For more informationNational Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. 1359 Broadway, Suite 1000New York, New York 10018Phone: 212-944-2430Fax: 212-719-9611Email: [email protected]: www.nmsdc.orgKELLOGG EXECUTIVE PROGRAMSJAMES ALLEN CENTERAMEP2014ADVANCED MANAGEMENT EDUCATION PROGRAMSUMMER SESSIONJune 1-5Printed on recycled paperCopyright 2013 NMSDC All Rights ReservedA custom executive program offered by theNational Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTSNMSDC would like to thank the following sponsors of 2013 scholarshipsfor the Advanced Management Education Program (AMEP):American ExpressAT&T Inc.Central and North Florida Minority Supplier Development CouncilChevron CorporationCollaberaDTE EnergyD. W. MorganDallas/Fort Worth Minority Supplier Development CouncilDellDuke EnergyExxon Mobil CorporationGlaxoSmithKlineHome DepotHondaJohnson & JohnsonLouisiana Minority Supplier Development CouncilMaryland/District of Columbia Minority Supplier Development CouncilMerck & Co., Inc.Michigan Minority Supplier Development CouncilPennsylvania-New Jersey-Delaware Minority Supplier Development CouncilPfizer IncThe Procter & Gamble CompanySouthern California Minority Supplier Development CouncilTechnology Industry Group (TIG)Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing North America, Inc.U.S. BankWells Fargo & CompanyWestern Pennsylvania Minority Supplier Development Council

NMSDC Advanced ManagementEducation Program2014 ApplicationFor more than 15 years, NMSDC has collaborated with the prestigious J.L.Kellogg School of Management to present the Advanced Management EducationProgram (AMEP)–jointly created expressly for Asian, Black, Hispanic and NativeAmerican suppliers. Rigorously researched, this enduring program is a work-inprogress developed by James H. Lowry, a nationally-known and respectedconsultant and a former Kellogg faculty member. Since its inception, Kellogg’sstellar faculty and constantly evolving curriculum have helped nearly 500 NMSDCcertified minority business CEOs turn new ideas into bigger business opportunities.ApplicationsApplicants to the AdvancedManagement Education Programmust be recommended by an NMSDCNational Corporate Member familiarwith the applicant’s capabilities.SUMMER SESSIONJUNE 1 - 5TUITION: 5,800APPLICANT DATACEO/APPLICANT’S NAME/TITLENICKNAMEEach application is reviewed by anNMSDC admissions committee toensure a diverse industry, geographical and ethnic mix.RACE/ETHNICITYCOMPANY NAMEADDRESSIt is expected that participants will befree of other duties and will devote fulltime to the program.CITY/STATE ZIPPHONEFAXE-MAIL ADDRESSAn application is included in thisbrochure. Early application is recommended. Applications are due no laterthan 30 days before the start of theprogram.WEB SITEBUSINESS DATABUSINESS DESCRIPTIONCostLENGTH OF TIME IN BUSINESSSALES FOR LAST THREE YEARS:2013 MILLION2012 MILLION2011 MILLIONCERTIFIED BY(Applicant must be certified by the NMSDC-affiliated council closet to its headquarters)NOMINATED BYThe cost of the program is 5,800.This fee covers tuition, class materials,lodging and meals. Please makechecks payable to the NationalMinority Supplier DevelopmentCouncil.The fee is payable in full at the time ofregistration.SPONSORED BYSIGNATURE OF APPLICANTDATEPlease complete and return this form and copy of NMSDC certification nolater that 4/21/2014 to:Advanced Management Education ProgramNational Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc.Attn: Maggie Chaparro, Senior Director, Enterprise Learning Solutions1359 Broadway, Suite 1000New York, New York 10018Phone: 212-944-2430Fax: 212-719-9611Email: [email protected] received within 30 daysof the start of the program will receivea 75% refund. Cancellations madewithin 14 days of the program willreceive a 50% refund. No refund willbe paid if cancellation is made withinten (10) business days of the start ofthe program.In our continuing effort to promote the growth and development of minoritybusiness enterprises (MBEs) nationwide, we are proud to present the 2014session of our Advanced Management Education Program. This executiveeducation program is uniquely designed to address the issues and goals ofgrowth-oriented minority businesses.Joset Wright-LacyBusiness management has never been more complex or multifaceted— oftenrequiring professional learning environments where entrepreneurs