AAA Product showcaseThe New Hearing Innovationsat AAA 2013What products were new at the 2013 American Academy of Audiology Convention? Plenty.If you missed the show or couldn’t spend enough time on perusing the exhibit halls, here’sa rundown of some of the latest products that were released during AAA 2013.Able PlanetAt AAA, Able Planet featured the Personal Sound amplifier PS2500, the first in-ear personal sound amplificationproduct with LINX DSP, an Environment Management technology with 8 channels, 12 bands, 4 preset environmentfilters, noise reduction, and an adaptive feedback manager. Personal Sound is designed to amplify hard to hear sounds,reduce background noise, and enhance hearing in difficult listening environments. A light 2TAP over the deviceswitches between preset environment filters and generates an indicator tone. Personal Sound is designed to provide anatural acoustic directionality and, with its small size, is nearly invisible.Able Planet also featured its Personal Sound amplifier PS1600BTE, which is the first BTE amplification device with thecompany’s LINX DSP technology. The PS1600BTE includes a volume control, multichannel processing, 12 bands, noisereduction, an adaptive feedback manager, and four preset Environment Management programs that alter the frequencyresponse and amplification to accommodate for varying listening environments. The small size and behind the ear designmake it virtually invisible, and it is held secure by an over the ear sound tube for a comfortable fit for extended wear. Theproduct comes in a variety of 10 colors. (877) 266-1979; www.ableplanet.comAuDBling.comAuDBling introduced new products at AAA, including clocks, golf ball markers, and money clips using its differentdesigns. AuDBling’s designs support its mission to promote awareness about hearing loss and also create excitementsurrounding getting treatment. The company announced that more new products using the same designs will be introduced in the near future. Other new products included magnetic necklaces that use AuDBling’s cochlea shaped andheart designs. (941) 320-6167; www.AudBling.comaudifon USA IncAAA 2013 saw the release of audifon’s new and smallest BTE housing, the XS miniBTE. Offering exclusive features,the XS miniBTE comes in a new design and offers a more discreet profile. XS miniBTE includes the same sound quality and features in audifon’s Exclusive Line. The XS miniBTE is available in the elia and prado family. (800) 776-0222;www.audifon.comauditdataThe Primus Fitting System from auditdata consists of a portable, high frequency diagnostic audiometer with full-featuredaudiometry, REM, Speech Mapping, and counseling tools. A Hearing Instrument Test unit is also part of the system. Thesystem is modular, so users only choose the modules they need. A future implementation in Primus that was demonstrated at AAA was a feature called Comfort Optimizer, an objective way of determining loudness and sharpness impressions for hearing-impaired people. Comfort Optimizer can assist hearing care professionals by objectively interpretinga user’s feedback to make appropriate hearing aid setting changes, thereby enhancing the clinician’s customer care.(800) 635-1748; www.auditdata.comCaptionCallAt AAA, CaptionCall introduced a new marketing opportunity to drive traffic into hearing care practices. CaptionCall isinviting clinicians to become an authorized CaptionCall provider, offering a CaptionCall phone and service to patientsabsolutely free. To qualify for a free phone, patients must visit your office to certify that they have a hearing loss, andthat it makes it difficult to communicate effectively by phone. CaptionCall positions this free phone as a great offer to get“tested-not-sold” candidates back into the office, or to motivate patients to keep their service/annual checkup appointments. (877) 557-2227; www.CaptionCallProvider.com16Hearing Review Products hearingreview.comSummer 2013

Comfort AudioComfort Audio has released the Comfort Audio Digisystem Micro Receiver DT20, the world’s smallest real-time*digital receiver (*Transmission latency 0.5 ms), according to the company. DT20 fits with all hearing aidsequipped with an audio shoe with a Europlug input and is compatible with most BTE hearing aids on the market.The receiver is powered by the hearing aid battery. To configure and test the mini receiver, the new ProgrammerDT20 is also available. DT20 comes with a clear color display and integrated software, so no computer is needed.The step-by-step guide makes it easier for audiologists to do a fitting; additionally, the current settings of the minireceiver can be read.Comfort Audio also introduced the Comfort Digisystem Microphone DM30 with 2,4 GHz. The school microphone DM30is designed to enable children at school with a hearing loss to experience clear and natural communication with theirteacher and classmates. Users are able to listen and talk with one single unit. The Microphone DM30 also can be usedas