NROTC Scholarship Application Instructions & ChecklistPlease read this document completely before starting the applicationPrivacy ActStatementApplication LoginAccount GeneralInstructionsApplication DeadlineSAT/ACT ScoresApplicationProblems ChecklistPrivacy Act Statement1. AUTHORITY: The authority to request this information is contained in: 5 U.S.C. § 301 (Authorizing Departmental Forms and Regulations);10 U.S.C. § 2107 (Financial Assistance Program); and Executive Order 9397 (Use of Social Security Numbers).2. PRINCIPAL PURPOSE(S): The information you provide will be used to determine whether you qualify, and should be nominated for, anNROTC Scholarship. If you are nominated, the information will be used to enroll you into NROTC and will be used by the Navy in itsmanagement of the NROTC program.3. ROUTINE USE(S): Information you provide in this application is protected by the Privacy Act and will not be released outside theDepartment of Defense without your permission unless it comes within an exception to the Act or one of routine uses in 32 C.F.R §701.112, and the routine uses set forth here. If you are nominated for an NROTC Scholarship, the informationwill be released to the top five schools you indicated on your application. Your information and notification of status may also be provided toyour high school so they may assist with the final stages of the process.4. DISCLOSURE: Providing the requested information is voluntary. However, failure to do so may result in our inability to process yourapplication for the NROTC program.Application Login AccountWhen you access the NROTC Scholarship Application System, you arrive at alogin/registration screen. The first time, you will need to ‘Register’ for a NETFOCUS gatewayaccount using your email address and other personal information. When you go through thegateway registration process make sure you pick the email / password option and not the CACcard option. During the registration process you will be required to enter certain informationincluding a pin (which can be anything, don’t use your SSN for this pin). You will also berequired to pick a security image. This image is only used in the event that you forget yourpassword upon future logins. After your initial registration, you will receive and email with a linkto activate your NETFOCUS gateway user account. This email will include a temporarypassword that must be changed on the first login to the gateway. Follow the link in this emailand you will then log into the gateway and be forced to enter your new password. Your newpassword must follow these rules: (Between 15-30 characters in length, contain at least 1lower-case letter, contain at least 1 upper-case letter, contain at least 1 special character,cannot contain any part of user’s name, cannot contain spaces, must be different than any ofthe previous ten passwords, must be changed every 60 days).Once you have completed the registration and login process you will be able to start yourscholarship application.After you log into the NETFOCUS gateway you will click on the NRSA (NROTC ScholarshipApplication) link. When you first start your application you will be required to input your social

security number and birth date as additional security precautions. Please make sure theseitems are correct. This will only be required once. Your next login to your scholarshipapplication will only require you to enter your email and password. If you do not login for morethan 30 days your gateway account will become inactive and need to be reactivated so thatyou can login again. If you go for 45 days without logging in your gateway account will bedeleted. If your gateway account becomes deleted, you will need to create a new gatewayaccount. If either the 30-day inactivity or 45-day delete actions happen your application will notbe deleted and once you get your gateway account working again upon your next login you willbe taken to your application again. It is best to login at least every 30 days so this will nothappen.General InstructionsThis application requires considerable thought and detail; it may require several hours tocomplete. Please plan on multiple sessions. Use the checklist (below) to gather and preparethe required information beforehand and then fill it in on-line. You may login multiple times inorder to complete the process and submit your final application. The application contains tenpages/screens of data entry covering a variety of background topics. Each step will allow youto save all the information that you fill-in and you may return later to complete the remaininginformation.When you have completed your application, selecting the ‘Finish’ page will allow you to audityour application for errors. The Audit will highlight any required information that is missing. Youmay print the Audit if you need to do further data gathering prior to completion. If yourapplication passes the Audit with no errors, we recommend you save a copy of yourapplication (Adobe PDF format) for your personal reference. Additionally, you must contactyour coordinator/recruiter to complete and sign supplemental forms before your application willbe processed.We strongly suggest you contact your coordinator/recruiter to have them review yourapplication before you make the final submission. Once you click on the final submit button,you will not be able to access it or make changes.Do not submit a paper copy of this application once you have electronically submittedit.Application DeadlineThe Application submission cycle starts in the spring approximately 18 months from thebeginning of the school year for which we are soliciting applications. Deadline for submittingyour application is the end of January in the school year for which we are solicitingapplications. The earlier you apply the earlier you may be selected. If you apply early and arenot selected at the early Selection Boards, your application may be reconsidered on eachsubsequent Board until a decision is made.

