Semiconductor Characterization SystemTechnical DataModel 4200-SCS Technical DataModel 4200-SCS Technical Data4200-SCSSemiconductor4200-SPEC Rev. M1.888.KEITHLEY(U.S. only)w w w.keithley.comAG R E A T E RM E A S U R EO FC O N F I D E N C E

Semiconductor Characterization SystemTechnical Data2Introduction4 Configuration Options6Hardware Specifications13 KTE Interactive SoftwareToolsModel 4200-SCS Technical Data13 Microsoft Windows14 The KeithleyInteractive Test Environment(KITE)22 Keithley UserLibrary Tool (KULT)23 SystemConfiguration andDiagnostics (KCON)23 Keithley ExternalControl Interface (KXCI)23 Support Contracts24 Value-Add Services24 Other Upgrades25 Embedded PC Policy25 Warranty Information26 Switch Matrix Support andConfigurations28 Accessories and OptionalInstrumentation29 Other Optional AccessoriesIntroductionThe Model 4200-SCS is a total system solution for electricalcharacterization of devices, materials and semiconductor processes.This advanced parameter analyzer provides intuitive and sophisticatedcapabilities for semiconductor device characterization by combiningunprecedented measurement sensitivity and accuracy with an embeddedWindows -based operating system and the Keithley Interactive TestEnvironment. It is a powerful single box solution.To get a complete picture of any device or material, three fundamentalelectrical measurement techniques are required. The Model 4200-SCSoffers all three. Precision DC Current-Voltage (I-V) measurements are the foundation ofa full characterization plan. AC Impedance, including the well known Capacitance-Voltage (C-V)technique, provides information beyond what DC alone can provide. Pulsed and transient testing adds a time domain dimension and allowsfor dynamic characteristics to be explored.The 4200-SCS is modular, configurable and upgradeable. This allowsit to precisely meet today’s measurement needs and to expand to meettomorrow’s. Four core measurement modules can be mixed and matchedin the nine instrument slots. Up to nine precision DC Source-Measure units can supply voltage orcurrent and measure voltage or current from 0.1fA to 1A and from 1μVto 210V. AC Impedance testing is easy with the Model 4210-CVU Multi-FrequencyC-V Module, at test frequencies from 1kHz to 10MHz. Capacitance fromaF to μF can be measured. Pulse and transient measurements can be performed with the Model4225-PMU Ultra-Fast I-V module. This module has two independentvoltage sources that can slew the voltage at 1V/ns while simultaneouslymeasuring both the voltage and the current. When multiple modules areinstalled, they are internally synchronized to less than 3ns. A choice of two different digital oscilloscope modules makes digitizingwaveforms easy and efficient.SemiconductorThe Keithley Interactive Test Environment (KITE) supplies a complete,graphical user interface that allows nearly any type of characterizationtest to be performed with no programming required. Over 400 standardcharacterization tests are provided, including those for: MOSFETs, BJTtransistors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, solar cells, carbon nanotubes,and NVM memory technologies such as Flash, RRAM, PCRAM, and others.Data is stored in industry standard spreadsheet formats. Any measuredor calculated data can be graphed in KITE’s sophisticated, report-readygraphing tool.1.888.KEITHLEY(U.S. only)w w w.keithley.com2AG R E A T E RM E A S U R EO FC O N F I D E N C EModel 4200-SCS Technical Data4200-SCS