can extendtheir skills. MBEs consistently report that we deliver a comprehensive program thatcombines talents and resources in a way that positively impacts performance andprospects.Central to our confidence in the success of the program: the powerfulcombination of NMSDC’s 41-plus years of national experience with MBEs andcorporations, the executive education resources at the top-ranked Kellogg School ofManagement, and a select group of high-potential minority business owners.Key to this collaboration is the faculty—who are also working executives andprofessionals. They provide real-world, up-to-the-minute information thatprogram participants can apply to their businesses to achieve greater success.Indeed, as a hallmark of both NMSDC and Kellogg, the Advanced ManagementEducation Program is customized to suit the needs of each class of minoritybusiness CEOs. Whether through group study, guest speaker presentations or casestudies, the curriculum is aligned with the MBEs’ educational needs and thecurrent business climate.Explore new directions in today’s fast-changing business world and put thisdynamic program on your calendar now. Join us.Joset Wright-LacyPresidentNational Minority SupplierDevelopment Council, Inc. 1

The Kellogg Schoolof ManagementThe National Minority Supplier Development Council isthe global leader in advancing business opportunities forcertified Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native Americanbusiness enterprises and connecting them to corporatemembers. One of the country’s leading corporatemembership organizations, NMSDC was chartered in1972 to provide increased procurement and businessopportunities for minority businesses of all sizes.“The Advanced Management Education Program is the cornerstoneof our development opportunities for certified Asian, Black,Hispanic and Native American business owners. The world ofbusiness is increasingly global and technology-driven. Embracingthat reality, this program uses the expertise of Kellogg’soutstanding faculty to guide participants to the next level ofbusiness success.”Joset Wright-LacyPresidentNational Minority SupplierDevelopment Council, Inc. The NMSDC Network includes a national office inNew York and regional councils across the country. Thereare 1,700 corporate members throughout thenetwork, including most of America’s largestpublicly-owned, privately-owned and foreign-ownedcompanies, as well as universities, hospitals and otherbuying institutions. The regional councils certify andmatch more than 12,000 minority-owned businesses withmember corporations that want to purchase theirproducts, services and solutions.Our corporate members report that they contract morethan 100 billion in products and/or services withminority-owned businesses annually.The James L. AllenCenter provides anideal setting forexecutive education.Paul HirschJames L. Allen Distinguished Professor of Strategy andOrganization BehaviorNoted for his teaching and research in the fields of strategyand organizational change, Mr. Hirsch’s research, writing andoutside activities in recent years have focused on the humanresource and managerial implications of organizationalrestructurings, management succession, productredefinitions and downsizings.Ph.D., MA, University of Michigan; BA, City Collegeof New YorkThank you for considering the 2014Advanced Management EducationProgram at the Kellogg School ofManagement at Northwestern University. Continuing our tradition ofexcellence in executive education, weare delighted to offer this custoizedprogram once again through ourpartnership with the National MinoritySupplier Development Council.I am confident that there is no betterplace than Kellogg for deepening yourknowledge of markets, management andthe broader challenges facing businessexecutives in the 21st century. I inviteyou to experience our pioneeringapproach to management education.By choosing Kellogg, you’ll share in ourintellectual energy, our passion forcollaboration, and our belief in thetransformative power of markets – thecornerstones of our unique culture.And, you’ll participate in an exciingexchange of ideas from the James L.Allen Center, our state-of-the-art hubfor executive education.We will equip you, educate you andinspire you to build better, strongerorganizations and to make a lastingimpact on markets and communities.Come learn with us.Best wishes,Sally