Eaton Hansen HK SeriesISO 7241/1 Series B Interchange

The Power of EatonHANSEN GROMELLE There’s a certain energy at Eaton. It’s the power of integratingthe competencies of some of the world’s most respectednames to build a brand you can trust to meet everypower management need. The energy created supportsour commitment to powering business worldwide.As the world’s demand increases for high-efficiencyhydraulic systems for mobile and stationary applications,Eaton is helping to solve these challenges more reliably,efficiently, and sustainably. Our goal is simple; to provideunique solutions across a wide range of markets thatkeep businesses on the leading edge of change.’s the power of Eaton.

Serving eight key segments - sharing one focusAlternative EnergyDiscrete ManufacturingOil & GasProcessingMaking energy sources technicallypractical and economically soundrequires the kind of controlmade possible by high-qualitycomponents. When Eaton is onthe inside, you will experience thereliable, consistent performanceto create and capture energy—making renewable energy anevery-day energy.Produce at peak efficiency withthe superior precision andrepeatability of Eaton products.Eaton hydraulic componentsprovide the precise control andconsistent operation requiredfor virtually every step in yourmanufacturing operation. WithEaton, we’ll help you redefinethe meaning of raw productivity.As the oil & gas industry continuesto face further globalizationand consolidation, large-scaleorganizations that can meet yourneeds in every corner of the worldare more difficult to find. At Eaton,our portfolio of products is onlysurpassed by our tremendousreach.Whatever your industry, no matterwhich processes you manage,Eaton parts and systems helpkeep you up and running. Ourcomponents make equipment moreefficient and easier to use, so youget optimal machine performanceand maximum productivity.Agriculture & ForestryCommercial VehiclesMaterial HandlingConstruction & MiningThere’s a reason farming andforestry are called “working theland.” These segments involvesome of the hardest work andlongest hours of any sector inthe economy. Your productivityand profitability depend on theway you manage time and tasks.Eaton technologies can makeyour driving operation moresuccessful. Greater comfortand productivity help increasedriver retention, while reducedemissions, leaks, and noiseimprove environmentalperformance. Increasedefficiencies overall mean lowercosts and higher net revenue.Eaton hydraulic systems providethe precise control andconsistent operation requiredfor material handling and utilitywork. With a broad selection ofproducts and solutions built in,Eaton helps make you a masterof your domain.When you work on a large scale,even the details are big. Youneed to trust every part of theequipment that lets you handleconstruction and mining jobs.For reliable components thatdeliver consistent performance inextreme conditions, turn to Eaton.Eaton is a leading diversifiedpower management companyUnderstanding and helping our customers succeed Listening and understanding to requirements andbusiness drivers Delivering solutions with value propositions to solve thecritical business needsKnowing what’s important to our customers andintegrating that knowledge into the fabric of our business to deliver innovative, quality products to respond fast to provide dedicated customer service and supportaround the globeEaton provides reliable,efficient and safe powermanagement for a growingnumber of industries.Our strength is global reach with local responsivenessand support C ustomers served in more than 150 countries D iverse channels ensure reliable availability and support D esign and engineering teams provide support forstandard products and custom solutions E aton experts offer efficient product and applicationtraining

Table of ContentsOverview . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .How to Order . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Safety Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Fluid Compatibility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2567Fluid Transfer and HydraulicHK (Steel): ISO 7241/1B Series Interchange . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11HK (Brass): ISO 7241/1B Series Interchange . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14HK (Stainless Steel): ISO 7241/1B Series Interchange . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17Quick Disconnect Coupling Options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20Comparison Chart . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22Eaton Quick Disconnect Couplings – Customizing Solutions for the Future Hydraulics and BeyondFor over 50 years, Eaton has continued to manufacture and supply the highest performing quick disconnect couplingsglobally for many different market segments including agriculture, construction, transportation, and fire and rescuejust to name a few. Eaton’s quality and performance have never been compromised when it comes to engineering andmanufacturing its full line of quick disconnect couplings. From traditional industry standards to custom couplings forthe next generation of emerging markets and new advanced technologies, Eaton continues to provide quickdisconnect coupling solutions to meet your demands.Custom Design Capability – One Application at a TimeEaton continues the tradition of developing custom quick disconnect couplings for customers that need a product toperform above and beyond industry standards. Whether it is a custom coupling for the world’s most powerful andsophisticated super computers that use electronic cooling or a self contained breathing apparatus coupling for firstresponders, Eaton has the ability to work directly with you on a solution. Contact Eaton to see how our dedicated andexperienced design engineering team will work with you to develop a quick disconnect coupling solution.4eaton Quick Disconnect Couplings E-MEQD-MC005-E1 February 2012