Semiconductor Characterization SystemTechnical Data4200-SCSIntegrated industrial controller and additional RAM ensure hightest throughput, plus system robustness, stability, and security.Store test setups and resultsright on the system with thehigh capacity fixed disk drive.No sorting through disks tofind the desired test.Communicate quicklywith a wide range ofPC accessories with thebuilt-in USB interface.The 4200-SCS can be rack mounted. It has the same dimensions and occupies the same rack space as semiconducor parametric analyzers thatmay already be in use.Two LAN Ethernet ports(10/100/1000) allow easy accessto network files and printers.Model 4200-SCS Technical DataThe integrated DVD/CD-RWdrive allows high capacitybackup and data transfer.High speed, highprecision ADC perchannel eliminatesperformancetradeoffs.RS-232 portStandard parallel printer portLow noise4200-SCP2 Digital Oscilloscope forground unit withmeasuring pulses and monitoring waveformsremote sense4210-CVU Card for multi-frequency C-V testingConfigurable with fromtwo to nine SMUs andoptional sub-femtoampRemote PreAmps. Addinghigh power SMUs won’trestrict SMU capacity.Dual-channel ultra-fast I-V module supportspulse I-V testing and other pulse applications.SVGA monitor portAdditional USB port1.888.KEITHLEYUse the GPIB interface to control external instrumentsor to allow external control of the 4200-SCS.SemiconductorModel 4200-SCS Technical DataIndustry-standardWindows-based GUIminimizes set-upand integration time.(U.S. only)w w w.keithley.comAG R E A T E RM E A S U R EO FC O N F I D E N C E3

Semiconductor Characterization SystemTechnical Data4200-SCSConfiguration OptionsThe 4200-SCS supports many instrument configurations that can include SMUs, C-V measurementunits, ultra-fast I-V modules, pulse generators, and oscilloscopes. The standard configuration includestwo m edium power Source-Measure Units (SMUs) and a Ground Unit.Model 4200-SCS Technical DataStandard 4200-SCS Models4200-SCS/F9 slot chassis with integrated controller12.1 flat panel displayTwo (2) Model 4200-SMU medium power SMUsOne (1) Remote Sense Ground UnitLAN, GPIB, USB, RS-232, parallel port, hard disk, DVD/CD-RW4200-SCS/C9 slot chassis with integrated controllerComposite Front Bezel (i.e., no built-in display)Two (2) Model 4200-SMU medium power SMUsOne (1) Remote Sense Ground UnitLAN, GPIB, USB, RS-232, parallel port, hard disk, DVD/CD-RWPulse GeneratorSource-Measure UnitsEach system can be configured with up to seven additional SMUs, for a total of nine SMUs. Two SMUmodels are available: a medium power (100mA, 2W) version (Model 4200-SMU) and a high power(1A, 20W) version (Model 4210-SMU). The system can support up to nine high power SMUs.4200-SCS Source-Measure UnitsMaximum Maximum MaximumVoltage Current Power4200-SMU (medium power)210V100mA2W4210-SMU (high power)210V1A20WSemiconductorRemote PreAmpThe low current measurement capabilities ofany SMU can be extended by adding an optionalRemote PreAmp (Model 4200-PA). The 4200-PAprovides 0.1fA resolution by effectively addingfive current ranges to either SMU model. ThePreAmp module is fully integrated with thesystem; to the user, the SMU simply appearsto have additional meas urement resolutionavailable. The Remote PreAmp is shippedinstalled on the back panel of the 4200-SCSfor local operation. This installation allows forstandard cabling to a prober, test fixture, orswitch matrix. Users can remove the PreAmpfrom the back panel and place it in a remotelocation (such as in a light-tight enclosure or onthe prober platen) to eliminate measurementproblems due to long cables. Platen mountsand triax panel mount accessories are available.1.888.KEITHLEYRemote PreAmps are installed at the factory innumerical order, i.e., SMU1, SMU2, SMU3 upto the number of PreAmps specified.Capacitance-Voltage InstrumentC-V measurements are now as easy to performas I-V measurements with the integrated C-Vinstrument, the Model 4210-CVU. This