JOURNAL OF THE BAPTIST MISSIONARY ASSOCIATION OF MISSISSIPPIAUGUST 1, 2012VOL. 66 NO. 15BMA Seminary holds EvangelismExplosion Class in MantachieIn Luke 10:2 Jesus said Theharvest is plentiful, but thelaborers are few. Thereforethose individuals allowed theteams to present the Gospeland 22 made professions ofDr. Philip Attebery conducts a session of the recent EE Class heldat First Church, Mantachie.pray earnestly to the Lord ofthe harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.The week of July 23-27, BMATheological Seminary andFirst Baptist Church, ofMantachie partnered togetherto equip laborers for the harvest. Dr. Charley Holmes,President of BMATS, and Dr.Philip Attebery, AcademicDean of BMATS, led a group of22 men and women through aweek-long intensive study using Evangelism Explosion andother materials. These menand women came from Texas,Arkansas, and Mississippi tolearn proven techniques ofsharing the Gospel and to putthose new skills into practice.Dr. Holmes reported onFriday that as a direct result ofthis week’s class 247 personalcontacts were made. 135 offaith in Christ’s redeemingsacrifice. God has richlyblessed our time together andpromises to continue to blesswith a rich harvest those whoare willing to go into the fieldsaround us.Thank you for your prayerful and financial support thatmakes efforts like these a reality. Photos of the week’s participants may be viewed on theSeminary’s Facebook page('Guilty as charged,' Cathy says of Chickfil-A's stand on biblical & family valuesEdtior's Note - Political corrections aside, the vile, pervasiveanti-Christian views of our society are more and more makingtheir way to the surface. I met S.Truett Cathy several years agoand he truly is a Christian gentleman. The values he representsare real and personal. How refreshing to see individuals liveout their Christian testimony.Chck-fi-A has come underunwarrented attack and criticism recently because of theChristian values of the companyexecutives. Politicians aroundthe nation have publicly brandedthemselves as moral bigots bythe statements and actions theyare taking against a legitmatebusiness. The mayor of Chicagostated that "Chick-fil-A's valuesare not Chicago values." He wasobivously speaking for himselfpersonally, but if his statementholds true for the majority ofChicago, God help us! God helpus anyway while our nation continues its downhill slide. I personally will eat at Chick-fil-A asoften as I can.CARY, N.C. (BP)(BP -- Dan Cathyoversees one of the country'smost successful businesses. Aspresident and chief operatingofficer of Chick-fil-A, Cathyleads a business with 1,608restaurants that had sales ofmore than 4 billion dollarslast year. They sell chickenand train employees to focuson values rooted in the Bible.His father, S. Truett Cathystarted the business in 1946,when he and his brother, Ben,opened an Atlanta dinerknown as The Dwarf Grill(later renamed The DwarfHouse). In 1967, his fatheropened the first Chick-fil-A restaurant in Atlanta.Today, Chick-fil-Ais the second largest quick-servicechicken restaurant chain in theUnited Statesbased on annualsystem-widesales.Dan Cathy's success has noterased the biblical values helearned as a child in a Baptistchurch. He is a warm, commonman who is deeply committedto being a faithful Christianwitness. And he is fully involved in New Hope BaptistChurch in Fayetteville, Geor-gia. He drives Chick-fil-A's efcontinued on page 2Big Creek Baptist Church tocelebrate 150 years of ministryThe Big Creek Baptist Church of Soso, Mississippi, will celebrate 150 years of ministry on August 18 & 19, 2012. On August18, 1862, in the midst of theAmerican Civil War, a group ofdedicated Christians gatheredand organized the Big CreekBaptist Church.The church's history goes backto the 1820's when a 'meetinghouse' was established near thecurrent location. The group metfaithfully and in 1862 the Indian Springs Baptist Church ofthe Calhoun Community 'extended an arm' to this faithfulgroup of believers.The church has a rich historyand will celebrate that history and God's blessings beginningwith a Fish Fry on Saturday, August 18, at 5:00 p.m. A celebration service will be held in the newly renovated sanctuarybeginning at 6:30. Sunday, August 19, will include regularservices with 'dinner on the grounds' and an afternoon celebration service.A number of former staff members will be present to remember and to "look forward". The public is invited to join Big Creekfor this milestone celebration. For more information contact thechurch office at 601-763-8100 or Pastor Don Brown at 601-4263293.

