Preparations before unlocking the drone on the APP:1. Power on the aircraft and the remote controller, ensure that the remote controller has been linked tothe aircraft successfully;2. Check and ensure the firmware, APP and flysafe database have been upgraded to the latest version;3. Check and ensure that the internet has a good connection, ensure that the GPS satellites reach morethan 10.Step 1Visit ‘DJI Fly APP-Profile’, log into the DJI account that was used to submit the custom unlockingrequest online.Step 2Go to the camera view and tap ‘ ’ on the upper right corner, visit ‘Safety-unlock GEO Zone-AccountUnlocking Licenses’, you can check all the unlocking license details under the logged-in account.

Choose the needed flight controller SN and tap ‘Import to Aircraft’, the page will show ‘License importedsuccessfully’;Step 3Tap ‘Aircraft Unlocking Licenses’, slide the switch to the right side and agree with the agreement, theunlocking button will be on;

Step 4With the unlocking license button turned on, there will be a purple circle on the map indicated the areathat you have requested to unlock. The lower-left corner of the map shows the details of the license.

Step 5Visit Camera view, it will indicate Takeoff permitted, the purple circle is the area you have unlocked.The green circle indicates the area that was set in the ‘APP-Safety-Flight Protection’ page (Default: MaxAltitude:120m, Max Distance:2000m)Note: ‘Account Unlocking Licenses’ only can save a maximum of 5 licenses. Once the max unlockinglicenses reached, there will be a pop-up reminder on the APP when clicking ‘import to aircraft’.Please go to ‘Safety unlock a zone’ to remove unneeded licenses’; While unlocking license has been enabled, please take off aircrafts inside the Purple Circle; If aircrafttakes off outside and goes into the unlocking area, it won’t be able to go outside the purple circle;

Troubleshooting steps for unlocking failure:If the drone is failed to be unlocked, please:Ensure that all of the DJI Fly APP, fly safe database, the firmware of the drone and remote controller hasbeen updated to the latest version. Otherwise, the drone may not take off.If all the firmware has been updated, please connect the drone with the APP, then log in to the DJI accountwhich has been used for submitting the unlocking request, to download the unlocking license.3. Ensure the mobile device has a good internet connection.4. Repeat to turn on the drone and the remote controller and relink them, then connect to the mobiledevice, open the APP.If it doesn’t work, please:1. Log out and log in to your DJI account.2. Repeat to disconnect and reconnect the drone with the mobile device.3. Uninstall and reinstall the APP.4. Using another device.If the issue still exists, please send the below information to [email protected] for further assistance, thanksfor your cooperation!1. A video of the whole unlocking process (From turning on the drone until the unlock failure)2. A screenshot to show the logged in DJI account.3. A screenshot of the current flying coordinates.4. Connect the drone with the App correctly, then make a screenshot of the app’s Unlocking List page(General setting- Unlocking list-APP/Aircraft).5. Connect the drone with the App correctly, then make a screenshot of the app's about page (Generalsetting- About-Flight controller SN).6. A screenshot of the ‘no fly zone’ in the APP.7. The model of the mobile device (Android system or IOS system)

4. Connect the drone with the App correctly, then make a screenshot of the app’s Unlocking List page (General setting- Unlocking list-APP/Aircraft). 5. Connect the drone with the App correctly, then make a screenshot of the app's about page (General setting- About-Flight controller