SHORT SIMPLEBible StudiesBy Helen Frazee

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How To Give Short,Simple Bible Studies– By Helen Frazee“The plan of holding Bible readings was a heaven-born plan” (Ev 456). ReadEvangelism 456-495 to learn more of the plan.One feature of the plan is to go two by two when possible (Ev 457,458).What is the advantage of having a helper?1. He can pray with you over souls (See 7T 21,22 & Mt 18:19,29)2. He can pray silently for you as you give the study3. He can help the people find the texts in their Bible4. He can read some of the texts, as this will help the people to feel youare all studying together5. Sometimes the helper may need to take care of the children so themother can get more out of the studyThe Bible Study“Make every point as plain as mileposts” (Ev 439)“Provide yourself with an outline” (2 Tim 1:13 Weymouth)Here is a simple one we will use in these 32 lessons:I. Introduction: This will usually be a review of the previous lessonII. Mileposts: Do not “be so very explicit and say all upon a point thatcan be said when a few arguments will cover the ground” (Ev 482)III. Conclusion: Because of the proofs made clear in the mileposts, thepeople are brought to a point of truth in each lessonIV. Appeal: Then an appeal is made for them to accept the conclusionas it affects their minds or actions. Offer a simple prayer on the pointof the appealV. Tie-over: This announces your topic for the next week3

1T 326 – says that “Honest souls will see the straight chain of present truth.They will see its harmonious connections, link after link, uniting into a greatwhole, and will lay hold upon it.”This series of lessons is a chain, each lesson a link. This is how they are tiedtogether. The tie-over in each lesson links with the conclusion in the next.(Watch for this as you study.) Thus a strong chain of truth is forged. The chainis presented in The Great Controversy, so we use this not as only a text bookin preparing the lessons, but to leave with the people to read. A few lessonsuse other Spirit of Prophecy books which you can loan or they can purchase.This acquaints your reader with the Ellen G. White books long before you talkof their divine inspiration.Each lesson will contain two sheets. The outline and the notes for the Bibleinstructor are for you to keep. The questions with the texts you will leave withyour contact AFTER you have given the study. He will write the answers duringthe week and you can go over them with him at the beginning of the nextstudy. You can obtain extra sheet of questions so you can give them to allyour Bible readers. As you prepare for each study, you may wish to write thetexts on your outline sheet, and then this can be slipped in your Bible whenyou give the study.Remember: you are a teacher, not a preacher. Ask questions and wait forthe people to answer. Help them find the answers in the text. In harmony withEvangelism 481: “Conduct simple, spirited Bible readings.” We have madethese lessons very simple and very short. When your contact wishes furtherinformation or has more time, you can add additional texts. May you be a“wise” soul winner (Prov 11:30).4

Jesus Is Coming SoonOutline for Lesson OneI. Introduction: Discuss sickness and death and the thought that God has asolution, as told about in the Bible.II. Mileposts:1. Jesus is coming2. How is He coming?a. In the cloudsb. Every eye shall see Himc. With the angels3. What is He coming for?III. Conclusion: The coming Jesus will solve all our problems.IV.Tie-over: Is He coming soon? In our day? What signs has He given us?(I’ll be glad to come back next week and study these questions with you.)This week, read Mt. 24 and see if you can find some of the answers.V. Appeal:a. In view of Jesus’ soon coming, you will want to live a better life this week.b. Ask for peace in the midst of our problems.*Notes for the Bible Instructor*Note the needs in the home where you are starting. In a poor home wherethere has been a financial crisis, you might speak of the financial inequalityand show that only God has the answer – then read your text.Some home problems in which there seems to be no solution can lead you tosay that God has the answer- then read your text.Or recent new of wars, rumors of wars, disasters etc., can start the subject ofGod having all the answers.5

