DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHMCQs - MARKETING MANAGEMENT -201UNIT I- PRODUCTSr.no123QuestionThese can be produced in anticipation of demandand can be stored :a.Productsb.Servicesc.Both of the aboved.None of the aboveWhich P is a complex of tangible and intangibleattributes, including packaging, colour and servicesthat satisfy needs and wants of people?a. priceb. productc. Promotiond. PlaceWhich of the following is NOT included in productdecisions?a) Stylingb)Brand namec) Warehousingd) PackagingAnswer Keyabc4A is the part of the brand can be vocal.a. Brand equityb. Service markc. Trade markd. Brand named5Which of the following is a Shopping Product?a) T. V. Setb) Raw Materialc) Sugard) MilkThe following of these are used for packaging ofwheata) Wooden Boxesb) Cardboard Boxesc) Jute Sacksd) Plastic Bucketsa6Dr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH789Office equipment falls under this category ofproducts :(a) Consumer(b) Industrial(c) Speciality(d) ConvenienceWhen diverse products belonging to same categoryare manufactured by a company but have differentbrand names are calleda. Store brandb. Family brandc. Individual brandd. Co- brandWhich type of packaging was used to protect theproduct from damage en-route and to facilitatehandling at various points of distribution?bbda. Conventional packaging b. Branded packagingc. Trendy packaging d. All of these10is defined as all activities of designing andproducing the container for a producta. Marketingb. Shippingc. Packagingd. Designing11The identifies the product or brand.a.advertisementb.packagec.labeld. container12Soap and Shampoo are which kind of products?a.Specialty Productsb.Convenience productsDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH1314c.Shopping productsd.Unsought productsFire extinguisher is a .a. Specialty Productsb. Convenience productsc. Shopping productsd. Unsought productsBrands have to keep updating theirovertime vis a vis newer and stronger competitors.daa. Unique Selling Propositionb. Point of Differentiationc. Consumer researchd. Repositioning15161718The most basic level of a product is called thea.Core product.b.Basic product.c.Potential product.d.Augmented productThe Parker pen company make good quality pensand pencils. Their ballpoint pens come in variousstyles and with different coloured ink. Which ring ofthe total product offering model does the colouredink fit into?a.Core product.b.Basic product.c.Fundamental product.d.Augmented productWhere does after-sales service fit into the totalproduct offering?a.Core product.b.Basic product.c.Expected product.d.Potential productA(n) product exceeds customer expectations.a. Core product.b.Basic product.c.Expected product.d.Augmented productDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH1920Mary is getting married and she wants everything onthe day to be perfect, especially the dress. What kindof product is a wedding dress?a.specialityb.conveniencec.white goodsd.accessoryWhat is brand equity?a.the value of the brandb.the brand’s valuesc.d.212223aathe shareholders’ perception of the brandrelative brand imageSony laptops have a sticker on them which says‘Intel inside’. This is an example of what?a. Store brandingb. Family brandingc. Individual brandingd. Co- brandingATM's, Battery pace-makers, VCR's, and once-aday medications are all examples of:a. Failuresb. Modificationsc. Success storiesd. Time impaired projectsNew product development involves:dcba. Efforts to create family legacy valuesb. Efforts to develop unique and novel productsbased on common platformsc. Efforts to address changes to minor flaws inexisting productsd. Efforts to create a new twist on an existingproduct designDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH2425. Stage introduces a newproduct in the market.a. Business Analysisb. Commercialisationc. Marketing Strategyd. Idea generationThe product life cycle:caa. Describes the stages a new product idea goesthrough from beginning to end.b. Has Six major stages.c. Applies more to individual brands than tocategories or types of products.d. Shows that sales and profits tend to movetogether over time.262728At what stage of the new- product developmentprocess are most new product ideas rejected?a.Business Analysisb.Commercialisationc.Idea Screeningd.Idea generationincludes review of sales, profit projectionsand cost for a new product, to find out whether itsatisfied the company objective or not.a.Product Developmentb.Business Analysisc.Marketing Strategyd.Test MarketingWhich of the following statements about thecommercialization stage of the new-productdevelopment process is FALSE?a. Channels of distribution need to be filled withgoods.Dr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHb. Introductory promotion tends to be more