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Forwarding Microsoft IIS logs toEventTrackerAbstractThis guide provides instructions to configure Microsoft IIS to generate logs for critical events. OnceEventTracker is configured to collect and parse these logs, dashboard and reports can be configured tomonitor the web servers.ScopeThe configuration details in this guide are consistent with EventTracker version 9.x and later, and MicrosoftIIS.AudienceIT admins, Microsoft IIS administrators and EventTracker users who wish to forward logs toEventTracker and monitor events using EventTracker.Integration Guide2

Forwarding Microsoft IIS logs toEventTrackerTable of ContentsTable of Contents .31.Overview .42.Prerequisites .43.Configuring Microsoft IIS .4About Netsurion.6Integration Guide3

Forwarding Microsoft IIS logs toEventTracker1. OverviewIIS (Internet Information Services) is a web server created by Microsoft. The IIS is designed to deliver highspeed and secure information publishing, while also serving as a platform for developers and independentsoftware vendors to extend the Internet’s standard communication capabilities.EventTracker supports traffic logs from Microsoft IIS. It gives you statistical reports of client requests, URIaccessed, HTTP errors and HTTP method used. It also identifies the client browser and operating systemused by the clients. From the security point of view, it detects suspicious URI requests run by the client andidentifies attacks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting. One can pinpoint the performance bottlenecksby tracking the slow loading pages of the website. Pages visited by a user can be tracked using the userjourney data.2. Prerequisites EventTracker v9.x or above should be installed. Microsoft IIS v8.5 or later should be installed. IIS Logging should be enabled.3. Configuring Microsoft IIS1. Start Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.2. Expand ServerName, and then expand Sites for Web Sites or FTP Sites.3. Select the Web Site or FTP Site for which logging is required to be enabled.4. Select the Logging option shown in the middle pane.Integration Guide4

Forwarding Microsoft IIS logs toEventTracker5. the Log File format drop-down list, select W3C format.In the Select Fields dialog box, select all the fields.Enable the ETW event only under Log Event Description.Click Apply under Actions pane at the top right.Open event viewer by running eventvwr.msc and navigate to Application and Services Logs Microsoft Windows IIS-Logging and click on Logs.10. Click on Enable log for enabling IIS-Logging.Integration Guide5

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IIS (Internet Information Services) is a web server created by Microsoft. The IIS is designed to deliver high speed and secure information publishing, while also serving as a platform for developers and independent software vendors to extend the Internet’s standard communication capabilities. EventTracker supports traffic