2August 1, 2012 Mississippi BaptistREVIVAL &CHURCHNEWSSkyway Hills calls pastorSkyway Hills Baptist Churchhas called Bro. Steven (Steve)Clark as their pastor. Bro.Clark is from Mt. Olive, Mississippi and recently pastoredSpringhill Church, Laurel.Emmanuel Church, TupeloSets RevivalEmmanuel Baptist Church,955 Scott Street, Tupelo, Mississippi, will start revival services Sunday night, August 26through Wednesday night,August 29 at 7:00 pm nightly.Our pastor, Dr. George Rogers,will be conducting the revival.Everyone is invited to comeand worship with us.Midway FBC RevivalMidway First BaptistChurch will have revival services August 12-17. Bro. LarryGeraldson will be our evangelist for the week. We will haveSunday services at 10:45 & 1:30with our weekly services at 7:00PM. We invite all to come andworship.Brad Stephens, pastorSpringhill RevivalSpringhill Baptist Church ofLaurel is hosting a revival August 12-17. Service times willbe August 12 at 10:45am and1:30pm and Monday the 13ththrough Friday the 17th at 7:00pm nightly. Our guest preacherwill be Bro. Ken Riley of Lebanon Baptist Church. All areinvited to join us. For more infocontact Associate Pastor Bro.Rick Clark at 601-335-1886.Broadmoor Revival SetBroadmoor Baptist Church,located at 5426 Hwy 39 North(just north of Hardee's) in Meridian, will be having revivalservices beginning Sunday,August 5 through Wednesday, August 8, 2012. Serviceswill begin on Sunday at 10:30a.m. and again on Sunday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. Evangelist Harold Floyd of Laurel, willbe our guest speaker in each ofthe services. Southern GospelArtist, Ridge Road, will sing atAn Open Letter to PastorsBy Charles AtteberyLifeWord Chief Development OfficerWho Will Tell Hasan?Hasan lives in Nigeria andhas never heard about Jesusand His power to save. Whowill tell Hasan? Hasan is included among the people Christwas talking about in the commission He gave the church togo into all nations. Hasan isjust one of hundreds of thousands of people who need tohear about Christ. While youmay not be able to go tell Hasanabout Jesus in person, there isa way for you to tell him through participation in theannual Lifeword Walk for theWorld.Lifeword is gearing up totake advantage of new technologies that will deliver theage old gospel message to morepeople in more ways than everChick-fil-ACathy chooses to spend themajority of his time travelingto the chain's growing family ofrestaurants and interactingwith Chick-fil-A's committedteam members. His actionsstem from a belief that working in the field provides aclearer understanding of theneeds of Chick-fil-A customers.Leading from the front line alsoenables him personally to convey his servant spirit to thechain's 61,000-plus employees.Cathy believes strongly thatChristians are missionaries inthe workplace. "Jesus had a lotof things to say about peoplewho work and live in the business community," he said. Hisgoal in the workplace is "totake biblical truth and put skinon it. . We're talking abouthow our performance in theworkplace should be the focusof how we build respect, rapport and relationships with others that opens the gateway tointerest people in knowing God."All throughout the NewTestament there is an evangelism strategy related to ourperformance in the workplace. Our work should be an act ofworship. Our work should beour mission field. As long as weare stateside, let's don't thinkwe have to go on mission tripsby getting a passport. . Ifyou're obedient to God you aregoing to be evangelistic in thequality of the work you do, using that as a portal to share[Christ]," he said.When asked if Chick-fil-A'ssuccess is attributed to biblicalvalues, Cathy quickly said, "Ithink they're inseparable. Godwants to give us wisdom tomake good decisions andchoices." Quoting James 1:5,he spoke of how often he asksGod for wisdom."Frequently Jesus chalcontinued on page 3from page 1forts to provide genuine hospitality, ensuring that customers have an exceptional diningexperience in a Chick-fil-A restaurant. Based on Matthew5:41, Cathy is on a mission toprovide customers with "second-mile" service -- exceedingeven the highest expectationsof a typical fast-food restaurant."We don't claim to be a Christian business," Cathy said in arecent visit to North Carolina.He attended a business leadership conference many years agowhere he heard Christian businessman Fred Roach say,"There is no such thing as aChristian business.""That got my attention,"Cathy said. Roach went on tosay, "Christ never died for acorporation. He died for youand me.""In that spirit . [Christianity] is about a personal relationship. Companies are notlost or saved, but certainly individuals are," Cathy added."But as an organization wecan operate on biblical principles. So that is what we claimto be. [We are] based on biblicalprinciples, asking God andpleading with God to give uswisdom on decisions we makeabout people and the programsand partnerships we have. AndHe has