Blount ’92Dean, Kellogg School of ManagementNorthwestern UniversityJames H. LowryAMEP Academic DirectorMr. Lowry recently retired as the head of The BostonConsulting Group’s workforce diversity, ethnic marketingand minority business development consulting practice.Previous to his position with BCG, he was president andCEO of his own firm, James H. Lowry & Associates, since1975. He is a nationally recognized workforce andsupplier diversity expert. In 2005, he authored a new study,Realizing the New Agenda for Minority Business Development.Mr. Lowry was honored in the inaugural class of theMinority Business Hall of Fame. Mr. Lowry serves aschairman of The City of Chicago/Durban, South Africa SisterCities Committee; is a member of the Howard School ofBusiness board and also serves as chairman of the HowardUniversity Entrepreneurship Center.PMD, Harvard Business School; MA, University of Pittsburgh; BA,Grinnell CollegeGregory WhiteProfessorMr. White has more than 15 years of investment,entrepreneurial and finance experience. He teaches a courseentitled “Entrepreneurship and New Venture Formation” aswell as courses in Kellogg’s executive education program. Heis also the president and chief executive officer of the LEARNCharter School Network, a nationally-recognized networkof high-performing college prep elementary schools servinglow-income communities in Chicago. LEARN was recentlyawarded a 1 million grant from Oprah Winfrey’s AngelNetwork. Prior to LEARN, Mr. White was the vice presidentof strategy and operations for the Chicago Community Trust,a 1.8 billion community foundation that made over 155million in grants annually.eomcoottophA Unique LearningEnvironmentThe James L. Allen Center, a facilitycreated specifically for executivelearning, offers every amenity foryour comfort, from lodging, diningand classrooms, to state-of-the-artcomputer systems.In the heart of NorthwesternUniversity’s Evanston campus,the Allen Center overlooks LakeMichigan and combines the benefitsof a quiet, residential campusenvironment with proximity todowntown Chicago and O’HareInternational Airport.MBA, Harvard Business School; BA, Brown University27

The program is taught by a dynamic combination of Kellogg’s distinguished faculty members;corporate buyers; financial and other functional specialists; and business consultants wellversed in addressing the issues of MBEs.Dean, College of Business, Chicago State UniversityMr. Collins is a former assistant clinical professor of financeat Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business, where hetaught courses in venture capital and entrepreneurialfinance. As the Dean of the College of Business at ChicagoState University, he is focused on establishing the college asa leading urban institution that prepares its graduates forentrepreneurship and leadership positions in corporate andglobal business environs. His previous professionalexperience includes general partner of venture capital firmPolestar Capital Partners, L.P., presidency of ShorebankCapital Corporation, vice president of South Shore Bank ofChicago, and positions with Ameritech Corporation andNorthrup Corporation.MBA, University of Chicago; BS, Prairie View A&M UniversityDaniel DiermeierIBM Professor of Regulation and Competitive PracticeMr. Diermeier is a faculty member and also holds anappointment as professor of political science at theWeinberg College of Arts and Sciences. He is theco-founder of the Northwestern Institute on ComplexSystems (NICO) and the chairman of the NorthwesternGlobal Health Foundation. He is director of the FordMotor Company Center for Global Citizenship andacademic director of the CEO Perspective Program—Kellogg’s most senior executive education program and theproduct of a joint venture between Kellogg and theCorporate Leadership Center. Mr. Diermeier’s work focuseson political institutions, reputation management,political and regulatory risk, crisis management andintegrated strategy.Ph.D. candidate, Duisburg University; Ph.D.,University of Rochester; MA, University ofRochester; MA, University of Munich; MA, University of SouthernCaliforniaThis program is designed to providecertified, established, expansion-orientedMBEs with the tools and skills needed toachieve and sustain accelerated growth.Combining NMSDC’s knowledge of MBEswith Kellogg’s world-class ability to developand deliver leading-edge executive