Presented at the COMSOL Conference 2010 IndiaWINDOWS HPC SERVER 2008 R2GOALS AND OVERVIEW

Data Proliferation ManagementAAcceleratel t IInnovationti Data Explosion Managing data Data Analytics Multi-core platforms Cloud computingTrendsImpactingHPC LandscapeTo Make HPC Broadlyy Accessible Easier access to more endusers in organizations of allsizes Use regular IT resources forHPC Systems AdministrationControl & Align Costs Total cost of ownership Enmeshing ofEEnterprisei IT andd HPC

ChallengesParallel development is toohardToo much time mired intechnologyDeployment, maintenanceDeploymentmaintenance, and is cumbersomeSteep learning curve forniche productsNeedsEasier programming modelsand tools for multi-core andmulti-server.Better workflowReduced learning curveBetter end-to-end integrationIntegrated SolutionsInteroperable SolutionsBetter Admin ToolsIntegrated set of parallel andcluster dev toolsReuse existing skillsBuild robust apps fasterWindows and OfficeFamiliarityUtilize existing Windows skillsetsTransparent, integratedsolutionComplete, end-to-end preintegrated offeringReuse existing IT skillsMicrosoftApproach

“Provide a complete, integrated, platform, tools and broad ecosystem toreduce the cost and complexity of HPC today. Clear vision for the future ”Reduced Complexity Mainstream HPCBroad EcosystemEase deployment forlarger scale clustersAddress needs of traditionalsupercomputingIncrease number of parallelapplications and codesSimplify management forclusters of all scaleAddress emergingcross-industryi d tcomputation trendsOffer choice of parallelddevelopmentlt tools,t llanguages and librariesIntegrate withexisting infrastructureEnable non-technical usersto harness the power ofHPCDrive larger universe ofend-users, developers,andd systemtadministratorsd i i t t

Personal Super Computing Built on Windows Server 2003MicrosoftMift EEntryt iintot HPCAddressing Personal And Workgroup NeedsEnd User Applications available for WindowsParallel and HPC Development ToolsEase of Management and Deployment

Broad Reaching HPC Built on Windows Server 2008SSupporttTTraditionalditil&EEmergingi HPCLarger Cluster support & Top500 RangeBetter integration for WindowsWindows--based UsersBroader Developer support with tools and SOAImproved Management and Deployment

Highly Scalable, Efficient HPC Built on Windows Server 2008 R2S l bl HPC IInfrastructureScalablef t tffor 1000 nodesdCustomizable management elements for superior controlEvolved SOA support for scale and programmabilityEase parallel development with VS 2010 & .NETNET 44.00HPC Services for Excel 2010Expanded capacity through Clusters of Workstations

Cl t iintegratedtt d platforml tfffor HPC Clt iComplete,ClusteringBuilt on top Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit Operating SystemAddresses the needs of traditional and emerging HPCMicrosoft HPC Pack2008 R2 EnterpriseMicrosoft WindowsHPC Server 2008 R2SuiteJob SchedulergResource ManagerCluster ManagementMessage PassingInterface Support for WorkstationNodes Integrated Solutionout-of-the-box Leverages investment inWindows administrationand tools Makes cluster operationeasy and secure as asingle systemWindows Server 2008R2 HPC Edition Secure,Reliable, Tested SupportSffor hihighhperformance hardware(x64, high-speedinterconnects)

ECSOAHPCA li iApplicationsHPCMiddleware PackHPC EditionOperatingSystemsClusters ofCommodity HardwareMPIISV PSOA

MPI Long running batch Low latency interactive Parametric Sweep Embarrassingly Parallel BusinessB iCCriticaliti l SOA Excel and ISV apps Job Scheduling Policies1000s of istrationParallel &Cluster DevToolsEmergingTechnologiesPartnnersSecuure Integrated IDE MPI Debugger MPI ProfilerP fil SOA debugger Task ParallelLibrary, PLINQgGPU supportpp Integrated Deployment Configuration Monitoring Diagnostics Trouble Shooting Diskless & Dual-boot Reporting Performance TuningPerformanceRivals Linux Private clouds Public clouds HPC as a service Big Data Analytics Visualization Integrated Workflow