costlyif the firm is entering a very competitive market.c. A firm should always rollout the product to theentire target market at one time.d. All of above29303132is one of the challenges presentedby the Product Life Cycle for a product.a. Product developmentdevelopmentb New productc. Product testingd. Poor marginsis the process of finding and fixingthe complete identification of any product.a.Product mixingb.Marketingc.Sellingd.BrandingWhen a marketer plans its offering and addressesfive key product levels forming aa) Customer value hierarchyb) Company value hierarchyc) Market value hierarchyd) None of the aboveShuvali went to a shop and expressed her desire tobuy a copper water bottle only of Dr. Copper Worldcompany. Identify the component related tobranding being described in the above case.a. Trademarkb. Generic namec. Brand named. Brand markDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH33In order to improve upon its competitive edge, ABCLimited has change the packaging of its hair careproducts. They are now available in a consumerfriendly design, which has a nozzle attached to thelid so that at the time of usage, the consumer doesn’tneed to open the cap of the bottle. Name themarketing function being explained in the givenlines.a(a)Product designing and development(b) Customer support services(c) Promotion(d) Physical distribution34Meera purchased a pack of crayons for her daughterfrom a nearby stationery shop. She noticed that thecrayons were packed in a portable transparentplastic bag. Identify the level of packaging beingdescribed in the above lines.a. Primary packageb. Secondary packagingc. Transportation packagingd.None of the abovea35When Seema had sent her maid to the market to buya pack of chips, she asked her specifically to bringthe yellow coloured packet of chips of a particularbrand. Identify the function of packaging beingdescribed in the above line.a. Helps in product identificationb. Provides protection to the productc. Facilitates the use of productd. Assists in promotion of the producta36On visiting a supermarket to buy a pack ofmoisturizer, Manisha noticed that the packaging ofmost of the beauty products exhibited a photographof a celebrity. Identify the related function ofpackaging being described:a.Facilitates the use of productDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHb.c.d.37Assists in promotion of the productHelps in product identificationProvides protection to the productIn an inter collegiate quiz competition, theparticipants were shown empty bottles of soft drinksand were asked to identify the brands. All theparticipants were able to do so. Identify the relatedpoint highlighting the importance of packagingwhich is being described:ba. Rising standards of health and sanitationb. Facilitates product differentiationc. Innovative packaging adds value to a product.d. Useful in self service outlets383940Sheetal runs a Play School from her residence.Recently, she placed an order online for 200 chalkboxes. The boxes were delivered to her in acorrugated box. Identify this level of packagingwhich facilitated movement of the product.a. Primary packageb. Secondary packagingc. Tertiary packagingd. (None of the aboveWhich of the following statements is not true withregard to the concept of product?a. It is a bundle of utility.b. It is a source of satisfaction.c. It is confined to physical product.d. All of the above.Packaging is important not only for protection of theproduct but also serves as .a.Quality productb.Complex graphicsc.Promotional toolDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHd.414243444546Promotion budgetWhich of the following is not the function ofpackaging?a. Product protectionb. Pricing objectivesc. Promotiond. Product identificationAfter concept testing, a firm would engage in whichstage for developing and marketing a new product?a. Product Launchb. Product developmentc. Marketing strategy developmentd. Test marketingNew product development starts with which one ofthe following steps of new product development?a.Product Launchb.Product developmentc.Idea Generationd.Test marketingis the unbranded and undifferentiatedproduct.a.Core product.b.Basic product.c.Expected product.d.Augmented productare the goods usedin producing the finished goods.a.Capital itemsb.Materials and partsc.Unsought productsd.Impulse Goodsare goods that are used for manufacturingthe producta.Capital itemsDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHb.c.d.474849505152Materials and partsUnsought productsImpulse GoodsLabelling, packaging are associated with:a.Price mixb.Product mixc.Place mixd.Promotion mixis the set of all items and products aparticular seller offer for salea.Product systemb.Product mixc.Product lined.None of the aboveA product mix consists of variousa. Product