click the dispute button. By choosing the appropriate reason, PaymentNet willautomatically supply information fields that are required tocomplete the dispute.Yellow Square IndicatorOnce the JPMC has processed all required information, theyellow square indicator changes to a red square indicatingthat the transaction is currently in the dispute process.39

Using JPMC PaymentNetEnhanced Transaction DetailDepending on a merchant’senhanced data capture abilities,PaymentNet can display LevelI, II, and III data. If Level IIIinformation is available fromthe merchant, a green dollaricon appears next to the TransID on the Transaction Listscreen. By clicking on theEnhanced Transaction Detail Screenicon, the Purchase Detail,including sales tax amounts and, iftransmitted, line item details are displayed.40

Using JPMC PaymentNetCreating QueriesThe Query function enables you to view the transactionsthat meet your specified criteria. Queries are availableon the Transaction List page as well as many otherpages. This feature is available to all user roles.1. From the Transaction List screen,in order tocreate a query, click on the Create Query buttonon the Transaction List screen.41

Using JPMC PaymentNetCreating Queries (cont.)Click to add another line of criteria.Field2.3.4.5.VariableValueSelect your choice of All or Any from the drop-down box.In the first drop-down box, select the field to query.In the second drop-down box, select the variable of thequery. Is between will create a range between two dates ortwo amounts. Contains is recommended for all text field searches.Fill in the last box with the appropriate information.42

Using JPMC PaymentNetCreating an Export File1. PaymentNet allows you to create a download file thatcan be imported into an Excel spreadsheet.2. To create a download file, click on create export filelocated at the top of the TransactionList screen.You can view or download it bynavigating to theAvailable Downloads FilesPage.43

Using JPMC PaymentNetCreating an Export File (cont.)3. The file is downloaded into a zipped format. Save the fileto a location on your computer using your existingzipping utility.4. Open a spreadsheet program. From the “File” menu, clickopen. Locate & select the file in the “Open” box. Select“All Files” from the “Files of Type” drop down box. Clickon the downloaded file in the window and then click theopen button. Follow “Text Import Wizard” directions.Your downloaded file is now in a spreadsheet format.Note: A transaction that has been split across multiple budgets orobject codes will show a separate row for each segment of the split.44

Using JPMC PaymentNetCreating the “Transaction Detail with Notes Report& Accounting Codes”1.Click on the menu drop down box, scroll downto Reporting, or the reconciler options of AllReporting or My Reporting (All Reportingpulls all cardholder data from the work unit)and press Go.45

Using JPMC PaymentNetCreating the “Transaction Detail with Notes Report& Accounting Codes” Report (cont.)2.3.4.There are four different categories of reports:– Cardholder–Transaction–Merchant–AllSelecting each option next to the category willdisplay a different set of reports.First, click on the “Transaction Detail withNotes Report & Accounting Codes” Reportfrom the Transaction category of reports.46

Using JPMC PaymentNetCreating the “Transaction Detail with Notes Report& Accounting Codes” Report (cont.)Inputting or Bypassing Report Criteria5. The report description will show fields that can be usedas criteria for narrowing down your report’s focus.6. The next screen allows you to input criteria that willhelp limit the results of the report. However, you canclick on and run a report without any restrictions.Cardholders need to select: Account Cycle - is equalto, and then select the desired month for the report47

Using JPMC PaymentNetCreating the “Transaction Detail with Notes Report& Accounting Codes” Report (cont.)Generating the Report7.8.If you want to regularly run this report, you canclick Save Report Criteria at this pointNow, select theformat you want the reportgenerated in: Adobe PDF,Microsoft Excel,Microsoft Word48

Using JPMC PaymentNetCreating the “UW Transaction Detail with NotesReport & Accounting Codes” Report (cont.)Accessing the Report9. PaymentNet will automatically load the AvailableDownload Files page. As soon as your report is ready,it will appear on this page. Depending on file size, mostreports are available within a few seconds.10. Click the Refresh button to access your report. You canalso continue using PaymentNet and check back later.11. When the file name appears, click on the desired report.It will then generate the report in whichever format youselected.49

Using JPMC PaymentNetCreating the “UW Transaction Detail with NotesReport & Accounting Codes” Report (cont.)12. To save the report, right mouse-click the report title.Select Save Target As and save the file on your system.13. Reports can be added directly in the Schedule AutoReports page. Auto Reports are scheduled for generationduring off hours and can be accessed at a later time.50

Using JPMC PaymentNetDisplaying Employee Profiles Using the PaymentNet Main Navigation Bar, selectEmployee Profile List to see your profile or if you are areconciler or department administrator, a summary ofcardholder information, such as budget defaults,employee addresses and cardholder status, etcPlease email [email protected] you need to change any profile information51

Using JPMC PaymentNetMerchant Profiles Selecting the Merchant Profile List allows you to viewcontact information for any merchant where a UWProCurement Card was used for payment In addition to the phone number column, phonenumbers are also located in the “Merchant City” column52

ProCard Contact InformationProCurement Card Helpline: 206-543-5252ProCurement Card Email: o-buy/procardAris GempesawCarolyn DrebertProCard AdministratorFinancial [email protected] Specialist IIFinancial [email protected] WuRobert PattonCTS/TCard AdministratorFinancial [email protected] Specialist IIFinancial stomer [email protected]

Using JPMC PaymentNet To view transactions, click the PaymentNet button on the JPMC welcome page The drop-down menu navigates through all of PaymentNet’s screens – Transaction List – Reporting – Employee Profile List – Merchant Profile List To sort data by