He Is Coming In Our DayOutline for Lesson TwoI. Introduction: Jesus is coming! This will solve all problems. Quotefrom noted surgeon: “from the eyes of a surgeon, I can see only one hopefor the cure of this dreaded cancer plague, and that is the second comingof Christ.”II. Mileposts:1. Signs of Christ’s cominga. Distress of nationsb. Earthquakes and tidal wavesc. Heart failuresd. Break-up of homese. Heavenly signs (Read GC 306.3 - 308.2 and GC 333,334)f. Like leaves of spring2. Nearness of His coming. At the door.III. Conclusion:a. He will come in our dayb. We have passed most of the signpostsIV.Appeal: Will you open your heart’s door to Jesus so that you will be readywhen He comes to take you to heaven?V. Tie-over:a. What will heaven be like? What will we do there? This week readRevelation 21 and 22b. We will have most texts for you next week which will make heaven seemlike a desirable place.*Notes for the Bible Instructor*Try to do all your visiting before the study so that you can leave as soon asthe study is over with the appeal left strongly in their minds.After reading from The Great Controversy, leave it for your contact as a gift,purchase or loan. There will be more reading from it later.6

What Will Heaven Be Like?Outline for Lesson ThreeI. Introduction: Jesus is coming in our day to take us to heaven. Whatwill Heaven be like? What will we do in heaven?II. Mileposts:A. A country-like city1. Description of the citya. Jasper wallsc. Streets of golde. River of lifeb. Gates of pearlsd. Foundations of precious stonesf. Tree of life2. We will be with Goda. See Him face to facec. Sing and play in His presenceb. Have His characterd. Travel with HimB. City Transferred to the country1. God will be with usa. No more tears etc.b. Forget former troubles2. Description of country homea. Build homesc. Eat fruite. Animals peacefulb. Plant vineyardsd. Children with usIII. Conclusion:a. Heaven is wonderful beyond beliefb. We will be real people doing real thingsIV. Appeal: Don’t you want to get yourself and your family into the way ofholiness?V. Tie-over:a. How can we be sure that is all going to happen? How can we know theBible is true?b. Assignment: Read Dan. 2 and the last chapter in The Great Controversy7

*Notes for the Bible Instructor*The title of the whole series of studies is “The Answer to Your Problems”Review the answers already found:1. Jesus is coming2. He is coming in our day3. He is coming to take us to HeavenReview the signs of His coming and then ask, “What will Heaven be like?”“What will we do in Heaven?” Then suggest prayer and go right into the studyfor today.Encourage your contact to read The Great Controversy, as later thisacquaintance with Sister White’s most important book will help in the study ofthe Spirit of Prophecy.8

Is The Bible True?Outline for Lesson FourI. Introduction: The Bible tells of a wonderful new earth coming in ourday. How can we know the Bible is true?II. Mileposts:a. Prophecy establishes beliefb. Daniel 2 – a last day prophecyc. The Dreamd. The Meaning1. Babylon2. Medo-Persia3. Greece4. Rome5. Divided Europe6. Remains divided7. God’s kingdomIII. Conclusion:a. Review imageb. The Bible is true because it has proven God can foretell the futureIV. Appeal:a. The nature of this kingdom is loveb. We get love by knowing God, through His wordc. Read of His love in John 19V. Tie-over: God had a special message to help us get ready to live in Hiskingdom. Read Revelation 14 and Prophets and Kings 479-548*Notes for the Bible Instructor*Have something to use to illustrate the image of Daniel 2. You can make aplywood man and paint it colors to represent the different metals or obtain alarge or small chart, or draw your own if you are an artist.9

The Message For TodayOutline for Lesson FiveI. Introduction:a. The Bible is true proved in Daniel 2b. Heaven is going to be wonderfulc. Jesus is coming soond. Where is His message to get us ready?II. Mileposts:a. A picture of Jesus comingb. The messages to precedeConclusion #1: Rev. 14 is the message for our dayc. Announces a present judgmentd. Judgment finished before He comesConclusion #2: Judgment is going on in our daye. Our works brought into judgmentf. Compared with the lawg. Failure to keep law – sinConclusion #3: We are judged by the lawIII. Appeal:a. All are judgedb. Confess our sinsIV.Tie-over: Where is the judgment taking place?Read Heb. 8 and 9, and GC 341, 342; 479-491*Notes for the Bible Instructor*Give a good review of Dan. 2. The most important thing for them toremember in answer to the question, “Why do we study the prophecy ofDaniel 2?” is “To prove the Bible is true.”Notice there are three conclusions: each one is important.Now that we have arrived in our studies at Rev 14, the message for today, wewill never leave it. All the rest of our studies will be based on Rev 14.Ask yourself these questions: Am I sure that Rev 14 is the message for today,not just a message? Do I see that every essential doctrine for today can beexplained from Rev. 14?10