How to OrderEaton Quick Disconnect Couplings can be ordered as separatehalves. For special packaging, contact Eaton. Standard coupling part numbers are described below.DimensionsDimensions in this catalog are for reference only. Actualdimensions may vary from those shown.Coupling IdentificationGenerally, the coupling series or complete part number will bestenciled on the coupling body.Example:How to build asocket or plugpart numberwith options:Standard Part Numberfrom Part Number TablesNVVAAVB No Valve1Valve Actuator Assembly2Bleeder Valve (Plugs Only)3SL Sleeve Lock (Sockets Only)Caution:The user should carefully observe the precautions listedin this catalog. These include selection of seals and bodymaterials for fluid compatibility and recommendations onthe selection of quick disconnect couplings. In addition,care should be taken not to exceed the maximum operating pressures listed for each coupling size and type shownin the physical characteristics table for each coupling.Because of possible variations in machining tolerances,quality control, inspection and quality assurance, Eatoncoupling halves should not be used with coupling halvessupplied by other manufacturers except where such use isapproved for a particular coupling as noted in this catalog orspecifically by Eaton.4HP26 - VAA - SL - 143Seal Material:115 PTFE4118 Neoprene143 Fluorocarbon146 Buna-N5192 EPDM6235 Kalrez 236 EPDM (350 F Steam)6Notes:1) The NV option should be specified for a socket and a plug when a non-valved coupling is desired. Non-valved Series1HK through 8HKP plugs do not contain seals. Do not specify a seal material.2) The VAA option should be specified for either a socket or a plug when a one-way coupling is desired. (Not available forseries 10HK)3) The VB option can be ordered for Series 1HK through 6HKP plugs to prevent pressure build-up in disconnectedhydraulic lines or to reduce hose whip when disconnecting pneumatic lines.4) Series HK couplings are designed for use with elastomer seals. PTFE is not an elastomer. It is rigid and not resilient.Couplings with PTFE seals may leak and/or be difficult to connect. Force to connect may be reduced by heatingconnected couplings in hot water; then, cooling before disconnecting. PTFE seals are available for Series 1-HK through8-HKP, except Series P2-HK.5) The 146 seal option may be specified for fuels and hydraulic fluids that are known to cause standard Buna-N seals toswell excessively.6) The 236 EPDM seal option should be ordered for use with steam at or above 350 F. The 192 EPDM seal option shouldbe ordered for hot water above 180 F and steam below 350 F.7) Some part numbers may be subject to minimum order quantities and/or available only by special quotation. Consultyour local distributor or sales representative.eaton Quick Disconnect Couplings E-MEQD-MC005-E1 February 20125

