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Key IT ObstaclesWhat’s IncreasingComplexityWhat’s Decreasing70%Efficiency# components60%50%40%30%20%10%199019972007Numbers of components which need to beprocured, provisioned, managed, secured, etc.PressuresComply withsecurity andregulatoryrequirements0%19801990Server utilization rates*ResourcesDo morewith lessLess able toadd newfunctionality orimprove ITservice levels*Source: IBM Scorpion, VMware2007

Market Drivers: Server SprawlMultiple SAP Business Suite component landscape

The Solution: Virtualization“Enterprise SOA with SAP NetWeaver and Virtualizationfrom VMware deliver the most flexible, reliable and costeffective business agility solution for the customers’business needs today.”Roland WartenbergChief Virtualization StrategistSAP Labs, Palo Alto

The Solution: VirtualizationVMware decouples software from hardware.SAPOperating SystemOperating SystemHypervisor (ESX Server)

Virtualization: Fundamentally BetterAutomated ResourceAssuranceIncreased AvailabilityOn Demand CapacityDynamic BalancingContinuous OptimizationNo stop and restart ofSAP applicationsAutomatedAcross ApplicationsAnd across SAP deploymentsNon-disruptive ScalingFlexible, ReconfigurableX

From Consolidation to Strategic e lityVMware InfrastructureConsolidation& Containment

SAPs SOA StrategyProcess standardization and innovation on one platform.End-to-end solution operations processes, support, best practices & training.Continuous Innovation with Enhancement PackagesNew user experiencesNew functionalityNew enterprise servicesNew NetWeaver capabilities, SAP Business SuiteSAP NetWeaver CompositionWeb3rdpartycustombuiltSAP NetWeaver IntegrationVMware InfrastructureSAP NetWeaver CompositionSRMPLMSCMERPSAP NetWeaver IntegrationotherCRMlegacybusinesspartnerotherother

12-Dec-2007: SAP Support for VMwareProduction Support for Windows and LinuxVMware now a SAP Global Technology Partner[ .]

VMware and SAPVMware Virtualization Competency Center for SAPat AddOn premises in WalldorfDemos and Sales PresentationsTrainings and Customer SeminarsVirtualization Assessments and POCshttp://www.vcc-sap.comVMware member in SAP Co-Innovation Labin Palo AltoDevelopment of SAP on VMware solutionsVMware is member of SAPs EnterpriseVirtualization CommunityVMware runs SAPs ‘Center of Excellence’infrastructure in Walldorf

SAP on VMware Training availableAD310VMware Infrastructure 3: Install and Configure - forSAP System AdministrationDuration: 5 DaysTarget Group System administrators, systems engineers, andoperators responsible for ESX Server and/orVirtualCenter running SAP systems in virtualmachines.Prerequisites SAPTEC Profound Operating System KnowledgeObjectives This hands-on training course explores VMwareInfrastructure 3. The course has a strong focus onSAP NetWeaver (NW 2004S) running in virtualmachines. At the end of the course, participants will be able to install,configure and deploy virtual machines for running SAP systems. Participants will be able to migrate and manage virtualmachines and optimize resource allocation for SAP systemsrunning in virtual machines. They will be able to combine highavailability features of VMware and SAP to built highly availablesystems. Completion of this course entitles the participant to attempt theexamination for VMware Certified Professional status.Notes This Workshop is a cooperation between AddOn and SAP AG. More information: Enrolment directly at

VMware Solutions for SAPIntegration of VC into SAP ACCPresented as technical pre view during several presentations atSAP TechEd Las Vegas and BerlinVMware used for Demo deployments at SAP eventsBroad use within SAP Linux developmentVMware Virtual Appliances for SAP SolutionsSAP NetWeaver CESAP NetWeaver Test Drive on LinuxSAP NetWeaver IDES on LinuxAvailable for download from (S-User required)