linesb. Product systemc. Product familyd. None of the aboveThe of a product mix implies to howmany different product lines the company carriers.a. Lengthb. Depthc. Widthd.ConsistencyThe of a product mix implies to the totalnumber of items in the product mix.a. Lengthb. Depthc. Widthd.ConsistencyThe of a product mix implies to howmany types of variants are offered of each productin the line.a. Lengthb. DepthDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHc. Widthd.Consistency535455565758The of the product mix implies tohow closely associate the several product lines are indistribution channels, production requirements orsome other way.a. Lengthb. Depthc. Widthd.ConsistencyThe product is a combination of and.a. formal and augmented.b. tangible and intangible.c. core and augment.d. benefits and satisfactionLuv and Pampers in a variety of sizes is an exampleofa. a product mix.b. a product line.c. a product line depth.d. a marketing mix.Which of the following is not a classification ofconsumer goods?a. convenience goods.b. shopping goods.c. specialty goods.d. component goods.Which of the following is a shopping good for mostpeople?a. Biscuitsb. washing machinec. Mutual fundsd. Rolls Royce.Companies usually develop rather thansingle products.Dr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHa.b.c.d.596061626364product groupingsproduct brandsproduct linesproduct familiesWhich one of the following is an important sourceof idea generation due to their familiarity with theneeds of market?a. Existing products and servicesb. Distribution channelsc. Federal governmentd. ConsumersIntroduction of product in large scale in the targetmarket is called:a. Test marketingb. Business analysisc. Product testingd. CommercializationToday the four Ps are compared to the four Cs.Product are called .a. Communicationb. customer solutionc. customer costd. convenienceThe centre of brand’s characteristics isa. Identityb. Valuec. Imaged. None of the aboveDabur amala hair oil, Dabar Phudin Hara, DabarTooth Powder, Dabar chawanprash are example ofa. Family Brandb. Retail brandc. Multi Brandd. None of the AboveHealth insurance can be considered to be a.a. specialty product/serviceb. shopping product/serviceDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHc. convenience product/serviced. unsought product/service65The term ' ' refers to the number of productlines offered by a firm.a. secondaryb. primaryc. breadthd. depthDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHUNIT II PRICESr.noQuestion1VIVA owns a chain of handbag shops across Pune &Mumbai. She has spotted a good location to set up ashop in Bangalore but her handbags are not wellknown in Bangalore and there is quite a lot ofcompetition. She thinks it is worth a try anyway anddecides to undercut the competition, at least until shegets known. What pricing strategy is Mirandafollowing?c2a.Skimming pricingb.loss leader pricingc.penetration pricingd.export pricingThe only element in the marketing mix that producesrevenue.a.Product mixb.Place mixc.Price mixd.Promotion mixc34Priya refused to buy an insulated lunch box for 1500 asshe felt that the real worth of the product was muchless than its monetary value. Identify the factor relatedto pricing decision being described in the given case.a. Cost of the productb. The utility and demandc. Government and legal regulationsd. Pricing objectivesIf one of the firms in an industry sets the price of theproduct and all other firms sell at the same price, it willbe called.answer keybca) Non-competitive priceDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH5678b) Option less pricec) Follow-the-leader priced) Non-discriminatory pricerepresents the value that is exchanged in amarketing transaction.a.Costb.Pricec.Profitd.Qualitya. Competitionb.Valuec.Profitd. Qualitya. penetrationb. skimmingc. valued. costbabda) The product is new and is a speciality product.b) Heavy expenses have been incurred on thedevelopment and introduction of the product.c) Demand is to be restricted to the level which can beeasily met.d) The demand for the product is highly kimming pricing would likely be mosteffective in electronic product for which research anddevelopment must be recoupedb.biscuits & wafersc.anything easily copied by competitorsd.any convenience itemDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH1112pricing is product driven. The companydesigns what it considers to be a good product, totalsthe expenses of making the product, and sets a pricethat covers costs plus a target ngA quantity discount is a price reduction to buyers whopurchase .a.b.c.d.balarge volumesinferior merchandisefrequentlysuperior merchandise13When amusement parks and cinemas charge admissionplus fees for food and other attractions, they arefollowing a(n) pricing