Safety Information for EatonQuick Disconnect Couplings1.0 General Instructions.1.1 Scope. The scope of this safety bulletin is to warnagainst improper selection, use, installation, etc. of Eatoncoupling products.1.2 Distribution. A copy of this safety bulletin should bedistributed to all individuals responsible for using and/orselecting Eaton coupling products.1.3 Fail-Safe. Design all systems and equipment for fail-safeoperation such that failure of any component does notresult in personal injury and/or property damage.1.4 User Responsibility. It is the sole responsibility of theuser to select and determine that the Eaton product iscompatible with the end use application. The user isresponsible for reading and following this safety bulletinas well as any instructions or literature on the Eatonproduct being used. The user must provide necessaryproduct warnings for Eaton couplings products, usedwith systems or equipment, to the operators of thesystems or equipment.1.5 Usage with other Manufacturers’ Products. Whenusing Eaton coupling products with other manufacturers’adapters, hoses, etc., do not exceed the lowest pressurerating of any of the components being used or rupturemay result.2.0 Selection of Eaton Couplings.2.1 Pressure. Ensure that the maximum operating pressureof the system or equipment does not exceed the ratedoperating pressure of the Eaton coupling product orrupture may result.2.2 Fluid Compatibility. Verify that all components (seals,metals, etc.) are compatible with the fluid beingconveyed. Failure to do so may result in high speed fluiddischarge and/or leakage of fluids which may beflammable, toxic, at extreme temperatures, or otherwiseharmful.2.3 Temperature. Ensure that the maximum operatingtemperature of the system or equipment does notexceed the rated operating temperature of the Eatoncoupling product (including seals) or rupture may result.2.4 Coupling Size. Use properly sized couplings such thatthere is not a large pressure drop across them thusavoiding system damage due to excessive heatgeneration or failure of internal components.2.5 Sleeve Lock. Use sleeve locks or threaded couplingswhere there is the possibility of accidental disconnection.Failure to utilize sleeve locks or threaded couplings inthese applications may result in hose whip, expelledcomponents, high speed fluid discharge, systemdamage, or leakage of fluids which may be flammable,toxic, at extreme temperatures, or otherwise harmful.62.6 Connect or Disconnect Under Pressure.If connection and/or disconnection of couplings underpressure is a requirement, only use couplings designedfor connection/disconnection under pressure. Failure toutilize this type of coupling in that application may resultin hose whip, expelled components, high speed fluiddischarge, and/or system damage. Be certain not toconfuse the rated operating pressure with the ratedconnect/disconnect under pressure.2.7 Environment. Ensure that Eaton couplings arecompatible with the surrounding environment. Thesurrounding environment may be heat, salt water,moisture, chemicals, and the like. Failure to protectagainst an adverse environment may cause systemdamage, premature failure, and/or leakage of fluids whichmay be flammable, toxic, at extreme temperatures, orotherwise harmful.2.8 External Loads. Avoid any external loads such as sideloads, tensile loads, vibration, etc. Failure to do so mayresult in accidental disconnection, premature failure,system damage, and/or leakage of fluids which may beflammable, toxic, at extreme temperatures, or otherwiseharmful.2.9 Welding & Brazing. Extreme heating of plated productsabove 450 F ( 232 C) such as welding, brazing, baking,etc., where the plating is burned off, may result in therelease of deadly gases.3.0 Installation of Eaton Couplings.3.1Inspection of Product. Prior to installation, ensure thatthe Eaton product meets all of the requirements of thesystem and/or equipment it is to be used on. Ensure youhave the correct part number, function test the couplingby connecting it with a mating half. The function testshould result in smooth, non-binding operation orpremature failure may result.3.2 Cleanliness. Use end caps and plugs to reduce therisk of system contamination or damage to critical sealingsurfaces. Failure to do so may result in leakage of fluidswhich may be flammable, toxic, at extremetemperatures, or otherwise harmful. Caps and plugs arenot a secondary seal unless explicitly noted.3.3 Location. Place Eaton couplings in a safe location suchas not to expose the user to personal injury (slippage,tripping, falling, etc.) during installation, connection,disconnection and maintenance.4.0 Product Maintenance. A maintenance schedule shouldbe put in place to ensure that Eaton couplings arefunctioning properly. Eaton is not responsible for productfailures resulting from modification or impropermaintenance.4.1 Inspection. Visually inspect to ensure that there is noleakage, cracked components, corrosion build-up,contamination build-up, wear, etc. If any abnormality isencountered, the coupling should be replacedimmediately.eaton Quick Disconnect Couplings E-MEQD-MC005-E1 February 2012

