Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & TourismSTH 332 01Sustainable Destination Planning &ManagementFall 2018Tuesday & Thursday 11:00 – 12:15Bryan 202Instructor:Email:Office:Department Office:Office Hours:Dr. Erick T [email protected] 474Bryan 441Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am – 10:30am or by appointmentCatalog DescriptionOne of the main ideas of tourism is the destination. Introduce students to the sustainable management oftourism destinations. Students will be exposed to the entire destination management process includingbasic concepts, planning, development, and management.Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)On completion of this course students will be able to: the Basket of Goods concept to a destinationDifferentiate the different structures of DMOsDevelop a tourism inventory with sustainable policy and management recommendations.Explain the different roles each element of a destination plays in the sustainable managementof the destination.5. Apply theories and concepts to multiple settings and events.6. Develop a sustainable tourism strategic plan for a communityTexts:RequiredMorrison, A.M., Lehto, X.Y. & Day, J.G. (2018). The tourism system (8th ed.). Dubuque, Iowa:Kendall/Hunt Publishing.

Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & TourismAttendanceJust like any organization would expect you to show up for work, I expect you to attend class. This classis based on student preparation and participation. Therefore, attendance is a very important part of thisclass. If you miss class, you are still responsible for all material covered in class. If you must miss classfor a valid reason, please contact me as soon as possible.GradingThe following is how the grade for each assignment will brake out in your total grade.AssignmentClass Activity (10)Quizzes (10)Tourism Resource Audit*AB C D Strategic Plan*200Trade Show*200* Team D-829 - 800729 - 700629 - 600Explanation of Letter GradeA/AB /B/BC /C/CD /D/DFIAchievement of distinction and excellenceGeneral achievement superior to an average standardAcceptable, average ability reflecting reasonable time and effortFalls below acceptable standards but is sufficient to be countedFailure; not a passing gradeA grade of Incomplete will not be given in this course

Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & TourismAssignmentsAssignment Format:All assignments, unless otherwise specified, should be turned in typed, in a 12point font, grammatically correct and in standard format. All margins should beset to 1 inch. All pages should be numbered with your name and the date on thefirst page. Additional information will be given during class for eachassignment. Any assignment that does not meet format requirements willbe lowered by 1 letter grade.Class Activity (200 points)During class students will participate in a variety of activities that are related tomanaging a destination. These activities will come in the form of shortpresentations, case studies, and group work. The activities will relate to thetopic being discussed during the class. (SLO 1-9)Quizzes (200 points)During class there will be a short quiz. The quiz will pertain to previous classdiscussions, previous and current readings, and previous presentations. (SLO 19)Group Assignments (600)The class will be divided into groups of 3 students. These groups will select 1NC county to represent and conduct all related class activities and assignmentswith. All group assignments will have a peer evaluation component.200* (200 points)Students will be placed into groups and given a destination to developa comprehensive tourism resource audit. The audit will focusspecifically on the resources of the destination. (SLO 1, 4-6)Strategic Plan*(300 points)Each student group will develop a strategic plan for the destination thatthey are assigned. This plan will include the development of goals andobjectives for the destination as well as a marketing plan for thedestination. Each group will make a presentation about theirdestination. The presentation will include an analysis of decisions thegroup made during the semester in class activities, experiences duringthe trade show, and their thoughts of the future of their destination.(SLO 1-8)Trade Show* (100 points)Groups will be participating in a mock tradeshow. For this show thegroup will be required to develop a booth and promotional material forthe booth. The group will man the booth and interact with potentialclients. Each group will keep a record of who they have spoken withand information about the encounter. This information will go into thegroup’s final report. (SLO 1, 2, 4, 6, 8)

Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & TourismLate Assignments (Excluding Quizzes)All assignments are due at the beginning of class on the date indicated. For every hour that the assignmentis late 1% of the possible grade will be deducted from the project’s final grade for a maximum of 10%(one letter grade) per day. After 1 week, assignments will not be accepted unless prior permission isobtained from the instructor. Late assignments can be turned in to either the instructor’s office or box inBryan 441. Quizzes will not be accepted late.Special NeedsIf you have special needs related to a qualified or certified disability, please notify the instructor by theend of the second week of classes so that arrangements can be made to meet those needs.Academic IntegrityYou are expected to be familiar with and adhere to the Academic Integrity Policy. The policy can befound on the Web at: The policy is founded five mainprinciples: honesty; trust; fairness; respect; and responsibility. Responsibility for academic integrity lieswith individual students and faculty members of the academic community. Violations of academicintegrity include cheating, plagiarism, misuse of academic resources, falsification, and facilitation ofacademic integrity and violations. You are responsible for the academic integrity of any paper, project, orassignment that has your name attached to it.

Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & TourismClass Schedule*Subject to changeWelcome to a new semester and to STH 332. Below you will find the class schedule, which includes topics we will discuss and theassignments that are due along with the readings that should be completed on the particular date. We will make every attempt to stay onschedule during the semester, but there may come a time when the schedule may get adjusted. Any adjustment to assignment due dateswill be announced in class. Please make sure that you check Canvas weekly (if not daily) for announcements and posted readings. If atany time, you have a question please let me know. I hope each of you have a great semester.DateTuesday 8/20Thursday 8/22TopicIntroduction to ClassConcept of Place, Hospitality and a Tourism DestinationAssignment DueClass Activity 1Groups ChosenReading/ Video DueChapter 1: pp 3-10Canvas Reading 1:The Tourism Market Basket of Goods andServicesTuesday 8/27Thursday 8/29Tuesday 9/3Thursday 9/5Supply Side: Identifying and Assessing Hospitality andTourism Resources (Day 1): Attractions, Lodging & Food/BeverageSupply Side: Identifying and Assessing Hospitality andTourism Resources (Day 2): Transportation & InformationGuest Speaker – Steve CramerQuiz 1Supply Side: Identifying and Assessing Hospitality andTourism Resources (Day 3): Tourism Resource AuditSupply Side: What is a Destination/ Understanding TourismImpactsQuiz 2Monday 9/9Tuesday 9/10Thursday 9/12Back to Business Event (Extra Credit Opportunity)No ClassWhat is a Destination/ Tourism ResourcesTuesday 9/17Destination Management Organization and StructureChapter 1: pp 15-35Chapter 17Quiz 3Chapter 2Class Activity 2(Who Are you)Quiz 4Mill & Morrison:Chps 3-4

Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & TourismCanvas Reading 2-5:Johnston County, City of Cary, UnionCounty, Burke CountyThursday 9/19Tourism PolicyTuesday 9/24Tourism PolicyThursday 9/26DemandTuesday 10/1DemandThursday 10/3Tourism Resource Inventory & AuditTuesday 10/8Thursday 10/10Strategic Tourism PlanningStrategic Tourism PlanningTuesday 10/15Thursday 10/17Fall BreakStrategic Tourism PlanningTuesday 10/22Thursday 10/24Guest Speaker (ENT Day)Strategic Tourism PlanningTuesday 10/29Marketing: Linking supply to demandQuiz 7Chapter 7Thursday 10/31Marketing: Linking supply to demand (the Experience)Quiz 8Chapters 9 & 11Tuesday 11/5Thursday 11/7ExperienceMarketing: Linking supply to demandClass Activity 8Class Activity 3(What is your policy/mission)Quiz 5Chapter 7 (pp 198-206); 10 & 12, 13 &14Class Activity 4(Who Do We Want ToInvite?)Tourism Resource Inventory& Audit DueClass Activity 5Quiz 6Class Activity 6(SWOT)Chapter 5 & 6Class Activity 7(Goals and Objectives)

Department of Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality & TourismTuesday 11//12Marketing PromotionsQuiz 9Thursday 11/14Marketing Promotional MaterialClass Activity 9(Brochure Development)Tuesday 11//19Marketing Promotional MaterialClass Activity 10(Ads)Thursday 11/21Advocating for Tourism & HospitalityTuesday 11/26Thursday 11/28Travel & Trade IntermediariesThanksgivingQuiz 10 (online)Tuesday 12/3Consultation Session/ Group WorkdayStrategic Plan Due by 5:00pmTuesday 12/10TRADESHOW/ STRATEGIC PLAN PRESENTATIONFinal PresentationsChapter 8Chapter 1612-3

One of the main ideas of tourism is the destination. Introduce students to the sustainable management of tourism destinations. Students will be exposed to the entire destination management process including basic concepts, planning, development, and management. Student Learning Outcomes (SL