strategy.b14a. by-product pricingb. captive-product pricingc. optional-product pricingd. penetration pricingWhen management at Yamaha Motorcycles makesdecisions on which type of saddlebags, handlebars, andseats for its bikes, they become engaged in pricingb.captive-product pricingc.optional-product pricingd.penetration pricingc15Under which of the following situations is a companynot likely to fix a lower price for its product?ba. When the competition has introduced a substituteproductb.If the demand for a product is inelasticc. When the company wants to attain market shareleadershipd. When the demand for the product is lowDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH16Under which of the following conditions is a marketernot likely to fix the price of his products at higher end?a.b.dWhen he faces high degree of competitionWhen he wants to attain market share leadershipc.When the product is unique in terms ofpackaging, product difference and productdifferentiationd.When the demand for the product is low17An example of a pricing policy objective is to:d18a.minimize costsb.maximize pricec.minimize losses.d.maintain or gain market shareUnder this pricing policy, different customers arecharged different pricesa) Skimming-the-creamb) Penetratingc) Follow-the-leaderd) Discriminatingd19This one of the following is not an objective of pricing:c(a) To achieve target rate of return on invested capital(b) To face competition(c) To reduce the cost of raising capital(d) To maintain or improve share of the market20Customer cost will be considered as which of thefollowing Ps of marketing mix?a.b.c.d.bProductPricePlacePromotionDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH21The policy of charging very high price in the initialstages of the life of a product is calleda(a) Skimming-the-Cream Price Policy(b) Penetrating Price Policy(c) Follow-the-Leader Price Policy(d) Non-competitive Price Policy22232425Which pricing method are customary pricing and pricelining examples of?a. Dual pricingb. Leader pricingc. .Psychological pricingd. Prestige PricingMr. A, marketer of XYZ Co. is selling his ice-cream inthe market at Rs.20, 20% more than his competitors‟price. Still his sales are increasing. Now his aim is tomaintain same pricing. He enjoys which type ofleadership?a. Promotion leadershipb.Price leadershipc. Cost leadershipd. Product leadershipTISSOT men's wristwatch is among the mostexpensive in the world. This is an example of astrategy.a.penetration pricingb.bundle pricingc.loss-leader pricingd.premium pricingPenetration pricing is intended to appeal to whichmarket?a.cbddhighly selective, quality-seeking consumersb. price-insensitive marketsc. he same markets as those targeted with askimming pricing strategyd. the mass market26Many companies try to set a price that will maximizecurrent profit. This strategy assumesa.b.dCost and production functionRevenue and cost functionDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHc.d.27A company is providing warehousing facility to itschannel members. The company is using which of thefollowing?a.b.c.d.28Demand and market functionDemand and cost functionaSeasonal discountTrade discountQuantity discountCash discountABC Company priced the product as of Rs. 19.99instead of Rs.20. Which of the following pricingtechniques is ABC Company using?da. Dodging pricingb. Deceptive pricingc. Premium pricingd. Psychological pricing29Pricing products that must be used together with amain product is called product Price elasticity of demand means .aa.How much demand will change in responseto a price change?b.The higher the price, the lower the demandc.That demand changes greatly with a smallincrease in priced.That demand hardly changes with a smallincrease in price31The type of promotional technique to be used isdependent on which “P’ of marketing mixa.b.c.d.cProductPlacePricePromotionDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH32333435If the demand for a product is inelastic firms fix a priceof the product which will bea. Highb. Lowc. To cover the costd. None of theseBefore setting price, the company must decide on itsstrategy for:a. distribution.b. promotion.c. the environment.d. the product.Price is one of the prime determinants of sales revenue.What is the other?a. advertisingb. profitc. costd. quantityWhich of the following is not one of the product mixand service mix pricing strategies?addda. Bundleb. By-productc. Product lined. Complementary36set(s) the floor for the price that thecompany can charge for its Supplyb. Demandc. Costsd. Nonprofit factors37Which type of pricing policy is suitable where little isknown about the price elasticity of the productda. penetrationb. predatoryc. variable pricingd. skimmingDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH38Nonregulated monopolies