MSC060SMA070B4 Silicon Carbide N-Channel Power MOSFET1Product OverviewThe silicon carbide (SiC) power MOSFET product line from Microsemi increases the performance oversilicon MOSFET and silicon IGBT solutions while lowering the total cost of ownership for high-voltageapplications. The MSC060SMA070B4 device is a 700 V, 60 mΩ SiC MOSFET in a TO-247 4-lead packagewith a source sense.1.1FeaturesThe following are key features of the MSC060SMA070B4 device:Low capacitances and low gate chargeFast switching speed due to low internal gate resistance (ESR)Stable operation at high junction temperature, TJ(max) 175 CFast and reliable body diodeSuperior avalanche ruggednessRoHS compliant1.2BenefitsThe following are benefits of the MSC060SMA070B4 device:High efficiency to enable lighter, more compact systemSimple to drive and easy to parallelImproved thermal capabilities and lower switching lossesEliminates the need for external freewheeling diodeLower system cost of ownership1.3ApplicationsThe MSC060SMA070B4 device is designed for the following applications:PV inverter, converter, and industrial motor drivesSmart grid transmission and distributionInduction heating and weldingH/EV powertrain and EV chargerPower supply and distribution050-7762 MSC060SMA070B4 Datasheet Revision A1

2Device SpecificationsThis section shows the specifications for the MSC060SMA070B4 device.2.1Absolute Maximum RatingsThe following table shows the absolute maximum ratings for the MSC060SMA070B4 device.Table 1 Absolute Maximum RatingsSymbolCharacteristicRatingsUnitVDSSDrain source voltage700VIDContinuous drain current at TC 25 C39AContinuous drain current at T C 100 C28Pulsed drain current100IDM1VGSGate-source voltage23 to –10VPDTotal power dissipation at TC 25 C143WLinear derating factor0.94W/ CNote:1. Repetitive rating: pulse width and case temperature limited by maximum junction temperature.The following table shows the thermal and mechanical characteristics for the MSC060SMA070B4 device.Table 2 Thermal and Mechanical o-case thermal resistanceTJOperating junction temperatureTSTGStorage temperatureTLSoldering temperature for 10 seconds (1.6 mm from case)260Mounting torque, 6-32 or M3 screw10lbf-in1.1N-mWtMinTypMaxUnit0.701.05 C/W–55175 C–55150Package weight050-7762 MSC060SMA070B4 Datasheet Revision A0.22oz6.2g2

2.2Electrical PerformanceThe following table shows the static characteristics for the MSC060SMA070B4 device. T J 25 C unlessotherwise specified.Table 3 Static CharacteristicsSymbolCharacteristicTest ConditionsMinV(BR)DSSDrain-source breakdown voltageVGS 0 V, ID 100 µA700RDS(on)Drain-source on resistanceVGS 20 V, ID 20 AVGS(th)Gate-source threshold voltageVGS VDS, ID 1 mAΔVGS(th)/ΔTJThreshold voltage coefficientVGS VDS, ID 1 mAIDSSZero gate voltage drain currentVDS, 700 V, VGS 0 V100VDS 700 V, VGS 0 VTJ 125 C500VGS 20 V/–10 V 100IGSS1Gate-source leakage currentTypUnitV601.9Max75mΩ2.4V–3.4mV/ CµAnANotes:1. Pulse test: pulse width 380 µs, duty cycle 2%.The following table shows the dynamic characteristics for the MSC060SMA070B4 device. T J 25 Cunless otherwise specified.Table 4 Dynamic CharacteristicsSymbolCharacteristicTest ConditionsCissInput capacitanceCrssReverse transfer capacitanceVGS 0 V, VDD 700 V, VAC 25 mV,ƒ 1 MHzMinTypCossOutput capacitanceQgTotal gate chargeQgsGate-source chargeQgdGate-drain chargetd(on)Turn-on delay timetrCurrent rise timetd(off)Turn-off delay timetfCurrent fall timeEonTurn-on switching energyEoffTurn-off switching energytd(on)Turn-on delay timetrCurrent rise timetd(off)Turn-off delay timetfCurrent fall timeEonTurn-on switching energy 2108EoffTurn-off switching energy16ESREquivalent series resistancef 1 MHz, 25 mV, drain short2.6ΩSCWTShort circuit withstand timeVDS 560 V, VGS 20 V3µs1175MaxUnitpF8130VGS –5 V/20 V, VDD 470 VID 20 A56nC159VDD 470 V, VGS –5 V/20 V, ID 20 ARG(ext) 4 Ω1,Freewheeling diode MSC060SMA070B4 (VGS –5 V)18ns72671252µJ19VDD 470 V, VGS –5 V/20 V,ID 20 ARG(ext) 4 Ω1Freewheeling diode MSC030SDA070B050-7762 MSC060SMA070B4 Datasheet Revision A20ns92510µJ3