SAT/ACT ScoresTest scores must be sent to school code 0656. You may submit your application electronicallyat any point, but we must receive qualifying test scores before the application will beconsidered complete.Navy and Nurse ApplicationSAT: 540 Math; 550 Evidence Based Reading and WritingAND1100 Combined (Math plus Evidence Based Reading and Writing)ACT: 21 Math; 22 EnglishAND44 Combined (Math plus English)ORA cumulative High school GPA of 2.75 (on a 4.0 Scale) AND a 2.0 grade (on a 4.0Scale) in Algebra II (or equivalent course) AND a statement from their high schoolguidance counselor or senior JROTC instructor certifying that SAT and ACT testing wasnot reasonably available to the applicant.Applicants with the minimum individual Math and Verbal scores but not the combinedscore, and who respond positively to the MSISR interest question in the application, areeligible to apply and will be considered on the MSISR selection board (Navy Option only).Marine ApplicationSAT minimum combined score of 1000 on the Math and Evidence BasedReading and Writing portions of the testACT minimum composite score of 22.Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT) minimum score of 74Navy and Nurse Applicants must meet the requirements of minimum individual score andcombined score. Tests can be super scored; meaning some combination of two of the SAMETYPE of test can be used to achieve the minimum required combined score and will be utilizedin determining the highest individual test scores.Marine Corps applications will use a single set of test scores.Valid Test Dates for the 2021 Scholarship Year are December 2018 through December 2020 –earlier or later tests will not be considered.If you retake the SAT/ACT after you submit your application, in order to ensure thosenew scores are included in your application, you should provide a hardcopy of thetest scores to your recruiter and/or email a copy to:pnsc nrotc [email protected] ProblemsIf you experience technical problems with the application website such as login,passwords, if you experience server errors, or information is not saving correctly,please contact the Help Desk at: [email protected] you have questions about the information requested in the application or need help

completing the application, please contact your recruiter/coordinator or the CandidateGuidance office at: pnsc nrotc [email protected] you have submitted your application and you would like to make changesDO NOT SEND ANY APPLICATION INFORMATION TONAVAL STATION GREAT LAKESMarine Options:Send all update information to your assigned Recruiter/Coordinator.Navy/Nurse Options:Send all update information to you assigned Coordinator until your application has beenreceived by NSTC then forward information to the Application office at:pnsc nrotc [email protected] .Once you’ve submitted your application, you may update your information in your applicationuntil midnight, 31 January.ChecklistPlease use the same email address you may have used for other official communications withrecruiters, College Board Testing, and US Naval Academy because we may already havesome of your information from these other sources and we need to match these up in thedatabase. Please use this email address/user login for the duration of the application process.Do not give out your login information or your full SSN to anyone.After you have created a login account, you will be asked two qualifying questions about yourcitizenship and high school graduation date. Then you will select one of three program options.Program. You must select Navy, Marine or Nurse Corps Program. You may onlyselect one program. You may change the option selected prior to submitting yourapplication.PersonalName. Your full legal name including any suffix (Jr, Sr, III, etc)Gender. Select male or femalePermanent Address. Your permanent home addressMailing Address. Where you receive mail, if it is different from your Permanent addressPhone Number. A home, cell, or work phone number to contact youCell Phone Number (Optional). A cell phone number in addition to your home numberEmail Address. An email address; this must be a solid email address that you will usefor official communications through the application cycle.If you reside out of the country (i.e. mailing address is an APO or FPO), please use theaddress remarks field to provide full mailing address, country, postal codes, andinternational telephone numbers.

