Table of ContentsAPPLICATION SETUP. 31. Import Application . 3APPLICATION DESIGN. 41. Event Management Landing Page. 41.1 Landing Page . 42. Event Owner Landing Page . 42.1. Event Creation Page . 43. Speaker Landing Page . 53.1. Speaker Checks Event Details. 54. Event Posting Page . 64.1. Event Owner Posting Page . 64.1.1. Speaker Acceptance Flow . 64.1.2. Speaker Rejection Flow . 85. Participant Landing Page. 115.1. Anonymous User Landing Page . 115.1.1. Past Events . 125.1.2. Cal File . 125.1.3. Upcoming Events .13APPLICATION WORKFLOW . 14Event Creation Form . 14Admin (event owner) Login . 14Speaker Form . 14Speaker Login . 14Event Posting Form . 14Event Owner Login . 14Participant Form . 14Anonymous User Form . 14APPLICATION WORKFLOW DIAGRAM . 15CHANGING THE LOGO . 16MODIFYING CSS . 181 CSS Sections . 181

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APPLICATION SETUP1. Import ApplicationImport the application in your environment and uncheck the “Remove previously definedusers and groups from this application” option to maintain the assigned roles.Application Roles: Event Owner (Any Authenticated Domino User) Speaker (Any Authenticated Domino User) Participant (Anonymous User)Here Event Owner is Domino Administrator. Add the Speaker details in the DominoDirectory. Event Owner and Speaker field needs to be populated with the appropriate namefor the application workflow to work.3

APPLICATION DESIGN1. Event Management Landing Page1.1 Landing PageHere event owner fist needs to login with their credentials to create an event.2. Event Owner Landing Page2.1. Event Creation PageHere event owner can create an event by clicking on “create event” button.4

By clicking on “create event” button event owner will be redirected to the following pagewhere the event owner can create an event based on the following fields.3. Speaker Landing Page3.1. Speaker Checks Event DetailsSpeaker receives an email when event is created by event owner. Speaker can viewevent details by clicking on “link” provided in email.Speaker accepts/rejects the event based on the requirement.5

Speaker can reject the event by mentioning remarks and click on “Reject” button.4. Event Posting Page4.1. Event Owner Posting Page4.1.1. Speaker Acceptance FlowIf speaker accepts the event, then an email is sent to event owner as shown below.Event Owner can check the events accepted by speaker by clicking on “accepted events” button.6

By selecting desired event, event owner can check details of event and can post event by clicking on“post event” button.Once event is posted by the event owner, it will be displayed in the table as shown below. Eventowner can view all the past events, upcoming event and past event repository by using the buttonsas shown.7

4.1.2.Speaker Rejection FlowIf speaker rejects the event, then an email is sent to event owner as shown below.Event Owner can view the remarks mentioned by speaker by clicking on “link” provided in email.8

Event Owner can view the rejected events by clicking on “rejected events” as shown below.Event Owner can update changes by selecting the desired event, modify required field mentioned byspeaker and click on “update event” button as shown below.Once event is updated, speaker receives an email notification as shown below.9

By clicking on the link provided in email, speaker can check updated details and can accept theevent.Event Owner can check accepted events by clicking on “accepted events” button. By clicking ondesired event, event owner can post the event by clicking on “post event” button as shown below.By clicking on “posted events” button event owner can view all the events posted.10

By clicking on different buttons like past events, upcoming events, past event repository eventowner can view events present in those categories.5. Participant Landing Page5.1. Anonymous User Landing PageUser can check the events posted by the event owner by clicking on “search event”11

By clicking on “search event” user can view all the available past and upcoming events.5.1.1. Past EventsFor the past events, the user can select the desired event and the Presentation and Recordingfile URLs are display below.5.1.2 Cal FileFor the calendar view this “CAL File” need to be place in domino server path.12

5.1.3. Upcoming EventsBy clicking on ‘View Upcoming Event Calendar’ button the calendar view of events will be displayedto the user. By selecting the event name from calendar, event details can be displayed in the event detailssection. Then ical file can be downloaded by clicking on ‘Download ICAL’ button.13

APPLICATION WORKFLOWEvent Creation FormAdmin (event owner) LoginooBy using this form event owner can create an event.After creating an event and submitting the event, an email notification will be sentto the speaker.Speaker FormSpeaker LoginooooSpeaker can view the event details by clicking on the link provided in the email.After checking the event details speaker can accept/reject the event.Speaker needs to upload presentation and recording files once event is finished.An email notification will be sent to the event owner when speaker accepts/rejectsthe event.Event Posting FormEvent Owner LoginooooooooEvent Owner can check the accepted and rejected events in the table and can takeappropriate action.If speaker accepts an event, then event owner can post the event.By clicking on an event, event owner can post the event by clicking on “post event”button.If speaker rejects any event, event owner can view the details by clicking on the linkprovided in the email.To update changes mentioned by speaker, event owner can click on rejected eventsbutton above the table.Event Owner clicks on any rejected event, modifies the changes and click on “updateevent” button to update the details.When event owner updates the details, email notification is sent to speaker.Speaker can view the event details and accepts/rejects the event.Participant FormAnonymousUser FormoooAny anonymous user can search for events by clicking on “search event” button.User can click on an event and download ICAL file.User can open ICAL file and add to their Calendar in order to get notified about theupcoming events.14


CHANGING THE LOGOEdit the application and open every page. Follow the steps below to apply the logo ofyour choice: Go to the side-nav section of the page. The highlighted section in the below image.In the side-nav section, click the first textbox with the default company logo as shown inthe below image. Upon clicking the text box, a dialogue box will open with the textbox properties asshown below Remove the existing default logo and add your customized logo in it.To add new logo, click on the image icon on the top right which contains imageproperties. 16

Select the image from the existing images or add new image from outside theapplication using the Add file button. A dialogue box will be opened as shownbelow. Give the name and description and click on OK. Now the image is added to yourvolt application.Add the logo with the custom width and height as shown below. Click on APPLY and OK to apply the changes made and to set the new logo.17

MODIFYING CSSYou can add your custom stylesheets using the instructions given here volt/1.0/ex css toc.htmlThe CSS used in this application is named ‘style.css’ and it can be further modified asneeded.Go to Settings Files and click on “Add” button and add your custom cascading stylesheet file as shown below.Click on “Choose file” select your custom CSS file and click on “OK”.1 CSS Sections Buttonso Default buttons like Submit, Next, Back and Custom buttons CSS propertiesare given in this section.Sectionso The properties of sections in the application can be controlled from here.Tabso Tab CSS properties like tab checked and unchecked.Text and Text boxeso The text boxes width, height, padding and the text headings size, font etc.are specified here.Side Navo The customization of the side nav bar like background colour, boarderradius etc. is given here.Tableo Table colour, alternative rows colour, column headings etc. are customizedhere.18

Event Management Landing Page 1.1 Landing Page Here event owner fist needs to login with their credentials to create an event. 2. Event Owner Landing Page 2.1. Event Creation Page Here event owner can create an event by clicking on create event button. 5 y clicking on create event _ button even