User Guide forPNB

Table of ContentsWe have createda service thatensures simple anduser-friendly dailybanking.3Logging in PNB Internetbank4Daily functions available on the home page5Payment approval8Light version of the PNB Internetbank9Daily invoices12Internal payments14Transfers between user’s accounts16Payments within EEA countries18Information on available accounts20Account settings22Account statement24Topping up of a prepayment card27Automatic invoice payment

Logging in PNBInternetbank Open the PNB Internetbank’shome page: Choose a language for usingInternetbank Choose the type ofauthorisation – codecalculator, SMS PIN orGoogle Authenticator Enter the client’s code Enter the password3

On the homepage, dailyrequired functionsare availableTotal availablebalanceAvailable creditlimit amountAmounts reservedon the card1.Create new payment: Payment in euro areaInternal paymentsUtility paymentsInternational paymentCurrency exchangeDeposit placementMy templates2.If required, a previouslymade payment can beeasily foundEnter one of the searchparameters: Beneficiary’s name Amount Comment to the payment43.Payment historyHaving chosen additional options on PNB Internetbank’s home page,it is possible to review the history of the payments made

PaymentapprovalSave your time and choosea new PNB Internetbank’soption – “Paymentapproval”In the user menu, choosethe function “Paymentapproval” and in the future,when making a payment,you will not have to enteradditionally the parametersof your identification tools5If you have been inactive inthe PNB Internetbank forsome time, we will remindyou of thatYour session will be terminated in 04:34CONTINUE SESSION

PaymentapprovalHow to set the“Approval of payments”?On the home page, inthe user menu, choosethe function “Approvalof payments”, click the“Sign” button, and theservice will be enabled6

PaymentapprovalIt’s as simple as that!In the future, whenmaking transfers betweenone’s own accounts in thesame currency, or withinthe EEA, or when payingthe utility bills, they haveto be approved by clickingthe “Sign” buttonSIGN (without authentication)7

e mostrequested dailybanking servicescombined in theLight version ofPNB InternetbankLight version of PNB InternetbankTotal available balance1.Utility payments andinvoice payment2.Create new payment: Internal payment Payment in euro area4.Payment searchPossibility to makea payment repeatedly:Search for previously madepayments by an accountnumber, beneficiary orpayment purpose In the menu “My executed payments”,click the “Repeat” button If required, change the transferinformation and click the “Sign” button3.8REPEAT

Daily invoicesAre there any invoicesyou pay mostfrequently?When using PNBInternetbank’s Lightversion, choose therequired paymentbeneficiary and add themto “Favourites” byclicking the “Add” buttonADDe “favourite” payments will alwaysbe visible on the home page of thePNB Internetbank’s Light versionIf you want to removea payment from“Favourites”, choose the“Remove” functionREMOVE9

Daily invoicesOn the home page,in the menu “Utilitypayments”, choose thepayment beneficiary: To pay invoices, youmay choose the bank’sdefined payments Enter the amount,payment purpose(electricity, telephone,etc.) and pay theinvoice10

Daily invoicesSave the payment asa template, name it andnext time it will beavailable to you in thesection “My templates”Template nameTelephone bille template is available in SMS-bankingClick the “Sign” button,and the payment is made11

Internal moneytransfersOn the home page,choose the “Createnew payment”sectionChoose the option“Internal payment”To print a payment,choose thefollowing icon:12

Internal moneytransfersFill in the requiredpayment fields: AmountCurrencyBeneficiary nameRegistration number /identity number Beneficiary account Details (paymentpurpose)Choose the “Continue”button, and the paymentwill be sent for execution13

Transfersbetween theuser’s accountsOn the home page,choose the “Createnew payment” sectionChoose the option“Internal payment”14

Transfersbetween theuser’s accountsIn the menu, tick the box“Transfer to own account”Transfer to own accountIn the “Account” section,choose the account, fromwhich the funds will betransferredIn the “Beneficiary account”section, choose the account,to which the funds will betransferredFill in: amount, currency,details (payment purpose)15Choose the “Continue” button,and the payment will be sentfor executionTo print a payment,choose thefollowing icon:

Paymentswithin EEAcountries(in EUR currency)On the home page,choose the “Createnew payment” sectionChoose the option“Payment in euro area”REPEATIf you need to pay aninvoice repeatedly,choose the “Repeat”button, and the invoicewill be paid16European Economic Area (EEA) countries: Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and 28 EUmember states – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece,Croatia, Estonia, Italy, Ireland, Cyprus, Latvia, Great Britain, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta,the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Spain, Hungary,Germany, Sweden

Paymentswithin EEAcountries(in EUR currency)Fill in the requiredpayment fields: AmountBeneficiaryBeneficiary’s accountRegistration number /identity number Beneficiary’sregistration country Beneficiary's bank Details (paymentpurpose)Choose the “Continue”button, and the paymentwill be sent for execution17

Informationon availableaccountsTo obtain a detailedinformation on eachaccount: On the home page,click the additionalmenu Choose the option –“My accounts”18

Informationon availableaccountsChoose the “Myaccounts” optionand you will see adetailed informationon each account: Card number Card owner’s name,surname Reserved amounts Available credit Available balance19

AccountsettingsOn the PNBInternetbank’s homepage, it is possibleto set the requiredaccount settings: Click the additionalmenu Choose the option –“Settings”20

AccountsettingsHaving tickedthe box, theaccount and itsavailable balancewill be shown onthe home pageIn the accountsetting section, it ispossible to: Assign a name to anyof your accounts Place any of youraccounts to the PNBInternetbank’s homepage or remove itfrom there21Enter thedesiredaccountnameHaving clearedthe tick box, theaccount will notbe shown onthe PNBInternetbank’shome page

Accountstatemente account statement isavailable on the PNBInternetbank’s home pageChoose the necessaryaccount number andthe desired period ofthe account statementSTATEMENTSChoose the option“Card transactions”Choose the option“Account statement”and specify therequired period of theaccount statement22

AccountstatementReview of thelatest transactions:Choose the desiredaccount, click on it andget a review of yourlatest transactionsSave the accountstatement in thedesired formatTo print a payment,choose thefollowing icon:23

Topping up ofa prepaymentcardIn the “Utilitypayments” menu,choose the desiredservice provider24

Topping up ofa prepaymentcardEnter the Clientnumber and thepayment amountChoose the “Sign”button, and thebalance of theprepayment cardwill be topped up25

AutomaticinvoicepaymentOn the home page,in the “Services”section, choose theoption “Safebox,Regular payments”and “Automaticinvoice payment”26

AutomaticinvoicepaymentChoose a serviceproviderClick “Create a newautomatic invoicepayment agreement”27

AutomaticinvoicepaymentFill in the requiredfields and click the“Sign” button28

AutomaticinvoicepaymentIn the “Agreements”section, you will find allthe placed orders forautomatic payments29

Good luck!Should you have any questions, please contact the bank:6704 1100(Client Support Service 24/7)

8 Light version of the PNB Internetbank 9 Daily invoices 12 Internal payments 14 Transfers between user’s accounts 16 Payments within EEA countries 18 Information on available accounts 20 Account settings 22 Account statement 24 Topping up of a prepayment card 27 Automatic invoice