optionalcapacitance-voltage instrument performscapacitance measurements from femtofarads (fF)to microfarads (µF) at frequencies from 1kHzto 10MHz. It also supplies diagnostic tools thatensure the validity of your C-V test results.With this system, you can configure linear orcustom C-V, C-f, and C-t sweeps with up to4096 data points. In addition, through the openenvironment of the 4200-SCS, you can modifyany of the included tests.The Model 4220-PGU Dual-Channel PulseGenerator provides dual-channel pulsingwith voltage pulses as high as 40V and downto 20ns pulse width. In addition to the pulsecapability, the 4200-PGU offers linear, arbitrarywaveform (ARB), and segment ARB (patentpending) sweeps.Remote Amplifier/SwitchThe low current measurement capability ofthe Model 4225-PMU can be extended byadding the optional Model 4225-RPM RemoteAmplifier/Switch. The RPM effectively addsthree lower current ranges to any channel ofthe 4225-PMU Ultra-Fast I-V module. The RPMis fully integrated into the system software, soto the user it simply looks like three additionallow current ranges. Additionally, the RPMacts as a multiplexer switch, allowing users toautomatically switch between precision DCSMUs, the CVU, or the Ultra-Fast I-V modules.OscilloscopeThe system supports two dual-channelintegrated digital oscilloscope options: theModel 4200-SCP2 offers 8-bit resolution witha sample rate up to 2.5 gigasamples/second,while the Model 4200-SCP2HR provides16-bit resolution and a sample rate up to 400megasamples/second. Both can be programmedfor automated measurement and data acquisitionor used with the stand-alone GUI applicationprovided to perform traditional oscilloscopetasks. They provide measurements in boththe time (frequency, rise/fall time) and voltagedomains (amplitude, peak-peak, etc.).(U.S. only)w w w.keithley.com4Perform ultra-fast (transient) I-V measurementswith the Model 4225-PMU. It providesultra-fast voltage waveform generation andsignal observation on its two channels ofintegrated sourcing and measurement.Each channel combines high speed voltageoutputs (including pulse widths from 60ns toDC) with simultaneous current and voltagemeasurements at a sample rate of up to 200megasamples/second.AG R E A T E RM E A S U R EO FC O N F I D E N C EModel 4200-SCS Technical DataUltra-Fast I-V Module

Semiconductor Characterization SystemTechnical Data4200-SCSConfiguration ExamplesThe 4200-SCS’s plug-in chassis design offers exceptional configuration flexibility, as the followingexamples illustrate. A chassis can contain up to nine SMUs in any combination of high and mediumpowered units. Any configuration can be specified without a flat panel display by substitutingthe 4200-SCS/C for the 4200-SCS/F. However, an external SVGA monitor is required to operatethe 4200-SCS/C.One (1) Model 4200-SCS/FThree (3) Model 4200-SMU medium power SMUsOne (1) Model 4200-PA Remote PreAmp moduleOne (1) Remote Sense Ground UnitA general-purpose configuration for characterizing transistors and other devices.Model 4200-SCS Technical DataConfiguration:Description:Maximum DC ConfigurationOne (1) Model 4200-SCS/F (includes two medium power SMUs as the standardconfiguration, which can be substituted with two high power SMUs)Seven (7) additional Model 4210-SMUs (total of nine; all nine canbe high power SMUs)Nine (9) Model 4200-PA Remote PreAmp modulesProvides a nine-SMU system with 0.1fA sensitivity on all nine SMUsand 1A capability on all nine SMUs.Configuration:Description:Model 4200-SCS Technical DataBasic Characterization System ConfigurationMaximum Pulse ConfigurationOne (1) Model 4200-SCS/FFour (4) Model 4225-PMU Ultra-Fast I-V modules (8 channels)Note: More than four Model 4225-PMUs may be configured at