Fluid CompatibilityThis chart indicates the suitability of various elastomersand metals for use with fluids to be conveyed. It is intendedfor use with Eaton couplings and should not be used todetermine compatibility for other products. It is intended asa guide only and is not a guarantee. Final selection of theproper seal or material of metal components is furtherdependent on many factors including pressure, fluid andambient temperature, concentration, duration of exposure,etc.How to Use the Chart1. Both the elastomer and the metal must be consideredwhen determining suitability of combination for acoupling.2. Locate the fluid to be conveyed and determine thesuitability of the elastomeric and metal componentsaccording to the resistance rating shown for each.3. Dimensional and operation specifications for eachcoupling can be found on the catalog pages.4. Information on seal options for couplings, and how tospecify them, are shown in the respective sections ofthis catalog.5. Be sure to check the table below for maximum operatingtemperature range of the elastomer desired.6. For further details on the products shown in this catalog,and their applications, consult your Eaton SalesRepresentative or Eaton Technical Support.7. Coupling component materials may differ from bodymaterial. Refer to specific catalog pages.Seal Elastomer Data*Max. OperationSeal Elastomer**Temperature RangeBuna-NNeopreneEPR (EthylenePropylene Rubber)Flourocarbon-40 F to 250 F(-40 C to 121 C)-65 F to 212 F(-54 C to 100 C)-65 F to 300 F(-54 C to 149 C)-15 F to 400 F(-29 C to 204 C)* For reference only, based on Eaton recommended temperatures.**For seals not listed contact Eaton.Contact Eaton technical support for further information.Resistance Rating KeyE Excellent – Fluid has little or no effectG Good – Fluid has minor to moderate effectC Conditional – Service conditions should be describedto Eaton for determination of suitability for applicationU UnsatisfactoryThe differences between ratings “E” and “G” are relative.Both indicate satisfactory service. Where there is a choice,the materials rated “E” may be expected to give better orlonger service than those rated uidECCEECCEEEEEUUCECCECCUEEEEEUECAluminum Sulfate, 10% aqAlums, 10% aqAmmonia, ColdAmmonia, HotAmmonia, AnhydrousAmmonia, AqueousAmmonium Carbonate, 10% aqAmmonium Chloride, 10% aqAmmonium Hydroxide, 10% aqAmmonium Nitrate, 10% aqAmmonium Phosphate, 10% aqAmmonium Sulfate/Sulfide, 10% aqAmyl AcetateAmyl AlcoholAniline, Aniline ourocarbonEPR/EPDMNeopreneBuna-NAluminumStainless etaldehydeAcetic Acid, 10%Acetic Acid, GlacialAcetoneAcetophenoneAcetyl AcetoneAcetyl ChlorideAcetylene (1)Air, Hot (Up to 160 F)Air, Hot (161 F – 200 F)Air, Hot (201 F – 300 F)Air Wet, below 160 FAluminum Chloride, 10% aqAluminum Fluoride, 10% aqAluminum Nitrate, 10% aqSealsStainless SteelFluidNeopreneE ExcellentG GoodC ConditionalU UnsatisfactoryBuna-NThis charts below are intended for reference use only. The informationin this chart pertains strictly to material compatibility and is not intendedto be used as an application EEEGEGEEUUUUUUCU–UUGUeaton Quick Disconnect Couplings E-MEQD-MC005-E1 February 2012UUEEEECUGGUUEGECCUUUUUUUUCUEGU7