SymbolCharacteristicTest ConditionsEASAvalanche energy, singlepulseVDS 150 V, ID 20 AMinTyp1150MaxUnitmJNotes:1. RG is total gate resistance excluding internal gate driver impedance.2. Eon includes energy of freewheeling diode.The following table shows the body diode characteristics for the MSC060SMA070B4 device. T J 25 Cunless otherwise specified.Table 5 Body Diode Characteristics2.3SymbolCharacteristicTest ConditionsVSDDiode forward voltageISD 20 A, VGS 0 V4.0VISD 20 A, VGS –5 V4.2VISD 20 A, VGS –5 VVDD 470 Vdl/dt –1500 A/µs25ns170nC10AtrrReverse recovery timeQrrReverse recovery chargeIRRMReverse recovery currentMinTypMaxUnitTypical Performance CurvesThis section shows the typical performance curves for the MSC060SMA070B4 device.Figure 1 Drain Current vs. Drain-to-Source VoltageFigure 2 Drain Current vs. Drain-to-Source VoltageFigure 3 Drain Current vs. Drain-to-Source VoltageFigure 4 Drain Current vs. Drain-to-Source Voltage050-7762 MSC060SMA070B4 Datasheet Revision A4

Figure 3 Drain Current vs. Drain-to-Source VoltageFigure 4 Drain Current vs. Drain-to-Source VoltageFigure 5 RDS(on) vs. Junction TemperatureFigure 6 Gate Charge CharacteristicsFigure 7 Capacitance vs. Drain-to-Source VoltageFigure 8 IDM vs. Gate-to-Source VoltageFigure 9 IDM vs. VDS Third Quadrant ConductionFigure 10 IDM vs. VDS Third Quadrant Conduction050-7762 MSC060SMA070B4 Datasheet Revision A5

Figure 9 IDM vs. VDS Third Quadrant ConductionFigure 10 IDM vs. VDS Third Quadrant ConductionFigure 11 VGS(th) vs. Junction Temp.Figure 12 Forward Safe Operating AreaFigure 13 Maximum Transient Thermal Impedance050-7762 MSC060SMA070B4 Datasheet Revision A6

3Package SpecificationThis section shows the package specification for the MSC060SMA070B4 device.3.1Package Outline DrawingThe following figure illustrates the TO-247 4-lead package drawing for the MSC060SMA070B4 device.The dimensions in the figure below are in millimeters and (inches).Figure 14 Package Outline Drawing050-7762 MSC060SMA070B4 Datasheet Revision A7

The following table shows the TO-247 4-lead dimensions and should be used in conjunction with thepackage outline drawing.Table 6 TO-247-4L DimensionsSymbolMin (mm)Max (mm)Min (in.)Max F3.563.660.1400.144G6.15 BSCH20.83IJ0.242 800.295P2.87 BSC0.113 BSCQ5.08 BSC0.200 BSCR2.54 BSC0.100 BSCTerminal 1DrainTerminal 2SourceTerminal 3Source senseTerminal 4GateTerminal 5Drain050-7762 MSC060SMA070B4 Datasheet Revision A8

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G 6.15 BSC 0.242 BSC H 20.83 21.08 0.820 0.830 I 19.81 20.32 0.780 0.800 J 1.07 1.33 0.042 0.052 K 15.77 16.03 0.621 0.631 L 13.89 14.15 0.547 0.557 M 16.25 16.85 0.640 0.663 N 2.00 2.75 0.079 0.108 O 7.10 7.50 0.280 0.295 P 2.87 BSC 0.113 BSC Q 5.08 BSC 0.200 BSC R 2.54 BSC 0.100 BSC Terminal 1 Drain Terminal 2 Source Terminal 3 Source sense .