RapidlyDeployTunePerformanceHPC ClusterManagerWindowsSystems CenterSubmit &Monitor Jobs.TrackProgress &UsageMonitorStatus ofCluster, JobsProfilePfilAnalyzeDiagnoseDiReport

Visual Studio and add-ins offer anintegrated set of tools for parallel andcluster developmentSupport for developing MPI-basedapplicationli i iincludingl di MPI clusterlddebuggerbSupport for developing SOA-basedapplications including cluster SOAdebugger and profilerParallel LINQ and Task Parallel Library((TPL)) included in .NET Framework 4.0Support for GPGPU programming inpartnership with NVIDIAExtensive 3rd party library and tool support

“Linux alternatives either had a missing cello, or there was something wrong withii li Ed managedd to combinebi allll theh componentspercussionsor violins.Even if we hhadtogether, the coordination between them would stumble. Microsoft’s solution, on theother hand, was providing everything from the start.Sa Andd Kilic,c, Assistantss sta t Professoro esso Doctor,octo , Dept.ept. oa t qua e Engineering,g ee g,-Samiof Earthquake- Kandilli Observatory“It’s more difficult to resolve issues with Linux because it involves dealing with five or sixsoftware stack components from disparate parties before even looking at the applicationlayer. The Microsoft approach to HPC includes a well-featured scheduler, filesystem,The Linux HPC systemstend to be stitched togethery, security,y, and other components.pygwith components from multiple sources, which makes deployment and administrationmore difficult”.- Greg Keller, Technical Principal, R Systems“As opposed to the Linux cluster, where I have to download packages from all over the place tomake it workwork, I now have an integrated set of management tools for Windows HPC Server—allServer allunder a single pane of glass. It’s fantastic.”- Vince DiStasi, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Grove City College

Wall timme (Lower isbetter)b15000010000050000Windows0LinuxLiNumber of CPU CoresMore ways to accelerateMlExcel on ClustersIImprovedd PerformanceP fand Scale1. CreateSessionComputeNodesHead Node3.RequestsqSupport fforSWorkstation Nodes2. SessionManager startsWCF Broker joband WCF Servicejob for client job4.RequestsqWorkstation5.6. ResponsesBroker NodeResponsesBuilt on Web Service Standards (WS* interop)More Job SchedulingOptionsBusiness CriticalHPC ApplicationsMore options;faster deployment

Increase business agility and accelerate time to results by easily transitioning desktopcalculations to Windows HPC computationsMake better business decisions by runninglarger, more sophisticated modelsRespondRd tto marketk t ttrendsd fasterf t andd competetmore effectively by reducing total time toresultsManage risk better by increasing accuracy andvisibility into the models and datasetsLife Insurance Actuarial workbook examples1700 records that took 14 hours now take 2.5minutes1 million records that took 7.5 days now take 2hours

Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 Provides two new mechanisms to distributeExcel calculations to an Windows HPC ClusterExcel SOA Client Run Excel as a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) client VSTO code in workbook calls out to SOA Service Requires brand new development effortsExcel workbookson the Cluster Run multiple instances of Excel 2010 on Windows HPCCluster Transition the business logic from desktop to cluster Requires workbook conversion and Excel on computenodesExcel UDF on theCluster New UI built in Excel 2010 for running UDFs on WindowsHPC Easy to develop on a desktop and then deploy to a cluster Requires Excel 2010 or Office 2010 Professional Plus onclient