UUGG U C G CE E G E CE E E E EE E E E EE E E E EE E E E EE U G G GE G U G UE C U G UE G E E GE U G G GE E G E GEEE E C E UE E C E UE E E E GE U G C CE U G G UE U C U CE E E E EU E E E EE G G G GU E E E EE E E E EE G G G GU E E E EU G G G CE U C C UE G G G CE G G G UE U G C UE G G G GG E E E EE U E E –E U C E GE E E E EE G G G EE E E E EE U G G UE E E E EU U U E GE E G E EG C C C CU U U U UU G G G UG G G G GE G G G GE G G G UU G U G GE C U U UFluidChromic AcidCitric AcidCoke Oven GasCopper Chloride, 10% aqCopper Cyanide, 10% aqCopper Sulfate, 10% aqCotton Seed OilCreosote (Coal Tar)Crude OilCyclohexanolCyclohexanoneDetergent/Water SolutionDiacetone Alchohol (Acetol)Dibenzyl EtherDiesel OilDiethylamineDioctyl Phthalate (DOP)DOT #3 / #4 Brake fluidDowtherm A&EEthyl Alcohol (Ethanol)Ethyl AcetateEthyl BenzeneEthyl CelluloseEthyl ChlorideEthylene DichlorideEthylene GlycolFerric Chloride, 10% aqFerric Nitrate, 10% aqFerric Sulfate, 10% aqFormaldehydeFormic AcidFuel OilFurfuralGallic Acid, SolutionGasolineGasoholGlycerine/GlycerolGreen Sulfate LiquorHelium (1)HeptaneHexaldehydeHexaneHydraulic Oils, petroleum basedEster BlendPhos. Ester/Petroleum BlendSilicone OilsStraight Petroleum BaseStraight Phosphate EsterWater GlycolWater Petroleum EmulsionHydrobromic Acideaton Quick Disconnect Couplings E-MEQD-MC005-E1 February una-NAluminumStainless SteelBrassSteelFlourocarbonMetalAluminumAniline DyesAsphalt, 200 FIRM 901 OilIRM 902 OilIRM 903 OilAutomatic Trans. FluidBarium Chloride, 10% aqBarium Hydroxide, 105 aqBarium Sulfide, 10% aqBenzene, BenzolBenzoic AcidBenzyl AlcoholBioDiesel ( B20)BioDiesel ( B20)Black Sulfate LiquorBlast Furnace GasBorax, 10% aqBoric Acid, 10% aqBrineBromine, DryButaneButyl AcetateButyl AlcoholButyl CellosolveButylene (Butene)Butyl StearateButyraldehydeCalcium Acetate, 10% aqCalcium Bisulfate, 10% aqCalcium Chloride, 10% aqCalcium Hydroxide, 10% aqCalcium Hypochlorite, 10% aqCalcium Nitrate, 10% aqCarbitolCarbolic Acid (Phenol)Carbonic AcidCarbon Dioxide, Dry GasCarbon DisulfideCarbon MonoxideCarbon TetrachlorideCastor OilCellosolve AcetateChina Wood Oil (Tung Oil)Chlorine Gas, DryChloroacetic enolChlosulfonic AcidChrome Plating Solution8EPR/EPDMSealsStainless SteelFluidNeopreneE ExcellentG GoodC ConditionalU UnsatisfactoryBuna-NFluid GUUUECEG–EEGUEEGEEEEEEEEEU