a team teaching tool. (888) 421-0843; www.comfortaudio.usConversor LimitedConversor Limited introduced a new listening device for hard-of-hearing people at AAA. The new Listenor Pro is designed for one to one conversations, for meetings, and for listening to telephone conversations. Simple and easy to usewith volume and tone controls, Listenor Pro has an omnidirectional microphone, neck lanyard, belt clip, and option to usewith headphones, earbuds, or an inductive neck loop for use with hearing aids. Optional accessories include an audiocable for listening to smartphones, PCs, and other audio devices; telephone connector kit for telephone listening; and adirectional microphone for focusing on a speaker’s voice. (888) 515-8120; www.conversorproducts.comestronAt AAA, estron introduced es-Linum Audio, a new cable system that allows clinicians to modify the sound in an inear-monitor or earphone. The company also featured es-Connect T2, an extremely small Jack plug. Combining withthe thin, 6-conductor, and very strong es-Linum makes this product unique. It is available in three versions and can beoptimized for music or vocal. Cost-effectively, clinicians can simply use the cable after any use, or replace it to changethe specifications. www.estron.dkExSilentExSilent featured Ytango at AAA. Ytango offers users the convenience and comfort of a BTE hearing aid, as well asthe advantage of using the ear’s pinna to collect sound. Ytango utilizes the pinna by placing both the microphoneand receiver inside the ear canal. ExSilent calls its pinna-BTE innovation a “MaRiC” (Microphone and Receiver inCanal). Ytango Pro comes with AirTAP functionality, with which switching between the four programs is as simpleas gently tapping the ear.The company also highlighted its Qleaf Pro, designed to be one of the smallest, invisible, and instant-fit digital CIC hearing aids, with AirTAP functionality. No need for a button, switch, or remote control. The modular concept and patentedsoft tip, which is available in open and closed versions, safeguard the Qleaf Pro against problems such as poor earimpressions and a high defect rate of the receiver caused by earwax. 31 20 6751004; www.exsilent.comFrye ElectronicsThe FDA has approved the HEARLab Cortical Auditory Evoked Potential Analyzer for marketing by Frye Electronics. Similar to existing ABR technology, it measures the auditory evoked response of a patient. HEARLab tests a later “potential”than ABR (measures 100-300 ms after the signal instead of 1-3 ms). This both allows it to be used with signals thatare more speech-like than the very short pips used in ABR measurements, and allows it to be used on patients wearinghearing aids. This can be especially useful in measuring the aided auditory signal of patients who are unable to tell theclinician if their hearing aids are functioning, such as infants and adults who are unable to respond.Frye Electronics also featured the FONIX Colt Audiometer. The FONIX Colt is a new breed of audiometer, controlledcompletely by the touch screen interface of an Android tablet computer. The user interface is designed to be intuitive, allowing the operator to perform all operations with a simple touch. The tablet computer sits on top of theFONIX Colt’s advanced hardware platform, which creates an accurate signal generation. This platform containsan advanced collection of both digital and analog circuits. Flexibility and power are combined in one package.(800) 547-8209; www.frye.comSummer Hearing Review Products17

G.R.A.S. Sound & VibrationAfter G.R.A.S. celebrated KEMAR’s 40th anniversary last year, it was time to give it a face-lift. So at AAA 2013, the company unveiled the new KEMAR with improved construction that is more robust. KEMAR’s head angle indication allows forrepeatable measurement, and it is now easier to access the inside of the head. The mounting is also improved, allowingfor more tripod options. KEMAR is available in several application-specific configurations and is assembled, calibrated,and delivered as a complete out-of-the-box system. (330) 425-1201; www.kemar.usGrason-StadlerThe GSI AudioStar Pro is the latest offering from Grason-Stadler’s clinical audiometry line. This two-channelaudiometer provides the flexibility of a stand-alone audiometer with seamless data transfer to a computer. GSIAudioStar Pro features an extra-large display for reducing eyestrain, an ergonomic housing for improving handand wrist comfort, and light pipes around selected test buttons. Configurable test keys allow access to protocolsthat are customized to clinic preferences. Tests are preprogrammed to optimize efficiency and workflow. Complete with integrated wordlists, the AudioStar Pro facilitates repeatable and reliable recorded speech testing.