AGENDAPLACERVILLE CITY COUNCILREGULAR MEETINGTUESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2022CLOSED SESSION: 4:00OPEN SESSION: 5:00 PMCITY COUNCIL CHAMBERS – TOWN HALL549 MAIN STREET, PLACERVILLE, CA 95667PUBLIC PARTICIPATION INFORMATIONYou are welcomed and encouraged to participate in this meeting. Public comment istaken (3 minutes maximum) on items listed on the agenda when they are called.Advance Correspondence/Written Comments: You may submit your comments by e-mailto [email protected], or you may submit your comments in-person at theAdministration Department, City Hall – 4th Floor, 3101 Center Street by 2:00 p.m. the daybefore the meeting to give the City Clerk adequate time to forward your comments to the CityCouncil.Advance Correspondence/Written Comments received by 12:00 pm the Tuesday precedingthe Council meeting will be included in the agenda packet. Written Comments received afterthat time will be provided to the members of the City Council and will be placed on the backtable for public review as part of the full agenda packet at the meeting. These comments willnot be read aloud at the time of the meeting, nor posted on the City’s website. Commentsmust not be slanderous, and must relate to business within the jurisdiction of the CityCouncil. All written communication will be kept on file in the Administration Departmentduring normal business hours.FACE COVERINGS AND SOCIAL DISTANCING INFORMATIONIn Accordance with guidelines from the California Department of Public Health and the Stateof California, please observe 6 feet of social distancing where possible and wear a mask if youare unvaccinated.Thank you for your cooperation.Regular Meeting of the City Council of February 22, 20221Visit us on “The Web” at

CITY COUNCIL MEMBERSKARA TAYLOR, MAYORMICHAEL SARAGOSA, VICE-MAYORPATRICIA BORELLIJACKIE NEAUDENNIS THOMASM. CLEVE MORRISCITY MANAGERMONA EBRAHIMICITY ATTORNEYREGINA O’CONNELLCITY CLERK4:00 P.M. CLOSED SESSIONItem 1:Conference with Labor NegotiatorsPatrick Clark, Cleve Morris, Dave WarrenGovernment Code § 54957.6Bargaining Unit: Local 39Item 2:Conference with Legal Counsel – Anticipated LitigationGovernment Code § 54956.9, 54956.9(d)(2) and (e)(1)5:00 P.M. OPEN SESSION1.CALL TO ORDER & PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO THE FLAG2.ROLL CALL: Borelli, Neau, Saragosa, Taylor, Thomas3.CEREMONIAL MATTERS4.CLOSED SESSION REPORT – City Attorney Ebrahimi5.ADOPTION OF AGENDA6.ANNOUNCEMENTS/PRESENTATIONS TO THE PUBLIC6.17.Brief Comments by the City CouncilCONSENT CALENDARNOTE: All matters listed under the Consent Calendar are considered routine and will beenacted by one motion by roll call vote unless any member of the Council wishes to removeRegular Meeting of the City Council of February 22, 20222Visit us on “The Web” at

an item for discussion. The reading of the full text of all Resolutions will be waived unlessa Councilmember requests otherwise.7.18.A.Approve the Minutes of the Special City Council Meeting ofJanuary 25, 2022 (Ms. O’Connell)B.Approve the Minutes of the Regular City Council Meeting ofFebruary 8, 2022 (Ms. O’Connell)7.2Approve the Accounts Payable Register (Mr. Warren)7.3Approve the Payroll Register (Mr. Warren)7.4Receive and File Public Records Requests (Ms. O’Connell)PUBLIC COMMENT – NON-AGENDA ITEMSThis portion of the meeting is reserved for persons wishing to address the Council on anymatter not on the Agenda that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the City Council.State law prohibits the Council from acting on items not listed on the Agenda except byspecial action of the City Council under specified circumstances.The Mayor reserves the right to limit the speaker’s time to three minutes. You are notallowed to make personal attacks on individuals or make comments which are slanderousor which may invade an individual’s personal privacy.8.1Written CommunicationWritten Communication items are comments received on non-agendaitems pertaining to business within the jurisdiction of the City Council.These are not items for discussion but can be referred to staff orrequested by Council to be placed on a future agenda.8.29.Oral CommunicationITEMS PULLED FROM THE CONSENT CALENDAR10.ORDINANCES11.PUBLIC HEARINGS12.DISCUSSION/ACTION ITEMS12.1 Adopt a Resolution Opposing State Initiative 21-0042A1, theCalifornia Business Roundtable Taxpayer Protection andGovernment Accountability Act (Mr. Morris)Regular Meeting of the City Council of February 22, 20223Visit us on “The Web” at