are free to price at what themarket will bear. However, they do not always chargethe full price for a number of reasons. One of thosereasons is the:ba. desire to skim profits is usually low.b. desire to penetrate the market faster with a lowprice.c. fear of global cultural reaction.d. damage that high pricing does to corporate culture.39404142The pricing method that uses the buyer’s point of viewregarding the worth of a product, not the seller’s cost,is called:a. cost-plus pricing.b. value-based pricing.c. break-even pricing.d. going-rate pricing.When a coffee shop in an airport and a fine restaurantin a luxury hotel charge different prices for the samemeal to customers who find the atmosphere in thehotel worth the difference in price, we can say thatwas being used.a. value-based pricingb. cost-plus pricingc. break-even pricingd. going-rate pricingIf the customers base their judgments of a product’svalue on the prices that competitors charge for similarproducts, then is in place.a. cost-plus pricingb. value-based pricingc. competition-based pricingd. target profit pricingis setting the price steps betweenvarious products in a product line based on costdifferences between the products, customer evaluationsof different features, and competitors’ prices.a. optional-product pricingb. captive-product pricingc. product line pricingd. by-product pricingDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH434445464748A price reduction to buyers who buy in large volumesis called a:a. quantity discount.b. cash discount.c. seasonal discount.d. trade discount.When the seller places products at no charge with acarrier and the title and responsibility pass to thecustomer who pays the freight, it is which type ofpricing strategy?a. FOB-origin pricingb. uniform-delivered pricingc. zone pricingd. basing-point pricingThe pricing method that charges different prices tocustomers in different zones (but the same prices tocustomers within a zone) is called:a. FOB-origin pricing.b. uniform-delivered pricing.c. zone pricing.d. basing-point pricingA major factor in price increases is:a. promotional expenditures.b. government regulations.c. cost inflation.d. under a geographical pricingstrategy in which the company charges the same priceplus freight to all customers, regardless of theirlocation.a. FOB-origin pricingb. uniform-delivered pricingc. zone pricingd. basing-point pricingGenerally price will be set relatively --------by the firmif manufacturing is expensive, distribution andpromotion are exclusivea.b.c.d.aaccbbMediumHighLowVery lessDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH49Management of a firm can make estimates of -------atdifferent levels of production at different prices andcan choose the best combination of production,volume, and price.a.costb.profitc.Valued.Qualityb50Price indicates the ----------which a buyer is ready toexchange for purchase of certain good or eIn a competitive market having several substitutes, afirm may adopt.a. Premium pricingb. Skimmingc. Penetrationd. None of thesec52Rapid penetration strategy involvesa53a.Low price with high promotional expenditureb.High price with low promotional expenditurec.High price with low promotional expenditured.Low price with low promotional expenditureBYJU's follows a is pricing strategy which offers aproduct for free with extra money being charged forutilizing features of the transfer pricingb. export pricingc. freemium pricingd. premium pricing54Geographical price differentials refers to pricedifferential based on .aa. buyers locationDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHb. supplier locationc. competitors locationd. companies location55The marketing manager can charge different kinds ofprices in different markets.aa. price differentialsb. . transfer pricingc. export pricingd. freemium pricing56ba. Income elasticb. Price elasticc. Cross elasticd. None of the above57A profit calculated by adding a percentage to the costsof production is called:aa. Mark-upb. Breakevenc. Margind. Competitive58596062A profit calculated on the basis of a percentage of theselling price is called:a. Mark-upb. Breakevenc. Margind. CompetitiveCalculating prices on the basis of what the market willpay is called:a. Mark-up pricingb. Breakeven pricingc. Demand pricingd. Competitive pricingEnding prices with 99 is called:a. Competitive pricingb. Psychological pricingc. Prestige pricingd. Price liningBundle pricing is:ccbba. Providing a bundle of benefits for one priceDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHb. Packaging a group of products togetherc. Providing a group of prices for one product categoryd. Two Pricing for One Product63Multi-stage approach to product pricing in a firmbIndicate correct sequence:i. Selection of firm’s objectiveii. Composition of