blessed us."Rather than leading from hiscorporate office in Atlanta,the Sunday afternoon service.Monday through Wednesdayservices will begin each eveningat 7:00 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to attend.Stephanie Holifield, ChurchClerkbefore, and we are strategicallyplanning as we integrate ourministry with the national Missions Department.Even though we are embracing new ways of doing things,one thing remains the same--the importance of our annualWalk for the World. Proceedsfrom this event account forapproximately one third ofLifeword’s total annual income.Cumulatively,over 10,000,000 has been raisedthrough the Walk since its inception in 1980, and we areexpecting a great responseagain this year.Changes have been made toallow for individual onlineWalk registrations, downloading event materials, and onlinefundraising by participants.While the date for the NationalWalk is October 13, churchesare free to set a date that worksbest with their calendar.Bro. Pastor, will you leadyour church to participate inthe Walk this year? In addition, will you plan a LifewordSunday in September to promote it? For more informationabout this important event, contact Diane Ward at 501329-6891 or by e-mail [email protected] am cursed with the gift of “Desert: Next Gas Station, 400distraction. I say a gift, be- miles”. Desert? That’s uncause it is like the present usual for Tennessee, but beingwrapped in shiny wrapping the type of person that is neverpaper concealing the obligatory wrong, I was sure that I waspreacher tie withstill on the rightthe button you pressroad in spite of theFrom Thethat plays “I’ll Havefact that my wife’sa Blue Christmas”.hands were aroundMind ofAs you unwrap themy throat and thebeautifully wrappedkids were all cryingbox with a genuinelyin the backseat.thankful smile uponIt’s hard to acyour face, it is hardcomplish muchto maintain thewhen you are eassame quality ofily distracted. I degratitude impressedcided to build aupon your visagelean-to for thewhile discoveringlawnmower theChuck Leethat you are nowother day. 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August 1, 2012 Mississippi Baptist3SoutheasternBaptist College4229 Highway 15 NorthLaurel, Mississippi 39440, (601) 426-6346Serving Christ With a Biblical World View In A Christian AtmosphereOn the RoadGod has blessed with appointments and safety on theroad over the past two months.This summer has zoomed byand it is now almost time forthe new semester to begin. InJuly, I represented the college at five local associationsand preachedat two of them.Also, I receivedinvitations tovisit with three Joseph HarrisInterimof our churchesPresidentand speak onbehalf of SBC and preach inthe service attended. Thesechurches and pastors were veryhospitable and I so appreciatethe opportunity to inform folksabout what is going on at SBC.The total number of associations attended in June and Julywas ten and the total numberof churches visited during aSunday or Wednesday servicewas six. These visits are valuable because our people havethe opportunity to ask questions and learn about SBC, plusnames of potential students areobtained and turned in to ourrecruiter. So far, one churchhas increased their monthlysupport by 250.00, and another church has begunmonthly support. All monthlyincreases add up and make adifference annually. I ask ourchurches to prayerfully consider adding SBC to theirmonthly support budget if atall possible. Your college is avital part of the BMA of Mississippi. Also, I thank those pastors and churches for the pastinvitations and once again remind all of our churches that Iam available to come and bewith you in a service. My itineraryisonwww.southeasternbaptist.eduand is as follows:August1 Pine Grove Baptist, Purvis Present SBC, Preach 5Bethel Baptist, Wiggins Present SBC, Preach EveningService6 Ten Mile Baptist Association, Ten Mile BaptistChurch, Wiggins, Preach9 East Central Association,Fairhope,Beaumont19 Helton Road Baptist,Theodore, AL - Present SBC,Up In LightsOur name is now up inlights .well, almost. SBCis now on three billboards inour area. This is a major accomplishment and blessing,since the cost for us is zero. Abillboard is up on Hwy 15 Northright down from the college.Another one is located on Hwy11 S in Ellisville, and the thirdone is on Hwy 49 right outsideCollins headed toward Jackson. Thanks again Richard andGina Headrick for this blessing.We also will have a displayChick-fil-Athe Chick-fil-A Bowl and hasbeen incredibly successful with15 consecutive sellouts."We are the only bowl thathas an invocation. It's in ouragreement that if Chick-fil-Ais associated in this, there'sgoing to be an invocation. Also,we don't have our bowl on Sunday, either," Cathy said.In 2008 Chick-fil-A begansponsoring a Chick-fil-A Kickoff game matching two of thenation's top teams and hostedon the first weekend of the season in the same stadium (Georgia Dome) as the Chick-fil-ABowl. This year Chick-fil-A willhost