reduced powerlevels. Contact Keithley for details.Four (4) Model 4200-SMUsFour (4) Model 4200-PA Remote PreAmp modulesProvides a four-SMU system with four Model 4225-PMUs that provide eightchannels that support traditional pulse mode, arbitrary waveform mode (ARB),Segment ARB waveform mode (Segment ARB or SARB), and trigger-in. Eachpulse channel contains an inline High Endurance Output Relay (solid-state relay).Configuration:Description:One (1) Model 4200-SCS/FTwo (2) Model 4225-PMU Ultra-Fast I-V modules (4 channels)Two (2) Model 4225-RPM Remote Amplifier/SwitchesTwo (2) Model 4200-SMU Medium Power SMUsTwo (2) Model 4210-SMU High Power SMUsFour (4) Model 4200-PA Remote PreAmp modulesOne (1) Model 4210-CVU Capacitance-Voltage InstrumentProvides an ultra-flexible multi-use system for a broad range of parametric tests,including very low-level DC measurements, C-V, and ultra-fast I-V for pulse andtransient conductorExample Broad Use Case Configuration(U.S. only)w w w.keithley.comAG R E A T E RM E A S U R EO FC O N F I D E N C E5

Semiconductor Characterization SystemTechnical Data4200-SCSHardware SpecificationsSpecification ConditionsSpecifications are the performance standards againstwhich the Models 4200-SMU, 4210-SMU, and 4200-PAare tested. The measurement and source accuracy arespecified at the termina tion of the s upplied cables. 23 C 5 C, within 1 year of calibration, RHbetween 5% and 60%, after 30 minutes of warm-up. Speed set to NORMAL. Guarded Kelvin connection. 1 C and 24 hours from ACAL.Current SPECIFICATIONSModel 4200-SCS Technical SMU4200-SMU and4210-SMU withoptional4200-PA PreAmpCurrentRANGE1Max.VOLTAGE1 A100 mA100 mA10 mA1 mA100 µA10 µA1 µA100 nA10 nA1 nA100 pA10 pA1 pA21 V210 V21 V210 V210 V210 V210 V210 V210 V210 V210 V210 V210 V210 VResolution 31 fA100aASOURCEAccuracy (% rdg amps)0.100% 200 µA0.045% 3 µA0.045% 3 µA0.037% 300 nA0.035% 30 nA0.033% 3 nA0.050% 600 pA0.050% 100 pA0.050% 30 pA0.050% 1 pA0.050% 100 fA0.100% 30 fA0.500% 15 fA1.000% 10 fAAccuracyResolution 3 (% rdg amps)50 µA0.100% 350 µA5 µA0.050% 15 µA5 µA0.050% 15 µA500 nA0.042% 1.5 µA50 nA0.040% 150 nA5 nA0.038% 15 nA500 pA0.060% 1.5 nA50 pA0.060% 200 pA5 pA0.060% 30 pA500 fA0.060% 3 pA50 fA0.060% 300 fA15 fA0.100% 80 fA5 fA0.500% 50 fA1.5 fA1.000% 40 fAVoltage Compliance: Bipolar limits set with a single value between full scale and 10% of selected voltage range.Voltage ent4200-SMU10.5 mA105 mA105 mA105 mAMEASURE4210-SMU105 mA1.05A1.05A1.05AResolution3200 µV20 µV2 µV1 µVSOURCEAccuracy (% rdg volts)0.015% 3 mV0.01 % 1 mV0.012% 150 µV0.012% 100 µVResolution35 mV500 µV50 µV5 µVAccuracy (% rdg volts)0.02% 15 mV0.02% 1.5 mV0.02% 300 µV0.02% 150 µVCurrent Compliance: Bipolar limits set with a single value between full scale and 10% of selected current range.SemiconductorSupplemental InformationSupplemental information is not warranted but provides useful infor mationabout the Models 4200-SMU, 4210-SMU, and 4200-PA.Compliance Accuracy:Voltage compliance equals the voltage source specifications.Current compliance equals the current source specifications.Overshoot: 0.1% typical.Voltage: Full scale step, resistive load, and 10mA range.Current: 1mA step, R L 10kΩ, 20V range.Range Change Transient:Voltage Ranging: 200mV.Current Ranging: 200mV.Accuracy Specifications: Accuracy specifications are multiplied by one ofthe following factors, depending upon the ambient temperature and humidity.% Relative HumidityTemperature5–6060–8010 –18 C 3 318 –28 C 1 328 –40 C 3 5Remote Sense: 10Ω in series with FORCE terminal not to exceed a 5V difference between FORCE and SENSE terminals. 