(800) 700-2282; www.audiostarpro.comHansaton USAHansaton featured the new X-Mini RIC Hearing Instrument at AAA. Utilizing the new XearA platform, the X-Mini includesa fast processor, 40 processing channels, new compression architecture, and a response up to 10 kHz to support numerous features, including Conversation Lift, which combines adaptive directionality with speech enhancement; SoundRestore frequency compression; Situation Optimizer for categorizing inputs accurately; and Acclimatization Manager,which helps new users adjust to amplification gradually. Also, a new receiver offers four gain levels and a connector thatresists moisture and dust. Both Telecoil and BiCom Wireless connectivity are also available.Building on its rechargeable line, Hansaton also introduced an expanded family of AQ Rechargeable Hearing Instruments. New are the AQ Slim BTE, along with AQ Customs (ITE and Half-Concha), and the AQ X-Mini RIC. The AQ familyoffers high rechargeable performance with inductive charging, 20 hours of operation per charge, 4-6 hour averagecharge time, no memory issues, and a 5-year battery guarantee. (888) 984-7432; www.hansaton-usa.comHarris CommunicationsHarris Communications featured the new Clarity Ensemble Amplified Captioned Phone at its booth during the 2013AAA Conference. The phone has amplification up to 50 dB with conversations displayed on a large 7” tablet-baseddisplay in real time. A touchscreen display has adjustable font sizes and contrast with scalable on-screen dial pad. Anycaptioned conversations can be saved for later reference. The captioning for the Clarity Ensemble is free, but the phonerequires land line phone service and high speed Internet. More information on this phone is available at the Harris Communications website.Harris also featured the LightOn Mobile Phone Signaler by DreamZon at AAA. The LightOn alerts users with a flashinglight when a call or SMS message comes in on a cell phone. The phone is simply set to vibrate mode and placed in theLightOn cradle. When a call or message comes in, the vibration activates a flashing LED.An optional LightOn Bed Shaker can be added for vibration notification. More information on the LightOn is available at: Lighton. (800) 825-6758; www.harriscomm.comHealth Enterprises IncHealth Enterprises Inc introduced the Dri-Eze Hearing Aid Dehumidifier, designed to remove damaging dailymoisture that can cause a hearing aid to malfunction. Dri-Eze uses proprietary technology to prolong hearing aidlife, improve sound quality, and help prevent costly repairs. With Dri-Eze, patients no longer need to recharge orreactivate their dehumidifier. They can simply replace the new Dri-Eze Dehumidifier after every 6 months of use.(800) 633-4243; n highlighted its new advanced cloud-based office management program. HearingFusion is an enterprise system that continually stays up-to-date and current with the ever-changing field of audiology. Modules includescheduling, patient profiles, sales, billing, inventory, and reports to organize and track every aspect of the hearing healthbusiness. It also offers insurance billing with CBO capabilities, Carecredit integration, as well as collection capabilities.HearingFusion is NOAH compatible and HIPAA compliant. (855) 822-2900; www.hearingfusion.com18Hearing Review Products hearingreview.comSummer 2013

Hearing Technologies International IncHearing Technologies featured the new Universal Sanitizer Dryer , designed to be easy to use and low cost for allstyles and models of hearing aids. No desiccant required. A UV-C Germicidal lamp sanitizes for the first 7 minutes ofuse. Gentle heat during the drying cycle can prevent costly breakdowns and help to maintain the hearing aid’s peakperformance. It is designed to safely remove harmful moisture and help dry wax for easier removal. A free custom label isalso available through Hearing Technologies International Inc. Available at Hal-Hen, Oaktree Products, or through WarnerTech-Care. (800) 553-6003; www.hearingtech.comInteracousticsInteracoustics launched new and enhanced diagnostic capabilities for its Titan audiometer. Use of Absorbanceand a click stimulus incorporating the speech bandwidth now allows clinicians to improve differential diagnosisfor middle ear effusion, otosclerosis, ossicular discontinuity, and perforations. Titan’s newly enhanced neonatalscreening also helps to differentiate middle ear disorders from normal. Clinicians also can more easily referenceNormative Data overlaid with measurements. New Wideband Technology expands understanding of middle earstatus, demonstrates strong correlation with OAE results on ears with conductive hearing loss, and is not affectedby ear canal effects. (800) 947-6334; interacoustics-us.comMaico DiagnosticsThe new Maico easyTymp screener was released at AAA. With a new extended probe, clinicians can now performtympanometry, ipsi and contra reflexes, reflex decay, and Eustachian tube function tests all in a handheld design. TheeasyTymp Pro comes with preloaded protocols, allowing hearing professionals to run a series of tests with one press of abutton. The easyTymp Pro is available with or without thermal printer. An upgrade to an existing easyTymp screener