two kickoff games, one onFriday and one on Saturday."That's never been done before," he said.The pair of Chick-fil-A Kickoff games is expected to generate more than 60 million ineconomic impact. The bowlwebsite describes the event as"a college football celebrationof epic proportions."When questioned aboutChick-Fil-A's "Closed on Sunday" policy Cathy responded,"It was not an issue in 1946when we opened up our firstrestaurant. But as living standards changed and lifestyleschanged, people came to bemore active on Sundays."The policy has not changedover the years as malls beganchanging their policies by opening on Sundays."We've always put in ourlease that we will be closed onSundays," Cathy said. "We'vehad a track record that we weregenerating more business insix days than the other tenantswere generating in seven[days].""While developers had noidentity whatsoever with ourcorporate purpose to 'glorifyGod and be a faithful stewardof all that is entrusted to usand have a positive influenceon all that come in contact withChick-fil-A,' they did identifyfrom page 1lenged us to just ask . we'resimply not asking as often aswe should. We need to be morefaithful to depend on a Godwho does love us and wants tohave a relationship with us,and wants to give us the desires of our hearts."There is another successstory attributed to Cathy's organization. They have a positive influence in the world ofAtlantic Coast Conference(ACC) and Southeastern Conference (SEC) football.There was a time when theAtlanta college football bowlgame, which is now named after Chick-fil-A, was called thePeach Bowl. The annual bowlfeatures teams from the ACCand the SEC. It struggled for along time. Then 15 years agothe Chick-fil-A organization gotinvolved. It was rebranded asSosutheastern College BillboardPreach Morning and EveningServicesSeptember2 Kamp Kiwani Club (Kiwanis),Itta Kana, Brooklyn, MS9-14 Revival, Buffalo BaptistChurch, Mclain, MS23 CentralBaptist, Richton - Present SBC,Preach, Early Afternoon Serviceat the Laurel Sawmill SquareMall in the next week or two.This display will be unmannedbut stocked with brochures forpeople to take as they pass by.Too often I hear people say,“Southeastern? Where is thatcollege?” This is a reminder thatwe have to focus on becomingmore are available for thosewho cannot attend on campus.Remember, SBC offers A.A.degrees in General Education,Bible and Business and B.S.degrees in Business Administration and Bible.Fall SemesterRegistration will be heldfrom August 6-9 and classesbegin August 13. OnlineTeacher RecertificationSoutheastern is a four yearinstitution accredited by theMississippi Commission onCollege Accreditation. Teachers in public and private schoolshave to be recertified by thestate of Mississippi every fiveyears. Recertification can becompleted through courses atSoutheastern. Six hours inBible or business can be taken,then the teacher can go to theMississippi Department ofEducation web site, downloadthe form and check Bible orbusiness as their supplemental endorsement area. Thisform can then be sent to Jackson along with the SBC transcripts of the courses taken.with the rent checks that wewrote to the mall, that werebased on our sales."So, they would make anexception for Chick-fil-A whenthey wouldn't make an exception for anybody else, simplybecause they knew we wouldpay them more in rent thanany other tenant would thatwas open even seven days aweek."The company invests inChristian growth and ministrythrough its WinShape Foundation ( Thename comes from the idea ofshaping people to be winners.It began as a college scholarship and expanded to a fostercare program, an internationalministry, and a conference andretreat center modeled afterthe Billy Graham TrainingCenter at the Cove."That morphed into a marriage program in conjunctionwith national marriage ministries," Cathy added.Some have opposed thecompany's support of the traditional family. "Well, guilty ascharged," said Cathy whenasked about the company's position."We are very much supportive of the family -- the biblicaldefinition of the family unit.We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, andwe are married to our firstwives. We give God thanks forthat."We operate as a family business . our restaurants are typically led by families; some aresingle. We want to do anythingwe possibly can to strengthenfamilies. We are very muchcommitted to that," Cathy emphasized."We intend to stay thecourse," he said. "We know thatit might not be popular witheveryone, but thank the Lord,we live in a country where wecan share our values and operate on biblical principles."Dorm RenovationI am still praying for someone to answer the call to helplead in a work crew for renovating Hilbun Hall, our men’sdormitory. I am praying for aman or some men in one ormore of our churches to volunteer their organizational andwork skills to help. Their contribution in this area would bejust as valuable as a financialcontribution, maybe even more.