The Place Of The JudgmentOutline for Lesson SixI. Introduction:a. Rev. 14 – Message for todayb. The judgment is going on nowc. Where?II. Mileposts:a. God is judging in His templeb. Temple called sanctuary and tabernaclec. Moses made a copy of the templed. Rooms and furnituree. The lawf. Furniture and law in heavenly sanctuaryIII. Conclusion:a. Earthly sanctuary copy of the heavenlyb. Judgment in the Most Holy Place of heavenly sanctuaryIV. Appeal:a. Have you kept the law?b. Jesus’ blood cleanses us from sinV. Tie-Over:How blood was used to cleanse from sin, as illustrated in earthly sanctuary.Read Lev. 4 and GC 411-417*Notes for the Bible Instructor*It is well to have some device to illustrate the sanctuary. This is the mostimportant illustration to have in your Bible work. You may use a model,flannelgraph, charts or pictures. If you have nothing else, draw a simplediagram with pencil and paper.Heb 9:1-5 does not mention the altar of incense. Find a complete descriptionof furniture in Ex 35:10-15, but ordinarily don’t use this text in your study.11

How Are Sins Covered?Outline for Lesson SevenI. Introduction:a. Present Judgmentc. Deals with sinb. Where?d. Illustrated by earthly sanctuaryII. Mileposts:a. Two phases of service1. Covering in Holy Placeb. The daily service of covering1. What is sin?3. God’s way in sanctuary5. Confess sins on substitute7. Priest takes blood into Holy PlaceI. Conclusion:This is how sins were covered - Reviewc. How to get rid of sins today1. Jesus is our substitute3. See how it killed Him2. Cleansing in the Most Holy Place2. Wages of sin4. Bring substitute to sanctuary6. Kill animal2. Confess to Him4. See Him entering Holy Place tocover our sins with His bloodII. Appeal: Are you sins all covered with Jesus’ blood? Read chapter on“Repentance” in Steps to ChristIII. Tie-over: How sins get cleansed. Read Lev. 16*Notes for the Bible Instructor*Read GC 418 for the simple story of the transfer of sin to the Holy Place bythe sprinkled blood. You need to know about sin being transferred also bythe priest eating the flesh, but do not bring it in, as you want to give only theessentials in this study which is so new to the people.We made the assertion that placing the hands on the animals head includedconfession of sin. The proof text is Lev. 16:21, but we don’t use it unlessquestioned on the matter.This study is a decision study. Let the Holy Spirit teach you. Make it very simple.In the setting of this lesson you might say. “Wouldn’t you like to give all yoursins to Jesus to be covered by His precious blood?Gently urge them to pray, even if it is repeating words after you. If they feel theycan’t surrender now, tell them you will pray for them.We are introducing another Spirit of Prophecy book, Steps to Christ. This willhelp them get acquainted with more of Ellen G. White books.12

The Blotting Out Of SinsOutline for Lesson EightI. Introduction: God’s sanctuary plan to get rid of sina. Forgiveness or covering of sin done in Holy Placeb. Cleansing or blotting out done in Most Holy PlaceII. Mileposts:a. How cleansing is done as illustrated in earthly sanctuary1. Once a year2. Called Day of Atonement and cleansing of sanctuary3. Lord’s goat killed4. Blood taken into the Most Holy Place5. All in sanctuary is cleansed6. Scapegoat bears sins awayIII. Conclusion: This is how sins were cleansed in the earthly sanctuaryb. How it is done in the heavenly sanctuary1. Christ is our High Priest2. Sanctuary needs cleansing3. Done by Jesus’ blood4. Done only once, just before His second coming5. Judgment is concerned with blotting out of sins6. Jesus leaves sanctuary after judgmentIV. Appeal: Are you ready for Jesus to leave the sanctuary today? Are yoursins all covered so He can blot them out?V. Tie-over: What the people did on the Day of Atonement to get ready forthe judgment. Read Lev. 23:27-32; GC 417-422*Notes for the Bible Instructor*Some people think that Adventists make a savior of the scapegoat. Don’tmention that there is such a problem. Give the truth, and it will counteractthe error. You can say, “Did they kill the scapegoat? No, the goat thatrepresented Jesus pays for our sins, but Satan must suffer for the sins hemade us do. When the day was done in the camp of Israel, and all wasclean and the confessed and cleansed sins were being carried into the landof forgetfulness by the old scapegoat, Israel started a new year with a cleancamp.13

