Simple Network ManagementProtocol (SNMP)Slide Number 1ADNET


IntroductionThe Internet is:- a world-wide network of networks- with gateways linking organizations in North andSouth America, and EuropeThe networks all use a common suite of networkingprotocols, Transmission Control Protocol/InternetProtocol (TCP/IP).Slide Number 3ADNET

Introduction (cont’d)As MU-SPIN schools' networks grow in scale, twofacts will become painfully evident: The network and its associated resources becomeindispensable to the organization; and Many things can go wrong, thereby disabling thenetwork or a portion of it, or degradingperformance to an unacceptable level.SNMP is a key Internet StandardSlide Number 4ADNET

NETWORK MANAGEMENT MODELROUT ER(MN)(MN)HUB(Network Management Protocol NMP)(MN)SNMPMNNMSSimple Network Mangement ProtocolManaged Node (SNMP agent)SNMP Network ManagementNetwork Management StationStation (NMS)Slide Number 5ADNET

NETWORK MANAGEMENT MODEL (cont’d)The agent is responsible for thefollowing duties: collecting and maintaininginformation about itself and its localenvironment; responding to manager commands toalter the local configuration oroperating parameters.Slide Number 6ADNET

SNMP ARCHITECTURENetwork Management StationText-basedUser InterfaceGePNM/etetSNMPptSeSt/SaTrTrapSNMX(snmp application)GSNMPAgentSNMPAgentMIBMIBSlide Number 7ADNET

SNMP ARCHITECTURE (cont’d)MIB-I was designed to include the minimal numberof managed objects.For an object to be included, it had to meet thesecriteria: -object must be essential for either fault orconfiguration analysis. -control objects must have limited properties.Slide Number 8ADNET

SNMP ARCHITECTURE (cont’d) -the object must have evidenced utility. -to make MIB-I attractive to vendors, a limit wasset to 100 objects. -the object must not be easily derivable from otherobjects. -the object must be sufficiently general in nature .Slide Number 9ADNET

SNMP ARCHITECTURE (cont’d)MIB-I evolved into MIB-II.MIB-II was to maintain compatibility with MIB-I,with three areas to be addressed: incremental additions to reflect new operationalrequirements; improved support for multi-protocol devices; and, textual clean-up to improve clarity. MIB-II's managed object count grew to 171; mostvendors now implement MIB-II.Slide Number 10ADNET

SNMP ARCHITECTURE (cont’d)SNMP messages contain two parts: a community name, along with authenticationinformation and, data, containing an SNMP operation andassociated operands.Slide Number 11ADNET

SNMP FUNCTIONS Get, which is used by a manager to retrieve anitem from an agent's MIB; Set, which is used by a manager to set a valuein an agent's MIB; and Trap, which is used by an agent to send analert to a manager.Slide Number 12ADNET

SNMP Generic Command Structure function gateway-name community-name object-identifier[object-identifier .]Slide Number 13ADNET

SNMP Variables sysDescr - A textual description of the entity,including hardware and software version. sysUpTime - The time since the networkmanagement portion of the system was last reinitialized.Slide Number 14ADNET

SNMP Variables Cont’d a command similar to: get rtr-magic public sysDescr sysUpTime yields results similar to:» Name: system.sysDescr.0 OCTET STRING- (ascii): GS Software(GS3-K0, Version 9.1(4) [fc1],SOFTWARE Copyright (c) 1986-1993 byCisco Systems, Inc. Compiled Thu25-Mar-93 09:49 Name: system.sysUpTime.0 Timeticks: (33029963) 3 days,19:44:59Slide Number 15ADNET

NETWORK MANAGEMENT GOALS AND SNMP1. People in the organization depend on the systembeing reliable; and2. LANs, routers, lines, and other communicationsresources have costs.The ultimate goal to provide:- a consistent, predictable, acceptable level of servicefrom the available network resources.Slide Number 16ADNET

SYSTEM MONITORING ExampleExecute the following command every hour: get rtr-magic public ifInUcastPkts ifInNUcastPktsSlide Number 17ADNET

SYSTEM MONITORING Example (cont’d)Execute the following command every hour; get rtr-magic public ifInErrors ifOutErrors plot output.Slide Number 18ADNET

Fault Detection develop source/destination matrix query MIB variablesSlide Number 19ADNET

Configuration ManagementIs the setting, collecting and storing of :- the state and parameters of network resources.Slide Number 20ADNET

Performance and CostThe goal is to: measure system and component utilization locate bottlenecks.Slide Number 21ADNET

Products Commercial and Non-commercial productsSlide Number 22ADNET

Commercial Product GUI with visual layout of network public domain Vs Commercial productsSlide Number 23ADNET

Conclusion and Recommendations SNMX is currently available for the following platforms: SunOSSun SolarisLinuxSilicon Graphics, Inc.IBM AIXSCO Release 3BSDI BSD/OSDECStation UltrixHarris Night HawkHP ApolloHP 9000 HP-UXMIPSSlide Number 24ADNET

MIB SNMP Agent MIB SNMP Agent SNMP SNMP Get/Set Get/Set Trap Trap Network Management Station. ADNET Slide Number 8 SNMP ARCHITECTURE (cont’d) MIB-I was designed to include the minimal number of managed objects. For