Powerful Enough for SAP Applications% of ApplicationsCPUPASTCURRENTFUTURE1 to 2 CPUs4 VCPUs8 VCPUs64 GB per VM256 GB per VMMemory 4 MB at peakNetwork 300 Kb/s9 Gb/s40 Gb/sIOPS 100 at peak100,000200,000 Application’s Performance Requirements

Evolution of VI Performance for Large VI 3.0VI 3.5Future30-60% Overhead20-30% Overhead10-20% Overhead2-10% Overhead2-way SMP2-way SMP Scaling4-way VSMP Scaling8-way VSMP ScalingESX 2.x3.6 GB VM RAM 16 GB VM RAM16 CPU support 16 core support64-bit OS Support256GB VM RAM64GB VM RAM128 core scaling4 CPU scaling64 core hosts512GBPhys RAM64GB Phys RAM 800mbits 10,000 IOPSGen-1 HW Virt256GB Phys RAM200,000 IOPS100,000 IOPS40 Gigabits380mbits max9 Gigabits512 VMs64GB Phys RAMGen-2 HW VirtAbility to satisfy Performance Demands

SAP and VMware: Support StatusFull support for Production EnvironmentsWindows and LinuxSAP NetWeaver 7.0 and 7.1 (SAP Kernel 7.10)SAP NetWeaver 2004 (SAP Kernel 6.40)Lower SAP versions supportable during an SAP upgrade32- / 64-bit SAP Systems64-bit SAP systems are fully supported32-bit SAP systems are supportable during an SAP upgradeAll SAP certified Hardware is supportedSAP removed requirement to certify servers specifically withVMware due to stability and performanceServer certificates are no longer necessary

The Dynamic SAP DatacenterSAP ERP Resource PoolSAP BI Resource PoolTest & Dev Resource PoolSAP HRSAP ERPSAP ERPSAP CRMSAP BITest & DevTest & tionServersApplicationServersRed HatLinuxVirtual MachineWindows2003 ServerVirtual MachineRed HatLinux 64 BitVirtual MachineWindows64 BitVirtual MachineWindows2000 ServerVirtual MachineWindows64 BitVirtual MachineSuSE LinuxVirtual MachineSAP HR SystemSAP ERP ClusterSAP Business IntelligenceSAP Test & Development SystemsVMware VMotion TechnologyVMware ESX ServerVMware ESX ServerVMware InfrastructureStorageNetworkServers

ContentsSAP and VMware InfrastructureUse Cases for SAPCustomer ExamplesSummary

SAP Customer Pain PointsExpensive & ComplexBusiness ContinuitySolutionsTime-ConsumingSAP UpgradesSAPCustomerPain PointsAddressingComplianceHighOperational Costs

Core VMware Use Cases For SAP Solutions1.Consolidation2. Utilization & Serviceability: VMotion3. SAP Upgrades: Snapshots4. Fast Deployment of SAP Systemswith VMware Templates5. Disaster Recovery6. High-Availability & Fault Tolerance

Core SAP Use Case 1: ConsolidationConsolidationLower Cost of Ownership, lowermanagement overhead 5:1 consolidation ratio for SAPcustomers (numbers vary greatly)Fast kick-start of new projects –start before new hardware hasarrived!

Core Use Case 2: Increasing Utilization & ServiceabilityVMotionvega7066SAP CIOracleWindowsSrvr 2003SOURCEvega7066SAP CIOracleWindowsSrvr 2003SAP CIOracleWindowsSrvr 2003TARGET“saplicense –get” returns SAME hardware key!(License specific to the virtual machine, NOT to ESX ServerSAP licenses per SAP user irrespective of underlying hardware.Hence, there are no license limitations

Core SAP Use Case 3: UpgradesFaster SAP Upgrades with more time and opportunity for test runsMultiple snapshots can preserve VM status at different points in timeVery fast reversion to previous points in timeSchematic SAP Upgrade using /RetestneededSnapshotsStored in Virtual DiskA.vmdkPOST