The Day of AtonementOutline of Lesson NineI. Introduction:Review event of ancient Day of Atonement – what the priest didII. Mileposts:a. What the people did on Day of Atonement1. Came to sanctuary2. Afflicted their souls3. Did no work4. Were cut off if they did not participateIII. Conclusion: We are to do as they didb. Our work today1. Come to Sanctuary2. Search our hearts3. Make this our first work4. Some will be cut offIV. Appeal: What does searching mean?a. Search past life for old sins1. Confess to othersb. Search Bible for new dutiesV. Tie-over: When did Day of Atonement begin in our time?Read GC 4190422 again; Daniel 8:14; 9:24-27 (Matt. 24:15 we canunderstand)*Notes for the Bible Instructor*A good illustration you can see is: If a rich man offered to pay all your bills,you would search for everyone. Why be afraid you’ll find some past sins;Jesus will pay them all.Notice in the outline, “Search for new duties” – this is preparing the way forGod to show them the new light on the Sabbath truth, etc.It is very important that the Bible instructor has personal experience in dailyheart-searching. You can’t impress home the truth of the necessity of dailyheart-searching unless you are doing it yourself. Read GC 489,49014

The Time of JudgmentOutline of Lesson TenI. Introduction:a. God’s way in earthly sanctuary1. Sinner kills lamb in court2. Priest covers sin in Holy Place3. High priest blots out sin in Most Holy Placeb. God’s way in heavenly sanctuary1. Jesus, our Lamb, died on cross2. Jesus, our Priest, covers our sins in Holy Place3. Jesus, our High Priest, blots out sins in Most Holy Placec. When? Our lesson today1. Blotting out, judgment, Day of Atonement, work in Most Holy Place,cleansing of Sanctuary – all refer to the same eventII. Mileposts:a. Sanctuary cleansed at the end of 2300 days1. Time of the end2. Day equals yearb. Angel explains 2300 days1. Starts with 457 B.C. – temple and city rebuilt2. 483 years to Messiah – 27 A.D.a. Start diagram3. One week equals 7 yearsa. Jesus dies in midst of week – 31 A.D.4. Jews given 490 years to get ready for the Messiaha. Gospel goes to Gentiles at end of that time – 34 A.D.5. 2300 – 490 equals 1810 years left of the 2300 days6. 34 plus 1810 equals 1844III. Conclusion:a. The cleansing of the sanctuary begin in 1844b. This is also the beginning of judgmentIV. Appeal: Jesus has waited over 140 years for you to understand His workin heaven and be cleansed of your sins, so He can close the sanctuary andcome back to earth. Aren’t you glad He waited for you?15

V. Tie-over: How the work of judgment is carried on. Read GC 409, 410and 423-432*Notes for the Bible Instructor*Make your diagram step by step as you come to each date or period. Dowhat arithmetic you do on the page so they can follow you or at least see youare figuring it out. We do not subtract 483 from 457. You should know howto do this and arrive at 27 A.D., but it is a little difficult for some to grasp. Wemake an assertion just as Sister White does in GC 410. We also assert thatthe decree was in 457 BC. You should know more about this than you tell.Study Ezra 7 on the decree. This date is well documented, as you can find inDaniel and Revelation or other similar books.This study can be further simplified by giving the beginning date, 457 B.C.and then saving that 2300 years reaches to 1844. You might need to do thisin cases where educational background is entirely lacking. The clearer thisstudy is to you, the simpler you can make it to others.16