30V maximum betweenCOMMON and SENSE LO.Maximum load Capacitance: 10nF.1.888.KEITHLEY(U.S. only)w w w.keithley.com6Maximum GUARD Offset Voltage: 3mV from FORCE.GUARD Output Impedance: 100kΩ.Maximum GUARD Capacitance: 1500pF.Maximum shield Capacitance: 3300pF.4200-SMU and 4210-SMU Shunt resistance (FORCE to COMMON): 1012Ω (100nA–1µA ranges).4200-PA Shunt resistance (FORCE to COMMON): 1016Ω (1pA and10pA ranges), 1013Ω (100pA–100nA ranges).Output Terminal Connection: Dual triaxial connect ors for 4200-PA,dual mini-triaxial connectors for 4200-SMU and 4210-SMU.Noise Characteristics (typical):Voltage Source (rms): 0.01% of output range.Current Source (rms): 0.1% of output range.Voltage Measure (p-p): 0.02% of measurement range.Current Measure (p-p): 0.2% of measurement range.Maximum Slew Rate: 0.2V/µs.AG R E A T E RM E A S U R EO FC O N F I D E N C EModel 4200-SCS Technical DataDC SMU Hardware Specifications

Semiconductor Characterization SystemTechnical DataAdditional DC SMU SpecificationsMax. Output Power: 22 watts for 4210-SMU and 2.2 watts for 4200-SMU(both are four-quadrant source/sink operation).DC Floating Voltage: COMMON can be floated 32 volts from chassisground.MeasureVoltage MeasureAccuracyRange Resolution (%rdg volts)200 V200 µV0.015% 3 mV20 V20 µV0.01% 1 mV2 V2 µV0.012% 110 µV200 mV1 µV0.012% 80 µVInput Impedance: 1013Ω.Input Leakage Current: 30pA.Measurement Noise: 0.02% of measure ment range (rms).Differential Voltage Monitor:Differential Voltage Monitor is available by measuring with two SMUs in VMUmode or by using the low sense terminal provided with each SMU.Temperature RangeOperating: 10 to 40 C.Storage:–15 to 60 C.Humidity RangeOperating: 5% to 80% RH, non-condensing.Storage:5% to 90% RH, non-condensing.AltitudeOperating: 0 to 2000m.Storage:0 to 4600m.Power Requirements: 100V to 240V, 50 to 60Hz.Maximum VA: 1000VA.Regulatory Compliance:Safety: European Low Voltage Directive.EMC: European EMC Directive.Dimensions: 43.6cm wide 22.3cm high 56.5cm deep (175 32 in 83 4in 221 4 in).Weight (approx.): 29.7kg (65.5 lbs) for typical configuration of four SMUs.I/O Ports: USB, SVGA, Printer, RS-232, GPIB, Ethernet, Mouse, Keyboard.NOTES1. All ranges extend to 105% of full scale.2. Specifications apply on these ranges with or without a 4200-PA.3. Specified resolution is limited by fundamental noise limits. Measured resolution is6½ digits on each range. Source resolution is 4½ digits on each range.4. Interlock must be engaged to use the 200V range.Ground UnitVoltage error when using the ground unit is included in the 4200-SMU, 4210-SMU,and 4200-PA specifications. No additional errors are intro duced when using theground unit.Output Terminal Connection: Dual triaxial, 5-way binding post.Maximum Current: 2.6A using dual triaxial connection; 9.5A using5-way binding posts.Load Capacitance: No limit.Cable Resistance: FORCE 1Ω, SENSE 10Ω.RAMP RATE QUASISTATIC C-V TYPICALPERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICSMEASUREMENT PARAMETERS: Cp, DCV, timestamp.RANGING: 1pF to 1nF.Measurement Terminals: Triaxial guarded.Ramp Rate: 0.1V/s to 1V/s.DC Voltage: 200V.TYPICAL CP ACCURACY: 5% at 1v/s ramp rate.SemiconductorModel 4200-SCS Technical DataVoltage Monitor (SMU in VMU mode):GeneralModel 4200-SCS Technical Data4200-SCS1.888.KEITHLEY(U.S. only)w w w.keithley.comAG R E A T E RM E A S U R EO FC O N F I D E N C E7

