ASX-520 RANDOM ACCESS AUTOSAMPLERACCESSORIES AND SUPPLIES CATALOGTeledyne CETAC Technologies14306 Industrial RoadOmaha, Nebraska 68144, USAPhone: (402) 733-2829Fax: (402) 733-5292e-mail: [email protected] August, 2018

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPART #Z-Axis Drive Assembly with Installed Guide PlateSP6102For use with probes other than Carbon Fiber(PEEK Drive Cable)Z-Axis Drive Assembly PEEK Anti-KinkSP7171For use with Carbon Fiber and Ultem Probes(PEEK Drive Cable - Green)* Guide plate Included for use with probesother than Carbon Fiber versions, typically Ultem(See Sample Probes section of this catalog)Rotor AssemblySP6346Carbon Fiber Sample Probes (Standard)Probe, 0.8mm ID x 108” (red band)Probe, 0.3mm ID x 108” (black band)Probe, 0.5mm ID x 108” (blue band)Probe, 0.9mm ID x 70” (yellow band)Probe, 0.8mm ID x 54” (red band) {CETAC M-6000A}Probe, 1.0mm ID x 108” (2 blue obe, 1.0mm ID x 54” (2 blue bands) {CETAC Mercury}SP6033CASX-520 Catalog2

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPART #Ultem Sample Probes (Optional)Probe, 0.8mm ID x 108” (red band)Probe, 0.3mm ID x 108” (black band)Probe, 0.5mm ID x 108” (blue band)Probe, 0.9mm ID x 70” (yellow band)Probe, 0.8mm ID x 54” (red band) {CETAC M-6000A}Probe, 1.0mm ID x 108” (2 blue bands)SP5796SP5799SP5800SP5950SP5797SP6013Probe, 1.0mm ID x 54” (2 blue bands) {CETAC Mercury}SP6033A NOTE ABOUT PROBE TYPESMost CETAC autosamplers built since January 2009 are equipped with carbon fiber probes and associatedZ-drives. (Septum-piercing autosamplers are an exception.)The carbon fiber reinforced probes are designed to be mounted to a Z-drive with two probe clamps andwithout a guide plate. The carbon fiber probes can also be used with the prior version Z-drives, but theguide plate must be used.The Ultem probes (made with Ultem brand polyetherimide resin) are more flexible than the carbon fiberreinforced probes, and therefore do require the use of a Z-drive-mounted guide plate. The carbon fiberstyle Z-drives all include a guide plate (not installed) to allow use of Ultem probes if so desired.All wetted surfaces (liquid contact) of both the carbon fiber and Ultem probes are inert and identical(PTFE). Color bands indicate inside diameters and are the same for both probe types.Z-Axis Drive Tubing Replacement Kit (PEEK)SP6156Z-Axis Drive Tubing Replacement Kit (PEEK AntiKink)SP7174ASX-520 Catalog3

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPART #Tray Assembly with 10 Standards PositionsSP5208Tray Assembly with 5 Standards PositionsSP5209Pump Motor KitSP7002A2-Channel24-Volt Power SupplySP6103RS-232 interface cable (3 Meters)SP5341(Female/Female)ASX-520 Catalog4

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPART #USB Cable (3 Meters)SP6375GPIB interface box (Used with PE systems)SP7084Carriage – Stepper Ribbon CableSP5218(For use without Two-Piece Shield and SplashguardKit)Carriage – Stepper Ribbon Cable-31”SP6378(For use with Two-Piece Shield and Splashguard Kit)Two-Piece Shield and Splashguard KitASX-520 CatalogSP63775

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPART #Switch / Power Input (6 pin input)SP6104CPU Board (Rabbit)Standard VersionSP6143-0PE VersionSP6143-4HP/AgilentSP6143-5GV (Micromass)SP6143-17Thermo AASP6143-18Note: Please contact Cetac if you do not see versionCPU needed. [email protected] Board (Conformal Coated)SP6111Daughter Board (I/O Board) MaleSP6146Daughter Board (I/O Board) FemaleSP6147Z-Axis SensorSP6105ASX-520 Catalog6

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPART #Y-Axis SensorSP6106X-Axis SensorSP6107Z-Axis Stepper MotorSP6108X-Axis Stepper MotorSP6109Y-Axis Stepper MotorSP6110ASX-520 Catalog7

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPART #Arm Tube AssemblyCETAC Gray colorCETAC White colorSP5942SP6202Y-Axis Lead Screw KitSP5335X-Axis Lead Screw KitSP5940Guide ShaftSP5221Bearing, 7/8" x 3/8"SP6239Bearing ½" ID (Set of 2)SP7999ASX-520 Catalog8