Core SAP Use Case 4: Faster DeploymentsFaster SAP Deployment through VMware TemplatesINSTALL GUEST OS(Windows Server)CREATE VMPATCH GUEST OSINSTALL SAP ECC 6.0SID TEMCreateTemplateInstall SAP in VM(in background)DEPLOY VMFROM TEMPLATE(new hostname)RUN SAP SYSTEMCOPY SID DEVDeploy new SAP System from Template

Core SAP Use Case 5: Disaster Recovery ManagementSite Recovery Manager leverages VMware Infrastructure to deliveradvanced disaster recovery management and automationPrimarySiteSecondarySiteKey virtualization advantagesfor disaster recovery:Encapsulates OS applicationrecovery site is hardwareindependentvirtual machines are easilyrestarted on DR siteA.vmdkA.vmdkNative or third-partyreplicationImproved DR Testingeasy spin-off of DR VMs foreffective testing

Core SAP Use Case 5: Disaster Recovery ManagementTesting the DRframework:1.Protection groupwith two SAP VMson two serversreplicated to DR site2.DR site utilized3.Start DR test plan –replicated SAP VMsstarted in isolatednetwork4.5.Test of recoveredSAP applicationsSite RecoveryManager:NetApp AdapterFC oriSCSIDataVolume 1SnapMirrorRep DataVolume 1DRCleanupDataVolume 2PrimarySiteDRSiteDR TestTestFlexCloneDataVolume 3"FlexClone" createdfrom Snaphot copy26

Automated & Cost-EffectiveDisaster Recovery for SAPImplementationsVMware Site Recovery ManagerandNetApp Storage and DataManagement Solutions

Core SAP Use Case 6: Out-of-the-box High AvailabilityVirtual MachinesESX Server ESX ServerXPhysical ServersStorageA.vmdkClustering for all environmentsHigh-Availability withoutexpensive/complex clustersoftware in all environmentsNo project down-time due toserver failureCost effective High Availabilty forSAP test environments, not justproduction

Roadmap: VMware Fault ToleranceAppOSVMware ESXFTAppOSVMware ESX

Roadmap: VMware Fault ToleranceNo Reboot –Seamless CutoverAppOSVMware ESXVMware ESX

Roadmap: From Virtual Infrastructure to evServicesvComputevStoragevNetwork ervicesOff-PremiseCloud

Moving forward: Industrialization of ITC. Benz & Söhne, 1910: in the record year1900, 430 employeesassemble 603 Benz-Automobiles*1VW Zwickau, 2002: 650 robots weldingcar bodies for Golf and Passat*2

ContentsSAP and VMware InfrastructureUse Cases for SAPCustomer ExamplesSummary

SAP Hosting: Using Virtualization to Serve aHuge User BaseThe Challenge“VMware Infrastructure hasmany benefits for a hostedenvironment such as ours thatoffers software as a service.We’ve been able to automateinternal business processes andincrease service levels tointernal customers. In addition,we have reduced costs withconsolidation and automation ofsystem deployment, as wellgreatly reduced the requiredhardware for internal trainingand test systems. ”Markus WinterHead of Strategic Projects SAP HostingSAP Hosting manages SAP-on-SAP infrastructure globallyand hosts more than 330 additional customers around theGlobe in 5 main data centers. Need to manage 6.000 SAPsystems cost-effectively and provide excellent servicelevels.The SolutionVMware virtualization results in lowers costs, enablesdevelopment and and automation of user services,provides better hardware and software lifecyclemanagement, and improves production and capacityplanning across a more unified infrastructure. 3.500 virtual machines/ 300 ESX Serverhosts/ 200 TB storage on Linux andWindows Flexible resource assignments Great fit for offshore strategy Flexible internal server provisioning Increase customer services with less effort