4August 1, 2012 Mississippi BaptistOpinion PageChurch of the Covered Dish BY THOMAS TAPPJournal of the Baptist Missionary Association of MississippiWhere Do We Go From Here? BreakingOn page one of this issue is an and proclaim the Gospel of News Itemarticle about the uproar over Jesus, the love of God and thethe Christian principles of the standards for mankind that ourownersofChick-Fil-A Lord has laid out for us.Satan is still active and dorestuarants.In an interview with Baptist ing all he can to undermineGod's people and HisPress, Dan Cathy,work and will.president and CEO ofDaily we are chalthe business simply eslenged by the "wiles ofpoused basic Christianthe devil" and we mustbeliefs (and commonever be vigilant andsense) concerning theactive.issue of marriage. Afaithful Baptist, CathyMarriage Defined?stated that his personalWe read now of thebelief is the biblicalDemocratic Nationalmandate that marriageDon BrownCommittee placingis simply the union ofEditorpublic support forone man and onesame-sex marriagewoman under God's diinto their political platform.rection.What a firestorm has This means that Democrats willerupted! Our society is slowly now actively run on this issuebecoming numb to the creep- as they try to elect a president,ing change concerning moral- senators and representatives.God judges those who turnity and standards. We are literally the frog in the water that is their backs upon Him, his righslowly being heated up until it teousness and His ways.May God have mercy onis too late to save ourselves.We must not be caught sleep- America and may we see naing and continue to espouse tional repentance!Sofilthy's Atticby Barbara WhiteThe CalfAttending the Big Creek District Revival recently,a friend of mine was reminded of a story about anincident that happened during another revival.It seems that a man who was not a very regularattender at his church decided to attend the revival.When he went in the people were making pledges to help thechurch's financial situation. When they looked to him, he toldthem that he had a calf that was nearly ready to sell and he wouldgive the price of the calf.Well, since he was not in the habit of going regularly, it was awhile before he again entered the church. As he went in thecongregation was singing, "The Half Has Never Yet Been Told".To his ears it sounded like, "The Calf Has Never Yet BeenSold." And as so often happens with people who rarely attend,he left in a huff."Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as themanner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much themore, as ye see the day approaching." Heb. 10:25Domestic shootingtouches familyA tragedy occurred in JonesCounty on Sunday, July 29. Aman shot and killed his daughter and also shot and woundedhis former wife and his sonin-law. The son-in-law, is theson of Timothy Savell andgrandson of Dr. MedrickSavell, former president ofSoutheastern Baptist Collegeand pastor of Riverside Baptist Church, Ellisville.The two surviving familymembers are in critical condition as is a Jones CountyDeputy Sheriff who waswounded during this confrontation. Let us be in prayer forall concerned and for theSavell family during this time.Biblical marriagesupporters seekSupreme Court reviewSAN FRANCISCO - Backers ofCalifornia's voter-approvedban on same-sex marriages areasking the U.S. Supreme Courtto overrule a federal appealscourt that struck down the measure as unconstitutional.Lawyers for the coalition ofreligious conservative groupsthat sponsored the ban, knownas Proposition 8, petitioned theSupreme Court Tuesday to review the lower court's findingthat the 2008 amendment tothe state constitution violatedthe civil rights of homosexualCalifornians.The move had been expectedsince a panel of the 9th U.S.Circuit Court of Appeals issuedits 2-1 decision earlier this year.If the high court declines totake the case, it would clear theway for same-sex marriages toresume in California. Samesex couples could get marriedin the state for several monthsbefore Proposition 8 passed.Gruesome discoveryalerts world to Russianabortion policyOneNewsNow - Authorities in"Just to clarify.last Sunday when Ipreached on the 'widow's mite' I wasnot suggesting it as your tithe."Russia continue to probe thediscovery of 248 aborted babiesin a forest in the Ural Mountains -- and one authority onthe subject believes the mainstream media is missing thepoint.According to a CNN report,the