FluidHydrochloric Acid, ColdHydrocyanic AcidHydrofluoric AcidHydrofluorosilic AcidHydrogenHydrogen PeroxideHydrogen Sulfide, DryIsocyanateIso OctaneIsopropyl AcetateIsopropyl AlcoholIsopropyl EtherJP-4, JP-5KeroseneLacquer/Lacquer SolventsLime SulfurLinseed OilLPGMagnesium Chloride, 10% aqMagnesium Hydroxide, 10% aqMagnesium Sulfate, 10% aqMaleic AcidMaleic AnhydrideMalic AcidMercuric ChlorideMercuryMethanolMethyl BromideMethyl ChlorideMethyl Butyl KetoneMethyl Ethyl KetoneMethylene ChlorideMethyl Isobutyl KetoneMethyl Isopropyl KetoneMethyl MIL-L-23699MIL-H-46170MIL-H-83282Mineral OilsNaphthaNaphthaleneNaphthenic AcidNatural GasNickel Acetate, 10% aqNickel Chloride, 10% aqNickel Sulfate, 10% aqNitric Acid, to –GGGGUUUNitric Acid, over 10%NitrobenzeneNitrogenOctyl AlcoholOleic AcidOleum, fuming sulfuric acidOrtho-DichlorobenzeneOxalic Acid, 10% aqOxygenPalmitic AcidPara-DichlorobenzenePentanePerchloric AcidPerchloroethylenePetroleum Base OilsPhenol (Carbolic Acid)Phosphate EsterPhosphoric Acid 20%Phosphorous TrichloridePotassium Acetate, 10% aqPotassium Chloride, 10% aqPotassium Cyanide, 10% aqPotassium Dichromate, 10% aqPotassium Hydroxide, to 10%Potassium Hydroxide, over 10%Potassium Nitrate, 10% aqPotassium Sulfate, 10% aqPropane (Liquified)Propyl AcetatePropyl AlcoholPropyleneRapeseed oil (B100)Refrigerant R-12Refrigerant R-13Refrigerant R-22Refrigerant R-134aSewageSilicone OilsSoap (Water Solutions)Sodium Acetate, 10% aqSodium Bicarbonate, 10% aqSodium Borate, 10% aqSodium Carbonate, 10% aqSodium Chloride, 10% aqSodium Cyanide, 10% aqSodium Hydroxide, to 10%Sodium Hydroxide, over 10%Sodium Hypochlorite, 10% aqSodium Metaphosphate, 10% aqSodium Nitrate, 10% aqSodium Perborate, 10% EGEEEEEGUCEGGAluminumStainless luminumStainless SteelBrassSteelFlourocarbonEPR/EPDMNeopreneE ExcellentG GoodC ConditionalU UnsatisfactoryBuna-NFluid UUCCCGEEEEEEEEEEGEEEEG U U EG E G EE E E EE E E EG C E GE E E EE G G GE U C CE G G GE G – EE G G GE G G GE U U UE C G GE E E EE U E EC E E EE U E UE C U CU C G CE E C EE C U GE C C CG G G GU G G GE G G EE – – –E E E EU E – EE E E EE E E EEE E E EE E E EU E E EU E E EE G G GE E E EE E E EU E E GE G G EE E E EE E G EE U C CE E – CE C G CE C C CC U U UE E G G– E C EE C U Ceaton Quick Disconnect Couplings E-MEQD-MC005-E1 February UUUUEU9

Sodium Peroxide, 10% aqSodium Phosphates, 10% aqSodium Silicate, 10% aqSodium Sulfate, 10% aqSodium Sulfide, 10% aqSodium Thiosulfate, 10% aqSoy Bean Oil (B100)Stannic ChlorideSteam (up to 388 F)Stearic AcidStoddard SolventStyreneSulfur, SlurrySulfur Chloride, WetSulfur Dioxide, DrySulfur TrioxideSulfuric Acid, to 10%Sulfuric Acid, over 10%Sulfurous AcidTannic AcidTar aric AcidTertiary Butyl AlcoholTitanium TetrachlorideToluene (Toluol)TrichlorethyleneTricresyl PhosphateTriethanolamineTung OilTurpentineVarnishVinyl ChlorideWater (to 150 F)Water ( 151 F to 200 F)Water ( 201 F to 350 F)Water GlycolWater Petroleum EmulsionXyleneZinc Chloride, 10% aqZinc Sulfate, 10% aqEGCUUUEGGGUEEUEEUEEeaton Quick Disconnect Couplings E-MEQD-MC005-E1 February PDMNeopreneBuna-NAluminumStainless less SteelFluidEPR/EPDMNeopreneE ExcellentG GoodC ConditionalU UnsatisfactoryBuna-NFluid EEEEGEECCCECEEUCGUEG–UGGGUGGGEEEUC