Semiconductor Characterization SystemTechnical Data4200-SCSMeasurement FunctionsMeasurement Accuracy 4Measurement parameters: Cp-G, Cp-D, Cs-Rs, Cs-D, R-jX,Z-theta.Ranging: Auto and fixed.Measurement terminal configuration:Four-terminal pair.Connector type: Four SMA (female) connectors.Cable length: 0m, 1.5m, 3m, or custom selectable.Integration time: FAST, NORMAL, QUIET, and CUSTOM.Example of C/G Measurement AccuracyTest SignalFrequency range: 1kHz to 10MHz.Minimum resolution: 1kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz, 1MHzdepending on frequency range.Source Frequency Accuracy: 0.1%.Signal output level Range: 10mV rms to 100mV rms.Resolution: 1mV rms.Accuracy: (10.0% 1mV rms) unloaded (at rear panel).Output impedance: 100W, typical.DC Bias FunctionDC voltage bias:Range: 30V ( 60V differential).Resolution: 1.0mV.Accuracy: (0.5% 5.0mV) unloaded.Maximum DC Current: 10mA.MeasuredCFrequency Capacitance Accuracy 11 pF 0.92%10 pF 0.32%10 MHz 3100 pF 0.29%1 nF 0.35%1 pF 0.38%10 pF 0.16%1 MHz100 pF 0.09%1 nF 0.09%10 pF 0.17%100 pF 0.18%100 kHz1 nF 0.08%10 nF 0.08%100 pF 0.26%1 nF 0.15%10 kHz10 nF 0.08%100 nF 0.08%1 nF 0.69%10 nF 0.25%1 kHz100 nF 0.10%1 µF 0.15%Supplemental Cable Specification 3GAccuracy 1, 2 260 ns 990 ns 9 µs 99 µs 42 ns 65 ns 590 ns 4 µs 15 ns 59 ns 450 ns 3 µs 15 ns 66 ns 450 ns 3 µs 40 ns 120 ns 500 ns 10 µsNotesSweep CharacteristicsAvailable sweep parameters: DC bias voltage, frequency,AC voltage.Sweep type: Linear, custom.Sweep direction: Up sweep, down sweep.Number of measurement points: 4096.1. The capacitance and conductance measurement accuracy is specifiedunder the following conditions: DX 0.1.2. Conductance accuracy is specified as the maximum conductance measured on the referenced capacitor.3. These specs are typical. Typical and supplemental specs arenon- warranted, apply at 23 C, and are provided solely as usefulinformation.4. Integration time: 1s or 10s below 10kHz.Test signal level: 30mV rms.At the rear panel of the 4210-CVU.All specifications apply at 23 C 5 C, within one year of calibration,RH between 5% and 60%, after 30 minutes of warmup.4210-CVU Typical C Accuracy with 1.5m Cables(supplemental)MeasuredCapac itance1 pF10 pF100 pF1 nF10 nF100 nF1 µF1 kHz10 kHz 100 kHz 1 MHz 10 MHzN/AN/AN/A 0.72% 0.28% 0.12% 0.17% 8.38% 0.94% 0.29% 0.17% 0.12% 0.13% 0.21% 1.95% 0.21% 0.20% 0.12% 0.13% 0.22%N/A C-V, C-t, and C-f measurements and analysis of:– High and low k structures– MOSFETs– BJTs– Diodes– III-V compound devices– Carbon nanotube (CNT) devices Doping profiles, TOX, and carrier lifetime tests Junction, pin-to-pin, and interconnect capacitance measurements Solar cells including Si, organic, thin film, CIGS, etc.The C-V instrument integrates directly into the Model 4200-SCSchassis. It can be purchased as an upgrade to existing systems oras an option for new systems.4210-CVU Typical C Accuracy with 3m Cables(supplemental)MeasuredCapac itance1 pF10 pF100 pF1 nF10 nF100 nF1 µF1 kHz10 kHz 100 kHz 1 MHz 10 MHzN/AN/AN/A 0.72% 0.28% 0.12% 0.17% 8.5 % 0.96% 0.29% 0.17% 0.12% 0.13% 0.21% 2.05% 0.23% 0.20% 0.12% 0.13% 0.22%N/AN/A 1% 1% 2% 2%N/AN/AThe 4210-CVU includes a diagnostic tool called ConfidenceCheck. It allows users to check the integrity of open and shortconnections and connections to a device-under test (DUT).When the Model 4210-CVU is connected to a DUT, ConfidenceCheck displays the measured readings in real time. This alsoallows Confidence Check to be used as a C-V meter to performquick and accurate measurements.C-V POWER PACKAGE TYPICALPERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICSMEASUREMENT PARAMETERS: Cp-Gp, DCV, timestamp.RANGING: 1pF to 1nF.MEASUREMENT TERMINALS: 2-wire SMA, with BNC adapters.TEST SIGNAL: 100kHz to 10MHz, 10mV to 100mV.DC VOLTAGE SOURCE: 200V with 5mV resolution.DC CURRENT: 100mA or 300mA maximum.TYPICAL CP ACCURACY @ 1MHz: 1.0%.DC CURRENT SENSITIVITY: 10nA/V.SMU BIAS TERMINALS SUPPORTED: 4.Semiconductor8 0.57% 0.21% 0.17% 0.18% 0.27% 1.16%N/ACVU Confidence Check(U.S. only)w w w.keithley.comN/A 1% 1% 2% 2%N/AN/AModel 4200-CVU-PowerSpecificationsExample of Included Libraries1.888.KEITHLEY 0.43% 0.18% 0.15% 0.16% 0.25% 1.14%N/AAG R E A T E RM E A S U R EO FC O N F I D E N C EModel 4200-SCS Technical DataModel 4200-SCS Technical DataModel 4210-CVU Specifications