marketing-mixiii. Selection of target marketiv. Selection of pricing policy and strategya.b.c.d.64iv ii i iiiiii i ii ivii iv iii ii iii ii ivfactor sets the minimum level or floor priceaa. Product Costb. Competitionc. Demandd. Government65Keeping the price the same for a long period butreducing the quantity sold is called:ba. Demand pricingb. Customary pricingc. Cost-plus pricingd. Captive PricingDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHUNIT 3 – PLACE MIXSr.no12345QuestionN& K Limited is marketing its products online. Identify thechannel of distribution being adopted by the company.a. Zero level channelb. One level channelc. Two level channeld. Three level channelManas Limited sells its products through the companyapproved retailers. Identify the channel of distribution beingadopted by the company.a. Zero level channelb. One level channelc. Two level channeld. Three level channelSuhas has decided to sell her range of organic food productsthrough her own retail outlets. Identify the channel ofdistribution being adopted by the company.a. Zero level channelb. One level channelc. Two level channeld. Three level channelSonam Kapoor is planning to set up a small manufacturingunit for manufacturing eco-friendly packaging material. Shehas decided to market her products through theconventional channel of distribution, which involveswholesalers and retailers. Identify the channel of distributionbeing adopted by the company.a. Zero level channelb. One level channelc. Two level channeld. Three level channelDelivery channels meansa. Maternity wardsAnswer keyabaccb. Handing over the products to the buyersc.Place where products are made available to thebuyersDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHd. All of these67891011Four participants of distribution system are manufacturers,intermediaries, facilitating agencies, and .a. Customerb. Marketsc. SuppliersaA customer bought a product and has defect and postpurchase service is desired by customer thenfunction of channel of distribution is performed.a. Facilitating functionb. Transactional functionc. Logistical functiond. all of the aboveaIn this neither the buyer visits the seller’s place nor the sellervisits the buyer’s place :a Departmental storeb General storec Mail order businessd. Super marketcIt is a large scale retail establishment where customers canbuy almost all their requirements under one roof :a. Multiple shopb. Departmental storec. Convenience stored. General storebBuying, selling and risk bearing functions performed bychannels of distribution come under this category .a. Facilitating functionb. Transactional functionc. Logistical functiond. none of the aboveBreaking the bulk is function ofa Wholesalerb RetailerbDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCHc Agentd Distributor1213Which of the following is NOT considered a type of re-seller:a) Whole sellerb) Manufacturerc) Retailerd) DistributorFactors pertaining to product that affect the channel ofdistribution area) Price, Perishability, size and weightb) Design, comfort, sizebcc) After sales services and technical natured) Both a) & c)14151617Which of the following does not come under the category offixed shop retailers?a) General Storesb) Chain Storesc) Market Tradersd) Departmental StorescThis type of middleman only carry complementary productlinesa. Agentb. Wholesalerc. Distributord. RetailercIt is important that the product is madeat a place where the customer wouldlike to buy ita. Importantb. Availablec. Sellingd. DistributionbWhich of the following takes place at retailer’s end?a. Promotionb. Placingc. Pricingd. ExchangeDr. Manisha

DNYANSAGAR INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH181917181920“Place” in 4Ps mean same asa. Deliveryb. Distributionc. Logisticsd. StoragebMiddlemen are also involved in various activities likedemonstration of product,a. informationb. facilitationc. transportationd. product promotiondRetailing consists of the sale, and all activities directly relatedto the sale of goods or services to the ultimate consumer, forpersonal, use.a. businessb. non-businessc. bothd. noneWhat is an alternative term for a distribution channel?a. marketing channelb. supply chainc. marketing chaind. placeRolex sells its watches through a number upmarket retailpartners (e.g. department stores and jewellers) withcomparatively few stores. What is this type of distributionstrategy called?a. selective distributionb. exclusive distributionc. marketing distributiond. mass distributione. prestige distributionWhat

20 What is brand equity? a a. the value of the brand b. the brand’s values c. the shareholders’ perception of the brand d. relative brand image 21 Sony laptops have a sticker on them which says ‘Intel inside’. This is an example of what? d a. Store branding b.