andan optional 1000 Hz probe tone are also available.Maico Diagnostics is featuring the next generation of its MA41 portable audiometer with a new ergonomic design andlightweight portability. The air/bone/speech audiometer includes a full color display that lets clinicians view settings andresults on the screen during the test. Integrated wave files eliminate the need for a separate CD player, while on-boarddata file and PDF storage enhances its portability. The MA41 is also NOAH compatible and allows thresholds to be storeddirectly into a NOAH database for more convenient hearing aid fittings. (888) 941-4201; www.maico-diagnostics.comMcKeon ProductsMack’s Earplugs, a division of McKeon Products, has introduced a foam earplug for musicians and music aficionados.The new Mack’s Acoustic Foam Earplugs are designed specifically for musicians and music lovers who do not wantto sacrifice quality sound while protecting their hearing. With a noise reduction rating of 20 decibels, the product is designed to allow users to preserve their hearing while enjoying music. The hollow-cut and grooved design provides cleareracoustics and allows for improved communication, whereas traditional foam earplugs may muffle music and speech.(586) 427-7560; www.macksearplugs.comMicromedical Technologies IncNew for 2013 at AAA, Micromedical Technologies featured the Binocular Firewire (up to 250 Hz video recording)VHIT—Video Head Impulse Test—now available through Micromedical’s VORTEQ as an option on VisualEyes, oras a stand-alone VORTEQ/VHIT system. The unit is also available as a single software package. The companyalso displayed its System 2000 Reclining Rotational Vestibular Chair at AAA, as well as the Air Fx & Aqua StimCaloric Irrigators interface with Spectrum Software on the Reclining Chair, and VisualEyes VNG. (800) 334-4154;www.micromedical.comOaktree Products IncOaktree featured the new Heine Mini 3000 LED Fiber Optic Otoscope at AAA. The new Heine Mini 3000 is a highquality pocket otoscope with the added feature of built-in LED technology. Compared to standard xenon halogenbulbs, the LED technology offers illumination that is twice as bright and white, resulting in enhanced image quality.Additionally, the integrated LED technology is guaranteed for the life of the pocket otoscope.Oaktree also featured the Fiber Earvision Universal Probe Tip, a durable probe tip designed to resist cracking. An extension of the Nelson Tool product line, the ear light attachment of the Fiber Earvision Universal Probe Tip is rubber, makingit virtually unbreakable. The tip is designed to fit on most ear lights, including the Led Lenser, ENT Pocket Light, andOtoprobe ear lights. (800) 347-1960; www.oaktreeproducts.comSummer Hearing Review Products19

Oticon IncAt AAA, Oticon featured the Alta Pro custom canal instrument, a new member of the Alta premium custom family andpowered by Oticon’s Inium wireless signal processing platform. Oticon’s newest custom manufacturing process offersflexible, free-floating components that provide the freedom to configure Alta Pro to optimize performance, size, and battery life. Alta’s Inium chip powers the exchange of real-time information continually and seamlessly between both earsfor more natural, authentic sound. The new custom manufacturing process also focuses on size at every production stepand uses the latest production techniques, including digital configuration and 3D printing of instrument shells for highquality and fast turnaround.Oticon has introduced Oticon Alta, which combines premium hearing technology and innovative fitting tools to empowerpractitioners to factor more personal dimensions into each fitting for a highly customized solution. Built on Oticon’snew wireless signal processor, Inium, Alta is designed to deliver exceptional performance, a compact size, and ultralow-power consumption. Inium provides the ability to exchange real-time information continually between both ears formore natural, authentic sound. With Alta, Oticon also introduces a new generation of RITE receivers, domes, and moldscalled MiniFit, designed to provide a more personalized fit with improved flexibility, comfort, and listening performance.(800) 526-3921; www.oticonusa.comOtodynamicsOtodynamics expands its Otoport series of handheld OAE instruments. The newest model, the Otocheck LE, is designedto be a fast and affordable pediatric screener. It performs automatic DPOAE cochlear status analysis within seconds andwith minimal training. All screening models feature fast testing and interactive graphic displays, powerful frequencyband analysis, customizable automatic protocols that give clear pass/refer indications, and a long battery life. Clinicalmodels offer colorful high resolution OAE analysis. (800) 659-7776; www.otodynamics.comOtometricsThis year at AAA, Otometrics launched a series of new hearing assessment products with new features designedfor an efficient workflow. The new MADSEN Astera2 offers a complete and