Airbus speeds up Financial Closingwith SAP HANAParag ShrungarkarPrincipal Technology Architect, InfosysSAPPHIRE NOW2015

AIRBUS - a pioneering spirit withinnovation and quality at the heart of everythingNet OrdersTotal historic ordersMarket Share1,456 aircrafts 15,000 aircrafts 50%Backlog of 6,386 aircraftsSource:Airbus results, July 2014 Infosys.All rights reserved. 9years of full production

May 2015MotivationCompany growth Number of transactionsLengthy, manual closing processMany systems complex for changes3 Infosys.All rights reserved.

May 2015Airbus Vision & Strategy for Future FinanceSimpleFastIntegratedAgileAll in 110.1000x120.30 %Actuals andforecasts,Beyond AirbusFaster reports Faster ctdelivery World class usability4 Infosys.All rights reserved.

May 2015IFRP1.Design & setup the IFRP platform, based on in-memorycomputing from SAP2.Migration of all finance reporting content and data3.Decommissioning of all current finance reporting platforms5 Infosys.All rights reserved.36 year transformationprogrambatches ofapplicationsPilot phasesuccessful

SOLUTIONINSIGHTS Infosys.All rights reserved.

May 2015Platform ArchitectureUnified Access (SAP Fiori)SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4 (SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office; SAPBusinessObjects Design Studio; SAP Lumira)Unified Strategic and Operational Reporting and PlanningSAP BW 7.4 on SAP HANA SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 unifiedSAP HANALiveSAP HANASAP IQreal-time replicationBW extractionSLTSAPSAPSAPSAP source systems (SAP ECC 6 or SAP R/3 4.6c)7 Infosys.All rights reserved.SAPNonSAP

May 2015Hybrid SAP BW on SAP HANA Architecture – Best ofboth worldsSAP HANA ModelsSAP BW on SAP HANAQueriesComposite ProviderVia ODPDSOViewsTablesReplication:Transactional Data Infosys.All rights reserved.BW Extraction:Master DataSLTSAPERP8PSASAPERPSAPERPSAP HANA DBSAP IQ

BENEFITS Infosys.All rights reserved.

May 2015Turning Challenges into Competitive Advantages Fragmented landscapes One platform Various local solutions One harmonized process Inefficient nightly, weekly Real-time data availabilitydata loads Complicated, outdated tools10 Infosys.All rights reserved. Intuitive, self-service BI tools

May 2015FinanceFinanceTodayFutureCore processNon-value added1 Question requiring detailed investigationIdentifyrequired dataondemandSend request tocontrollersAnalysereceived filesConsolidate filesAnalysedata10 days2 Publish transport costs reportExtract datafrom ERPsReformatdataUpload datainstantin DBAnalysedataKey in data inexcel reportPublishreport2 days3 Closing preparationExtract datafrom ERPs11 Infosys.All rights reserved.TransformdataUpload datainlocal BWcontinuousAnalysedataExtract data fromlocal BW and send itto corporateUploaddata incorp. BWReleasemonthly

LEARNINGS Infosys.All rights reserved.

May 2015Key Learnings from the PilotWows Replication data freshness SAP HANA very stable Performance is great inside SAP HANA views & SAP BWon SAP HANA Faster development, quick learning curve Reduced memory foot print using IQ13 Infosys.All rights reserved.

May 2015Key Learnings from the PilotWatch-outs Replication with SLT is key Materialization of data necessary in SAP BW for very largedata volumes Partnership with SAP HANA CoE & Partner before design time Start small, expect to be overwhelmed by demand after firstsuccess14 Infosys.All rights reserved.

Airbus speeds up Financial Closing using Harmonized processes Integrated platform Hybrid SAP BW on SAP HANA architecture Real-time data replication Infosys.All rights reserved.

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SAP source systems (SAP ECC 6 or SAP R/3 4.6c) SLT SAP SAP Non-SAP SAP BW 7.4 on SAP HANA SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 unified Unified Strategic and Operational Reporting and Planning SAP HANA SAP IQ SAP BusinessObjects BI platform 4 (SAP BusinessObjects Ana