education, this four-day management programis unique. It will help high-potential MBEsachieve the next level of business success.The program distills NMSDC’s institutionalknowledge, as well as countless interviewswith corporate buyers and MBEs, into acurriculum that is focused on the mostmanagerially relevant topics to MBEs. Inthe tradition that made Kellogg a worldrenowned business school, this curriculumuses interactive, team-based study.For maximum results, each class will belimited to 40 participants and the curriculumwill be custom tailored to the needs of thatclass. This dynamic course design is achievedby surveying the class and structuring thecourse content accordingly.“AMEP is customized to suit theneeds of each class of minoritybusiness CEOs.”Program ObjectivesTo position high-potential MBEs foraccelerated growth, this program helpsCEOs:Develop a growth-oriented strategy thatidentifies and charts profitable newbusiness opportunitiesDevelop an understanding of the linksbetween business strategy and successfulmarketingLearn techniques for analyzing andappraising marketing strategiesImprove leadership and managementskills and implement a company- andself-assessment processDevelop an organizational capability planto support growth objectivesUnderstand the latest socioeconomic,corporate and public policy trends and theirimpact on MBE prospects andstrategiesHighly-skilled instructors andinformative guest speakers—manywith valuable experience asentrepreneurs—teach thechallenging program curriculum.Form valuable working relationships withother successful minority executivesParticipantsThe program combines classroom instruction and teambased study for the minority business CEOs in attendance.6Photo by: Mariam GomaaDerrick K. CollinsA D VA N C E D M A N A G E M E N T E D U C A T I O N P R O G R A MPhoto by: Mariam GomaaTHE FACULTYThe program is designed for minority men and women CEOs/owners of NMSDC-certified businesses who have demonstratedsustained levels of solid performance and are ready and interested inaccelerating their growth.Businesses should be at least three years old, with sales greater than 5million for manufacturing and distribution firms and at least 3million for service firms.Firms must also be recommended by an NMSDC national corporatemember or a local member in conjunction with the regional councilto be considered for the limited seats in each class.3

MorningWednesdayThursdayManaging StrategicChange in The21st CenturyBusiness PlanDevelopmentCase DiscussionProgram SummaryNMSDC PresidentLecture on Debt/Accessto CapitalLessons tual CapitalManagementDefending Your BrandTransition From AutoMotive To Aerospace/Defense/Heavy EquipmentClosing CeremoniesProgram Goalsand ObjectivesCalendar of EventsIntroductionsDINNERManaging StrategicChange In The21st CenturyGroup ProjectPhoto by: Mariam GomaaTuesdayCapital MarketsAfternoonEveningTESTIMONIALSMondayGrowing Businessesof SizePrivate Capital FundManagersIndividual StudyIndividual StudyIndividual StudyDINNERDINNERDINNEREntrepreneurial PanelGuest SpeakerIntroduction toEntrepreneurial FinanceStudy GroupsCorporate ExecutiveGuest SpeakerCase AnalysisPrepare Case PresentationsCase DiscussionDINNERFormatRigorous program sessions are led by ateam: faculty members of NorthwesternUniversity’s J.L. Kellogg School ofManagement; corporate buyers; financeand other functional specialists; andindependent business consultants.Program facilitator JamesPreparatory case work, discussions, caseLowry (left) and NMSDC Presistudies and exercises ensure maximumdent Joset Wright-Lacy (right)present certificate to Sureshpreparation and involvement. Each eveRamanathan in 2013. Nearlyning after dinner, studies continue and500 MBEs have completed theparticipants work in study groups toprogram since 1996.prepare exercises and projects for classdiscussion. MBEs also spend time during the programanalyzing the strategies of their firms. Each participantreceives a comprehensive reference manual of readings andcourse materials that serve as resources for the future.Curriculum TopicsWhat determines whether or not a minority business staysprofitable — and grows depends on the MBEs’knowledge-based capabilities. TheAdvanced ManagementEducation Program (AMEP) is designed to assistparticipants in focusing on growth strategies—specifically,to build capacity and sustainability for the future.Managing Strategic Change in the 21st CenturyManaging Growth in Entrepreneurial FirmsThe Five Stages of GrowthThe Seven Types of Organizational DNA4Angelo PerrymanChief Executive OfficerPerryman BuildingOpen DiscussionDynamic Course Design—Specific course content will be adapted based on surveying the interests and needs of theparticipants in each AMEP class.