TOOL: Template for an Employee ‘Total Rewards’ Statement 2020To use this tool:Adapt this template to give a clear summary to employees about the total value of the wages andbenefits that your company offers. Use the results of the ‘Total Rewards Checklist’ tool to decidewhat to highlight in this statement to employees.In most cases, you will report the most recent annual figure for each individual employee – e.g.,total earnings and incentive payments, value of their allotted paid vacation. In some cases, anaverage figure for all employees is appropriate – e.g., the value of the Employee AssistanceProgram or the company’s contribution to the Social Fund.To make the statement most useful, use plain language and simple calculations.

SAMPLE COVER LETTERJohn SmithSupervisor:Location:ID:Jane JonesGE361778John SmithDear John:You hold a unique position within our organization.We value your contributions, and as such want to ensure you are compensated fairly andcompetitively. Rewards can be offered in many forms, and we pride ourselves on offering youa competitive package, inclusive of base pay, incentives, and other benefits.Enclosed is a breakdown of the total compensation we are offering you.Should you have any questions or concerns, or require clarification, feel free to reach out.Susan Doyle in HR would be more than pleased to review this in person with you. You canreach her at [email protected] to set up a meeting, or feel free to give her a call at514-999-9876 ext. 123.Thank you for all you do for AMCE Trucking.Stay safe,Bob JonesCEO

COMPENSATIONDirect Compensation:(Monetary compensation provided to you annually)Wages/ Per KM pay XX XXX/yearMandatory employer related costs XX XXX/yearMedical and dental premiums XX XXX/yearLife insurance benefits XX XXX/yearShort-term disability insurance XX XXX/yearLong-term disability insurance XX XXX/yearAD&D insurance XX XXX/yearPerformance bonus XX XXX/yearSafe driving bonus XX XXX/yearMatching RRSP XX XXX/yearIndirect Compensation:(Other programs and services provided to you annually)Professional development/ training XX XXX/yearVacations XX XXX/yearSick leaves XX XXX/yearPersonal leaves XX XXX/yearEmployee assistance program XX XXX/yearGym membership discount XX XXX/yearHealth and wellness program XX XXX/yearOther flexible work arrangements XX XXX/yearAmenities (snacks, meals, etc.) XX XXX/yearOther Services: Annual Years of Service receptionSummer BBQ

SAMPLETOTAL REWARDS STATEMENTWhile pay is the largest component of your rewards statement, your total compensation from ACMETrucking is more than what you see on your payroll stubs and statements.Let’s take a look at your offerings:SALARYAnnual Amount ( )SalaryIncentive BonusVacation YOUR BENEFITSAnnual Amount ( )Group Benefit Package- Vision, dental, prescription medicationsWellness/Fitness Spending AccountCell PhoneVehicle AllowanceTuition Re-ImbursementTool and Boot Allowance ADDITIONAL BENEFITSAnnual Amount ( )Employee Assistance Program (EAP)Holiday PartiesSocial FundTraining & Development SUMMARYAnnual Amount ( )Total SalaryTotal BenefitsTotal Employee Investments (WSIB, etc) Other TIPS: Make your statement clear and easy to readAdd in some text boxes with statements like: “Thank you for your dedicated to ACMETrucking”Personalize the statement as much as possibleInclude other important information in the total package – copies of re-imbursement policies,for example.

Wage Rates[Company] is committed to establishing and maintaining competitive wage rates. These are set based onmarket conditions and will vary based on the job’s responsibilities and required skills.Bonuses and IncentivesOur company bonus plan gives employees the potential to earn up to XX% of their current gross salary.Bonuses are calculated 4 times per year and are based on personal performance and the financialperformance of the company.[Company] also offers specific incentives to encourage improved business results in specific areas suchas fuel savings, safety, and on-time performance. These incentives in [year] added up to XX% to theearnings of some employees.Pension PlanEmployees are eligible for [Company] group retirement plan after one year of continuous employment.[Company] will match employee contributions up to the maximum contribution levels defined in thegroup retirement saving package.Health & DentalGroup benefits are available for full time [Company] employees who have been employed with thecompany for a minimum of 3 months. [Company] pays 50% of the benefit premium. This coverage helpswith health-related costs for you and your family.Employee Assistance Program[Company] offers all employees assistance through the Employee Assistance Program for any issues theymay have, including personal, work-related, substance abuse, domestic issues, stress-management, orany other area of concern. All meetings with EAP counselors are private and confidential, and will in noway create an adverse impact on employment with [Company]. The Employee Assistance Program isavailable 24/7 by telephone at: XXX-XXX- XXXX.Vacation[Company] employees are eligible for paid vacation and statutory holidays. As an employee, you areentitled to 15 paid vacation days per year which is more than the legal requirement of 10 days.[Company] honours 11 statutory holidays which is 2 more than the legal requirements.Flex Time and Preferred SchedulingAt [Company], we try to be flexible to balance business needs with employees’ personal commitments.Employees can ask to be granted flexible work arrangements when required for personal needs (such asone-time medical appointments or parent-teacher interviews, as well as ongoing needs such asphysiotherapy or family responsibilities, etc.). Each individual case will be reviewed carefully. Where

possible, short periods of paid time off will be given to the employee and/or the work schedule will bemodified to accommodate need.Training & Development[Company] values employee growth through education and learning, and will cover costs of job-relatedcourses after one year of continuous employment with the company. In addition, specific trainingcourses may be paid by the company when required for employees in order to develop skills andabilities in their current position. Employees with a positive record of attendance, safety and workperformance can be supported for discretionary training and development. Training requests fromemployees are reviewed carefully, with consideration of business needs. On average, xx% of[Company’s] salary budget is invested in training.Holiday Parties and Social Fund[Company]’s Social Committee is funded by office, shop and yard employees, with a matchingcontribution from [Company].Modern Fleet and Facilities[Company]’s fleet is among the best in the business. Modern, comfortable and safe – our drivers tell usit is a pleasure to drive this equipment. Our office and maintenance facilities are equally impressive –green space, clean and air conditioned, with appropriate facilities for women and men.CommunityWe are proud to live and work in [Our town]. Our employees and families enjoy a safe, affordable andwelcoming environment. Our company is a strong contributor to the community and we support ouremployees in giving, too. We match a portion of our employees’ charitable contributions and we haveannual volunteering activities.

TOOL: Template for an Employee ‘Total Rewards’ Statement 2020 To use this tool: Adapt this template to give a clear summary to employees about the total value of the wages and benefits that your company offers. Use the results of the ZTotal Rewards Checklist [ tool to