Head NodeSpreadsheetCompute NodesBrokers

Expand the capacity of HPC clusters while increasing the return on your existingtechnology investments by utilizing workstation for running compute JobsFeature SummaryThe ability to add Windows 7 workstationsas compute nodesView and monitor workstations the same asdedicate compute nodesTime of day scheduling for WorkstationavailabilityDraining interval for graceful preemptionRequirements Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise, 32 or64 bi ((requiresi Ai Di64-bitActiveDirectory support))Desktops and cluster in same AD Domain

Fuelling productivity and innovation withintegration between SharePoint andWindows HPC ServerWindows HPC Pack 2008 - SharePointIntegration Sample provides:Easy to use Web based interface tomanage Windows HPC Server jobsintegrated into a SharePoint basedenterprise portalSource code of the solution allowingdevelopers to further customize thesolutionAbility to centrallymanage, secure, support, and enhancethe experience of the Windows HPCServer 2008 users

CommonSubmission PortalDynamicResourceManagementgDynamically switchbetween Linux andWindows HPC Serverbased on loadScheduling of Jobs onWindows by WindowsHPC ServerWindows System Centercan manage bothWindows and LinuxPartners:Partnership withPl fPlatformCComputingi anddAdaptive Computing

Wall timme (Lower is beetter)Real Apps: Windows HPC Server Matches 2000008163264128256512Number of CPU CoresLS-DYNA BenchmarkAnsys BenchmarksMilliman MG-ALFA Benchmark

“We've done benchmarks with up to 256cores that showed performance thatmeets, and in some cases exceeds, theLinux tests done on the same hardware.– Greg Keller,Technical Principal,R System“Our performance tests were soconclusive that we’re now convertingour Linux server to run on WindowsHPC SServer 20082008. We’reW ’ never goingiback to Linux.”–Dr. Marco Derksen,Manager of R&D,Stork Thermeq withoutith t any optimizations,ti i tiththe newWindows-based HPC systemoutperformed our highly optimizedLinux cluster-Valerie Daggett,Professor,University of Washington“The performance of Windows HPC Server2008 has yielded efficiencies that areamong the highest we’ve seen for thisclass of machine”.-Robert Pennington,-Deputy Director, National Center forSupercomputing Applications

1,400,000Completed,p, integratedgstack is easier toacquire, deploy andmaintain 1,200,000 1,000,000 800 000 800,000Windows Serverexperience is easier toacquire and cheaper 600,000 400,000Windows HPC Server islicensed per server not percore 200,000 0Acquisition & Vendor AdministrationImplementation SupportPriced to take HPCmainstreamWindows HPC Server 2008RHEL and Platform LSFRHEL and Data SynapseDownload Evaluating the Lifecycle Costs of High Performance Computing Solutions: Windows HPC Server andLinux-based Solutions »

“We now need fewer people dedicated to system monitoring because we’ve automatedprocesses which results in considerable savings for usprocesses,us. We’veWe ve also experienced a positivetotal cost of ownership. Traditionally, people think that a Windows-based system costs moreoverall, but we’ve found that Windows HPC Server is actually the same or lower than theoverall cost of our Linux environment.”- Xie Hao,Hao IT ManagerManager, Beijing Software Testing & QA Center“We savedper year ind 100,000 personnel costs by going withWindows HPC Server over Linux.”KD bSii S- KurtDobson,Scientist,SeerTechnology“ThereThere was no compelling reason for us tochoose Linux for these applications. We sawthat a Windows-based HPC solution wouldcost less, perform at least as well, and beeasier for us to use and support”support .- John Loo, Design Systems SeniorManager, Callaway Golf“The planetarium has decreased its operating expenses by moving to the newsystem. We’ve experienced a cost savings of up to 10 percent with our newenvironment because we’vewe ve eliminated a lot of third-party managementsoftware.”- Steven Song, Director of the Digital Studio, Beijing Planetarium

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Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 Provides two new mechanisms to distribute Excel calculations to an Windows HPC Cluster Run Excel as a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) client VSTO code in workbook calls out to SOA Service Requires brand new development efforts Excel SOA Client Run multipl