dedicated module for pediatric testing, as well as a tinnitus test modality. The AURICAL OTOcam features a powerful light source for clear imagedisplays. Along with the company’s OTOflex immitance and AURICAL fitting modules, all of the new products arefully integrated in the OTOsuite software, which can be operated through either a PC or a touch-screen panel,giving clinicians the freedom to focus on patients. With the addition of the new MADSEN Capella, it is now possibleto run OAE in the OTOsuite.Additionally, Otometrics announced that its AURICAL test chamber is now available for purchase in the United States.The latest addition to the modular AURICAL fitting solution, the test chamber offers a new approach to Coupler BasedFitting and Hearing Instrument Testing. Its OnePosition feature is a method for easily placing the hearing instrumentscorrectly and not having to reposition them for directionality and induction coil measurements. Plus, clinicians can replace single tasks with customized sequential processes for a workflow without interruptions. The feature is designed toprovide an accurate and consistent picture of every hearing instrument, regardless of manufacturer or type, every time.(800) 289-2150; www.otometrics.comOTOVATIONOTOVATION has expanded its audiometer product lines with OTOSphere . Designed with the audiologist and dispenserin mind, OTOSphere is a portable, two-channel clinical audiometer that offers multiple headset configurations, built-inspeaker amplifiers, high frequency testing, QuickSIN , TrackWizard speech material utility, REM (coming soon), andintegration with NOAH 4. OTOSphere is controlled by OTOVATION’s fully redesigned Symphony NOAH Module software.The Dashboard screen allows clinicians to work with patient information and results from a variety of equipment platforms through NOAH. (866) OTOVATION; www.OTOVATION.comPehratek ProductsPehratek Products introduced the new Video VRA Console/Speakers system at AAA. It combines a stylish and lowprofile sound field speaker along with the Video VRA pediatric test system into one integrated unit. The corner-mountedspeaker/VRA is available in black or white color to enhance the appearance of the sound suite. Space-saving, low profiledesign offers a 10-inch footprint and has a removable front grill cover for cleaning. The 8-inch JBL loudspeaker meetsANSI specifications and is warranted for 2 years. The contemporary design hides all cords and permits the Video VRAmonitor to swivel and tilt for best visibility to the child. The Video VRA Console/Speakers can be purchased as a systemor separately to accommodate any existing VRA system. (866) 470-3532; www.pehratek.com20Hearing Review Products hearingreview.comSummer 2013

PhonakPhonak announced that it had added the new Audéo Q RIC hearing instruments to its Quest platform. With a focus onsound quality and discreet fit, Audéo Q is available in four performance levels and three styles: Audéo Q-10, AudéoQ-312, and Audéo Q-312T (including a telecoil). The external receivers, available in three power levels, have beenimproved to enhance fit rate and patient comfort. All Audéo Q RIC instruments include the new Tinnitus Balancenoise generator to support common tinnitus management philosophies. Speech understanding in multiple listeningenvironments is improved with Binaural VoiceStream Technology features, including Speech in Wind, auto StereoZoom, and DuoPhone.Additionally, Phonak launched its Naída Q portfolio, now available in four performance levels on the Quest platform.Naída Q is a complete, water-resistant power portfolio, including an SP and UP BTE along with a RIC in three powerlevels. A Power SlimTube is available for a more discreet BTE look, and all Naída Q instruments are available in a newcolor palette. Powered by Binaural VoiceStream Technology to improve understanding in challenging listening environments, optimized features include Speech in Wind, auto StereoZoom, and DuoPhone. Other features important to powerpatients such as SoundRecover and Wireless Connectivity are available in all performance levels. (800) 777-7333;www.phonakpro-us.compower onepower one featured its ACCU plus nickel-metal hydride rechargeable hearing aid batteries at AAA 2013. power oneACCU plus batteries provide a rechargeable option for every size of hearing aid. In a single life cycle, each power oneACCU plus brand battery may replace up to 57 conventional primary batteries, delivering voltage and performancecomparable to conventional zinc air batteries. Adding to environmental considerations, ACCU plus batteries contain 0%mercury, 0% lead, and 0% cadmium. Featuring a protective stainless steel housing, ACCU plus cells deliver constantperformance even after frequent recharging.power one also now offers an alternative to conventional zinc air batteries. With the introduction of mercury-free hearingaid batteries, power one reports that it has reached its goal of becoming an environmentally friendly battery