Place of Birth. City, State and Country where you were born.Citizenship. You must be a US citizen, or be in the process of obtaining you citizenship,to apply for this program. Indicate if you are a citizen of the United States and how youobtained citizenship (birth or naturalization) or when you expect to receive your citizenship.You will need to provide a birth certificate and/or proof of naturalization to your local recruiter.Note: If your parents are U.S. citizens, but you were born in a foreign country, your citizenshipis by birth.Other Citizenship. If you hold citizenship for any other country (i.e. dual citizenship),you must identify them in the ‘Remarks’ section.State of legal Residence. For most applicants, this will be that state in which youcurrently reside. If you have any questions in this matter, you should check with yourparents.Language Proficiency. Any languages, other than English, that you might speak orunderstand. Please review the list of languages and select any that apply and answer thequestions regarding how proficient you are and how you obtained your skill.Race and Ethnicity. You may select as many of the racial categories that you feelapply to you. You may also select an ethnic group if you desire. This data is used solely forstatistical purposes and will not be considered in selection decisions.Referral. Please indicate how you heard about NROTC. If referred by acoordinator or recruiter, please provide his/her name.Height. Current height.Weight. Current weight.Legal infractions. Please list any legal infractions including traffic violations. Pleasedescribe the infraction and the legal penalty imposed. You may include additional remarks toexplain if desired. If you indicate any arrests or convictions other than traffic violations, youshould clarify in the ‘Remarks’ section.ReferencesReferences. Provide the names, mailing addresses, phone numbers, and emailaddresses for three required references: 1) a guidance counselor/school administrator; 2) amath, science, or English teacher (depending on program option), and 3) another teacher,counselor, coach, or employer. For teachers, please provide the mailing address for theschool instead of a home address.Note: A Physics teacher cannot be used to complete the Math teacher evaluationThese individuals will be provided instructions on how to complete the necessary forms. Wewill ask these individuals to evaluate you in several areas and to compare you to your peers;they will also have space to provide written remarks. You should select these individualscarefully as weight will be given to their comments.EducationWhether or not you were home schooled.Graduation Information. Month and year that you graduated/will graduate from HighSchool.Class Rank & Class Size. Indicate your rank in class and the size of your graduatingclass. If you are home schooled, if your school does not rank or if you don’t know indicate 1of 1.

High schools, college preparatory schools and colleges attended. You will need toprovide names and addresses of all high school, college preparatory schools, colleges, junioror community colleges, and trade schools. You will also need to obtain transcripts that reflectcourses taken at all the listed schools.Current Studies. Please list all courses that you are currently taking or plan to takein your senior year of high school. If in college, list your current and/or planned courses.Probation or Expulsion. Have you ever been placed on probation or expelled from anycollege, civilian preparatory school or high school? If yes, please provide the date, reason forprobation or expulsion, name and address of school. Please explain the details of theprobation or expulsion in the ‘Remarks’ section.Test ScoresTest Scores. You may list up to 6 SAT/ACT scores and dates taken (from December2018 to December 2020). Any scores that cannot be validated will not be considered. All testscores that you wish to have considered should be released to the Naval ROTC Program atCode 0656 or hard copy sent to your Recruiter and or emailed to:pnsc nrotc [email protected] at Military Academy Preparatory Schools. If you attended the Air Force,Naval or Military Academy Preparatory School, please select "yes" and provide the details ofwhich school and your status at that school. If you did not complete the school, please explainin the ‘Remarks’ section.DEP. Indicate if you are currently in the Delayed Entry Program (DEP) and, if so,provide your ship date.Military Service. If you have ever served in the military, provide the following details: Ifyou have been on Active Duty in any of the U. S. Armed Services drawing full pay at any time,was it on regular active duty or were you activated from your reserve unit? Provide the branchof the service, your highest grade or rank, name of unit assigned, dates of active duty, date ofdischarge and characterization of Discharge. Are you currently in the reserves or a NationalGuard organization? If so, provide the branch of the service, your highest grade or rank,whether on Active or Inactive Reserve Duty, the name of unit assigned, and date the tourstarted.Rejection for Military Service. Have you ever been rejected for any reason forservice in any branch of the military or ROTC? If yes, please explain in the ‘Remarks’section.Attendance at Service Academy or ROTC Program. Have you ever been aCadet/Midshipman at any of the U.S. Service Academies or ROTC Program? If yes, pleaseanswer the following: Which program? Dates attended? Reason for departure?Application for Service Academies or ROTC Programs. If you are applying toany of the service academies or other ROTC programs, please indicate.FamilyParental Information. Please provide your parent’s names and their address(es) ifdifferent from yours. List your parents' occupations. List your parents' full names andeducation information.Parental Military Service. If either or both of your parents served in the military,

