SCS January 2018Using a commissioning simulatorto secure plant scheduleSCS January 2018

! Agenda CopyrightTNPJVCTAISHAN EPR simulatorsEngineering Simulator overviewV&V using Engineering SimulatorCommissioning Tests on SimulatorTSN U1 Cold Functional TestsTSN U1 pre Hot Functional BAS TestsSCS January 2018

! Taishan EPRTM Simulators CORYS provides simulators to both TNPJVC and FRAMATOMETNPJVCOperators training and licensingTaiffu Simulator Copy of FA3 simulator for initialoperator training First version July 2010, updatedtwice afterwards Simulated I&C (spec level)FRAMATOMECommissioning risk mitigationEngineering SimulatorFull Scope Simulator RFT signed on Sept2014Used full time for trainingSuccessful completion of ROexamination December 2014, SROexamination May 2015Update forecasted after plantcommissioningEmulated operational I&C Emulated Safety I&C 27th February 2015 1st version installedFour complete I&C updateafterward for CFT and HFTconfigurationSimulated operational I&CEmulated Safety I&CSimulated I&C in early stage FSS project early stage use of simulated I&C before switching toemulated I&C was fit to face upcoming commissioning challenges ofTSN EPR Design is still in progress, simulated I&C is more flexible than emulatedI&CSCS January 2018

! Engineering Simulator ScopeNormal Operation: Full range from primary circuit opened to 100% power Start-up, Shutdown, Load follow, House load, Reactor Trip Incidental and accidental transients Steam Generator Tube Rupture Loss Of Coolant Accident Main Steam Line BreakTSN Engineering Simulator Simulation NSSSscope BNIMalfunctions & local actions CI failures of systems, Turbine Electrical systems equipment, HVAC limited to reactor building breaks in pipes,I&C Simulated operational I&C loss of power, Emulated safety I&C Simulated HMI loss of I&C Out of scope Operation from safety back-up panels Severe accidentSCS January 2018

! Engineering Simulator ModelHMIModelsThermal hydraulic:Inherited from DRAC and SPL (ALICES)Full Scope SimulatorOM690: ALICES simulationManual ordersAnnunciationsignalizationContainmentI&CTXS: emulatorT2000: ALICES simulationTurbine control: ALICESRod controlsHeat losses,Breaks mass flowand Thermal exchanges,[B10], Water densityNeutronic modelCOX3DOrders andcheck backsPower supplyAuxiliary systemsMass flowPressureEnthalpyexchangesConventional IslandSCS January 2018

! Electrical and I&C simulation modelsSECTION 1TS11110JA-1120JA-TA99999 VLGALGBLGPLGKLIAElectrical systems distribution fully simulated Main generatorEmergency/Safety diesel generatorsBatteriesLKACINIDIVISION 1GLHPGLJPLGF99999 FLKFLLULLQLLPLOBLOALAKLVALVBLVFS YN L I S T ELVPLOFNon-safety class I&C: Simulated Siemens SPPA-T2000 PROSFlexible for analysis/debugging, signals/parameters forcing, I&C logic modificationsHighly detailed, down to the allocation to cabinets and fallback valuesEasy initial conditions maintenance CONS cabinets are all synchronized, and I&C time transfers not in themodelSafety-class I&C: Emulated FRAMATOME TXS Functionality for on-line diagram and running code display,parameters modification and implementation of hardware malfunctionsSCS January 2018

! Electrical and I&C simulation modelsBlack Boxes Simulated with CORYS engineering toolbox ALICES (turbine andgenerator control, Emergency Diesel Generator, Chillers )HMI: Simulated OM690 Same look and feel as the real systemSCS January 2018

! Engineering Simulator and V&V processImport I&C database and HMIafter platform tests OR before platform testsXML importTEC4 I&C DiagramsSimulation DiagramsV-cycle ES can been loaded with I&C databases using export/import toolswithin 2 months.So far 4 versions have been loaded for CFT and HFT Latest design changes requested for site tests can be implementedquickly on ES to support design, V&V or commissioning 45 design modifications tested on ES to prepare HFTSCS January 2018

! Engineering Simulator and V&V processV&V activities for an I&C plant configuration are done at different level Functional verification by Design(Per System) Implementation verification byI&C (Per System) Site CommissioningEngineering Simulator(I&C and process model)Test Bay platform (I&C in cabinets oremulator) (Per System)Advantage of Engineering simulator versus other test means Fully integrated I&C (safety and operational I&C, priority management, main black boxes) with plant HMI(operating displays, procedures and alarms) and process model (closed loop)Engineering simulator is the best test means that can provide FRAMATOME engineers with acomprehensive feedback over the design and procedures qualitySimulated operational I&C is flexible and easy to use to correct/adapt until configuration is frozen. Veryuseful to support design and standard V&V.Limitations Not a qualified tool – complementary of mandatory standard V&V and help to designI&C performance (time responses) not representative of the real systemAre process models and simulated BBOX representative enough ?Advanced tool requiring specific skills to work efficientlySCS January 2018

! Engineering Simulator test objectivesThe initial objective was commissioning risk mitigation by testing: Normal operation proceduresCommissioning procedures, 85 procedures chosen among:Main plant Control loopsNSSS Fluid systems testsPower supply loss (Main/Auxiliary grid transfer, Emergency Diesel Generator)I&C division loss Complex systems, harsh transients, deviation from normal operating range Engineering Simulator use was extended to: Test of I&C transverse functions hardly testable on siteParticular Operating Rules (operation with loss of an I&C function)Emergency Operating Procedures testHuman factor testsPretest and validation of I&C design changes before standard V&VControl loops preliminary tuningFRAMATOME Commissioning team trainingSite tests preparation (hydro test, BAS test )SCS January 2018