The Work of JudgmentOutline for Lesson ElevenI. Introduction:a. Judgment begin in 1844b. Judgment is going on in the Most Holy PlaceII. Mileposts:a. Scene of the Judgment1. BooksA. LifeB. RemembranceC. Sin – deeds, wordsb. How the work is done1. Jesus is the lawyerA. Blots out namesB. Or blots out sinsIII. Conclusion: This is how the work is donec. Our part1. Overcome sin2. Look at crossIV. Appeal: Are you gaining victory over sin? Are you spending time lookingat the cross? Read Jn. 19:1-3V. Tie-over: How can we be sure our sins will be blotted out?Read GC 479-483*Notes for the Bible Instructor*To make the lesson more graphic, use an illustration of the books. You canmake some simple ones out of paper and write their names in the Book of Lifeand list some common sins in the books of sins. Write with pencil so you canerase them when Jesus blots them out. The illustration is especially effectivewhere there are children. If you can make it plain to them, the parents willunderstand it better.To help them understand how to meditate on the cross, read Jn. 19:1-3 slowlyto them and they close their eyes. How does sin look after that experience?YOU must know that a daily view of the cross gives victory over sin if you areto reach it.17

You & Your SinsOutline for Lesson TwelveI. Introduction:Sin is our biggest problem. How can we be sure of getting rid of sinsforever?II. Mileposts:a. Where does sin come from?1. The devil2. Our own heartsb. What we can do about it1. Confess past sins2. Overcome sinful tendencies of the presentA. Repent after we sinB. Repent before we sin3. Find out new duties for the futureA. Study lawB. Repent of sins of ignorancei. Parents may not have had the lightIII. Conclusion: When we do these things, we will be ready for Jesus toblot out our sins and leave the sanctuary.IV. Appeal:Milepost B is really the appeal. You might say this whole lesson is anappeal to get rid of sinV. Tie-over: What happened on earth when Jesus went into the Most HolyPlace in 1844? Read chapters in Steps to Christ on “Repentance” and “TheTest of Discipleship” and Isaiah 53*Notes for the Bible Instructor*In two weeks you will be giving the Sabbath study. In two ways you mustprepare your people. First get them to study the law with the expectation offind some new duties. Using Acts 17:30, answer one of the objections to theSabbath before they raise it. “What about grandpa who was such a goodChristian? He didn’t keep the Sabbath.” The second and most importantpreparation is to help them seek God earnestly for repentance for the sinsthey already know about.18

The Law & The JudgmentOutline for Lesson ThirteenI. Introduction: The judgment began in 1844, in the Most Holy PlaceII. Mileposts:a. Ark seen in the Most Holy Place1. Contains the lawA. We are judged by the law2. Most Holy Place entered on Day of Atonement3. Date is 1844b. The Law1. God spoke it2. He wrote it3. Moses put it in the ark4. Nothing added5. Nothing taken away6. Man’s whole dutyc. Purpose of law1. Standard of judgment2. Reveals sinIII. Conclusion:People studied the law in 1844IV.Appeal:More important to study the law today. Jesus will write it in your heartV. Tie-over:Great discovery made as they studied the law. See if you can find it.Read: GC 483-491, Study the ten commandments in Ex. 2019

The Great Discovery of 1844Outline for Lesson FourteenI. Introduction: Judgment began in 1844. God’s people studied thelaw, a copy of the one in the judgment room in the sanctuary above.II. Mileposts:a. Let us study the same law1. No friends, no relatives before God3. No vain worship2. No job to be an idol4. Which day is the SabbathIII. Conclusion:This was the discovery in 1844 – the seventh day is the Sabbath not the firstb. Why is the Sabbath important?1. There is a blessing to it2. Was put in at creation3. God rested on it and made it holyA. We should rest and keep it holy4. Blessing comes from keeping it now5. Will keep it in heaven and new earthIV. Appeal:You can have this happy experience this week. Read GC 433-436; PP 46-48V. Tie-over: We will study more of the first angel’s message – what does itmean to worship the Creator?*Notes for the Bible Instructor*One thing of special importance in this lesson is to stress the happiness ofSabbath-keeping – the blessing in it. Tell your own experience briefly offinding this blessing, especially if you had been a Sunday keeper before. Donot discuss with them joining the church or baptism- just the joy of Sabbathkeeping.Notice as we go through the commandments, before we reach the Sabbathwe answer several objections to Sabbath-keeping before they are raised –attitudes of friends or relatives, their job and man-made command to keepthe Sabbath.You may need to give more of a review of the date of 1844 and the workin the Most Holy Place than given here. Though there is nothing of acontroversial nature in this study, it answers many objections before theyarise. As soon as you touch the Sabbath, which is your next lesson, you willhear such questions as: “But wasn’t the law done away with?” “Didn’t Jesuschange the law?” etc. This study given in a clear, strong way makes thesequestions easier to answer.20