remains of the unborn babies were encased in plasticbarrels in a remote wooded areaabout 1,100 miles east of Moscow. The barrels were discovered by the residents of anearby community that is hometo several clinics that had hireda company to destroy their"medical waste."Dr. Brian Clowes of HumanLife International suggests themainstream media is reporting the case only as a violationof sanitation laws related tothe disposal of medical waste."What I see is 250 dead bodies, aborted late in pregnancy,probably pillaged for their organs, according to the Russiansthere," says Clowes. "It justshows the horrible underbellyand the anything-goes-mentality of the culture of death."Clowes points out that Russia was the first to legalize abortion in 1917. Now there is apopulation problem in the country."I talked to some of the demographers over there and thehead of the Moscow Demographic Institute and he says itis just killing their country,"the spokesman says. "He alsobelieves -- and I believe alongwith him -- that once you'vehad abortion in a country for along period of time, it kind ofkills the soul of the country andthere's no comeback from that."Russia now finds itself in asimilar position as countries inEurope where insufficientnumbers of children are beingborn to satisfy the labor demand and support the agingpopulation.Don J. Brown, EditorE-Mail - [email protected] site www.msbaptist.orgUSPS 353-960P.O. Box 8181Laurel, Mississippi 39441-8000Phone 601-426-3293Fax 601-763-4430PRICE 20.00 Per Year by Mail 10.00 Per Year by EmailCHURCH PLAN 1.30 Per MonthPublished on the 1st and 15th of each month by the Baptist MissionaryAssociation of Mississippi. Periodical postage paid at Hattiesburg,Mississippi 39402.Postmaster: Send address changes to the Mississippi Baptist Paper,P.O. Box 8181, Laurel, MS 39441-8000.

August 1, 2012 Mississippi Baptist5A Series on The SelfPart One: The Self-Centered PersonWhat would make a personpepper spray other shoppers(including children) in a storeat Christmas time just to clearthe aisle so they could get thegifts they wanted for themselves? What causes people tostay up half the night yelling,partying, drinking and cursingin a campground with no regard for all the other campersaround them who are trying tosleep? And has it ever irritatedyou to see large flashing signson an interstate telling you thatthe right lane is closed aheadand to merge into one lane; yetthere are those who won't getin line, but fly past everyoneand squeeze in at the lastminute because that sign wasfor everyone else, but not them?It is disrespectful of others. Noone respects other people. Theyonly think of themselves andfeel like they are entitled towhat they want, when theywant it. This pervasive attitude in this country can all bewrapped up into a core causality emanating from the heart.It is deeper than disrespect. Itgoes deeper than just trying toget ahead. In one word it is‘self-centeredness’. At the heartof what is wrong with our society is a simple truth - we arebecoming a nation of self-centered, self-focused and selfserving people.My wife and I watched thenews in horroras a woman wasbeatenandrobbed and layinjured on a citysidewalk. Thecamera showedother pedestrians walkingaround her andalmost walking over her without helping her at all. I trulydon't believe that would happen in the south. However,give it more time and it will becoming to a city near you.People are losing their capacity to care. They are shutting down compassion and caring for others. It is reflective ofthe sinful nature of man. If wedon't keep Jesus in our heartsas the dominant guiding forceof our hearts, then we will turnself-centered. If we take oureyes off of God and put it on thethings of this world that arearound us, then we will seekonly our self, and not the will ofGod. Just ask Adam and Eve ifthis is true.There are many biblical examples of selfish people in theBible. David acted very selfishwhen he saw Bathsheba andwanted her for himself. Then,he just took her. He didn't carewho he hurt orwhat it cost.David was onlyFamily Ark thinking aboutheMinistries whatwanted. SelfTravis Plumlee ish. So, Davidwas not

The week of July 23-27, BMA Theological Seminary and First Baptist Church, of Mantachie partnered together to equip laborers for the har-vest. Dr. Charley Holmes, President of BMATS, and Dr. Philip Attebery, Academic Dean of BMATS, led a group of 22 men and women through a week-long