Att.Att.Att.Att.A:B:C:D:Draft ResolutionInitiative as AmendedFiscal AnalysisLegal Analysis12.2 Adopt a Resolution:1.Authorizing the Director of Community Services toNegotiate an Agreement with Pride Industries for Custodial andLight Landscape Maintenance Services for the City Parking Garage,Main Street, 8 Downtown Public Parking Lots, City, Lions, Rotaryand Lumsden Parks, Gold Bug Park, the Water Reclamation Facility,the Downtown Public Restroom and Placerville Station Bus StopRestroom for the 2022 Calendar Year; and2.Authorizing the Director of Community Services toExecute the Same (Mr. Zeller)Att. A:Att. B:12.3ResolutionProposal from Pride Industries1.Receive and File Main Street Trunk Sewer AlternativeConceptual Study Submitted by Dewberry Drake Haglan for theSewer Line Relocation – Clay Street to Locust Avenue (CIP #41202);and2.Provide Direction for the Selection of the ImprovementAlternative and Authorize the Engineering Department to Proceedwith the Final Design of that Alternative (Ms. E:F:G:H:I:Existing Utilities Exhibit2014 Project AlternativeMain Street Alternative with Construction SequenceMain Street Alternative Construction ZoneMain Street Alternative – Option 1Main Street Alternative – Option 2Main Street Alternative – Option 3Main Street Alternative – Option 2/3 HybridComplete Technical Memorandum (Electronic Only)12.4 Adopt a Resolution:1.Abolishing the Current 1.00 FTE Assistant EngineerPosition from the Fiscal Year 2021/2022 Operating Budget; and2.Approving the Amended Job Description and SalaryRange for the 1.00 FTE Engineering Specialist Position for theFiscal Year 2021/2022 Operating Budget; and3.Approving the 0.48 FTE Administrative SecretaryPosition for the Engineering Department for the Fiscal Year2021/2022 Operating Budget; andRegular Meeting of the City Council of February 22, 20224Visit us on “The Web” at

4.Approving and Affirming a New Salary Schedule EffectiveMarch 5, 2022 (Ms. Neves)Att. A:Att. B:Att. C:ResolutionEngineering Specialist Job DescriptionNew Salary Schedule12.5 Adopt a Resolution Approving a 1.00 FTE Building Official Positionin the Department of Development Services for the Fiscal Year2021/2022 Operating Budget (Mr. Morris, Mr. Rivas)Att. A:13.ResolutionCOUNCIL REPORTS FROM OTHER AGENCY MEETINGS El Dorado County Transit AuthorityMayor Taylor, Councilmember Neau El Dorado County Transportation CommissionMayor Taylor, Councilmember Borelli, Councilmember Thomas LAFCO (El Dorado Local Agency Formation Commission)Councilmember Neau SACOG (Sacramento Area Council of Governments)Vice-Mayor Saragosa Pioneer Community Energy Board of DirectorsCouncilmember Thomas Placerville Fire Safe CouncilCouncilmember Borelli City/County Two by Two CommitteeMayor Taylor, Vice-Mayor Saragosa Opportunity Knocks/Continuum of CareVice-Mayor Saragosa14.REQUESTS FOR FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS – (Requests for Future AgendaItems Requires a Majority Concurrence of the Council)15.CITY MANAGER AND STAFF REPORTS15.1 Acknowledge and File the HDL Sales Tax and Economic Reports forthe Quarter Ended September 30, 2021 (Mr. Warren)Regular Meeting of the City Council of February 22, 20225Visit us on “The Web” at

Att. A:16.HDL Sales Tax ReportsUPCOMING ITEMSItems tentatively scheduled for the next City Council meeting include: PlacervilleFire Safe Council announcement, Smith Flat Road Surveying Contract, RatifyingTown Hall Change Orders and Budget Appropriation, Hangtown Creek Culvertand Parking Lot Restoration (at Tap House), Broadway Sidewalks - REYAmendment 6, Broadway Sidewalks - Permission to make offers of purchase,Placerville Economic Advisory Committee Report to Council, Measure J Report,Mid-Year Budget Report, Special Event Policy and Process, and AdministrativeSecretary position (Development Services).17.ADJOURNMENTThe next regularly scheduled Council meeting will be held on March 8, 2022,4:30 P.M. Closed Session, 5:00 P.M. Regular MeetingPursuant to the Executive Order, and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, ifyou need special assistance to participate in the Council meeting, please contact the City Clerk’sOffice (530)642-5531 within 48 hours of the meeting.Government Code 54950 (The Brown Act) requires that a brief description of each item to betransacted or discussed be posted at least 72 hours prior to a regular meeting. The City posts theAgenda on the City Hall window and on the City’s website: OF AGENDA POSTINGI, Regina O’Connell, City Clerk of the City of Placerville, declare that theforegoing Agenda for the February 22, 2022, Regular Meeting of the Placerville CityCouncil was posted and available for review on February 17, 2022 at the City Hall ofthe City of Placerville, 3101 Center Street, Placerville, CA 95667.The Agenda is also available on the City website at www.cityofplacerville.orgAttest:Regina O’Connell, CPMC, City ClerkRegular Meeting of the City Council of February 22, 20226Visit us on “The Web” at

Regular Meeting of the City Council of February 22, 2022 6 Visit us on “The Web” at Att. A: HDL Sales Tax Reports 16. UPCOMING ITEMS Items tentatively scheduled for the next City Council meeting include: Placerville Fire Safe Council an