manufacturer. Previously, power one was able to hold mercury content to a minimum; now, it supplies cochlear implant andhearing aid batteries that are mercury-free. power one’s Hg0% cells are manufactured in a large, modern hearing aidbattery plant in Ellwangen, Germany, where mercury-free cells are produced under strict clean room conditions. (800)468-2782 ext 203; www.powerone-batteries.comReSoundGN ReSound featured the Phone Clip , made for iPhone*. Designed with a simple user interface, high sound quality,and hearing aid connection, the Phone Clip allows patients to seamlessly connect to their smart phones. As a 3-in-1accessory, the Phone Clip offers patients binaural control of their hearing instruments, music streaming capabilities,and a variety of new phone functionality, such as call reject and voice dialing. The Phone Clip is compatible with allReSound wireless hearing instruments. *Apple and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. andother countries.ReSound also highlighted 360 hearing with ReSound Verso’s Binaural Fusion to help patients choose what’s mostimportant to focus on. Designed with high sound quality, Verso includes Music Mode for a more natural listeningexperience. Verso instruments work together to reduce background noise and provide patients with a comfortable,clear, and enjoyable sound experience. With Binaural Environmental Optimizer II, push-button convenience, and adurable, water-resistant nanocoating, Verso instruments can read and adjust to various sound situations. (800) 2484327; www.gnresound.comSeboTekSeboTek highlighted its second-generation of Sebo HD2 instruments at AAA 2013. The new Sebo HD2 incorporatesa host of new features designed to provide SeboTek’s sound quality, noise reduction, and speech enhancementtechnology. The Sebo HD2 hearing system also features a 14 kHz bandwidth and 111 high resolution processingchannels.The Intro HD2 is SeboTek’s newest solution for cost-conscious patients. HD2 is designed to provide a visually attractivestyle, a virtually invisible fit, and exceptional sound quality and performance. The unique design of the Intro HD2 is aimedat reducing the time spent on fittings, making it more cost-effective to dispense. The Intro HD2 also includes the sametype of housing as SeboTek’s premium Sebo HD2 models, making the Intro HD2 an attractive solution for patients on alimited budget. (800) 388-9000; www.sebotek.comSummer Hearing Review Products21

Serene Innovations IncSerene Innovations introduced the Model SA-40 Smartphone Amplifier. This wireless amplifier is designed to work withvirtually any cell or smartphone with Bluetooth. The amplifier boosts sound up to 100 times louder (40 dB) and featurestone control, making incoming voices clear and more intelligible, even in noisy environments. A padded speaker grilladds comfort and noise isolation. The unit is designed as a handset for ease of use, and includes a selectable, speakerphone mode for loud and hands-free conversations. The SA-40 also is fully T-coil compatible. A rechargeable batteryallows for up to 8 hours of talk time. (866) 376-9271; www.sereneinnovations.comSiemens IncAt AAA, Siemens announced expanded availability of its micon technology into more hearing instruments andadditional performance levels. The expanded portfolio means hearing care professionals can offer patients miconfor nearly every hearing loss, age, lifestyle, or cosmetic preference. The technology will be available in the newlyreleased Insio micon product family of custom instruments, as well as the Motion micon behind-the-ear (BTE)line. This spring, micon technology will be extended to the 3 mi performance level for the Pure , Siemens Life ,and Aquaris hearing instruments.Siemens also introduced its new Android -based miniTek Remote App, designed to transform an Android smartphoneinto an easy-to-use, convenient, and discreet control for the miniTek. Once paired, wearers can select an audio source,adjust volume, and access other hearing instrument settings directly from their smartphone. What may look like textingfrom a phone is really a hearing aid adjustment or command to connect to an audio source, such as a TV. The miniTekremote app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. (800) 766-4500; introduced Bliss, with features designed to make everyday conversations more enjoyable. Bliss includes SpeechVariable Processing for more natural sound, Speech Priority Noise Reduction to provide comfort and preserve underlyingspeech signals, and sophisticated directional systems so that patients can focus on the important everyday sounds happening right in front of them. Select custom and BTE models come ready to communicate with Bl

digital receiver (*Transmission latency 0.5 ms), according to the company. DT20 fits with all hearing aids equipped with an audio shoe with a Europlug input and is compatible with most BTE hearing aids on the market. The receiver is powered by the hearing aid battery. To configure and te