SYNC for Sage 100 Contractorand Zoho CRMCommercient SYNC for Sage 100 Contractor and Zoho CRMCommercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform that integrates your data between Sage100 Contractor and Zoho CRM. The Commercient SYNC Agent is rapidly deployable and givesyou access to your Sage 100 Contractor customer and order information in Zoho CRM. We workwith the following: Sage, Sage 50 (US and UK), Sage 100 (Fr and Contractor), Sage 200 Pro,Sage 300, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage 500, Sage BusinessWorks, SageEstimating, Sage Intacct, Sage Intacct Construction, Sage ToolOps, Sage UBS, and Sage X3.Zoho Compatibility: Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate, and One. Commercient SYNCsupports all these versions of Zoho CRM. Zoho API is included at no charge.About SYNC:Commercient SYNC is created by ERP and CRM data integration experts. By having that, SYNCcreates a simple data integration pathway between your Sage 100 Contractor and Zoho CRM.Once the data integration takes place, your Sage 100 Contractor data is automatically loadedinto your Zoho CRM without programming, coding, mapping, or servers required. SYNCing datais a cloud-based experience that ensures your data is protected. SYNC has the followingbenefits: Data integrated from Sage 100 Contractor to Zoho CRM becomes native data inside Zoho CRM.Being native data inside the CRM means bringing data from your Sage 100 Contractor over toZoho CRM in which you can perform any function from that data and manipulate it to the wayyou need it, for example, connecting to third-party apps and creating dashboards.Inside Zoho CRM, the system provides the function of a user-friendly search engine to look updata that is SYNCed from Sage 100 Contractor because the data is native, it is searchable. Forinstance, looking for a serial number that relates to a Sales Order record or Invoice Record.The Commercient SYNC app developed for Sage 100 Contractor and Zoho CRM detects changesin either database whether it is Sage 100 Contractor or Zoho CRM and SYNC only those changesin the data within either system.Copyright Commercient LLCPhone: (678) 383-4518 [email protected] http://www.commercient.comPage 1 of 7

SYNC for Sage 100 Contractorand Zoho CRMWhat if I have an existing Zoho CRM database?When you have existing data in both systems (Sage 100 Contractor and Zoho CRM) the followingsteps will take place, first, the data will need to be backed up, second, you will come to a pointwhen integrating the data and you will have to do deduplication on 3 items that we have anative function inside our Commercient SYNC app that also leverages artificial intelligence(AI) forfollowing items listed below:- Accounts: Deduplication happens here when customer names are spelled incorrectly anddeduplication for child-parent relationships, form part of the standard purchase of CommercientSYNC at no additional costs.- Customers: They need deduplication as there are customers with no accounts that are contactsand there is an AI for this.- Products/Items: Deduplication happens for this when there is a different item description overthe same product.Copyright Commercient LLCPhone: (678) 383-4518 [email protected] http://www.commercient.comPage 2 of 7

SYNC for Sage 100 Contractorand Zoho CRMWhat does SYNC offer?Customers in Sage 100 Contractor are integrated into Zoho CRM. The first item to be SYNCed isyour AR Customer Record and once this is completed, all the fields can be shown. CustomersShip To and Bill To address in Sage 100 Contractor are merged into Zoho CRM, which can bedisplayed according to their needs. By clicking on the Sage 100 Contractor Customer Record,you can see all the fields that are synchronized.Copyright Commercient LLCPhone: (678) 383-4518 [email protected] http://www.commercient.comPage 3 of 7

SYNC for Sage 100 Contractorand Zoho CRMSales Order With Line Item DetailsOnce the Customer Record is in Zoho CRM, Commercient then SYNCs the Sales Orders andtheir Detail Lines which relates them to the corresponding Zoho CRM Account record. Acustomer object is then created in Zoho CRM as the Sales Order data and Invoice Sales Orderdata are combined into one since each customer's needs are unique. This allows customers tosee their invoices that have their orders and details as well as, viewing the different statuses oftheir sales orders as they change in Sage 100 Contractor. When removing Sage 100 ContractorSales Order data that has been canceled from Zoho CRM, it performs automatically.Copyright Commercient LLCPhone: (678) 383-4518 [email protected] http://www.commercient.comPage 4 of 7

SYNC for Sage 100 Contractorand Zoho CRMSales Order Screen Showing Account ObjectCommercient has designed the relationships with the data objects in Zoho CRM that can give youthe freedom to decide which objects you would like to display on the screen. You are always ableto click on other parents- or child-related objects. For instance, an Admin user can remove theSales Orders from the Account screen but leave their Detail Lines. This allows our customers tosee what was sold and shipped from the main account screen. By clicking on the Sales Order linkon the detail line, they can view the full Sales Order.Copyright Commercient LLCPhone: (678) 383-4518 [email protected] http://www.commercient.comPage 5 of 7

SYNC for Sage 100 Contractorand Zoho CRMThe AR Invoice The AR Invoice is a record that is synced and related to the Invoiced Sales Order Data, andInvoice Payments.The AR Invoice data is useful for identifying unpaid invoices and locating the data, in which thecustomer needs to pay for the services used.The other records which are used in SYNC include the AR Customer Ship to Tax Exemptions,Item Master, and Item Warehouse.The Item Master is used to create Zoho CRM Products by Commercient and links the entireItem and Warehouse records to the Product.This gives you the ability to have accurate product data and Inventory availability. In addition,you can SYNC any Database, table, or view.Copyright Commercient LLCPhone: (678) 383-4518 [email protected] http://www.commercient.comPage 6 of 7

SYNC for Sage 100 Contractorand Zoho CRMCan I limit or control the data that I SYNC?Yes. Commercient has created an open methodology of allowing you to control the filtering ofdata in the SQL WHERE statement while maintaining the integrity of relationship mapping andefficient syncing methodologies. Within the WHERE you can perform sub-queries, filters, andcross-table and cross-database sub-queries to affect the rules. In addition, you can also mapcustom tables or views. (Charges may apply).What else does Commercient do with Zoho CRM?Data synchronization is the first step towards a total solution. Ask about these additionalmodules for Sage 100 Contractor: Quote ProcessingWeb-based Product ConfiguratorOpportunity and Quote - Sales Order ConversionProducts and Price Book SYNCProduct Record TypesCases with Serial Numbers Invoiced and Service OrdersOpportunity Commissions Calculations based on Sage 100 Contractor InvoicesAutomatic Sage 100 Contractor Sales Order Email EngineAutomatic Invoice Email EngineDealer/ Wholesaler Self-Service PortalCustom Data SynchronizationAccount Conversion to Sage 100 Contractor AR CustomerCompany Information:Commercient is a cloud-based company that connects Zoho CRM directly to your Sage 100Contractor system. Our open SYNC Agent works with software such as Epicor, SYSPRO,TRAVERSE, and other ERP accounting systems. Commercient improves the efficiency of gettingCRM, B2B, and B2C eCommerce orders directly into your accounting system in real-time, withall of the associated business rules.For more information, please use the Contact Us link on Commercient LLCPhone: (678) 383-4518 [email protected] http://www.commercient.comPage 7 of 7

Commercient’s SYNC is available for Sage 100 Contractor, the cloud-based ERP, via an API integration. We are compatible with all versions of Sage 50 (Cloud Pro & Premium, UK, US EU, Canada) Sage 100 (Contractor & France), Sage 200 (Pro) Sage 300, Sage 300 Construction Real Estate, Sage 500 (Line) Sage 1000, Sa