provide information about branch of the service, if they are currently on active duty, currentrank/rate, if discharged, if retired (served over 20 years), retirement rank/rate, and dutystatus. If you are uncertain about the answers to any of these questions, please ask yourparents.Parents Death. If either or both of your parents are dead, we would like to know ifthey died while on active duty in the military.Family Education. Has either of your parents or any siblings attended college? Ifyes, was a degree obtained. Indicate parents highest level of education?Family graduates or participants in Service Academies or ROTC programs.Please indicated if either of your parents or any of your siblings participated in one of theseprograms. You will be asked which program and year of graduation.EmploymentVolunteer History. Please indicate all volunteer service during high school. Pleaseprovide amplifying information in the ‘Remarks’ section (i.e. the organization(s) involved andthe nature of the volunteer work). Please indicate the approximate total number of hoursvolunteered in each year (indicate planned hours for senior year).Work History. Please indicate the approximate number of hours that you worked perweek during the school year. Please answer the questions about the type of work that youwere assigned.Provide the reason that you worked and any additional information about the duties andresponsibilities in your job(s) in the ‘Remarks’ section. We are particularly interested in workexperience that displayed leadership or management skills. If you worked during the summerand would like to provide that information, please use the ‘Employment Remarks’ box (indicateplanned hours for senior year).ActivitiesThe activities listed on the application are not all inclusive. If you are participating inactivities that are not listed, please use the remarks section to describe your activities.Athletic Activities. Check all the blocks that apply to your four years of high school. Ifyou have not yet completed your senior year, please project your activities for your senior year.If you participated in organized sports that are not reflected in the table, please select "other"and explain in the ‘Remarks’ section. If you took part in athletic pursuits that were independentof school, please select "other" and provide as much detail as possible in the ‘Remarks’section. Indicate how well and how often you swim.Non-athletic Activities. Please indicate your participation in any of the activitiesindicated. You can provide more details in the ‘Remarks’ sections below each group ofactivities. If you participated in activities that are not listed, please explain in one of the‘Remarks’ sections. Indicate how many hours per month you are usually involved in theseactivities.School Offices. Please indicate your leadership and/or participation in any of theschool organizations or school clubs. Please use the ‘Remarks’ section to provide thenames of the clubs in which you hold membership. Indicate how many hours per month youare usually involved in these activities.School Publications. Please indicate any positions held for school publications.Remembers to use the ‘Remarks’ section to provide additional information. Indicate howmany hours per month you are usually involved in these activities.School Organizations. Please indicate your participation in these organizations. Usethe ‘Remarks’ section to indicate the organization mane or club name and any special

positions or events you participated in. Indicate how many hours per month you are usuallyinvolved in these activities.Awards and Honors. If you indicate that you received awards, please provide details onthe type and nature of the award in the ‘Remarks’ section.Music Participation. Please indicate any involvement in music organizations and anyleadership positions held. Please use the ‘Remarks’ section to indicate what instruments youplay and any awards earned. Indicate how many hours per month you are usually involved inthese activities.Other Activities. Please indicate involvement in any other organizations, Select fromthe drop down box or indicate in the ‘Remarks’ section for any activities not already covered.Indicate how many hours per month you are usually involved in these activities.JROTC/CAP/Sea Cadets. If you are a member of JROTC, Civil Air Patrol (CAP)or Sea Cadets, please indicate the years you were a member as well as any years youheld a leadership position. In the remarks section, list leadership positions held andactivities in which you participated. Indicate how many hours per month you are usuallyinvolved in these activities.Other Accomplishments. Indicate any other accomplishments you may haveachieved. Use the ‘Remarks’ section to list any accomplishments, responsibilities,leadership, or other noteworthy activities.NROTC InterestsMinor Serving Institution Scholarship Interest. The NROTC program grantsscholarships to Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) at NROTC-affiliated Historically BlackColleges and Universities (HBCU), Minority Institutions (MI), and institutions with HighHispanic Enrollment (HHE). Please indicate your interest in the MSI scholarship program bychecking the appropriate box.Your response indicates interest only. You must still contact the NROTC Unit at theMinority Serving Institution you wish to attend in order to begin the applicationprocess for the MSISR scholarshipFive college choices. You must select five (5) choices for the college or university youwant to attend on the NROTC scholarship. We will try to place your scholarship at your firstchoice school but, due to limits on the number of scholarships that may be placed at eachschool your scholarship may be placed at your second through fifth choice school. Thescholarship offer is for a specific school and may not be used at any other NROTC schoolwithout prior approval. For a listing of Naval ROTC Units and associated schools, ce-Training-Command/NROTC/Navy-ROTCSchools/If selected, you will be placed at the first school listed in your application, that has room foranother scholarship, and may not be used at any other NROTC school without prior approval.You must apply to, be accepted at, and enroll in your assigned school in order to utilize thescholarship. Applying to more than just your first choice school will increase the chances foracceptance and enrollment and will therefore increase the opportunities to use a scholarshipif selected.Acknowledgement. Make sure you check the acknowledgement box underneath yourcollege choices indicating you understand that you must apply to these college/universitychoices. Please let us know how strongly you feel about your choices and the order in whichyou have placed them.