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPART #X-Axis Drive BeltSP5222Front Cover with Rinse StationCETAC Gray colorCETAC White colorSP6149SP6201Base Plate AssemblyCETAC Gray colorSP5923CETAC White colorSP6203Rinse StationSP5337Rinse Station BlockASX-520 CatalogSP53409

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPART #Z-Drive Attachment KitSP5903Thumbscrew and O-ring KitSP5919Includes spare KYNAR thumbscrews, sample probeclamps, and O-rings.Y-Axis Slider Block (Home Block) Hardware KitSP5918Includes spare KYNAR thumbscrews, bushings,sample probe clamps, O-rings, and Y-axis homeposition flags.Vials7mL Polypropylene, 13mm x 82mm (1000/kit)7mL Polypropylene, 13mm x 82mm (250/kit)(Flat bottom with cap)SP5178ASP5178E8mL Polypropylene, 13mm x 100mm (1000/kit)8mL Polypropylene, 13mm x 100mm (250/kit)(Round bottom without cap)SP5178KSP5178L14mL Polypropylene, 16mm x 100mm (1000/kit)14mL Polypropylene, 16mm x 100mm (250/kit)SP5178BSP5178F15mL Polypropylene, 17mm x 100mm (1000/kit)15mL Polypropylene, 17mm x 100mm (250/kit)SP5178MSP5178N20mL Polypropylene, 21.5mm x 100mm (500/kit)20mL Polypropylene, 21.5mm x 100mm (100/kit)SP5178GSP5178IASX-520 Catalog10

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPART #30mL Polypropylene, 25mm x 95mm (500/kit)SP5178H50mL Polypropylene, 30mm x 115mm (500/kit)SP5178C50mL Polypropylene, 30mm x 115mm (100/kit)SP5178JStandard bottle (wide mouth) with cap250mL (low-density polyethylene), 5 eachSP5228Sample Racks90 Position, 13.3 mm Round opening, used with 8mLround bottom or 7mL flat bottom vial45036290 Position, 13.5 mm Square opening, used with8mL round bottom or 7mL flat bottom vial45005560 Position, 17.0 mm Square opening, used with14mL or 15mL vial45005640 Position, 20.6 mm Square opening, used with20mL vial45005724 Position, 25.2 mm Square opening, used with30mL vial45005821 Position, 30.5 mm Square opening, used with50mL vial45005980 position/15mL Sample RackSP7007(Used in Oil industry) (PE)ASX-520 Catalog11

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPART #90 position/8mL Sample Rack (Used in Oil industry)SP625596 Position/13mm Sample RackSP6413ASX520/ASX520HS Oil upgrade kit (PE)SP7044Includes:(3) - 80 position/15mL racksTray insertSample probe with filtered (100 mesh) tipPump tubing (Tygon Fuel & Lube)CDRinse/Drain Tubing Hookup Kit (Tygon)SP5230Rinse/Drain Tubing Hookup KitSP7074(Fuel and lubricant tubing) Used in the oil industry.ASX-520 Catalog12

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPump Drain Adapter (1/8” to 3/16”)PART #SP6547(For use with SP7017)Drain Pump Tubing and Connector Kit (PharMed)Drain Pump Tubing and Connector Kit (PharMed)SP6089SP7017(For use with pumped drain arrangement—requiresSP6547)Drain Pump Tubing and Connector Kit (Tygon)SP6090Drain Pump Tubing and Connector KitSP6191(Tygon--Fuel and Lubricant—Used in Oil Industry)ASX-520 Catalog13

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTSIMAGEDESCRIPTIONPART #Drain Pump Tubing and Connector KitSP6430(Viton--Used in Oil Industry)Trademark Acknowledgements: PharMed and Tygon are registered trademarks of Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. Viton is aregistered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company. Ultem is a trademark of SABIC Innovative Plastics IP BV. KYNAR isa registered trademark of Arkema Inc.ASX-520 Catalog14

ASX-520 AUTOSAMPLER SPARE PARTS IMAGE DESCRIPTION PART # ASX-520 Catalog 3 Ultem Sample Probes (Optional) Probe, 0.8mm ID x 108” (red band) Probe, 0.3mm ID x 108” (black band) Probe, 0.5mm ID x 108” (blue band) Probe, 0.9mm ID x 70” (yellow band) SP5950 Probe, 0.8mm ID x 54” (red band)