The Seal of GodOutline for Lesson FifteenI. Introduction: Another point in the first message – worship the CreatorII. Mileposts:a. Creator worship1. He is worthy2. Sabbath – a reminder of creationb. The Sabbath is SIGN1. That God is Creator2. That we belong to Him3. That we can be made like HimIII. Conclusion: True creator-worship means to have His SIGN or SEALwhich is the Sabbatha. Some who kept the Sabbath1. Jesus2. His disciples, after His deathb. The Sabbath SEAL1. Received by God’s people today2. SEALED ones saved from slaughterIV. Appeal: Don’t you and your family want this seal?V. Tie-over: How Sunday-keeping came in. Who changed the dayRead GC 436-438 and 451-455 also Daniel 7*Notes for the Bible Instructor*After offering an earnest prayer, right on the point of the lesson, ask you Biblereader to prayer. This will help you know how much is being grasped of thetruths you are presenting. As a rule, it is a little early to press for a decisionon the Sabbath. They do not yet have all the facts they may need for makingsuch a decision.For your own reading, you will want to read 6T (the chapter beginning onpage 349) in addition to pages in The Great Controversy.If they ask, “Why do so many keep Sunday?” you can tell them you will studythat next week and give Lesson 16 and Daniel 7 before you give Lesson15 on the seal of God. When they are ready to keep the Sabbath, givesupplement called “How to Make Sabbath-keeping a Delight.” All are notready for this at the same time. The next seven studies are on the Sabbath.If your people are far enough along in their acceptance of truth, you caninvite them to church at the close of your study.21

How Sunday-Keeping Came InOutline for Lesson SixteenI. Introduction:Somebody thinks he can change times and laws! Who is he?II. Mileposts:a. Symbols defined1. Beast is kingdom2. Fourth beast is RomeA. Like Daniel 2 image3. Ten horns mean ten kingdomsA. Like Daniel 2 imageb. The “little horn”1. A Roman power2. Speaks against God3. Wears out saints4. Length of reign5. Change times and lawsA. Thinks he canB. God’s unchangeable law is in heavenc. The Roman Catholic Church fits this description1. Roman Catholic2. Blasphemes – GC 50.33. Persecutes – GC 571:1,24. Ruled 1260 years5. Thinks to change the Sabbath – GC 448III. Conclusion:The Catholic Church, the “little horn” or Daniel 7, changed the day ofworship from Saturday, the seventh day, to Sunday, the first dayIV. Appeal:Two worshipsa. Commandments of menb. Commandments of God – which will you choose?22

V. Tie-over: What is the third angel’s message? Who is the Beast?Read Rev. 14:9-14 and GC 446-450*Notes for Bible Instructor*As a rule, this is not the time to call for a decision on the Sabbath. It is wellto get them to put themselves on God’s commandments before pulling inthe net for a decision on keeping the Sabbath. Be cautious in dealing withSunday, which is an idol to many.In explaining about time, times, and the dividing of times we make theassertion that time is one year, times, two years etc. Know the text in Daniel11:13 (margin) where it mentions at the end of times, even years. There areother places where the 1260-year period is mentioned (Dan. 12:7; Rev.12:6,14; 13:5) Since we will give some of these in later studies, and we donot want to spend much time on them in this lesson, we can assert that “atime” is one year. Do your arithmetic where the people can see you figure.23