Semiconductor Characterization SystemTechnical Data4200-SCSTypical Maximum Voltage and Current 6The 4225-PMU represents a new generation of ultra-fast I-V measurement capability. Becausemeasurement speed is integrally linked to settling time, accuracy, resolution, and noise, the following chart was created to illustrate the typical measurement performance that can be achieved.This chart is neither the maximum (best) performance nor a guaranteed specification; it is simplyintended to offer users an indication of the performance achievable with this new module. Thetiming parameters below are the suggested minimums for the measurement type. These suggestedvalues do not include settling time for the interconnect or the device-under-test.4225-PMU and 4220-PGUTYPICAL MINIMUM TIMING PARAMETERS FOR CURRENT MEASUREMENT 14225-PMU Ultra-Fast I-V Module (with or without optional 4225-RPM Remote Amplifier/Switch)40V Range10 mA800 mA160 ns70 ns6.4 µs770 ns770 ns20 ns20 ns1 µs100 ns100 ns20 ns20 ns1 µs100 ns100 ns15 µA100 ns50 µA30 ns75 nA4 µs5 µA500 ns200 µA500 ns6. To calculate the approximate maximum current and voltage for any resistance:IMAX V range/(50W Resistance)V MAX I MAX · Resistancewhere Resistance is the total resistance connected to the PMU or PGU channel and V range iseither 10 or 40.Example: 10V range using R 10W (for DUT interconnect)I MAX V range/(50 R) 10/(50 10) 10/60 0.167AV MAX I MAX · R 0.167 · 10 1.67VTYPICAL MINIMUM TIMING PARAMETERS FOR CURRENT MEASUREMENT 14225-RPM Remote Amplifier/Switch (RPM optional to 4225-PMU)10V Range10 µA100 µA100 nA1 µA1 mA134 µs20.4 µs8.36 µs1.04 µs370 ns160 ns10 µs1.64 µs1 µs130 ns40 ns20 ns7. Typical maximum at pulse output connector. Resistance is the total resistance connected to thepulse output connector, including device and interconnect.10 mA1 µs360 ns360 ns40 ns30 ns20 ns200 pA100 µs2 nA15 µs5 nA6 µs50 nA750 ns300 nA250 ns1.5 µA100 ns10V Range: Max. Output vs. DUT Resistance10TYPICAL MINIMUM TIMING PARAMETERS FOR VOLTAGE MEASUREMENT 14225-PMU and 4225-RPM4225-PMU4225-RPM10 V40 V10 VVoltage Measure RangesRecommended Minimum70 ns150 ns160 ns2Pulse WidthRecommended Minimum20 ns20 ns20 nsMeasure Window 2Recommended Minimum20 ns100 ns20 nsTransition Time 32 mV8 mV1 mVNoise 430 ns30 ns100 nsSettling Time .0010000DUT Resistance (Ω)40V Range: Max. Output vs. DUT ResistanceNotes for the Typical Performance WINDOW Section:SMA to SMA cable, 2m, 4 ea (CA-404B)SMA to SSMC Y-cable, 6 inch (15 cm), 2 each (4200-PRB-C)0.207404225-PMU Accessories SuppliedV811. All typical values measured with an open circuit.2. Using default measure window of 75% to 90% of pulse top. Recommended minimum pulse width (Settling Time) / 75%.3. Recommended rise/fall time to minimize overshoot.4. RMS noise measured over the Recommended Minimum Measure Window for the given voltage or currentrange, typical.5. Time necessary for the signal to settle to the DC accuracy level. (Example: 10mA settling time on the PMU 10Vrange is defined when the signal is within 1.25% of the final value. This calculation: Accuracy 0.25% 100µA 0.25% (100µA/10mA) 0.25% 1% 1.25%).I0.80.7300.6250.5200.4150.3100.20.1V0SMA Cable, 8 inch (20 cm), 1 each (CA-452A)Triax to BNC Adapter, 1 each (7078-TRX-GND)BNC to SMA adapter, 1 each (CS-1247)RPM Cable, 2.1 m, 1 each (CA-547-2A)Magnetic Base, 1 each (4200-MAG-BASE)V3554225-RPM Accessories Supplied1.888.KEITHLEYI9Max. Output Voltage (V)Current Measure RangesRecommended MinimumPulse Width 2Recommended MinimumMeasure Window 2Recommended MinimumTransition Time 3Noise 4Settling Time 5I11000.010000DUT Resistance (Ω)Semiconductor100 µAMax. Current (A)10V Range10 mA200 mA40V RangeMaximum V 7 Maximum I 70.784 V784 mA3.64 V727 mA6.67 V667 mA13.3 V533 mA20.0 V400 mA26.7 V267 mA33.3 V133 mA38.1 V38.1 mA39.8 V3.98 mAMax. Current (A)Current Measure RangesRecommended MinimumPulse Width 2Recommended MinimumMeasure Window 2Recommended MinimumTransition Time 3Noise 4Settling Time 510V RangeMaximum V 7 Maximum I 70.196 V196 mA0.909 V182 mA1.67 V167 mA3.33 V133 mA5.00 V100 mA6.67 V66.7 mA8.33 V33.3 mA9.52 V9.5 mA9.95 V995 μAResistance 71 W5 W10 W25 W50 W100 W250 W1 kW10 kWModel 4200-SCS Technical DataTypical Performance WindowMax. Output Voltage (V)Model 4200-SCS Technical Data4225-PMU, 4225-RPM, and 4220-PGU Specifications(U.S. only)w w w.keithley.comAG R E A T E RM E A S U R EO FC O N F I D E N C E9

Semiconductor Characterization SystemTechnical Data4200-SCS4225-PMU and 4220-PGU Specifications 140V Range–40 V to 40 V–20 V to 20 V (0.2% 20 mV) 750 µV 1.5 mV (3% 80 mV) (2% 20 mV) (0.3% 1 mV) RMS typical50 W Nominal (0.8% 40 mV) (0.1% 5 mV) RMS typical50 W Nominal 100 mA typical 400 mA typical50 W into 1 MW50 W into 50 WVOUTVOUTAccuracyResolutionModel 4200-SCS Technical Data10V Range–10 V to 10 V–5 V to 5 V (0.5% 10 mV) 250 µV 0.5 mV (3% 20 mV)50 W into 50 W50 W into 1 MW50 W into 50 W50 W into 50 W, typicalbest caseOvershoot/Pre-shoot/Ringing 3Baseline NoiseSource ImpedanceCurrent into 50W Load(at full scale)Short Circuit CurrentOutput ConnectorsOutput LimitTIMING 200 mA 800 mASMASMAProgrammable limit to protect the device under test10 V RangeSource Only1 Hz to 50 MHz10 ns10 V Rangewith Meas.1 Hz to 8.3 MHz10 ns40 V RangeSource Only1 Hz to 10 MHz10 ns40 V Rangewith Meas.1 Hz to 3.5 MHz10 nsFrequency RangeTiming ResolutionRMS Jitter (period, width),0.01% 200 ps0.01% 200 ps0.01% 200 ps0.01% 200 pstypical20 ns to 1 s120 ns to 1 s100 ns to 1s280 ns to 1sPeriod Range 1% 1% 1% 1%Accuracy10 ns to (Period–10 ns) 60 ns to (Period–10 ns) 50 ns to (Period–10 ns) 140 ns to (Period–10 ns)Pulse Width Range (1% 200 ps) (1% 200 ps) (1% 5 ns) (1% 5 ns)AccuracyProgrammable4100 ns to 33 ms10 ns to 33 ms20 ns to 33 ms30 ns to 33 msTransition Time (0%–100%) 1% 1% 1% 1%Transition Slew Rate(transitions 100 ns)(transitions 100 ns)(transitions 1 µs)(transitions 100 ns)AccuracySolid State Relay25 µs25 µs25 µs25 µsOpen/Close TimeCURRENT MEASUREMENT (4225-PMU Only)10 V RangeCurrent Measure10 mARanges (0.25% 100 µA)Accuracy (DC)40 V Range200 mA100 µA10 mA800 mA (0.25% 250 µA) (0.25% 1 µA) (0.5% 100 µA) (0.25% 3 mA)4225-RPM CURRENT MEASUREMENTSemiconductor10 V RangeCurrent MeasureRangesAccuracy (DC)100 nA1 µA (0.5% 1 nA) (0.5% 1 nA)100 µA1 mA (0.5% 30 nA) (0.5% 100 nA) (0.5% 1 µA)10 mA (0.5% 10 µA)4225-PMU and 4225-RPM VOLTAGE MEASUREMENTAccuracy (DC) 10V PMU (0.25% 10 mV)1.888.KEITHLEY 40V PMU (0.25% 40 mV) 10V RPM (0.25% 10 mV)TRIGGERTRIGGER OUTPUT IMPEDANCE: 50W.TRIGGER OUTPUT LEVEL: TTL.TRIGGER IN IMPEDANCE: 10kW.TRIGGER IN LEVEL: TTL.TRIGGER IN TRANSITION TIMING, MAXIMUM: 100ns.TRIGGER IN TO PULSE OUTPUT DELAY: 400ns.TRIGGER SYNCHRONIZATION/JITTER 5: 2ns.Segment ARB and TIMING4220-PGU, 4225-PMU w/ or w/o 4225-RPMMax. Number of Segments 6: 2048.Max. Number of Sequences 6: 512.Max. Number of Sequence Loops: 1012.Time per Segment: 20ns to 40s.Segment Timing Resolution: 10ns.Control Parameters for Each Segment:Start VStop VDurationMeasurement window (PMU or PMU RPM only)Measurement type (PMU or PMU RPM only)RMS Jitter (Segment): 0.01 %

Pulsed and transient testing adds a time domain dimension and allows for dynamic characteristics to be explored. The 4200-SCS is modular, configurable and upgradeable. This allows . Technical Data The 4200-ScS can be rack mounted. It has the same dimensions and occupies the