SAP ERP UpgradeThe Challenge“ our developers have theresources they need, whenthey need them, and we’vereally mitigated ‘budgetcreep.’ That flexibility has todo with the functionality andresponsiveness of VMwareproducts, which enables us toserve our customer better andultimately to save mycompany money.”Dave SwanSenior Manager, IS&T ServerOperationsEFIEFI employs several SAP modules to build integrated businesssolutions and services. EFI planned to upgrade its SAPmodules and at the same time move from a proprietaryhardware and software environment to industry-standardx86-based hardware and Red Hat Linux operating system.The SolutionEFI used VMware Infrastructure 3 to minimize the complexityand reduce the cost of developing, testing, and deployingits upgrade to this multi-tiered environment. Saved 30% on hardware costs Reduced energy costs by one-third Avoided project budget creep Cut off-hours workload in half

Delivering on Uptime RequirementsThe Challenge“VMware is certainly ourplatform of choice; in terms ofreliability we have a very robustinfrastructure which is currentlydelivering 99.99% uptime for ourcritical systems. As far asmanageability is concerned,running SAP on VMware meansour IT department spends farless time on mundanemaintenance tasks and canfocus on more strategic projects.Michael NoggerIT Operations Manager EuropeCheckpoint Systems InternationalGMBHCheckpoint needed to create a more robust and flexible SAPsolutions based environment. The company was alsotrying to reduce ongoing maintenance overhead andensure reliable IT infrastructure for remote sites. Inaddition to all of that, it needed to provide enhanced DRcapabilities.The SolutionVMware Infrastructure 3 accelerated provisioning, simplifiedmanagement and improved disaster recovery by providinga more robust and scalable platform for Checkpoint’s SAPsoftware deployment. Utilization increased from 15% to 70% Provisioning times reduced from 4-6 weeksto 1 hour Accelerated disaster recovery at secondarysite

SAP Upgrade in a Regulated IndustryThe Challenge“ VMware Infrastructure isproving to have a lot ofbenefits for us. We arealready using VMotion toachieve high availability and24/7 uptime. And we’reexploring the waysvirtualization can help usprovide better service levelswith Consolidated Backupand quicker restarts. ”Askin KaratepeServer and Database Administrator,AstraZenecaHardware supporting the SAP environment at AstraZeneca’sPlankstadt datacenter was aging and needed to be replaced.This upgrade was made more difficult by requirements forhigh application availability and a more efficient businesscontinuity process, and the regulatory requirements imposedby Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.The SolutionAstraZeneca worked with AddOn Systemhaus to deploy VMware Infrastructure 3 on HP Proliant servers. VMotion is used toachieve high availability, and virtual machine templates meanserver certification can be done in less time 10:1 server consolidation ratio Server deployment dropped to 30 minutes Reduced time and complexity ofregulatory server certification process Expect 3-year cost savings of 1M

Project Duration: 18 MonthsQ3/Q4 FY06Q1/Q2 FY07Q3/Q4 FY07Assessments,Sizing, andDesignSetup, Pilot, andTrainingDatacenterConsolidation andMigration of SAPSystems

Astra Zeneca - Cost CalculationHard- tationHigh AvailabilityTCO over 3Years1.4M EUR Cost Savings over 3 years

ContentsSAP and VMware InfrastructureUse Cases for SAPCustomer ExamplesSummary

ResourcesSAP Alliance Site: Papers, Success Stories, Webinars, Links, etc.SAP VMware nsDRS Demo: pb&SP EC&rID 22924872&rKey 42EBE97BF813ADC5.

ResourcesSAP Notes674851 – Virtualization on Windows1104578 – Virtualization on Windows: Enhanced Monitoring1056052 – VMware ESX Server configuration guidelines1122388 – Linux: VMware ESX Server 3 configuration guidelines1122387 – Linux: Supported Virtualization technologies with SAP895807 – SAP support in virtualized Linux environmentsSAP VMware (and other) d2tier.epx


SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and 7.1 (SAP Kernel 7.10) SAP NetWeaver 2004 (SAP Kernel 6.40) Lower SAP versions supportable during an SAP upgrade 32- / 64-bit SAP Systems 64-bit SAP systems are fully supported 32-bit SAP systems are supportable during an SAP upgrade All SAP certified Hardware is supported