HK Series ISO 7241/1 BSteelThe HK Series Coupling sets the industry standardfor ISO-B Couplings and came to Eaton with therecent aquisition of the Hansen and Gromelle businesses. The HK Series features a rugged balllatch mechanism with automatic self-sealingpoppet valves in a wide array of port configurationsand multiple valved and non-valved configurations.Product Features Meets dimensional requirementsto ISO standard 7241/1 Series B The coupling that set the industrystandard Self-sealing poppet valve designprovides excellent high and lowpressure sealing Standard seal material-Buna-N.Seal options available in PTFE,Neoprene, Fluorocarbon, EPDM,and Kalrez Standard body material- zinctrivalent chromate plated steelwith stainless steel springs, ballsand retaining rings. PTFE back up rings insockets(females)Physical CharacteristicsMax.Body Operating RatedSizeISOPressureFlowAir Inclusion Fluid 031223451001892883757570.8361226507699200cc. max. max.*For questions related to vacuum please contact Eaton.** No ISO Standard available for the 10HKApplications & Markets Agriculture Hydraulic Tool General Industry Construction Fluid Transfer Transportation Military Law Enforcement/Rescue Chemical Oil and Gas Consumer Products HVAC Food and Beverage Trucks Aerospace Medicaleaton Quick Disconnect Couplings E-MEQD-MC005-E1 February 201211

Fig. 1HK Series ISO 7241/1 BSteelSockets(Female)Part NumberHK1-8 S4HP106HP316HP31BS6HP128HP368HP36BS8HP16See Figure 1Body 525Thread Size /4-167/8-1411/16-1215/16-12Dimensions (mm)AcrossABFlats1.91 0.98 0.562.06 0.98 0.692.26 1.14 0.752.31 1.14 0.752.40 1.14 0.882.56 1.42 0.882.56 1.42 0.882.74 1.42 1.002.96 1.86 1.132.96 1.86 1.133.05 1.86 1.253.48 2.22 1.313.48 2.22 1.313.67 2.22 1.384.13 2.61 1.754.13 2.61 1.754.13 2.61 1.88Dimensions (inches)AcrossABFlats48.5 24.9 14.252.3 24.9 17.557.429.0 19.158.7 29.0 22.465.0 36.1 22.465.0 36.1 22.469.6 36.1 25.475.2 47.228.775.2 47.228.777.547.231.888.4 56.4 33.388.4 56.4 33.393.2 56.4 35.1104.9 66.3 44.5104.9 66.3 44.5104.9 66.3 47.8A Overall Length B Maximum DiameterFig. 2SocketPart NumberHK10/12/20 0H51BS20H5620H56BS20H6120H61BSBody 21/221/2ISO(mm)40404040505050505050Thread Size (Female)NPTFBSPP11/4-111/211/4-111/41/21 -1111/4-111/21/21 s (inches)ABHEX4.51 2.73 2.384.51 2.73 2.384.82 3.23 2.384.82 3.23 2.384.82 3.23 2.384.82 3.23 2.385.55 4.11 3.755.55 4.11 3.756.14 4.11 3.756.14 4.11 3.757.00 4.11 4.007.00 4.11 4.00Dimensions (mm)ABHEX114.6 69.3 60.5114.6 69.3 60.5122.4 82.0 60.5122.4 82.0 60.5122.4 82.0 60.5122.4 82.0 60.5141.0 104.4 95.3141.0 104.4 95.3156.0 104.4 95.3156.0 104.4 95.3177.8 104.4 101.6177.8 104.4 101.6See Figure 2A Overall Length B Maximum Diameter* ISO 7241-1 Series B does not include 1-1/4 inch body size couplings;therefore, Series 10HK is not covered by this standardTo obtain connected length of coupling add Dimensions A and E together.12eaton Quick Disconnect Couplings E-MEQD-MC005-E1 February 2012

HK Series ISO 7241/1 BSteelFig. 3Fig. 4PlugPlugs(Male)Part NumberBody Size ISO Thread Size (Female)HK1-8 Series High Impulse (inch)(mm) NPTFBSPPSAEDimensions (inches)CDEHexDimensions 1.381.631.

connected couplings in hot water; then, cooling before disconnecting. PTFE seals are available for Series 1-HK through 8-HKP, except Series P2-HK. 5) The 146 seal option may be specified for fuels and hydraulic fluids that are k