College major for your first choice school. What is your planned college major.Please select from the list available and choose a major (with its associated tier) that youthink you’d like to study. If offered a scholarship you will need to enroll in the Tier/Major inyour application in order to activate your scholarship.EssaysEssays. You are required to compose your own statements. You should thinkcarefully about what you wish to say and attempt to answer the question or discuss anissue as concisely and completely as possible. You will be required to sign a statement thatcertifies that the statements are original work and that you composed them yourself. Theseare short essay questions that should consist of one to two paragraphs with 250-500 words(2500 characters).FinishApplication Audit. When you select ‘Audit’, the application will check several keyareas. In some cases, an item will be flagged for completion or correction. These key areasmust be completed correctly before you can submit your application. In other cases, you willbe informed that information appears to be missing or incorrect and given the option tosubmit the application as it is. This indicates that the field is not mandatory, but you arereminded that the more complete and accurate your application, the better the board will beable to evaluate your application.Personal Review. After you have reviewed and corrected any problem areas, youshould review the entire application for accuracy and completeness.Providing false information could result in your application not being considered orin revocation of a scholarship offer.Save a Copy of Your Application. At any time while working on this application, butmost especially at the time you submit it, you may create a printable PDF (Adobe Reader)version of your application. You may download this PDF file to your computer and print it if youwant a paper copy. You will need to provide a copy of your application to the person who willbe conducting your Officer Interview. It will be a reference for you of the information yousubmitted.We strongly suggest you work with your coordinator/recruiter and have themthoroughly review your application before you proceed to the next step.Submit . When you and your recruiter/coordinator are satisfied that theapplication is as thorough and complete as you can make it, then click the ‘Submit’button.After submitting the application, you will no longer be able to login and make changes to it. Ifyou do login, you will be taken to a screen where you may see the status of your application.If you wish to make changes to your application after you have submitted your application, usethe Application Adjustments email below:For Application Adjustments, please email: pnsc nrotc [email protected]

Updates or additions to your application must be received prior to 31 Jan each year.Fitness Assessment .Marine Option applicants must conduct a Physical Fitness test with your recruiter.Navy and Nurse Option applicants must conduct an NROTC Applicant Fitness Assessmentand provide your scores to your recruiter/coordinator.Details of the fitness assessments can be found at the following ice-Training-ommand/NROTC/Requirements/Go to the “Physical and medical Requirements” tab on the “Requirements” webpage.Applicants must coordinate with their recruiter/coordinator in order to complete thefollowing forms:Statement of Understanding for NROTC ApplicationDebarment Statement for NROTC ApplicationDrug Statement for NROTC ApplicationNote: These statements cannot be witnessed by a family member.The recruiter/coordinator will arrange for one or more officer interviews, teacherrecommendations, gathering transcripts, and ensuring that test scores are received from thetesting agencies.You may wish to schedule your own Officer Interview by contacting the NROTC Unitnear you or that you plan on visiting during a college visit. A list of all our schools and theNROTC Unit’s contact information can be found -Training-Command/NROTC/Navy-ROTCSchools/

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