“The NMSDC AdvancedManagement Education Programwas thought provoking, goalconfirming and designed forprogressive minority businessowners who desire the tools totouch their dreams.”Capital MarketsAbridged Guidelines for Successful Access to Capital Capital Structure Cash Flow Enterprise Life CycleIntellectual Capital Managements for EntrepreneursWhat is InnovationIntellectual Capital of a FirmValuationBusiness Plan DevelopmentWriting a Business PlanEssential Elements of a Business PlanCrisis ManagementReputation Management Beyond the ObviousDefending Your BrandReputational TerrainReputational RiskGrowing Businesses of sizeA changing Global Economy and a New Agenda forMinority BusinessEntrepreneurial FinanceAcquiring a BusinessAccess to CapitalInvestment Criteria - The Shifting ProcessThe 2013 graduates of NMSDC’s AMEP join a distinguished group of program alumni.“The Advanced Management Education Program sponsored bythe NMSDC is one of the best programs I have attended. Theworkshops topics were comprehensive and contained depthof experience. I benefited from my classmates’ unique entrepreneurial perspectives and experiences. It was uplifting to bearound folks that have walked similar paths and have an unending passion for making a difference and succeeding despite allobstacles. Our shared experiences and perspectives created afamily bond. Knowing that we could pull together to createnew dreams and new experiences that our customers have yetto dream of created a bond of potential possibilities. I highlyrecommend this class to all minority business owners.”Photo by: Mariam GomaaSunday 2013 Photo courtesy of Evanston Photographic Studios Inc.PROGRAM OUTLINEBetty ManettaPresident and Chief Executive OfficerArgent Associates, Inc.“I walked away with one keymessage: Strategy. Take time to createa strategy – vendor strategy,marketing strategy, corporatestrategy. Think partnership andleveraging costs by creating businessopportunities with others to supplytransformational solutions for yourclients. I am thankful to all of theinstructors. Their words areembedded in me for life. Thelifetime relationships I developedwith some pretty extraordinarypeople are priceless. Our group hascommitted to weekly AMEPconference calls every Friday. Itdoesn’t get better than that.”Amelia RodriguezChief Executive OfficerVocalink Language Services“Participation in the NMSDCAdvanced Management EducationProgram afforded me the opportunityto meet and establish relationshipswith entrepreneurs that are focused onscaling their business. The educators,executives and business professionalsthat participated as lecturers for theprogram brought a high level of expertise that will help me to differentiatemy organization from othercompetitors in the market. I lookforward to implementing what I havelearned in revising my company’sstrategic growth plan.”Alvis WilsonPresidentDiamond Hospitality, LLC“It was an honor to be among such anaccomplished group of entrepreneurs atthe 2013 AMEP session. The Professorswere on point, challenging us to think andlive outside the box. Our guest lecturerswere amazing. It was inspiring to have twoentrepreneurs with billion-dollarcompanies as guest lecturers. I want tothank all involved for making this possiblefor Mosaic Global Transportation. I leftKellogg thinking about different ways tobetter my company, prepare for expansionand growth, and find creative ways toacquire companies for growth. As anAMEP graduate, I have a band of newfriends who I can consider my virtualBoard of Directors. We are committed tohelping each other grow our businesses. Itdoesn’t get better than that!”Maurice H. BrewsterPresident and Chief Executive OfficerMosaic Global Transportation &VIP Airport Shuttle5

for executive education. We will equip you, educate you and inspire you to build better, stronger organizations and to make a lasting impact on markets and communities. Come learn with us. Best wishes, Sally Blount ’92 Dean, Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University The Kellogg S