! REX - Benefits for CommissioningValidate complex/risky commissioning test procedures Test sequences, feasibility (I&C interlocks or spurious actions) andergonomicsCheck component protection features and assess risk of equipmentdamageIdentify the required I&C temporary modifications to be performed duringtestsVerify and validate I&C behavior together with the process Complex scenario involving many I&C systems interfacesControl loops behavior, Optimization strategy identification, and pre-tuningStudy fallback operations (reverse path, loss of control loops, )Secure schedule Early findings of design/procedure flaws saves time on siteSCS January 2018

! REX - Benefits for CommissioningTraining Very efficient to train staff for good surveillance and avoiding human errorsCommissioning team CFT training and S1 TrainingMandatory Commissioning and Operation training for Startup Shift EngineersTeam building and Communication between disciplines Design and commissioning engineers work out issues togetherAll disciplines are involved at some point (Process and Safety team, I&C,Commissioning )On site support for design/commissioning teams Design evolutions and Commissioning tests adaptation can be work out quicklyEfficient tool for troubleshootingSCS January 2018

! TSN U1 Cold Functional TestsIn November 2015, specific simulator activities were done by FRAMATOMEto finalize CFT preparation using a CFT I&C version.The engineering simulator was used for different purposes : Validation/redlining of Normal operation procedures used for CFTperformance, Validation of TP ENS 21 hydro test procedure on the simulator, Identification of all the I&C temporary modifications necessary to avoidspurious actions or blocking actions from I&C during CFT Performance, Validation/Tuning of some control loops used during CFT, Training/qualification of Shift Supervisor Engineer on the simulator before CFT(one week).SCS January 2018

! TSN U1 Cold Functional TestsMeanwhile TNPJVC rehearsed CFT as well on the FSS FSS I&C was unfortunately not in CFT configuration Validation of emergency plan for over pressure transients during CFT Elaboration of RBS start up and pressure control plan Working on the risk of safety injection from diversification signals Working on I&C interlocksSCS January 2018

! TSN U1 Cold Functional TestsTSN Unit 1 Cold Functional Test (CFT) successfully completed on Jan.27th, 2016 TNPJVC and FRAMATOME preparation proved to be complementary No major problem of procedure identified during CFT The temporary I&C modifications identified during preparation and onsimulator were exhaustive for hydro test (no concern during CFTPerformance) Good behavior of the control loops optimized on simulator during CFTperformance.SCS January 2018

! TSN U1 preHFT BAS TestsTSN Unit 1 preHFT NI Electrical Power Supply Change-over Tests (TPBAS) ANT/AST switchoverSwitch-over to EDG (LOOP situation)SBO Diesel Generator Black StartComplex I&C logics with fully integrated plantMany I&C forcing and scripting to conduct some testsPotential risk for some equipment3 BAS tests run on Engineering Simulator by FRAMATOME BAS testcoordinator Run 1 and 2Detect main I&C design issues for simulated systemsDebug simulator electrical model BBOX issues (EDG/SBO/chillers/ )Improve TP tests strategies and instructions› In particular I&C forcing and scripts to be used during the tests (TCA)Run 3 performed just before site testsRehearse critical tests taking into account latest site constraint (RPV closed)Finalize and validate critical design changeValidate TP and TCA and gain confidence for upcoming site testsSCS January 2018

! TSN U1 preHFT BAS TestsTests completed successfully on TSN U1 on March 3, 2017 No major issues found on the ES simulation scope, mostly synchronizationissues due to I&C performance that could not be seen with simulated I&C,and BBOX issues Logic issues found on systems out of ES simulation scope (mostly HVAC)and/or tests not rehearsed on ESDespite known limitations (HVAC/BBOX), ES preparation washighly valuableSCS January 2018

! ConclusionClose partnership between CORYS and FRAMATOME engineering teamsallowed regular update of the simulator to stick to the design and meet plantscheduleEngineering simulator allows us to Discover and solve issues (I&C, procedures) before site tests Gather different teams and improve communication and cooperation Train our staff efficientlyA powerful tool to support design integration and commissioning First full integration of I&C coupled with process before site tests Detail design I&C simulation is very relevant for CommissioningEven though it is not as representative as an emulator (time responses in particular)A bug found in the simulator I&C logic or parameters is a bug on site as well and the flexibility of the simulation allows to quickly sort it outThe exact I&C forcing to be done during Commissioning can be tested Simulator most advanced users are now members of the Start Up TeamES is a well known and recognized tool now on the TSN projectCFT and HFT preparation proved very useful and we look forward toconfirm it with successful FLG tests.SCS January 2018

! LATEST DEVELOPMENTSTAISHAN Unit 1 is expecting to have CFL authorisation in comingdaysFrench Flamanville 3 EPR plant just finish beginning of JanuaryCFT successfully Using also dedicated commissioning simulator loaded with latestI&C database Taken into account TAISHAN REXSCS January 2018

Thank you for your attention !Questions ?Romain BALP – FRAMATOMEPatrice ROTH - CORYSBian Xiu Shi 卞秀 石 - TNPJVCSCS January 2018

Efficient tool for troubleshooting . SCS January 2018 ! TSN U1 Cold Functional Tests . (HVAC/BBOX), ES preparation was highly valuable . SCS January 2018 ! . Simulator