Who Is The Beast?Outline for Lesson SeventeenI. Introduction: Third angel’s message warns against false worshipheaded by the beast. Who is he?II. Mileposts:a. The Beast1. A kingdom2. Received seal from dragon, which is pagan Rome3. Blasphemes4. Persecutes5. 1260 days (years)6. Receives a deadly wound but is healed7. All the world “wonders” and will worshipb. Who is this?1. Papal Rome followed Pagan Rome2. Blasphemes God and tabernacle in city of Rome3. Has persecuted GC 563.24. Rules from 598 A.D. to 1798 A.D.5. Went to captivity in 1798: GC 439.2III. Conclusion:The papacy fulfills Rev 13: therefore the beast is the Catholic Churcha. The Catholic Church today1. Wound healed (1929)2. World “wonders”3. All will worshipIV. Appeal:a. Don’t worship the beast or obey himb. Worship the Creator and keep His commandmentsV. Tie-over: Another beast in Rev 13:11 – what is it?Read Revelation 13; Also begin Great Controversy 563*Notes for the Bible Instructor*It will add interest to your study to list, where your contact can see, theidentifying marks of the beast. Then as you show how the Catholic churchfulfills each one they can add it up with you and come to the same conclusionyou do – the Catholic church is the “Beast.”Read carefully yourself thechapter, “Aims of the Papacy,” It sounds like it was just written concerning thepresent state of affairs in our country and its relation to the Papacy.24

Who Is The Two-Horned Beast?Outline for Lesson EighteenI. Introduction:a. Review Beast1. Warning against2. Located in Rome3. Changed God’s law4. Persecuted5. Went into captivity in 1798II. Mileposts:a. Two-horned beast1. Arising at time of Beast’s captivity2. Out of earth3. Two uncrowned hornsi. No popeii. No king4. Like a lambb. What nation is it?1. Coming up in 17982. In sparsely settled area3. Religious and civil freedom4. Lamb-like principlesi. Separation of church and stateii. No force in religionIII. Conclusion:a. Our America is the two-horned Beast1. Established in 17762. Sparsely settled new world (GC 440:2b)3. Freedom (GC 442:2)IV. Appeal: Story of Daniel 3. Pray that you will stand for God in face ofpersecutionV. Tie-over: How will our nation speak as a dragon?Read GC 439-442 and Daniel 3.25

*Notes for Bible Instructor*The telling of the story of Daniel 3 can be made very impressive. It gives awonderful opportunity to show how wrong it is for a nation to have religiouslaws, and it also shows how important it is to get ready to stand the test whenit comes. As yet your people do not know that the U.S. will pass a nationalSunday law. Do not tell them in this study. That will come later.The Sabbath is not mentioned in this study. Sometimes, when contacts areunder conviction, it is well to have a study where they learn more principles,like standing for God in a face of fiery furnace, and the Sabbath is notspecifically mentioned.26

What is The Image To The Beast?Outline for Lesson NineteenI. Introduction:a. God’s warning against imageb. Made by horned Beast- who is he?1. Came up at the time of the papal captivity2. Came up in earth- not sea3. Has two uncrowned horns4. Our U.S. fits descriptionII. Mileposts:a. What is U.S. going to do in the future?1. Speak as a dragon2. Use power of papacy3. Perform miracles4. Make an image5. Persecuteb. What is the image?1. Like the papacyi. Make religious lawsii. PersecutedIII. Conclusion #1:The image of the Beast is the union of church and state in the US that willmake religious laws and persecute like the Catholic church has donec. Has the US followed the papacy?1. Made religious laws? Read statements2. Persecuted? Read statementsConclusion #2:The US has spoken as a dragon by making religious laws, and persecuting.IV.Appeal: Nebuchadnezzar made a law for all to worship his image. Whatwill you do when our country makes a law for us to worship the image of t

study. You can obtain extra sheet of questions so you can give them to all your Bible readers. As you prepare for each study, you may wish to write the texts on your outline sheet, and then this can be slipped in your Bible when you give the study. Remember: you are a teacher, not a preacher. Ask questions and wait for the people to answer.File Size: 534KBPage Count: 49Explore furtherCompletely Free Printable Bible Studies and Worksheetswww.moneywisesteward.comFree Printable Bible Study Printable Bible Study Lessonswww.graspinggod.com60 Small Group Bible Study Topics, Themes and Tipswww.signupgenius.comBible Studies to Print and Copybiblestudies4u.infoRecommended to you b